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    If they make a 4000lb AWD V8 Mustang, that would be cool...but I'd probably still buy a RWD V8 one. Since I have an SUV, I don't really need an AWD sports coupe.
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    Mercedes' marketing department is no different than Ford's or GM's or Honda's or any other product in any other industry's marketing departments... In other words...ALL marketing departments are full of shye trying to get a leg up on their competition to sell sell sell... The thing is....you personally, refuse to buy into the Detroit propaganda, but you fall head over heels for German propaganda... Quite funny actually when Im looking at you from the sidelines... 2.0 liter 4 cylinder 375 horsepower 350 ft lbs torque...
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    You can feed 10,000 HP thru 2 wheels and do 330 MPH in 3 seconds.
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    Ford put a rear wing on 2019 Mustang GT which is purely cosmetic, it is neutral aerodynamically. That really pisses me off actually, I don't think it is that great looking and if you would do that, at least give it a little bit of functionality.
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    Both actually, the wife gets her EV, I get a new long distance road trip auto. Course if GM did an EV Escalade ESV V edition, I would take it! Currently all my auto's are paid for, have not had an auto payment in a long time and plan to pay cash when the time comes to buy my next auto or auto's. All honesty, if Rivian delivers and it truly has the space inside they talk about, it could be my next truck / SUV set I buy for the household.
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    Seen one floating around here as a tester... All I know is that it sounds great, and I’d take one in a heartbeat.....
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    How many M5s sold do Nurburing again? The lap times certainly are over-emphasized. Point being, RWD Corvette is still among the quickest cars out there. That 1/4- mile time almost matches the best-ever, modified Model S P100D Ludicrous AWD 1/4-mile time (10.4).
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    Bingo..as long as the power is sufficient, it's fine. Lexus owners aren't getting into pissing contests over 0-60 with M-B leasers or internet obsessives. With Lexus, it's about quiet and reliability. Nothing wrong with that being the priority. I wouldn't mind having an older LS or 1st gen SC, w/ the V8.
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    Your ignoring a key item here, the BULK of Lexus owners could CARE LESS about the HP / Torque of their engines in comparison to the butter smooth and VERY QUIETness of the auto with long term reliability. I know this to be true as I have been asking folks here in the office who own Lexuses if they feel it needs more power and so far NO ONE has told me they wish the Lexus auto they drive needs more power. So then what is it about their auto as to why they bought it? RELIABILITY Whether you believe it or not, the Marketing machine of Lexus has that front and center in the mind of the customer.
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    I gotta say, the Hyundai Venue is cute, but this is really handsome and much more attractive! Kia and Hyundai are doing a good job keeping their brands distinct from each other and not being just badge jobs.
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    Chrysler published an engineering paper on the directional stability & resistance to cross-wind benefits of tail fins in '57. Chryslers had large, vertical fins, and apparently the data was sound. I haven't ever seen this paper, but I've heard that the one detail that was left out is that the cars had to be going over 100 MPH for this benefit to come into play. Not withstanding that the 300-C was a 140+ MPH car, this seems unlikely to be put to the test in any real world scenarios. I imagine a similar circumstance exists for MOST sedan rear spoilers (and by extension: cross-drilled rotors).
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    It also adds weight...on a FWD based vehicle, such as the CLA...it pushes and plows through the corners that much more... AWD on a FWD based car...accentuates front heavy cornering... Torque vectoring is much better suited... But...added unnecessary weight makes an AWD be a downer when it comes to spirited driving. RWD is best for that... A more focused question Mercedes SHOULD be asking itself is whether high horsepower and high torqued cars are necessary for enthusiastic driving on PUBLIC roads... AWD just muddies the driving balances... Is AMG all about the numbers, or is AMG about the DRIVING experience... Yes...YOU fall into the German propaganda I repeat... Dodge fans with their high torqued muscle cars dont whine for the lack of AWD...
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    I like the car they use in Good Omens, it's a 1930s Bentley. Not really a car movie, but still very good series.
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    Currently I have been cracking up at the various shows on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Youtube TV where they add motor sounds to an auto and you can tell that the auto never had a motor like that especially all the fake V8 motor sounds being applied to Hybrid / ev auto's. Funniest lately was the first few seasons of "The 100" where they have this old made new Jeep Wrangler that is supposed to be an EV with solar panels on the roof for quick recharging and yet every time it took off, they would add V8 engine sound to is and then the rest of the time you have the traditional EV motor wine. Too funny,
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    Saw maybe the oddest car chase in a long time in a tv show/movie the other evening. It was .between a dirty cop in an '85 Mustang LX convertible being chased by criminals in a Nissan Leaf. (the Leaf eventually drained it's battery).. The Mustang was specifically mentioned as being a 5.0, a 302, but didn't have 5.0 badges. This was in the new Amazon streaming series 'Too Old to Die Young', a very long, very slow paced, very violent and strange trip from director/writer Nicholas Winding Refn (the Dutch auteur behind 2011's 'Drive' which had a couple good car chases and a great soundtrack). This show reminded me of David Lynch at his oddest but maybe less surreal.
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    Not everybody has $150,000-300,000 for a Porsche that's faster than a Shelby. I'd wager decent money that any model below Turbo and GT3/2 will get beat by this or the GT350R around a track. It isn't perfect but here are some examples. Even beats the $100,000+ Cayman GT4. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a23319884/lightning-lap-times-historical-data/ In fact, the Mercedes C and E Class are only 255hp cars from the get-go. At least Ford's is 310hp.*sarcasm* Which would you buy if both happened to be available?
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    The 2 is probably their purest product, a compact sports coupe without luxury car pretense. It's about the same size as the 80s-90s 3 series also.
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    I also like the 2 Series. Strangely enough, I like it because its the only BMW currently for sale that captures what BMW is was all about. I was never a fan of the BMW experience but it seems I always go against the grain with what is popular for BMW. I always like the opposite of what BMW produces that is popular for the most part.
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    The lowest trim Q7 comes with 2.0 turbo, which is a joke on a large vehicle like that. I would rather have old V8 in the GX or old V6 in the 4Runner. Here is from Consumer Reports reliability rating of the vehicles that have been discussed: BMW X5 Audi Q7 MB M-Class MB GLE Lexus GX
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    If we are going to take this literally, a vehicle is an inanimate object. Therefore passion is non-existent by definition. So...literally speaking...if one wants emotion for his/her transportation, then a horse or donkey or camel is the only way to go... If...we are going to humanize inanimate objects...then it doesnt really matter what we find passionate. We get it, you dont like electric power for whatever dumb ass reason... And I respect your stance on you not finding electric power passionate... But Tesla owners ARE passionate about their cars...so you maybe, for you and you only, electric cars are not passionate, That statement is false...in more than one way... So down vote this post to your heart's content and tell me there are too many words in it for you to read and understand...
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    Fantastic Mustang. Super sexy, I just love this gen, since I came up behind the first one I saw on the road, and was bowled over by dat ass. Among American automotive icons, the Ford Mustang is at or near the top of the list, for its chameleon abilities, its relative affordability, its enduring style and freedom of spirit.
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    Yeah, this thing is kind of a paper bag special with that face....
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    Way to completely miss the point. The point being that all luxury cars, from Infiniti to Cadillac to Mercedes, have $h! resale value. Just though you may have missed the fact the Benz suffers the same devaluation fate as the rest of them. For the record, the Q sells for 3,000 less than the E Class while offering a V6 standard (with 100 more HP) as opposed to a 241 HP turbo 4. Just sayin’
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    The C Class is just one example of what he was talking about. Nice backtrack on your earlier comment though. Condescension doesn’t age well.
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    And proving his trolling tendencies once again while answering not a damn thing. You say “sure do” yet you don’t actually offer said proof. More trolling I guess. Feel free to make another whimsical comment while lying about what you just told me not even a day ago. It’s what children do. Hey ccap, I mean SMK. Pay attention. I never said all things old were reliable. I gave you two perfect examples ones that were though, including the one of which this thread is about. If you’re going to move the damn bar like that, just say so I’m advance. And based on your GX logic why would anyone have paid six figures for a German Jeep that had not changed (for the most part) for three decades? Again, you fail when you single out something you don’t like while ignoring the one you do like. For the record, that ancient GX gets better MPGS than that $125K G-Wagon. Surely the “best or nothing” can do better.
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    Yes they do. @dfelt mentioned Porsche for doing that, but 'twas Ford that did that before Porsche. And Ford cant build them fast enough...like all the time, Ford has produced a special edition Mustang...and that special edition Mustang is a sales success!!! You know...the Mustang has a feverish following all over the world...not too bad for a model that was only sold in North America all its life since 1964 save for this generation... So much wrong here. Although the Alpha platform Camaro is better, this Mustang is no slouch in the corners... And...NO!!! This generation Mustang, like most Mustangs, was engineered for a V8...the turbo 4 is the after thought, so to speak... yeah...The Mustang has been sold since 1964....has outsold ALL of its domestic and foreign competition through out its lifetime SINCE 1964. The Mustang has NEVER stopped selling. Its been continuous since 1964... It was once thought to be cancelled, but Mustang fans FORCED Ford to CONTINUE building it... Or...you could buy a used C5 Corvette (yeah...late 1990s early 2000s), build it to be purpose specific for track use and spank the BRAND NEW 911's ass... What is your point? Porsche has its followers and the Mustang has its own...
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    What your attacking the Ford on is what AMG has been doing for years to MB cars. Take a car designed for a 300hp 4 banger, tweak it and put in a big motor and charge stupid crazy prices. Why is Ford not able to do the same thing. There is more than just a big motor here and if the Frame can handle it, then tune away.
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    It isn't about trusting a 10 year old GX, it is why would anyone pay $53K or more for a GX that has the same engine it had 10 years ago. On the XT6 thread most of us were saying they need an option powertrain because 310 hp isn't enough. Well the XT6 has 9 more hp than the GX460 and probably beats it by 5 mpg easily. Old isn't reliable. The Dodge Journey is old, that isn't reliable or quality made.
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    The horsepower numbers are awesome. The torque numbers are more or less awesome. Not exactly Mopar or Corvette LT5 torque numbers, but over 600 torques...pretty damn nice Id say non the less. but...this is my sentiment too. (Over the GT 500) The Hellcat or Red Eye is what I lust over. (Not the Demon). The 392 Scat Pack is realistically what I should be driving on public roads and then the Mustang in ANY trim (minus the GT500-I dont like the way the GT500 looks) rounds off my pony car romance.
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    Rotor size & number of pistons is one (valid) thing. No trucks are seeing the level of hard usage that would require cross-drilling - of no benefit on street-driven vehicles.
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    I would go for ceramic set
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    Neither are great for long term resale... but I'd trust a 10 year old GX more in a normal daily use routine. It's one of those vehicles that you can see going to 300k miles and the biggest issue on it is that the leather seats are starting to crack.
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    Ford confirmed today that the all-new 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500 will boast a 5.2 liter supercharged V8 producing 760 horsepower and 625 lb.-ft of torque making it the most power-dense and torque-dense production supercharged production engine in the world. It is also the most powerful street legal Ford ever built. The engine is a hand built aluminum V8 that features a lower center of gravity by inverting the intercooler into the valley of the engine. The oil pan is structural and has active baffles to keep oil in the right place during hard maneuvering. Power is fed to the rear wheels via a 7-Speed TREMEC dual-clutch transmission that can change gears in under 100 milliseconds. Rotational weight is further reduced by the use of a carbon fiber driveshaft. You can read more about the Mustang Shelby GT500 below:
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    I am not a big Porsche fan, in fact not fan at all, but the new 2020 Cayman GT4 is super cool, looks awesome, finally back to inline 6, manual transmission.
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    Contrary to whatever you may think, no one is trying to piss you off. You do a fine enough of pissing yourself off. Example: you focus on the piss itself as opposed the manner by which it is actually useful. It just proves my statement about those who only want to find the negative in things they fear. Yes, I said it. Fear.
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    NEGATORY, good buddy! You can't piss me off, even in a thread that features piss powered batteries.
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    I will quote the link I posted above as this is out of Seattle Gates Foundation. Urine powered batteries The Bill Gates Foundation is funding further research by Bristol Robotic Laboratory who discovered batteries that can be powered by urine. It’s efficient enough to charge a smartphone which the scientists have already shown off. But how does it work? Using a Microbial Fuel Cell, micro-organisms take the urine, break it down and output electricity. Guess if it can clean up DIRTY DIESEL, Urine can also help power the Future!
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    I agree with you on Demolition Man, Ninety Eight. It featured 17 of GM's most current concept cars from the late '80s up through 1992. The GM Ultralite concept was even picked to be the "star car" of the movie - they made 20 fiberglass models with full running gear to be used as police cars and civilian models and then one of them was used in the 1999 Robin Williams movie Bicentennial Man while another was used in an episode of NBC's SeaQuest DSV: Here is a picture from filming of the GM concept cars used: Let's identify the 17 shown in the photo: Front Row - GM Lean Machine Second Row (L-R) - Pontiac Sunfire [1990], Pontiac Banshee [1988], Buick WildCat [1985], GM Ultralite [1991] (trivia - they were badged as a Chevrolet for the movie) Third Row (L-R): Oldsmobile pre-production Aurora [1992], Pontiac ProtoSport 4 [1991], Corvette Stingray III [1992], Oldsmobile AreoTech II [1989] Fourth Row (L-R): California IROC-Z Camaro [1989], Cadillac Aurora [1990], Pontiac Salsa [1989] Back Row (R-L): Cadillac Voyage [1988], Cadillac Solitaire [1989], GM HX3 Hybrid Van [1990], Chevrolet Venture [1988], UNKNOWN-white concept car (possibly the Buick Sceptre [1991]?) Another vehicle featured in the opening "1997" portion of the film was not a GM vehicle at the time but would eventually be sold under the GM banner: the 1991 AMG HMMWV (aka Humvee and Hummer H1). Can you tell I'm a fan of this movie?
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    Bullitt, Vanishing Point, Duel, Blues Brothers, The Driver, Ronin are all favorites of mine. Films that had a great chase but weren't really 'car films' that I like include French Connection, The Seven Ups, and To Live and Die in LA. Racing-themed films that I love are Grand Prix, Le Mans, Winning...looking forward to Rush.
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    Gone in 60 Seconds (2000 version). The star of this movie is Eleanor. one of my favorite quotes: "See ya tomorrow night, Eleanor, with your fine ass." Ronin. It has one of the greatest chase scenes ever filmed.
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    AMG 2 liter turbo maybe. Ferrari has a new 2.9 liter V6 that is supposed to make over 700 hp. Not sure how they are measuring power dense. That is an awesome amount of power but it is still a Mustang. Do people want to pay Corvette Z06 or Porsche 911 money for a Mustang? And how well will this do in corners and how much trip is there, because you have a chassis that was designed for a 310 hp turbo 4 and now you have more than double that in it. If you love Mustangs and horsepower then this is for you. If you want to get around a track fast, I bet a 500 hp 911 is a faster way to do it.
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    I blacked out when I got this far into it.
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