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    All this talk about going places.... I really want to go camping!!!!
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    I wish I had a motorhome...a week or so in a state or national park would be great. Growing up w/ RVs was a lot of fun.
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    Ontario has opened up backcountry camp sites but that is it so far given the washrooms at car camping places could be an issue.
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    "Old cars were only good for a few years, then they were junked." 26 yr old Ford still in service, 1939 :
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    You can NOT broad brush ALL emergency responders' for a few bad actors here and there, that isn't right and most of these write-ups only show or give one side of the disturbance or fight. There are some bad or dirty cops that need to be vetted in all cities, but the vast majority are there to help and keep the peace. I know because I have family and friends who are great officers in city or state positions and have been for over 20 years. The mob of Antifa and others were looting and burning buildings down as well as lighting cars on fire and beating up random people all around the nation, it was organized by a higher authority and we all know who it is. Seattle was WAY out of control with rioting and looting setting police cars on fire because your local gov't allowed it to get out of hand as well as NYC, LA and other majors cities. They don't allow that crap here in Phoenix being the 5th largest city it doesn't happen here, because the police don't allow it to get out of hand, it's not a military thing it's Rule of Law. It is interesting that you mentioned the US military because the mob of looters and rioters stopped once the National Guard came in to assist all the cities that were having trouble. The minute the mob protesters (not peaceful protesters) and rioters started signs of aggression by pushing barricades, shaking street signs and trying to light trees on fire in front of our PD HQ downtown, police came out in full riot gear and immediately started flash bangs which dispersed most the crowd and pushed them back off the barricades that they were told to stay off of repeatedly over the bull horn. You can't let people act like animals and burn the city down no matter what race, gender or creed as there's zero reason for it. Peaceful protesting is one thing and a right we have as Americans, but criminal rioting and looting is a whole nother thing and you know that!
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    For those who still have time and can find stores that are participating, today is National Donut Day!
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    ^ Might be a '90s RR, they were always a good 20 years behind the times (rectangular headlights).
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    Everyone has a different interpretation of beauty. There's no doubt the Desert SW has its own beauty. I don't think it has much to do with being a real man to deal with the Desert SW heat and living conditions. For some, it's not an aesthetic they like. I was recently in Florida and, thanks to those reliable downpours in the afternoons, the place is all green and turquoise ... abundant, lush vegetation and turquoise waters. I find their 92 degree humid heat easier to take than 108 degree dry heat. Others don't agree. It's not all that packaged. You can live in the NW and love the trees but strongly dislike the tree huggers and the granolas. Dfelt ain't no tree hugger ... he lives on the East Side and drives domestic vehicles. Kudos to dfelt on both counts. (Much like you can be a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat - it's not so cut and dried.) For the tree huggers and granolas, it's not just about conservation or preserving the natural beauty. It's about making an annoying and all encompassing statement. I didn't really get along with them too well. Then, the SW has its types of granolas and counterculture types, like middle aged and retired ladies with short gray hair, studious glasses, sizable collections of turquoise and carnelian Indian jewelry, and Subaru wagons who love Sedona, Flagstaff (~ 7,000 ft. elev.), and Santa Fe (NM). Those areas' prices have gone way up because of the liberal moneyed intellectuals (or wannabe intellectuals) who have moved into certain cities in AZ, NM and CO ... and you can have those places because I wouldn't enjoy having them as neighbors. I like the Desert SW for about a week. I was last there for about 4 or 5 days. The inside of my nose and my head seemed to dry up daily, producing regular nosebleeds and headaches. Then, when I get somewhere moister, this doesn't happen.
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    Back to cars... Trans Ams Transcends all boundaries Disco Country Rock Blurred lines between country and rock Synthesizer pop Rap/hip hop Whatever type of music this is on a Firebird Esprit
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    All businesses that have EVs have fast chargers and as such your looking at 40 min for full recharge not waiting till the next day. STOP THE FUD! about EVs. A full recharge is very doable during a lunch break. We already know that the average route for US mail is under 100 miles a day, so no problem going EV for USPS, Amazon also has stated that their average daily route is no more than 150 miles if Urban, on average 50 to 80 miles in the City, so again no problem for EVs. Multiple sites that have UPS or FedEx drivers posting that on average they drive 100 to 150 miles with anywhere from 150 to 220 packages to be delivered. I have a hard time believing that the delivery drivers taking the package the last step to the customers door are driving 300 to 500 miles a day. 300 to 500 miles a day makes no business sense as they would never have time to stop and deliver the packages. There are posts that many drivers are like USPS with routes under 100 miles a day but hundreds of packages that have to be delivered.
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    Yep, same driving style here lead right foot, but if I'm in the left lane after passing I still always get over to the right even if nobody is driving behind me, it's just second nature to me. The #1 left lane is for overtaking or safety/rescue personnel who can quickly come up on you so if not overtaking another car and as long as there's room in the other lanes that's how it should be handled. HOV left lane is a whole nother beast, we have scheduled times that anybody can drive in the HOV alone or not so it's only officially an HOV lane during rush hour between 6am-9am and 3-7pm confuses the hell out of many even though the huge signs spell it out very clearly. I've found that for the most part the SW has been the best for left lane drivers especially compared to the NW, but there is an exception to everything there's still some that don't get it. I lived in N. California for college years ago and Dallas, TX for a couple years after that and left lane driving was also much better in those states compared to the NW. We used to call the left lane drivers in NW "Oregon traffic cops" or "Washington traffic cops", basically the general public with a sense of entitlement trying to control others speed, crazy but true.
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    You've obviously never really been to Arizona and actually driven around or traveled up North. There is a TON of green conifers and ash trees around the Valley of the Sun and even more up North towards Sedona and Flagstaff etc. I could go overboard like you with more pictures and links, but I have better things to do, just Google it. I know what the NW is about I grew up there as you know, great to visit but I'd never live there full time again, too depressing 10 mos. out of the year. Plenty of water here, because of where we are we are fully prepared, plenty of lakes and rivers here including huge reservoir lakes. Yeah, you gotta be a real man to live here. Prickly Pear cactus and my 55-60' Mexican Fan palm trees and aloe in bloom in my backyard. Pretty relaxing view
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    '57 Fairlane Club Victoria
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    He had no business being out there in the first place. He's lucky he didn't run across the lawless mobs, they would have laughed as they destroyed his frail body. Now back to our normal schedule of discussing autos (apostrophe is improper).
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