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Just back from NAIAS

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It's late and I'm tired so I'm going to make this breif....

Although I saw pretty much everything I'm going to focus on the big 3

Dodge (Chrysler) - SRT vehicles looked pretty cool on the exteriors. Dodges interiors overall (all vehicles), to bluntly put it, sucked. Not at all impressed with the company that turned around the big 3 in design in the mid 90's when it comes to this area. Very cheap/cheesy looking interiors, interior design and dashboards. Dodge Caliber was a disaster IMO inside and out. Amazed they could bring something like this out to production (said the same thing with the Charger last year). Dodge is capible of a lot better with their vehicles. Challenger was pretty cool, not as nice as the Camaro in my opinion, but that's just my opinion (like all of this post LOL).

Ford - Didn't get over to Lincoln/Mercury. Ford Fusion is a nice looking car with a nice looking interior (same with Ford 500). The Fusion (Mazda 6...whatever) should be a good all around seller for them. Upgraded Exploder was ok inside. More cramped than a Trailblazer but the 292hp V8 should be a decent motor and make a nice package. The decked out F-250/350's are pretty sharp. Mustang interior I'm still just so so on. Super Cheif concept reminded me of the GMC Terradyne from the '98 auto show (or whenever it was). Sure was big, pretty extravagant interior. The Reflex...not sure still what to think about it. kinda neat on the exterior, interior is something yet to be desired. Ford GT looked cool as usual. No Mustang Shelby 500 at the show.

GM - Camaro = Awsome!! Tahoe was very nice. The Tahoe LTZ's on show both had the center buckets with 3rd row seating. Nice interior and dash!! However, not sure what happened between the 2nd row buckets??? you can see the carpet overlap and against each seat in the center looked like a couple 2x6's covered with carpet on the floor??? Like there was a seat there and was taken out for some reason. Just unfinished. Other than that interior was very nice. Personally I would prefer no 3rd row and to just have a full bench for the 2nd row. Nice tight gaps, great fit and finish! Hope GM didn't rush this too soon to the market. wierd to know there is a '07 vehicle on the dealer lots in the middle of Jan '06. Yukon's very nice, still not sure about he headlights though. Escalades looked great! Enclave, as in the pics on this site, looked just as good. There was a Dk Blue Sky on show, looked awsome. GM didn't have as nice of setup as the past few years. Not sure what happened. Tahoe Hybrid sure looks different with the wheels and ground effects/skirts. Not sure if it's in a good way or not. Z06.... what can I say, $68,000 car to compete with $200,000 competitors!!! GM's interiors overall were pretty nice compared to all the vehicles at the autoshow (domestics and imports - malibu, Impala, G6, Torrant, GTO, etc.). Again, GM's interiors and interior material was NO WORSE than ANY other import of comparable price (exclude Mercedes/BMW/Ferrari, you know what I mean). Here's a link to my post that has some pics of the Camaro http://www.cheersandgears.com/forums/index...?showtopic=5005

Others - Ridgeline with some options... $32k???? Ouch! I'd rather have a nicely opted TB with the extra HP, towing capacity, 4X4 and room for that price. Or add a couple thousand and have a 2wd Avalanche. It had some neat features but cheap cheesy looking interior and somewhat cheap looking exterior gave me no interest in it at all. And for the Civic Si, it looks decent inside and out, but the Mags don't DARE compare it to domestics and then bash the "interior materials" of the domestic. The materials on the Ridgline and Civic were no different. Sure the Civic has 197hp but at 8k RPM makes NO torque. For a grand more the Cobalt SS outperforms it in ever aspect except gas milage, and that's only by 1 or 2 mpg. Nissan had stickers on their 350Z that said "300hp, 25mpg", all I could think of was the Z06 at 505hp and 26mpg. Nissan Armada/Titan, yuck on the interiors (looks and materials, suddenly my '03 Avalanche interior looks a lot better dispite bashing by the media). Still don't care for the exterior design either. Not even a close comparison to the Tahoe. Still love the looks of the Infiniti G35, interior could use an update though. Didn't make it over to Toyota. Was tired by then and didn't have the interest. Did want to compare interior fit and quality though.

Ok, if I think of more I'll post later, I'm tired... good night!

BTW, for $h!s and giggles, My Avalanche 4X4 loaded with 5 people averaged 19.1 mpg to Detroit and Back (2 hr trip each way) and that includes driving around downtown D-town.

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