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    Twenty eleven saw the tenth anniversary of the events of 9/11, and it also saw the tenth anniversary of Cheers and Gears. This website was launched in November 2001 by Walt Keegan, aka Avant1963, as a site for passionate, fair, but tough GM fans. Through the years the site was directed by various Admins, including Josh, FlyBrian, and z28luvr01, and now under the steady hand and ownership of Oldsmoboi, who besides putting it on stable financial ground and providing some of the most balanced automobile reviews around, broadened the scope of the site to include other makes and has seen fit to significantly upgrade the board just in time for the anniversary. In the world around us, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in January in an assassination attempt but miraculously survived. In March, Japan suffered one of the year’s worst natural disasters, the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that killed over 15,000 people and caused explosions and radiation leaks at a nuclear power plant. Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs in Pakistan in May. Weinergate, with Congressman Anthony Weiner revealing a little too much of himself, occurred in June. In August, after a prolonged battle in Congress to raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. suffered the first downgrade of their debt rating. In September, the tenth anniversary of 9/11 was commemorated throughout the nation, and then Occupy Wall Street sprang up in Zuccotti Park in New York to protest greed, economic inequality, and undue influence of the “one percenters.” The protest movement spread to small and large cities throughout the nation and overseas. Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs died in October. Kim Jong-Il, supreme leader of North Korea, died in December, leaving control of the country to his 28-year old son. The war in Iraq ended in December with some heavy costs, including about 4,500 deaths and over 30,000 wounded in the U.S. military and a financial cost of around a trillion dollars. The Afghanistan War continues on as the longest-running American war, with no end in sight. Some of the other notable deaths during the year included Amy Winehouse, Andy Rooney, Jack Kevorkian, Jack LaLanne, and Elizabeth Taylor. The U.S. automotive industry continued its healthy recovery. Lexus lost its luxury sales crown to either Mercedes-Benz or BMW, yet to be revealed. Honda and Toyota were hobbled by the earthquake in Japan. Hyundai and Kia continued to see their trajectories rise. Volkswagen had a sales resurgence with the budget-priced Jetta and Passat. Saab declared bankruptcy after GM blocked the sale of the company with its intellectual property to a Chinese company. The end of Maybach was announced. The last body-on-frame passenger vehicle available in the U.S., the Ford Crown Victoria, was finally put down. And now, time for the Tenth Annual Edition of Cheers and Jeers: Cheers to Chrysler for Best Turnaround by taking the much maligned Sebring, sprucing it up, having Eminem shill it during the Super Bowl, and seeing sales double this year. The majority of the rest of the Chrysler Group fleet also was refined with new interiors and better engines, and the LX sedans, the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger, are shining stars. Unfortunately for them, the Fiat 500 has been a sales dud, and Jennifer Lopez has been no help. Jeers to Chrysler for Worst Branding Decision by slowly dismantling the Dodge brand, first by having the Ram trucks become its own brand, and recently announcing that the forthcoming Viper would be sold under the SRT brand and not Dodge, and the Grand Caravan would soon be leaving the U.S. market, though not Canada’s. How soon will it be before Dodge goes away completely? Cheers to Ford for the Best Marketing by convincing truck buyers to spend more money to buy the ecoBoost F-150. An amazing 40% of F-150 buyers are driving off with the turbo V6 engine, which costs almost $1,000 more than the V8. Jeers to Ford for the Worst Marketing, one of their “Drive One” commercials that quotes a Ford owner stating that he would not buy a car from a company that was bailed out by the government. Ford quickly pulled the ad, leading to California Congressman and douchebag extraordinaire Darrell Issa to question Ford if the Obama administration pressured them to pull the ad. 66Stang (aka A Horse With No Name) changed his screen name over his disgust with Ford. http://www.cheersand...ull-bailout-ad/ Cheers to GM for providing high-quality small cars. The Cruze showed that American consumers are willing to pay a premium for a well-built small car with an upmarket interior and good driving dynamics. Chevy followed that up with the snazzy little Sonic, missing brake pads notwithstanding, and the Buick Verano is a compelling premium compact. Jeers to Honda for not having a clue why the Accord Crosstour has not caught on. The Ridgeline never caught on either, and the new Civic lost its “Recommended” rating by Consumer Reports. The Acura division is plagued by ugly vehicles. At one time, Honda kept it simple and made jewel-like, fun-to-drive vehicles. Honda announced a crash Civic refresh, new engines, and full hybrid drivetrains, so perhaps there is hope yet for them. http://www.cheersand...our-successful/ Cheers to mudmonster, the C&G Staff Member of Merit, for his dedicated writing and posting of news articles. Cheers to wildmanjoe for his Best New Forum Feature with his “Cheers or Jeers” posts showing interesting or obscure eBay automotive finds. Cheers to Camino LS6 for Best Thread on the search for the culprit of the poorly running Tahoe. After dozens of suggestions and diagnoses, it was determined to be a bad distributor. http://www.cheersand...ust-a-bad-wire/ Cheers to ocnblu being the Best Automotive Consumer. He did more than his fair share supporting the domestic automotive industry by starting the year out with a Chevy Colorado—his second—and trading it in for a Ford Fiesta, wrecking it, getting a Chevy Cruze, and then trading it in for a Jeep Patriot. "Automotive ADD," as pow calls it. Cheers to Dodgefan for Best Concept for a bold new compact from Dodge, the Venom, which was also the winner of a C&G design competition. Dodge has the new Dart on the way, but it will be tough to one up the Venom. http://www.cheersand...-sedan-results/ Honorable Mention to blackviper for his aggressive take on a new full-size K5 Blazer. http://www.cheersand...ontest-results/ Cheers to Chris Doane and knightfan26917 for their heartfelt and inspiring personal stories, with Chris following his dreams and venturing on his own in the car photography business and pursuing his helicoptering passions, and knightfan26917 for getting his heart fixed. Cheers also to black-knight for shocking the board and getting a decent car, the Dodge Challenger, after a series of heaps but, alas, is on the verge of letting it slip away. More Cheers to C&G members for their constructive contributions to the board, including to dwightlooi for continuing to share his technical expertise and to curmudgeonly balthazar for keeping that window to the past open. And Charger4U’s Word Association passed 25,000 posts and hasn’t crashed the board yet. Hope everybody has a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! View full article
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    You can't keep a 3800 running, I doubt you'll get much use out of a rotary.
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    I'm not a Sierra Club activist and I would totally buy this over a CTS because a CTS, while nice and handles great, doesn't suit my day to day needs like a Volt does. The Volt is comfortable for long distance drives, it's very very very very quiet. It has a nice interior. Handles plenty good enough, has a highly useful cargo area that only the CTS Wagon could compete with, and for 95% of my driving and commuting, I wouldn't use very much if any gas at all. One doesn't need to be a Sierra Club activist to see the $4.25 a gallon writing on the wall. Step one is being realistic about what you use your car for on a day to day basis. No one commutes to work via the Nurburgring. There isn't a single place here in Pittsburgh where you can use the capabilities of...say a 330i... to even 50% of it's maxiumum for more than a second. Step two is not being a brand snob.
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    No it isn't. Have you not been paying attention the last couple of years? It's a haven for people to bitch and moan about how not every car is a hardtop, or that every car isn't a coupe, or that every car isn't a Hyundai Sonata Turbo, or that Greenpeace is coming out at night and taking away trucks or some other such nonsense. That's not discussion, its whining.
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    ...... ..... I believe Oldsmoboi was referring to me when he said, "Ask Pauliano" (which the spelling made me throw up a little bit in my mouth)... and I LOVE cars. Love them to the point of belonging to a car forum. Love them to the point of talking about them. To being able to identify the make/model/year of car by its brake lights from a mile away. The point of knowing ridiculous amounts of specs on every model. To the point of knowing options available in each model. That said... ... I want to get in the car. Don't care how fast I get to 70 (which is what I usually cruise at), as long as it's not too slow. I don't care if I get the most fuel-efficient model. I don't care if the car can take a turn going 90. That said... I LOVE driving. And I love my car. I'm driving a 1994 Buick Century with over 197,000 miles, and I still love hearing the startup chime when I get in and feeling the ice cold a/c, and get amused by the turquoise "Low Traction" light that conveniently takes your eyes off the road when you're skidding. I like that my car absorbs bumps better than most new cars (albeit it floats way too much, but I am okay with that). When I purchase a new car... I don't have ANY interest in modifying the car. I want to purchase it exactly one way, and keep it that way. I will maintain it by taking it to a mechanic, but I have absolutely no interest in learning how to change the oil myself, or do anything other than adding fluids/changing bulbs and wiper blades, and cleaning it. But, I love cars and I love my car.
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    That's cute. Because vehicles carrying a payload of highly flammable fluids never catch fire. Those last two links are especially incredible when you consider that they are related to electrical problems. In a GASOLINE powered vehicle you say? Clearly this is witchcraft and we should go back to horse drawn carriages.
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    I guess if I had to pick one night stand, it'd be this one: It's walnut AND on sale on Amazon!
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    I'm disappointed that any of the long timers here would wish a domestic car company, especially one with attractive and interesting designs, close up shop REGARDLESS of how they are powered. Don't like the power train? Don't buy one... but don't wish them dead and then complain that GM only sells FWD, 4-cylinder, 4-door jellybeans.
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    i am truly sorry that you lost a car that you really enjoyed and was actually a good car. but at the same time i find it hard to be sympathetic. you and me are the same age. ive been driving since i was 16 owned a car since i was 18 from 16 to 21(in 2 months) i have owned 1 car. from what i understand you have owned 7 or 8 cars? this sounds like poor choices were made along the way. ones that could have been fixed. i went into college right out of high school and tried to ensure my future before spending big on big deal cars. you and me cant be picky about the car we get. listen to Pervez try and find some classes try to set a future for yourself before you spend money you don't have. the amazing thing about classes is after you finish a couple you can start doing an internship, and internships are the doorways into jobs, jobs = money, and money = nice things. just trying to help.
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    CUVs are all awful, just terrible-looking things - all of them. And, I think this wagon would have sold pretty well. But that isn't why I called this decision a mistake. It's a mistake because the car is in production and all of the parts to make it happen here are in production. Anytime an opportunity like that exists, the bodystyle should be offered - even if on a limited basis. GM has been toying with the idea of creating families of cars (multiple bodystyles) on a single named model, and that's a great strategy. Every opportunity to re-introduce this concept should be taken to get folks used to it again. This approach is what made GM so successful in the past, and it will work again - if they commit to it. So, boo to this decision.
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    >>"Damaging another persons vehicle during the operation of yours is a property-damage accident."<< ^ Not sure how tandem/tri-axle dumps can get away with signage 'not responsible for debris from road' were this to be unilateral. -- -- -- What's quite amusing in this thread is how the person advising one make a discreet right turn and avoid confrontation were he in the same scenario, reacts to the relating of a story with belittlement & shouted obscenities. A bit oxymoronic...
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    Now, that was below the belt. If you have to get crude, please get the f@#k out of the thread. Thanks. Now, back on topic- I have to say that this has the be the cleanest version of the "sonata" style that I have seen. It does offer much more than the current car. Let's just see if they do the price bump that they have done with the last two cars. Interestingly though, I think they could get it too....
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    Sometimes you just have to do what's right and sort the rest out later.
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    I would argue that the bank is the criminal here. The man destroyed his own property. It's crazy, but it's not illegal. The bank doesn't own it (yet). The man owed $160k to the bank. The bank received $170k offer for the property. The bank got greedy and said no since they felt they could probably sell a $350k house for $250k and make $90k profit on it. THE BANK SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO FORECLOSE ON THE PROPERTY JUST BECAUSE THEY THINK THEY CAN MAKE A PROFIT ON IT. In fact, I think the bank should probably be put under investigation and ALL of it's foreclosure proceedings put on hold. I've read story after story of people having foreclosure proceedings started against them despite their willingness and renewed ability to pay or that they've found a buyer who would pay off the loan. I've heard of banks foreclosing on the wrong house. There was a couple in Florida who got foreclosed on..... who paid for their house in cash. Never even HAD a mortgage. The bank sent someone to their house who cleaned out all their stuff, hauled it away, and then bolted the doors. The banks deserve ZERO benefit of the doubt here. This guy may be crazy... but at least he's thinking. The banks are mindless zombies.
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    Let me distill my objections to the car down to basics: - Its EPII underpinnings trash the proportions - It was touted as a flagship, but clearly isn't. - It was touted as being inspired by the Sixteen, to which it bears no resemblence. - The footwell intrusion is inexcusable, especially in a car of this size. - It was intended to replace not one, but two, exisitng cars - it replaces one. - It does nothing to move the brand forward beyond its current template. Still rates a 5 out of 10 in my book.
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    Toyota has been getting "government bailouts" from Tokyo for decades in the form of government healthcare and a manipulated, artificially low Yen. Toyota had more recalled vehicles than any other manufacturer this year. Ford and Buick are doing great in reliability surveys. so... yeah.
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    Summing up me and purchasing cars.
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    Nooooo.... hence the need for truly full-sized, authentic cars.
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    As a presidential election year, 2012 was marked by wall-to-wall news coverage of the primary and general elections. On Election Day, the only people who believed that Mitt Romney, taken from a cast of unelectable Republican candidates, was going to win the presidency over Barack Obama was the Romney campaign and Fox News viewers. Mass shootings, at a Batman screening in Aurora, Colorado, in July and then the unfathomable massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in December shook our sensibilities and sense of security. The war in Afghanistan, America’s second longest war next to Vietnam, persisted with a planned pullout scheduled in 2014. Superstorm Sandy pounded the East Coast, once again putting climate change in the news. The end of the world did not come as believed by some who misinterpreted the Mayan calendar. Other newsworthy items were Apple Maps being a disaster, Psy's Gangnam Style hitting a billion Youtube views, Linsanity sweeping the NBA with Jeremy Lin, Obamacare found to be constitutional by a split Supreme Court, the Facebook IPO being a dud, Lance Armstrong stripped of Tour de France titles, and Twinkies going out of production as Hostess Brands was shut down after a labor dispute. Notable passings included Whitney Houston, Larry Hagman, Neil Armstrong, Mike Wallace, and Dick Clark. In the automotive world, it was a year of continued recovery for most automakers, though the American arm of Suzuki declared bankruptcy and decided to call it quits. GM dumped marketing chief Joel Ewanick, supposedly over an unauthorized $559 million marketing agreement with Manchester United. Automotive legend Carroll Shelby passed on in May. Honda did a crash redesign to the Civic sedan after brutal reviews and just one model year. GM previewed the all-important new full-size pickups to mixed reviews. Toyota overtook GM in worldwide sales in the third quarter. And now, time for the Eleventh Annual Edition of Cheers and Jeers. It was a fairly quiet year on the boards. Old arguments about RWD vs. FWD, hardtops, and pushrods vs. DOHC have largely been replaced by lively discussions of alternative propulsion, the appropriateness of classifying four-door coupes as such, and the latest government-mandated nanny device. What hadn’t changed were continued vehicular angst by black-knight and Camino LS6’s adventures in his work and hobby vehicles. Design concepts and photoshops have largely disappeared, hence there will be no acknowledgements, other than to say thanks to MRDETROITMETAL for his occasional “art car” submission. And without further ado, here it goes: Cheers to GM for Best Retort in their forceful rebuke to the Mitt Romney campaign over their dishonest ad about shipping 15,000 jobs to China: "We've clearly entered some parallel universe during these last few days. No amount of campaign politics at its cynical worst will diminish our record of creating jobs in the U.S. and repatriating profits back to this country," GM spokesman Greg Martin said. Chrysler similarly responded to dishonest ads implying Jeep manufacturing jobs would be sent to China. Cheers to Cadillac for Best New Car Introduction in the world-class ATS, the most competitive challenger yet to the BMW 3-Series, though BMW is still in the process of introducing the 3 and 4-Series variants, and a new Lexus IS and Infiniti Q50 to replace the G37 are just around the corner. This bodes well for the new CTS and upcoming flagship and shows that vehicles only like the current SRX and new XTS are not necessarily representative of what’s to come. Jeers to Chevrolet for Worst New Car Introduction in the lackluster Malibu. It’s not that the Malibu is the worst car around, it’s just woefully outmatched in the competitive family sedan segment despite being a fairly good drive. It has an inexcusably tight rear seat, especially compared to its elegantly styled predecessor, which needed only a refreshing and some refinement to remain competitive. Supposedly Chevy will steer buyers to the new Impala, but why even bother with the Malibu when the Cruz provides a great driving experience for those who don’t need a roomy back seat. Cheers to Cubical-aka-Moltar for the Best Mea Culpa in declaring that a front-wheel-drive Cadillac is not the worst thing in the world after driving a DTS. “I drove it for about an hour tonight around town and on the freeway, it drives great..very smooth and quiet. I guess I will have to take back all the mean things I've said about FWD Caddies.” http://www.cheersandgears.com/topic/78907-new-car-in-the-drivewaycadillac-style/page__hl__cadillac Cheers to regfootball for the Best Thread, “New GM CEO: Mitt Romney” for its sheer entertainment value, though reg was sincere in the premise. Opening post: “Here's my proposition. Give Mitt a few weeks off to get some R&R. Ditch Dan the man, and bring in Mitt. He might be what they need.” Best Reply by Dodgefan: “This post deserves the Turd of Shame achievement. Congratulations.” http://www.cheersandgears.com/topic/80427-new-gm-ceo-mitt-romney/page__hl__romney__st__20 Jeers to the Worst Poster/Troll of the Year, Observing and Reporting, in a thread about Spyker suing GM. Excerpt: “It would have been very nice if GM in its entirety had been allowed to die. In reality, this suit seems reasonable. GM is focusing only on the Chinese market at this time as this is where their profits are being made. Their American cars, with the exception of a few buicks that are Opel clones, are junk. The Volt is a joke that is being propped up by government purchases and loss-leading leases.” http://www.cheersandgears.com/topic/79640-saab-news-not-this-again-spyker-sues-gm-over-saab-sale/#entry705952 Jeers to Hyundai for the Worst Dishonesty in having inflated EPA fuel economy ratings to show a fleet full of vehicles achieving 40 mph on the highway. Ford is also in hot water because of the 47 mpg claims for their new hybrids. This issue brought attention to the fact that automakers certify their own mileage claims. http://www.cheersand...pensate-onwers/ Cheers to Mudmonster and Oldsmoboi for Best Forum Feature with their Interactive Reviews. They are truly fair and balanced and well-written. Someone needs to teach Mudmonster how to drive a stick. Honorable mention to NINETY EIGHT REGENCY for posting old commercials, feature segments, and other retrospectives on vehicles from the good old days and bad old days as well. And finally, Cheers to all the loyal Cheers and Gears members who continue to contribute to the forums, from dfelt, in his oversized stature and promotion of alternative fuels, to GMTruckGuy74 for his unmatched loyalty to his favorite brand, to dwightlooi for his expertise in automotive and mechanical engineering, to A Horse With No Name for being firmly grounded in reality, to the insufferable CSpec for his posts on the free market no matter how right or wrong he is, and to all the others who help make C&G the best but not necessarily biggest automotive site. Hope everybody has Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!
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    I wouldn't buy new. I would buy certified pre-owned. Let someone else take the depreciation hit.
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    So you bought a Fiesta?
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    More fun facts. Large water fowl have a very low reproduction rate, such that 2,188 deaths can completely decimate a regional population. Most only produce one chick every year to every 2 years. It will take multiple decades for those bird populations to recover. Most (but admittedly not all) windfarm bird casualties are from the smaller song bird and medium scavenger varieties. These birds have as many as 6 chicks per clutch and some even have two clutches a year. Additionally, they have a much wider habitat range than water fowl. They can recover from a drastic population reduction in as little as a year. Yes you'll find some article out there about an eagle chopped up in wind turbine blades, but the Eagle population is growing despite the wind turbines. The water fowl population on the gulf coast will likely be devastated for 20-30 years. Stop trying to defend this disaster.
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    ...and an ill-informed one at that.
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