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GM Short sighted?

A Horse With No Name

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Why does GM not build RHD cars in the US for export? In South Africa you can buy an RHD BMW made in Spartainburg, South Carolina, An Accord built in Ohio to RHD specs, and soon Ford will be selling RHD Mustangs down there.

Wouldn't GM get some great market penetration in foreign markets were they to ship RHD cars overseas? IIRC, the only RHD car GM ships overseas in the Ampera.

How many RHD Amperes are sold? Seems to me that GM is being a little short sighted.

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Looking at GM's operations, it seems like it operates with an 90-10 rule. It will only target 90% people and forget the remaining 10. But it is more like 75-25.


Look at HHR, Avalanche, Cobalt Coupe, lack of performance models for regular Chevy vehicles, no manual transmissions, no Raptor competitor, no 1500 diesels, no cheaper FWD convertible, no proper hybrid against Prius the list goes on. Given the excuse made post-bankruptcy that GM will be more flexible and product diversified, I am yet to see measures taken towards that goal.

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The Ampera has been cancelled.  With Australia soon gone from the picture with the folding of Holden, I would think European factories have sufficient output for the UK and Ireland..and Thailand handles the RHD Asian truck market.   As far as other RHD markets, does GM have any market in India? I would think they would be building Sonics, Sparks or Opel microcars there..



I doubt if there is enough volume in the UK, Ireland, OZ or NZ to make it cost effective to build RHD versions of the Camaro, Corvette or Cadillacs in the US and ship overseas....(RHD FWD appliances for those markets are sourced elsewhere in Europe or Asia).

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There is plenty of volume and money in Japan, and Chevy sold fewer than 600 cars there the first six months of the year. Kind of hard to push metal if you do not try.

By comparison, VW is on pace tell seventy thousand cars there his year.

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