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  1. I am hoping my love for Duke Cannon Sandalwood Old milwaukee beer soap excludes me from that hipster category you deftly described above. Plus I have SOME hair. Not bear hair but some. It’s a shame a hot brand like Tesla (does that mean their cars like to catch on ?) can’t even get trim and body panels to line up that’s my own photo from the other day
  2. I don’t understand the Kia Telluride love. I sat in one at the auto show. Control trim parts were already falling off from the auto show traffic. I do admit there was something interesting about the interior. But don’t kid yourself; it still has that Korean Faux to its design and it still is nothing more than a bread and butter brand product reaching into a new segment.
  3. bets on whether the CT4 trunk is bigger than the CT5's.... good CT4 spy shots here https://www.motor1.com/photo/3808660/2020-cadillac-ct4-spy-photo/
  4. current CTS trunk is on the acceptable range. 13.7 cf. Be nice to hit 15. ATS is pathetic 10.4. that should be around 13. Cruze has 13.9 cf of trunk ffs.
  5. Even though i am with ya on the black triangle of fail, if this ends up in my garage, it probably is one of the more tolerable black triangle of fails out there
  6. I like the revised c pillar and the trunk length is a bit long on the chop, but it does make me think a trunk length inbetween the two would look good.
  7. I like both the older and newer version of the regals. The older one is what I may look at for a college car for my daughter. Although a newer sportback may be better for hauling cargo to the dorm. Simply put they are not selling new and that is because GM is clueless and also by design. The residuals are terrible and there is no lease support. So many are still sitting on lots and now ending up as GM company cars. And then they hit the used market with low miles on them. But they won’t make them competitive from a retail standpoint. Example, you can take a terrain, Acadia, envision and GM will support those with lease incentives and the residuals are better enough such that the tourx can’t compete within its own showroom. A terrain envision etc with same msrp as tourx will be 200-300 more a month (or more) in a lease quote. The other problem is option packaging Buick sent a bunch of ‘preferred’ tourx here (cloth) and so those prices are lower but you can’t get heated seats dual zone climate and wheel on preferred tourx for a vehicle that is meant to be attractive to buyers in winter climates. (In contrast the base base envision has heated seats ). Plus. Blind spot , cross path, safety features are often not found on the models that got sent here. Moonroof is tough to find also which is a huge draw for this vehicle. On the essence trims they have so many separate packages you may find one with say, a moonroof but then it doesn’t have the safety packages Real dumb stuff tourx is a car that ashould have practically all the safety stuff on most models that hit the showroom My bet is GM was contracted to sell these and now doesn’t want to so they have no incentive to make them a success in the market sportback was supposed to replace the verano as Buick’s entry car and tell me when you way overprice the sportback how do pick up those verano sales when you are 10 grand or more higher across the board
  8. I do understand that. The pre 2018 regals maybe felt a bit nicer. But they did not have as good of rear seat space and the h point for the seat was higher like in the fusion.
  9. Saw a new Mercedes a class in the wild today. It’s a nice rig. And yet small. Ct4 May have a tough time as any sort of credible competition
  10. Go drive one! In essence trim with leather the plastics look fine. Subaru’s are Subaru’s and imo this is a level above
  11. Wow! Some great write ups! Have to go back and re read some again. ! on that 2019 Silverado. I know the 5.3/6 speed gets maligned a lot. I’d be curious to see what you think of the new 4 cylinder if you ever get a chance to drive it. I thought it was not bad I just dun got back from driving a ct6 again (for my mom this time). I like your perspective on the XTS it makes me think I should take one for a spin. I’ve never driven an XTS yet. Yes it’s GM stupid that it would have power folding mirrors but not blind spot detection. That is classic GM!
  12. As I hinted at above I think stinger gets talked about more these days. Tlx is fair comparison. Cadillac has to frame the CT5 as a ‘desirable sedan option’ and give up trying position itself in ads as some competitor for just about anything. They need to keep prices low on units that show up on lots and put nice lease offers on the table. Get some good press on the base model although that will be hard to do with the motor specs being barely adequate. The v6 will be an awesome performer but they will price any v6 into the stratosphere; so they won’t sell enough. That’s what GM does. If they seriously can get the power and toque numbers of the 4 up closer to 300 than 250 they could make waves in the market even with the less attractive shell and near useless trunk because it should still drive well. There is something bad about how this vehicle platform is for packaging. Gm cant get comfortable package with hardly any vehicles on this platform so that’s why on the CT5 they invested so much in the weird shape to get the backseat and headroom better. Too much room in the hood makes it tough to package the rest of the car.
  13. far too much length in the hood, wasted, that could be returned to trunk overhang. RWD chassis does not have to mean the cabin is so far rearward that there is no trunk. CT5 has increased WB that was returned entirely to rear seat leg room, which is good. So the end equation is remove some length between the front axle and firewall and tack it on to the rear overhang. And then put a hatch on it. BS from Cadillac on that.
  14. https://www.automobilemag.com/news/2020-cadillac-ct5-design-engineering-info/
  15. Now you know why there is no trunk! Look at the size of that hood! the gray luxury one looks like an accord a little bit c pillar still sucks these were fresh off caddy’s web site
  16. Mazda = bleh i think Mazda will try to position themselves still below Acura. They can then sell for higher prices than now but still be within reach for Toyota buyers who want to branch up but feel too guilty about spending money on a ‘luxury brand ‘
  17. poor coordination getting in and out of cars LOL. 2 Diamantes, almost lost an ear on each one. Also I had my 77 Buick Cetury coupe.
  18. Jack these babies up a few inches and NOW you're really talking Buick Crossover Coupe
  19. Jack these babies up a few inches and NOW you're really talking Buick Crossover Coupe
  20. Coming soon to the crossover bazaar Buick Entropy Buick Enthalpy Buick Entrail Buick Enterprise (Starship Edition!) Buick Envention (See what i did there?)
  21. ORLY? so some BMW douche upped for the full package..including rustproofing?
  22. DRIVEN: 2018 Buick Enclave Essence AWD original MSRP about 49,000 HIGHS: -Stylish, understated looks, particularly for a rather large CUV. -Room and space, OMG what so many are looking for. And it has it a plenty. Simply put, leg room, hips and shoulders, head room. Easy to ingress and egress; just perfect for that! This is why people buy these kind of vehicles. OH I LOVE THE GIRTH. So comfortable is this vehicle. Nice driving position, for a CUV. -A very interesting interior design, consistent with recent Buick theming, with all the swooping and flowing curves and trim.....but probably best executed overall in this vehicle. The interior on this rig was 'dark galvanized', but if I were shopping hard on the Enclave, I would go for the tan / brown interior. Either way, a nice mix of softer touch and textured materials. A lot of nice touch points all over, the armrests, dash, doors. Nice layout and gauges / climate control. -Optional sunroofs were on this vehicle, and its just another nice feature that really makes the cabin grand. -Good trunk space, seats up or folded. The back cargo cover behind the third row flips up and sits in its detent to make the cargo floor a little deeper. Great for those Costco runs when you might run into the evil Mitt, and you share a conversation about how much toilet paper you can buy in one trip. -GM's 3.6 v6 powertrain has always been a complete Jekyll and Hyde performance to me on all the different vehicles I have driven with it in the last 2-3 years. In a recent 2017 Cadillac XT5 test drive, I found the powertrain to less satisfying than i thought it ought to be. Also, same with a Regal GS and LaCrosse. I must say however, the powertrain is spot on in the Enclave. Smooth, responsive, the transmission shifts wonderfully. And a nice, throaty (and not coarse at all) sound. The AWD system did not bring added heft or friction to the drive of the vehicle. I must say, GM engineered the Traverse and Enclave very well. I will say the v6 is still a bit shy of smoothness and noise vs. the Pentastar v6 in my Pacifica, but the difference is so minute, not really worth mentioning much. -Rather shocked....i really liked the quick direct steering and handling. Don't get me wrong, this is not a sedan or sporting vehicle. But it felt nimbler than something like this should. Again, not as carlike as my Pacifica....but not far off. And the suspension was not a rollover. This vehicle had the 18" wheels too. Well tuned vehicle dynamically. -Simply put, this is a classic Buick wagon for today's age. This is the perfect vehicle to eat thousands and thousands of miles. LOWS: -While the interior is quite good overall, there is actually plenty of spots where typical GM cheapness is evident. Seat leather could be higher grade and no so much looking like fine vinyl. Lots of plastic aft of the front row looks quite cheap in places you don't touch a lot but still do see, especially in the trunk. Even the lowers of the dash and doors, if they had nicer plastics it would really complement what is done so well on the other parts of the dash. We all know GM really hates to do a full knock it out of the park interior. -Well, ok, you want this vehicle for the room and space, and how big it is. But i will say, it's size can also be too much. It's of course your choice, and GM has the bases covered with smaller offerings like the Acadia and the soon to be XT6. The large size, and even with plenty of windows to see out of.... others in traffic can get hidden pretty easy in your blind spots and you had better spend time adjusting your mirrors. You just may not be seeing all you wish to see around and behind you in this large, high riding chariot. And it may be just large enough to challenge for space in your garage. -Latch for the sunroof cover up front is a bit testy to use and seems like down the road...will probably break. -not much else, as usual with GM, I assume pricing on leasing or buying a GM vehicle at any given day in the space time continuum can have a wildly varying influence on whether the Enclave is a good value in the market or not. With the eye popping crazy prices of well equipped CUV's in general these days, I tend to think the Enclave fits into a nice pocket...'near premium' perhaps.... where it is a better buy than the more prestigious marques. -At the end of the day, Buick still has an old person rep. This vehicle doesn't change it, it maybe continues to help that rep along. And the interior as nice as it is, can be perceived as dull, or 'old styled' in comparison to some of the crazy overdone CUV interiors out there nowadays. But hey, older buyers who like restraint and less crazy designs buy cars too? No shame in making elegant less flashy vehicles for those folks....even if others think its dull and for old people. SUMMARY: The vehicle will deliver as intended, you will get what you are seeking, and it's not far outside the realm of value. Along with the Traverse, one of GM's best executed vehicles. It's good that GM didn't fuck up this segment of vehicles because I am sure this is where GM makes a lot of profits from. If you want one, be sure to understand for yourself whether you really want a vehicle quite this big. A solid "A" for this thing. I sure hope the XT6 is somehow an amazing vehicle because I am not sure why you would spend the extra money on the XT6 over the Enclave.

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