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    Yep, and no one in politics on any level in the state gives a shit. - - - - -
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    Agreed and probably there are people that drive their Tesla all week and re-charge it once. You could charge a Model S once a week and still drive 15,000 miles per year. Not to mention that Model S is faster than a Corvette ZR-1, Ferrari 488, or Lamborghini Hurcan. You get more performance with an electric. I feel like the range anxiety argument is just made up by auto companies that want to sell ICE engines and the oil companies and oil lobbyists of course.
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    Yet you are trying to apply the old ICE mentality to electrics, as @Drew Dowdell has time and again pointed out. Electrics is a change in how you think about an auto and having it fueled and ready compared to ICE. I know the electrical grid on the east coast needs a major rebuild and change, but that change is happening where the redundant systems and support for EVs are in place in the west. So charging when out on the road is not a big deal as you can find charge points everywhere. As @balthazar has pointed out, in use cases where say a truck plowing snow needs to refuel to keep working, ICE wins out for quick refueling at this time compared to the long charge times. For the average user, who can easily just plug into their 110 outlet at home and let the auto charge up overnight, you have a full battery pack in the morning. A BOLT or Tesla 3 is more than enough to go to and from work, run errands and still have plenty of power to get back home for the night. We have to stop attempting to apply how we use ICE auto's to electrics. Those that go home and remember to plug in their cell phone or laptop for the next day will find electric auto's very easy to own and use with much less maintenance. Choices are coming and exciting times ahead for a new chapter in the auto industry.
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    How about an F150 electric Lighting ? They could make that run 0-60 in under 3 seconds.
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    The electric f150 is more of an eventuality. They sell F150s in California, and there they banned ICE vehicles by 2030. Stupid move IMO, because free markets determine consumer choice. I now deeply resent the tax incentives to make electric car makers or electric established OEM cars viable. Billions wasted there, could have fixed the backlog of much needed renewal projects... I am not an advocate of subsidies to big oil, but if you want them to have alternative competition - subsidize solar, wind, and other renewables, and rebuild existing electricity distribution infrastructure. It's a flawed mentality to look at cars as equipment and not consider the tools required to make them work. You'd want the tools before you get the equipment. Example : an employee of mine I trained to think before acting brought equipment I requested without any of the needed PPE. I sternly told him this is useless without the needed complimentary tools. If they electrify F150s by the early mid 2020s, adopting won't be as easy as EcoBoost...owners would absolutely demand fantastic charging experiences that I don't think America will be able to provide consistently at that time either. And you sure won't be able to buy the electric version as a base XL..that's for sure.
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    Yeah... uuuum.. if I see a CT6 Taxi.. I'm not gonna boast on its numbers Raises hand
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    Hey I'm all for electric cars. Gimme gimme. I just think we gotta push for the the renewables harder than electric vehicles right now, get the orange monkey who's crashed the government out of our highest office and make the environment for EVs so undeniably equivalent to having the convince that the shift will seem natural, and not require tax incentives. Either way it's tax payer funded the incentives or the complimentary credits for converting to solar, wind farms, etc.
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