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I wanted to announce a few site changes that will be coming ahead of their deployment.  I do not have exact dates on when they will be deployed, but I want you to be aware of them. Most of these changed revolve around new EU data privacy laws and while we are completely US based, 25% - 30% of our traffic will sometimes come from Europe.  So while we are not strictly bound by these rules, I have decided to put the rules into practice anyway as they represent industry standard going forward.

1. Already Deployed - Guest Cookie policy - Guests will have to consent and acknowledge that we place a cookie on visits to the website.

2. Coming Soon - A new privacy policy and terms of service. Once released, all users will be required to acknowledge the PP and TOS in order to continue to use the site.

3. Coming Soon - A method to request account deletion.  This will remove any personal data on our servers, however your posts will remain and the name changed to "Guest". 

4. Active - Updated Premium Subscriptions with additional features for premium members. Right now our subscription rate is $1.25 a month on the 1 year plan and if nothing else gets you a site you can enjoy without ads.  Premium subscribers would not be exempt from our "Deals Finder" page as that is a service we offer to members to get discounts on automotive related products. The current packages will be adjusted to offer more value to premium subscribers. Further details on that will be released soon.

5. Coming Soon - AdBlock Blocker - Running this website is expensive and either I plaster the site with ads (which I don't want to do) or I have to block users who block ads until they whitelist the site.  I keep the ads minimal and not annoying, so if you're currently someone who blocks ads, please consider whitelisting us or purchasing a premium subscription.

6. Active Now - Community Moderation - Now if 5 members report a post for Spam, Trolling, or Abusive Behavior, the post will automatically be hidden till a moderator can review it. 

7. Coming Soon - Enhanced Newsletter - The newsletter will be completely revamped. You will need to opt back in to receive it. 

8. Coming Soon - Advertising Sales - If you have a business or website that you would like to advertise, CheersandGears.com will be offering banner advertising with geographic and demographic targeting.

9. Coming Soon - Three new sister sites focusing on other niches. Your CheersandGears.com login will work on all three new sites and your subscription level will carry over. 


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