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Drew Dowdell

Chrysler issues sharp rebuke to Advertising Age

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Chrysler issues sharp rebuke to Advertising Age


On December 3rd, 2009, AdvertisingAge wrote an article criticizing Chrysler for using taxpayer funds to pay an Italian advertising agency to produce a commercial.

A rather bitter Peter Delorenzo, from AutoExtremist.com says, "I'm sure the hundreds of people from BBDO who are being blown out the door are going to just love this, not to mention the U.S. taxpayer." If Chrysler was bent on social causes, the brand should have contributed to food banks in the region surrounding its suburban-Detroit headquarters. "At least there would be a shred of relevance in that gesture."

Chrysler responds: "First, this film was created by Lancia's Italian ad agency. For efficiencies, it was then re-worked for Chrysler. This was also not Chrysler "hiring" the agency, and in fact neither the agency nor the leadership of Nobel, nor the other Nobel Prize winners in the film charged us even a penny for it. The only costs were actually spent here in the US, to two companies to coordinate and manage the trafficking of this film. Second, this was a one-time execution with the Italian agency, as we informed the reporter before she wrote the story.

In fact, we have hired Fallon of Minneapolis to be Chrysler Brand's official ad agency, and they are presently developing new commercials to start airing this year.

Hopefully we can enjoy the freedom of having your readers in a democratic society decide for themselves if they should be upset, or whether we instead exercised fiscal responsibility in producing this important film. "

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