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Cadillac captions & medical procedures


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Something from my website … any creative captions for this Cadillac & kid in the snow?
In health news … if only registering, coaxing doctors to communicate with each other, coordinating schedules & receiving-executing pre- & post-procedure instructions could be listed on a resume as professional abilities, duties & experience….
03/25/2015, Wednesday = pacemaker replacement
…technically outpatient, but may have to spend a night in the hospital; a week of rest follows, then follow-up on, of all days, April 1.
TBD = endoscopy & colonoscopy
…these should be easy.  Given other test results, tho, Medicaid-appointed PCP is concerned.  Originally scheduled 03/03/2015 (Tuesday), these may be done AFTER the pacemaker replacement, depending on the Medicaid-approved gastroenterologist’s decision … tomorrow.
Despite me calling multiple times, Medicaid has yet to provide a podiatrist for my feet pain or an orthopedist for my knee pain-swelling, so not sure what to do….
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