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    Somewhere, the Aztek and the VW Thing are doing shots together, clapping each other on the back and yelling “FINALLY!”
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    Haha I think I pinpointed when he had his eureka moment for the design of this
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    I think EVERY serious rendered guess at what a tesla truck would look like looks better/more marketable than this. The Workhorse truck is suddenly the Pretty Girl at the prom.
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    me thinks this Opel branded roof cargo box would be a neat accessory....
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    oh. my. God. Shades of the 1958 Aurora, it's even in the same color scheme: This has to be a joke, someone please tell me this is a joke. It looks like it was built with cardboard and a few cans of spray paint. Not to mention; Rivian must be feeling par-TIC-ularly pleased with their work after viewing this.
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    Only a real diehard Tesla fanboy could like this thing. It also reminds me of 70s/80s Sci-fi, would need a lot of aftermarket stuff on that to distract from its shape.
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    So I saw the release of the new Tesla Pickup and I’m wishing I hadn’t. Quite simply the most hideous looking thing I have ever seen with four wheels on it. Don’t even want to post a pic of it, it is that bad. Elon needs to back off the devils lettuce.
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    I see we crossed paths in the FB coachbuilding thread, Robert. I’m going to be 100% serious here; I give Tesla 0% chance that this will go into production looking largely like this. It’s the worst design of the last 50 years at least.
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    It looks like something I sketched when I was about 10. I was ahead of my time...;)
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    I actually agree This body looks so much better without on Mazda 3
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    • I don’t see SS remotely being a draw. • 14K towing is in the same ballpark, but serious tow folk have 2 & 3 tier heavier trucks from the big 4; Ram 3500 can tow 35,000K. • 14K lb towing will be $70K, not $40K. • 0-60 is irrelevant in F/S trucks. Meanwhile: the bed is horribly inaccessible - the sides are unprecedentedly high.
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    Cladding + ‘X’ in the name says CUV in all markets.
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    Agree, while I love the movie references and am fans of the said movies, this is a truck and the fact that due to the wonky roof line the back seat folks have to sit below the vision line of the front seat folks, this will ONLY APPEAL to Hard Core Tesla Fans. The rest will go with Rivian, far better looking truck.
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    Zero to 60 mph as low as 2.9 seconds, up to14,000-pound towing, a stainless steel body, and a base price of $40,000. We will see if they can deliver on these claims.
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    Elon Musk coming up with the idea for a pick up.
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    Exactly. The current one looks like an April Fools Joke release. It is an affront to the eyes. Like I said in the Random Thoughts thread (before I saw this thread even existed apparently lol), Elon needs to seriously back off the devils lettuce. He somehow managed to make the Aztek seem like the hot girl in the room.
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    I can easily put the looks of the Trailblazer and the Seltos in the same tiny basket.
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    This... This is one ugly truck.
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    First time I've seen a Mazda in red. Gotta say... it is kinda low-slung for a CUV, and the cladding has risen like high tide in the La Brea Tar Pits.
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    And you are right, Balthy with your original comment. Not race cars... The BEV CUVs like the Tesla Model X and now the Mustang Mach-E, battery is on the floor, therefore high center of gravity not as a big of an issue so those could be tossed around like a race car. But then again, big, tall and heavy dont constitute race car qualities anyway...
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    They were smarter on price- want folks to buy and lease these....
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    Basically identical to GLS. 450/500 vs. 463/516. Both 0-60 between 5 & 6 secs.
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    • RE the Autoline video; the Charger reference doesn't fit because there was a what - 20 year break in the Charger line? The Charger wasn't "changed"; there WAS no Charger in the general vicinity of the 4-dr Charger. • RE the Mach-E - the more I see of it the more I like it (I do prefer the non-GT nose tho).
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    On many models in many years Daimler put a stand-up ornament AND a giant grille emblem on the same car- this looks naked somehow. And because it shares the same 'worn soap' look of the 14 CUVs below it, it also just doesn't look very expensive. I like the 2-tone colors/break, but the overall vehicle comes off as a blinged up mid-range CUV. I'd take a Navigator Black Label instead ~
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    Edgy..like that. When I had my diesel Escort 30+ years ago I nicknamed it 'Esky'. And I could see referring to an Encore as 'Ency' or 'Enky'..
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    Im only 5 minutes into this video when I decided this video needs to be shared on this thread. Afterhours Autoline. It addresses the complaints about the naming in the first 5 minutes and I guess the reasons why Ford named it the way they did. At 5 minutes in, reasons why: Mustang is a recognizable name, folk with families could now own a "Mustang" and 4 doors sell and make money....but rest assured, the 2 door Mustang we all love aint going away, au contraire, more special editions are coming...and these products are too hot to talk about just yet...be patient about them... Ill continue listening to it now as well to find out more... Enjoy.
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    Relatively high cladding to paint ratio on this bugger.
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    Edge-E would have been more appropriate if they wanted to make a fake CUV to emulate an authentic one.
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