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Cobalt Dead, Welcome Titanium Niobium Oxide Anode and denser fast charging.

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Back in October 2017 Toshiba announced their new SCiB lithium-ion battery packs with 200 miles recharging in 6 mins and 400 miles in 12 minutes coming to an EV in 2019. Toshiba is on track to have their new auto battery packs in EVs starting in 2019.

Toshiba has now moved forward with their 2nd generation SCiB battery pack using a new titanium niobium oxide composite anode TiNb2O7 (TNO) which allows Toshiba to go from a 177 Wh in their current producing SCiB batteries to a 350 Wh battery pack still charging to 90% in less than 6 minutes. The benefits of the TNO anode is that you get high-density, long life over a long cycle-life, and high volumetric capacity.

What this means is Cobalt is gone, child labor is gone and we now have moved from a 200 mile battery back charging in 6 minutes to a 353 mile battery pack in 6 minutes in the same form factor as the current generation 1 SCiB battery. If you then use their double battery pack that is currently a 400 mile battery pack in 12 min of charging you have a 706 mile battery pack in the same small footprint charging up to 90% full in 12 min.

The days of Asian countries shipping in oil to produce gas is coming to a close it would seem. The next 10-20 years are going to be evolutionary in the auto industry.

Toshiba Press Release

Green Car Congress story

ScienceDirect Info

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