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New Pontiac Magazine Pontiac Perfection


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Well there is a new Pontiac Magazine.

Pontiac Perfection


This new magazine is by Don Keefe past Pontiac author and writer for Pontiac Enthusiast and High Performance Pontiac.

Don has driven and written about most of the great Pontiacs in history. He also was recently the editor of Smoke Signals Magazine for the POCI. He really made it into something worth reading. With Pontiac Perfection he is taking that to the next level and making it something worth reading.

Now at this point there is no subscription. You can get the electronic version or you can opt for a print. You will for not have to buy them month to month. Selling magazines are tough anymore and to start one is a great undertaking. I spoke to Don and he is taking this in steps and hopes to continue to expand the magazine.

The initial issues are not cheap but I expect things may get better with more circulation. If you want a Pontiac magazine it will need your support. I have already ordered the first two issues.

Note Don also has a new book that will feature many of the Project X stories from High Performance Pontiac. The book will cover 1939-1980 and he has said there will be a second issue with the later years. These stories were some of the best documented stories on many known and unknown prototype Pontiacs.

So if you are one that has complained that we have lost out magazines on Pontiac and we have few people willing to publish anything on Pontiac here is your chance to support someone who will fix this issue but he needs all our help.

This magazine is something different as it is a Pontiac magazine owned and written by a real Pontiac enthusiast and owner. He also has more connections to people from Pontiac to get great stories and information than just about anyone.

So here is a chance to support something we all want and will help our car and hobby in the future more than anything.

I spoke to Don today and he is working hard on this project and if anyone can pull it off it will be him.

We sit at work reading old HPP issues and now we have something to look forward too each month.

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