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  2. yes, they are. but the dealer has to pay money to hold the car in inventory on the chance someone walks in and buys it that day. The dealer wants to make that sale immediately when the customer is on site. And so by only offering black, they play if safe and it takes away more possible customer objections. that's why for luxury cars, if we offer more colorful choices inside, i think it has to become a custom sort of process. for the non sport models, cadillac actually on some trims at least has a tan and gray palette available. that alone is a godsend. Look at chevy. I think 90+% of the cars on their lots are all black inside.
  3. I am so tired of all black interiors. Its partly that way because its a cop out that the car can't be sold at a dealer unless it has a 'safe' color. The dealer folks will say a colored interior may keep the car from being sold. I think this is actually a big opportunity for manufacturers to develop a custom build process then.
  4. Since when does a 'sport package' include 'side assist steps' Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package Where's the hopped up motor?
  5. regfootball

    Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package

    technically, compared to a standard XT5, the wheel size shouldn't raise the vehicle. Or do you mean with it being a crossover it just naturally sits high...because the whole idea with crossovers is that they are at 'slide in' or 'step in' height. Not 'step up' height like trucks. Also, 'sport' vehicles, the connotation is that they typically have 'lowered' suspension compared to plain jane variants. (sorry I just offended Janes out there). I am just being snarky about the idea of possibly a 'lowered' vehicle, but now you are having to 'step up'. And also at least when i was in the car biz the stigma was you put step bars on vehicles for old folks.
  6. regfootball

    Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package

    But ‘assist steps’. C’mon.
  7. Neither the CTS-V or the CTS V sport have available AWD. It would have been nice for Cadillac to have included it as an option, at least on the V-Sport. Interested to see what the new Ct4 or 5 or whatever is like, although if the interior is like the XT4, it's nice but its not luxury....
  8. What have we gone and dun?
  9. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    2016 Malibu is noted at 3,159 pounds in Car and Driver's road test of the 2016 model. Car and Driver's road test of a 2014 with the 2.5 Ecotec is listed at 3,571 pounds. The 2016 (new) Cruze they have noted as 2,944 pounds, and the LTZ of the old 2011 Cruze is listed at 3,206 pounds in one of their articles. The AWD 2018 Buick Regal GS (platform shared) is listed as 3,820 pounds. The 2014 Regal GS AWD that C/D tested was listed at 4,022 pounds.
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    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    These are 225’s. I can’t recall if the LS has 205’s or 215’s on 16 inch instead of 17. Your point is quite right. Narrower tires allow more weight per square inch that grabs onto the road.
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    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    Well, winter broke me. Despite not having that much left on the lease, in order to get around, and safely, I had to break down and get some tires. So I chose to get some winter tires. I may have preferred to get Nokians, but the Michelin X-Ice was available and in stock (which is tough in February), so I got those. With the weather assault the last couple weeks, it's been really nice to be able to get around and turn and brake with stability. Now, ice is still ice, and other stupid drivers are still out there to compete with. In fact, even with these new winter tires, I couldn't make it up an ice glazed inclined road the other day and in fact had I not bit some of the snow still left on the side of the road, I would have slid backwards (even with brand new winters on). The Malibu has been decent in winter to this point, no real complaints till the last couple weeks. The car is super light for its size. Coincidentally the internet sales gal at the dealership called the other day with enticements to get out lease early. She shared with me that she has a Malibu also and she says the same thing. The lightness of the car, and its obvious fuel economy benefit, can be a limitation in the winter. The Cruze she had previously, she said was better in winter (no problems). This winter may the winter that has finally broken me to saying I would prefer AWD and a heavier vehicle again next time possibly. A light car is nice for fuel economy, which I like good fuel economy also. It's just a good example of the tradeoffs in these big CAFE pushes. Lighter vehicles and their improved fuel economy is in competition with something larger and heavier and possibly AWD, which is what more drivers are finding more useful all the time. Since even middle and bottom feeders like the Altima are offering AWD on the newest version, maybe even the Malibu line in addition to the Regal needs to look at offering an AWD option.
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    XT5 - 3 days, 300+ miles, Review

    Most of the XT5’s listed on fuelly.com show it averaging a bit over 20 mpg. Like 20-22 range.
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    Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price Again

  14. regfootball

    A Brief Note from Your Friendly Staff Writer

    congrats on the new work, and also thanks for all the great C&G articles, they're always first class!
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    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy: Comments

    nice to have that turbo option. is the car physically smaller than the current one? Subaru really upsized the Legacy the last few generations, i hope they are not reverting to making it smaller (like it sort of looks to be here)
  16. DRIVEN: 2016 Cadillac CT6 Luxury 3.6 AWD (Used vehicle review) originally 63k msrp. HIGHS: Yup, this is my type of car, I got in and felt right at home. To heck with crossovers! Surprisingly I had a very positive vibe of the interior and it's quality. Sure it may not 100% match some Germans but honestly it was fine in the front and quite honestly better than what a lot of Cadillacs have had for interiors in the last 20-30 years. And a quiet interior. Hushed for road noise, like a luxury brand should be....an obvious upgrade vs. non luxury marques. And so comfortable! Seats were a glove and the cockpit around me was there just for me. I liked the location of controls, including the touchscreen. There are many times where I malign the corporate GM 3.6 motor, but it does quite an admirable job moving this physically big car. For some reason, on the CTS and this, the 3.6 seems nicely refined, and is smooth and powerful, where other GM vehicles it does not impress like this (in lower priced trims). Transmission was a rock star too. Always shifted up or down as needed, kicked in fast when asked, no drama, very smooth. How does such a big car with such a long wheelbase feel like a mid size car? It doesn't feel heavy and ponderous in any way (it's a light car, actually). And it's fairly nimble, turns tightly. Outward visibility, you see a short hood, and looking out the rear view mirror, the car seems shorter than it is as well. Ride was just the sweet spot balance of cushy and firm for most driving. I believe it was in standard mode, not sport. The steering had nice heft, but not too much. Steering quickness about right for most of the time also. I'd have no problem with a quicker rack in a sport model, but otherwise this was great. Bigger trunk than I thought. We know the back seat is big also. To be honest, I actually liked the old T-bar style shifter just fine. Car had 60+ thou miles but honestly felt brand new. Just get in and (super)cruise. Find an open road and gaze at the landscape in front of you. Racking up miles in this thing would be such a treat. Isn't this what Cadillac is supposed to be? LOWS: So the 3.6 is a good lower trim motor. Some folks may wish for more low end torque at times (I'm reaching here), but the 3.0 twin turbo would be a nice upgrade you may want for sure if you invest a lot of $$$ in this car. The mousepad on the console is replaced for 2019. I suppose this is an improvement. Rear seat doesn't fold to expand the trunk (No bookcase hauling for mom). I kept reaching for power seat controls on the side of the seat. I actually question if having them on the door is preferred or not by most people. Ok, admittedly in some ways, inside and out, the styling could be deemed tepid, particularly for a luxury brand (I don't think so, but for the CT6 I do think it depends on colors, too). Cadillac's whole marketing and sales plan for the CT6 has been a failure, trims, packages, options, pricing. I get that the public wants crossovers now, but big spacious sedans just like this is how people think of Cadillac. Why not go all in and really get this vehicle into the hands of buyers? This is the DTS replacement people really deserved to have 8 years ago. It's like Cadillac (or GM) really didn't even want to make and sell this vehicle. SUMMARY: From the moment I got in the car, I knew this was my spirit animal. This is the Cadillac I recall growing up with, modernized. I was just giddy to actually get to drive one of these things, finally. I was hoping to be able to drive a 3.0 twin turbo six, but the 3.6 equipped CT6 was just fine. I don't understand how Cadillac botched this. This is just what everyone still sort of wants to believe Cadillac is. Big long, comfy, cruising vessel. The chassis and engineering to me are the rock stars here, because like I mentioned above.... this is a LARGE car that feels like a solid mid size car when you are driving it. Man, I would love to drive this everyday. And GM could,.....COULD really leverage this platform. The oft rumored CT7, or Escala, I can totally see now taking this platform and making a liftback A7 like vehicle with this. Wow, that would be cool. But that would be too risky for Cadillac, wouldn't it. Instead we get the XT6, which admittedly will sell because it has 3 rows. And why not replace the current Buick LaCrosse with a new LaCrosse (AVENIR?) built on this chassis? I bet that's what at one time the plan was for Buick, even if only for the moment. If a badge engineered Buick helped pay for this chassis to continue, I'd be all for it. I honestly do even believe with the right four cylinder in it, this car would be great with just a four cylinder (the 2016-2018 has the old 2.0, which is much faster than the new motor for 2019). I know it has the four cylidner now, and so I would not discourage someone who may find a good used one and doesn't need more than rear wheel drive, take a look you may be surprised. Rather than a Kia K900.? srsly. Since the CT6 has a stay of execution, and with the new Blackwing v8 coming on, let's hope we continue to see investment in this car and this platform for Cadillac. It should be the soul of Cadillac, in a time where it can't. Enjoy the ride while its still available. At least all those Cadillac Edge sales (um, XT5 I mean) keep money in the till and the lights on at the Cadillac dealer so they can keep enough space for the CT6's buried in the corner. Cadillac please take baby out of the corner.
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    Ask Me About: 2019 Buick Regal GS

    and it's funny because all the car press reviews kind of say the same thing, too. read these and it sort of sums it up nicely https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a21272878/2018-buick-regal-gs-test-review/ the last paragraph of that one in particular ^^^^ and these parts http://www.thedrive.com/new-cars/20324/2018-buick-regal-gs-review-a-sporty-chassis-let-down-by-its-drivetrain https://jalopnik.com/the-2018-buick-regal-gs-is-surprisingly-great-1826640692 there is such a dearth of sports sedans that really do venture into sport sedan territory and we GM fans had so hoped this might actually be one. I am very looking forward to all Williams thoughts when he is done driving it.
  18. regfootball

    DRIVEN: 2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury AWD 2.0t

    Hey Cadillac has a neat little benefit going on right now. Go to www.xt4tickets.com and you can test drive register. Driven an XT4 for a 100 dollar ticketmaster gift. So I did drove the XT4 again today. I think now after a second time I can say or confirm reaffirm some things. For a compact size class of vehicle, Cadillac got the exterior and interior size right. And it has space inside, more than you may expect for a compact, but the vehicle may not be big enough for everyone looking because it is a compact. I did like the seating position and the interior layout is nice. It is true the interior could be more luxurious, however..... with this being a brand entry vehicle like say, the Mercedes CLA, I think you have to know you are not getting something on par with a more expensive model. It is true there is perhaps more road noise than there should be, and also the gnarly exhaust is not what traditionally passes for Cadillac. And the ride is not as supple as you may want. These are minor NVH issues Cadillac can improve on. For a vehicle targeted at younger buyers however, they will care less about that than old folks I believe. With this being Cadillac and high price points, I do think they need to keep working on these things for this model. Acceleration is good, better than common brands, but they should rush to get a higher power option to market soon. The space efficiency of this vehicle impresses me. GM demonstrates from time to time that they can be efficient with space in their models.
  19. DRIVEN: 2019 Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury AWD 2.0t, sticker north of 50 for sure HIGHS: -Pretty spot on size for compact class for Cadillac, this will be easy to park for urban dwellers or those who park in ramps. -A Cadillac with some personality, whoa. -Despite what you've read, this is actually a smooth engine, and it revs nicely. -I felt the acceleration was very good and more than I expected following reviews I've read. And the transmission really kicked down nicely when i needed it. -Very nice responsive steering. Perfect quickness and a very nice size steering wheel to work with. This wasn't a sport model yet to me this is sportier than so many other vehicles out there. -It's an all wheel drive vehicle, but you wouldn't have guessed during the drive. I didn't feel excessive weight or drag like on most AWD vehicles. The AWD may have been fully turned off but even then on other cars you still feel the car carrying around all the other stuff all the time. I didn't feel that here. Overall the chassis felt tight. -I feel very good cabin space front and rear for a compact class. Right size, I even had what i felt was decent elbow room -I felt the seat height and dash location was very good. I didn't feel like i was sitting up too high like a lot of CUV's but i still could get a nice leg extension for CUV comfort. -Really liked (and I didn't think I would) the dash layout. Gauges were nice, the chiclet buttons for climate i would eventually figure out what each was for but they are RIGHT there. The steering wheel buttons don't feel cheap even though there are a lot of them crammed in there. Dig the size and shape of the new shifter, and the knobs for multimedia behind the shifter initially seem helpful to cut down pawing at the dash for audio functions. The in dash screen is at a nice angle and doesn't dominate the dash like say, the 2020 Ford Explorer's. Overall I was very surprised that I didn't really take issue with any material quality inside. -No complaints on the front seats. I would always like to spend more time with them but initially they seemed supportive for even a bigger guy. -I think this is a vehicle that would appeal to the target market of younger women, if they can look past the badge, and if you can get them in the seat. -Overall, this vehicle has a much different feel than the milquetoast XT5 I drove immediately prior. Really its quite evident very quickly between the two how different they are when you get it on the road. -A really good vehicle for singles or DINK empty nesters, who won't be carting around a lot of extra people and stuff often. A good second vehicle for those who may already have another larger utility vehicle in the fold as well. LOWS: -Exhaust is loud, and I think this is what some reviewers perceive to be coarse powertrain. Admittedly I think Cadillac needs to tone down some of the exhaust sound and add some more sound deadening inside the cabin). "Luxury" does mean a certain level of tuning out noise levels and certain types of road noise. I won't classify it as egregious, just a bit different than what those shopping Cadillacs are used to hearing. -Car had good power but I hope to see them offer an optional state of tune of 300hp or so (and more mid range torque snap); the vehicle is spunky and more power available would really add to the aura of sportiness. -While I loved the steering, it's almost awesome, just asking for a bit more steering heft and weight to go with the quickness. -If i recall, the rear seat backrests don't recline, that should be something you'd expect in a 50k vehicle. -Shfter / console does tend to cut into your leg space more than it should I think. -GM still wants to push this shifter with an odd operation. I guess it just takes awhile to get used to, but I want to really know what the benefit is to it being different. -There are those that criticize the styling as either being too much like an old Ford Edge, or too much old school GM folds and creases. I would not call the XT4 sleek, I will say that. I wish the design was less safe, even though it's just fine. -Not having driven a lot of the competitors of this class of vehicle it is hard for me to know if it is really deficient in some areas like some reviews suggest or if it's just media bias. -Pricing is pretty ambitious, let's see what happens with that. Value is decent at lower MSRP's but like other GM's the pricing gets comical when they start adding a ton of stuff; then at that point there isn't good value there. -Be absolutely certain you don't want something larger than a compact class vehicle, especially if this is your daily driver and needs to serve all your passenger needs. SUMMARY I am usually pretty homer on GM stuff, so this was probably going to get a good review from me anyways, and I really do put out the disclaimer that I don't know what an X1 or XC40 is like. But to me I judge this in two significant ways. I think it could potentially appeal to younger women who take the chance to drive it (which is exactly what GM is hoping for), and I think some of GM's usual fan base.... I will be curious to see the reaction. I've already read some owner reviews of this vehicle on other websites and such and some typical Cadillac fans think its not posh like they are used to. I think the liveliness of the XT4 is something new for pedestrian Cadillacs and I think its a good direction that we shall see if it sticks. But I liked it well enough assuming lower trim spec and a careful control of the price. No letter grade here, I just enjoyed driving it, it was fun, i could live with it apart from overall usually just wanting a larger vehicle. Plenty of opportunities to fine tune little things as far as perceived refinement and maybe adding more power. Once they do that, I hope to see this do well in the market .
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    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy Preview: Comments

    i may be open to considering slumming on one of those 400 horse MKZ v6 turbos, once those get cheap.... the interior on those is so cheap. you expect cheap on a Fusion, Lincolns are getting better but the MKZ still has the old crud
  21. regfootball

    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy Preview: Comments

    No reason to get this if the new Altima has AWD option. Not that either are peaches. Just wait till some super low mileage CPO 18+ AWD Regal sportbacks hit the used car lots en masse. Actually also, even though many have no love for Ford, for 2019 the Fusion has a great configuration package available for CHEAP. You can get a 2.0 AWD SE Fusion and it will have all the safety stuff mostly, plus the 2.0 twin scroll and AWD and it stickers for dirt cheap. And all the rebates.
  22. regfootball

    XT5 - 3 days, 300+ miles, Review

    until i drove it.
  23. regfootball

    Chicago 2019: 2020 Subaru Legacy Preview: Comments

    except that Subarus drive like crap. And have lackluster powertrains. Apart from a WRX.
  24. regfootball

    Ask Me About: 2019 Buick Regal GS

    wow, the Regal GS is just more of a 2019 version of front wheel drive something GM may have put out in 2001, 2002. So much potential here, but it needs more work and a real performance powertrain to be anything other than what lots of reviews have said, its just a tarted up puff cruiser. It doesn't make it a bad car its just not hardly much more evolved than say an SSE or something like that. The 2.0 is a better drive, especially just in front drive, so they should make "Regal Sport Touring" with the GS body work, hot looks, normal AGR seats from Europe and 2.0 engine. If they ever take the new Cadillac 2.0 and tune it for 300hp, that would be a riot to drop in this chassis. the new Cadillac 2.0 right now is down on power but it actually revs quickly and is smooth, not that the current 2.0 isn't its just that GM actually did improve the new engine in that regard. Sport Touring wagon would be a great choice to have also. https://www.cheersandgears.com/forums/topic/91155-driven-2018-buick-regal-sportback-gs-36-awd-and-regal-tourx-essence-20t-awd/

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