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Origin of VW 'people's car' pre-dates Hilter/Porsche...

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I can so see Hitler stealing this from a Jew. He hated them as they were smarter than him. Instead he went on to be the world's worst dictator. Would be good for the Ganz family to sue and get proper recognition.

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2 hours ago, balthazar said:

Sue who??

Leave it to the craziness of people and lawyers, I am sure they could find someway to sue VW and the German Gov. Does not mean it would go anywhere in regards to payout of any money, but correcting history or at least bringing it to peoples attention so they know what was going on makes sense.

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15 minutes ago, ccap41 said:

I just hate that your first thought was to sue somebody.. 🤦🏼‍♂️

LOL, One thing I have learned is when reading, put yourself in the place of how common people would react to the story. As such, I also tend to respond to see how others will react as it is an interesting observation of people.

In this case, in today's society, many are wanting to jump on the sue train right away. As such, it is interesting to see how others react as one learns much from the reactions.

I totally agree with Balthazar that it is too late for sueing, too late for I think anyone to be held accountable and yet with that, we have seen relatives of past family members sue still and I have to wonder if such an act would follow based on info coming out like this.

Many people who had relatives / family members hurt in WWI and WWII up to modern day wars have come back to sue. Seems to be a way for some to get something for nothing.

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