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  1. Ford's engines and trannies and all wheels drive setups break down after the last payment is made, so they decided to make a car without a gas engine and complex corresponding driveline. So maybe this vehicle exists for Ford to improve their reliability ratings,
  2. Your review is very good here. And it is true the other competition is priced high like this. The new normal. It is also why they needed a powertrain with more gusto to justify the MSRP. Particularly since you can at a certain price point upgrade to a larger vehicle and depending on the equipment, get big power in a bigger package but maybe sacrifice a few niceties.
  3. the exterior is just fine. looks good, i thought they would botch it. Not a mustang but a crossover with sleek styling, well done. I've seen a few of the new Escape already and let me tell you, those are not styled near as well as this is. The new Escapes are mailed in, strange, don't even look like Fords. interior is almost hot garbage in the pictures, i.e. looks cheap, and the huge ipad sucks. i guess we can save final judgment on that for when its in the flesh. is this thing going to be sold in significant volumes or not? If not, its a PR car. Like the Volt and Bolt. Although look at this the Mach-E looks cool, the Bolt just looks nerdy.
  4. for VW though, the Atlas is part of what is kept them from circling the sewer in the US.
  5. that might have been the best 4 door version. ironically, we are inheriting an 08 grand prix soon for the kid to drive.... excitement! Now that the Accord rid itself of the v6, the AWD and v6 apparently must be the reasons du jour for Acura to continue to sell the TLX..... Yeah, GM doesn't even want to feed the starter market anymore...... that said, they probably will have cheap trim version of the upcoming Trailblazer, and they will probably increase production on the Trax and dump all sorts of already amortized Korean made Trax to fill the entry level..... I saw a really nice 2019 Cruze premier today. As always, GM figures it out after its production run is over.... GM is really REALLY missing the boat on affordable FUN and PERFORMANCE cars these days. The younger gen has no vehicles that are cheap + fun to draw them into GM showrooms. Camaro aside.
  6. agree there, the taurus interior was not efficient but it does have a huge trunk.
  7. While this doesn't look bad, i just am not jamming on anything with it. The trunk is awkward, the window aft of the rear door on the side glass is not the right shape (at least its not the CT5 rear window). There is a weird camry vibe in the way the trim goes over that back window and as someone said the trunk looks like it terminates early. Why not just make this a hatch. I see nothing to make me want this new Optima or Sonata. It actually makes the Altima and Accord look that much better to me. Used 2018 Regal sportbacks are so cheap used now, I would recommend that over this BT. I saw a killer white 09 vintage CTS the other day, I think Caddy needs to bring a new art and science version back. the crispness of the lines like we love GM products to have it looked really fresh in this era of sculpted formless blobs all over the road these days.
  8. Can’t disagree with that. https://www.motor1.com/news/95302/pontiac-rageous/ Time to bring back the Pontiac Rageous! Not a sedan. Not an suv!
  9. Well there was the AWD Taurus.....
  10. GM knows they can’t sell a 40k AWD Malibu but they certainly sell a 40k equinox. GM doesn’t want to give the buyers a chance for cheap AWD if they can force them to buy an expensive suv to ultimately get it. Now though a basic ct5 AWD is actually an option I guess .....
  11. No. Ford Fusion had an AWD option on the 2.0. For 2019 they had a 2.0 AWd se package that was a great deal. Ford’s had 2.0 AWD available on the fusion the entire time. I took a hard look at getting one. An mkz 3.0 AWD would be a great used car find.
  12. Exactly. But all wheel drive is a 1350 dollar option on Altima. If GM chose to do it for say 1500 on its base models it would make sense. Yes. At least that. And leave a bunch of desired equipment off of it still as well.
  13. Car and driver just had a new comparison of Altima AWD vs legacy. Now Camry is adding AWD. GM should add it to the Malibu because customers in snow climes would respond if the system is low cost like it is in Altima and Subaru. Ford had AWD fusion but you had to upgrade quite a bit. Altima offers it at one of the more base models. Since I got the tourx recently I will say the AWD on that is fairly unobtrusive apart from the fuel economy hit, which is noticeable. The tourx has the old GM 2.0 turbo four which moves the unit well and has good power rating but in practice doesn’t have good aural qualities and can seem unrefined at times. The 1.5 in the Malibu is a smoother running engine. Just smaller. GM is already rolling out the new 2.0 turbo which now I understand better. It is smoother but needs more power. Where I am going with this I still see where having a v6 turbo or non as a choice would still be good. I used to think the turbo 4 was the better option in the Regal but now I may be swayed back to thinking ultimately that the GS and its v6 would be a more enjoyable powertrain. If camry and Altima can offer cheap AWD on those sedans I think it’s a real win.
  14. So car and driver had a new comparison test up for all wheel drive Altima vs all wheel drive legacy. Also toyota just announced that Camry will be available with AWD for 2020. I remember from my 2019 Malibu test drive the sales guy said that lots of people as soon as they found out AWD was not available on Malibu they went to the equinox. Do you think this new focus on AWD on midsize sedans May boost that market and should Chevy also offer an AWD midsize sedan to compete.
  15. Here is a promotional ad for GM’s most available and exciting paint colors for 2020
  16. If Chrysler was allowed to have a couple crossovers in the same showroom as Jeep they would survive just fine. Not everyone wants the Jeep look. A three row that is legit competition to say the Traverse / Enclave would sell well enough. And a two row to compete with the Edge and such. And you still have the minivan which if they keep on the leading edge of that market would be enough for Chrysler. A 300 replacement wouldn't sell a ton but to be honest there is still possibly a market for that. probably Ram
  17. These wheels make the wagon look more ‘estate’ like whereby the stock wheels try to look ‘crossover’. Both end up looking good and these look better than I thought they would on the tourx.
  18. Whoa. I just realized. I picked those up in LaCrosse WI and they were originally off a Buick LaCrosse And then what. Just glad I didn’t lacrosse myself http://languagehat.com/no-lacrosse-for-canada/
  19. Yeah where am I going to store that third set of tires
  20. 18”. Someone upgraded their lacrosse to the GM factory 20’s and so these 18’s became available.
  21. Secured wheels for my snows from another donor Buick
  22. wow i have an opel and a chrysler already, this would be like getting invited to a European wedding party WOOT
  23. Ford never actually killed the Taurus until this last year.
  24. I've had plenty of manuals, Hard reality is with bad traffic, and other factors, it really is better and even safer to be in an automatic. Autos are better at FE now, faster to shift, etc. I still would endorse some models out there have Manuals available. Primarily for performance vehicles and fun to drive vehicles. But really nothing like a base Kia Forte should have one. Now, say, if Chevy had a 2.0 Malibu manual in a true RS sports sedan package...maybe.
  25. there is a nice premise with the Flex. A van thats not a van, and perhaps not as gargantuan as a van is. Also, not an SUV but still available with AWD. We had a taurus X which was the cousin for the Flex. The Flex improved on the Taurus X by providing more space, more rear leg room. Sort of a king size Scion Xb concept i think. If they can resurrect this idea again someday and give it a little better mpg and keep the space inside, but perhaps get rid of the goofiness of some of the styling, maybe less boxy and more sleek without turning it into a van..... to ever do this concept again, they're gonna have to figure out how to make it sexy. Flex, far more useful than a transit connect also. i guess the SUV's will still outsell the Flex even if it ever came back. If you think about it, an 11 year run is pretty impressive.

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