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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander Sport


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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander ES AWD MSRP 27235 (actual price 22235)


-Price and Value + Warranty

-Feels solid, substantial and stable and well built

-Spacious first and second row for the class

-Bonus (small) third row for the times it is handy

-Second row adjust fore and aft as well as fold

-Simple and legible dash and controls, good driving position

-Plastic and interior materials that looks cheap in photos is actually not too bad

-Good fit and finish all around

-Nice steering wheel and SWAC

-Nice trucky personality

-Rides like a bigger vehicle

-Nice alternative to the junky feeling CRV

-Is a nice way for someone stepping down from a larger, more expensive v6 crossover to get some of the same feel in a smaller price and package

-decent pickup and decent CVT (you either love em or hate em)

-4 cylinder gives decent FE

-satisfies function and utility just fine without fuss

-nothing egregious about it that would ruin its impression on most drivers


-Steering's a bit dead and mushy

-Visibility and blind spots until you sort of acclimate yourself

-Engine noise a bit raspy when pushed, still some CVT drone

-they still could put an improved powertrain in there

-A little more cabin noise abatement might be good

-Just plain and bland, inside and out, no high design or delight whatsoever

-third row is only for small kids.

-Nothing that compels you to seek it out, want it, or otherwise even notice it, although if you got stuck with one you would probably be just fine with it.

This one is tough to sum up. I am one of those few people that looks at Mits vehicles, and yes I have owned some in the past.

The last Outlander in particular was a nice package and like all things Mitsubishi usually, it is left on the vine too long, becomes dated, and otherwise falls out of grace with the buying public. And then there is the whole part about some folks continually thinking Mitsubishi either is, or will be going away.

This is probably due to the people who didn't hear that the market is not all Evo's and Eclipses these days. Well, quietly over the last few years, Mitsubishi has redirected its effort in the US to focus on inexpensive crossovers (HELLO, where the buyers actually are). And the focus seems to be working. The Outlander Sport (which I like a lot and have tested before, see 2014 update below) continues to increase sales and carries the lineup. People like the small, inexpensive, efficient, AWD package. Now, along with the new Mirage, Mits finally updates its meat model, the Outlander, for 2014.

It's fair to say they sort of punted on the style for this thing. You probably won't find anyone who will be drawn to the style of this vehicle. But at the same time it is not egregious......in any way really for that matter. All around, in fact, interior, the drive, function, the vehicle is just kind of there. And in the competitive market today, maybe that alone is the big flaw.

There is no bling, no pizazz, no draw, no calling card. It is just a basic appliance that does it job well enough, not excelling in anything, never transcending into the arena of delight. In return, it will go about its business, and treat you ok. It's solid and reliable. There is just no difference maker here.

A few weeks back, as part of the Ford Ecoboost ride and drive, I drove a Honda CRv. Plainly put, I thought it was crap. I don't know why that POS sells. The Outlander is a better vehicle. So at least I can recommend it over that. I would have no trouble recommending the Outlander to a lot of people from a basic virtue perspective, they just wouldn't be getting a lot of excitement to go with.

I would probably give this a B+ except I just can't do that with such tepid style, and they really are missing a huge opportunity here by not having a better 4 cylinder powertrain in this thing. I will back it down to a B.

2014 Outlander Sport review update. (later)

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The OS has been continually updated since the first year. What was different this time around, the CVT was more responsive than before. The radio is new. Paddle shifters no longer come on the ES trim. The steering and handling are a little sharper plus the 18 inch wheels. New steering wheel and SWAC are very good. Front row is still large and comfy for the class of vehicle. Still can be a bit noisy inside. The 2.0 in the lighter OS is as quick or maybe even quicker than the heavier Outlander with the 2.4. The car is better with a stick, but the stick is only available on the FWD.

The dealer is selling new 2014 OS w. manual for a touch over 16k. That is a great buy. The ES FWD CVT I drove was selling at a little over 17k from a sticker I believe of about 22.

Doors still sound cheap, opening and closing. Interior quality is ok, not lavish though, really lacks bling.

B+. The OS is a lot more market ready than the regular Outlander.

I would like to see what this rig would do with a 1.8t and 8 speed automatic, and sharper handling and ride, and some pizazz inside.

I would love to get one as a commuter. At 16k with a stick, that is a good buy compared to some similar sized compact sedans.

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