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Mitsubishi Outlander Sport thread

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anyone care?

When this hits in a few weeks I will be out looking at one.

Outlander Sport = Tiguan package for a lot less money. Yes, I know, its not as schwank as the Tiguan.

Manual trans is available.

Depending on configuration, pricing is attractive. Standard USB, bluetooth, and Fuse.

It seems a bit underpowered, but not compared to say, a Chevy Cruze.

For the price of a Cruze, the OS compares favorably and is packaged in a hatchback / more utility form. The regular outlander is spacious and the passenger cabin is essentially in tact in the OS.

I particularly like the low weight, gas mileage, price, CVT, warranty.

I thought i was keen on the Sportage (new one) until i drove it. I am interested to see how this competitor compares.

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It's rather... conventional in appearance compared to the Juke, Tuscon and Sportage, but it is a tidy little CUV. I do like the Dodge Charger front end and the manual transmission availability on the FWD version. Haven't really seen photos of the interior and load area yet.

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yes, conventional. not nearly as snappy looking as the sportage.

i sort of liken it more to a tall Lancer, or a Japanese Tiguan.

The Tiguan is not all that exciting to look at...


there are some good pics on this site.

the top level model with AWC is 22,995 list.

even the base manual is well equipped.

interior is basic and in my opinion, decent. Not as flashy as say the new Cruze. But at least this will have rear leg room. And they should have made the 2.4 an uplevel option.

In one article they said this vehicle should get the Lancer Ralliart powertrain. 237hp and I assume AWC, that would make this thing fun.

The base model is like 3100 pounds. The Cruze in non Eco trim is not really much lighter. To me I compare this to a Cruze. Prices are sort of close, its juxtaposing a tall hatch vs. a traditional sedan.

there are actually some better sites that have reviews with better pictures.

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