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    Recent access ramp I built for a customer. They didn't ask me to paint it, tho perhaps that's in the near future, as reportedly it's a permanent structure.
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    Drew pokes his head in here again and a 561 page thread is going to disappear.
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    Martha Stewart still drives her MANUAL DB9 https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a31899306/martha-stewart-aston-martin/ Respect!
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    Hard Pass on "shared mobility". If I want shared mobility, I will get a bus pass or take a train.
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    So. What kind of tip do you give her? (wink wink) My wife buzzes my hair also. We’ve been married for 17 years making her my sexy hair stylist for 16 and a half of those years. In the beginning, I used to cop a cheap feel here and there when she buzzed my hair. . Not so much now... The fantasy has been played out, I guess.
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    Those are official numbers. I don't believe one bit the numbers that coming from China. Also, Russia basically completely not reporting their cases, they only reported about 1k cases and I hear things are substantially worse there. Nevertheless, things are getting worse and we are not even near the peak. My wife's girlfriend is a doctor in NYC and things are really bad there and getting worse every day. Stay safe everyone.
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    And point proven. Thanks for playing blu. The facts are right above you. You have chosen to ignore it except to cast your little downvote without any factual counter arguments, the staple of way too many Trump supporters these days. What Trin said about the Texas Lt Governor is 100% fact and so is the fact that the actual medical expert Fauci has to step on eggshells around Mr. Sensitive. Again, all facts. I will shut my pie hole for no one and sure as hell not for you. Don’t like it? Then do what every other Trump supporter does. Don’t look or listen. Again, thanks for playing.
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    OMG: finally some respect! 237" overall length and look; got like 2 feet in front, like 6 feet in the rear, and there was a good 3' to the line on the other side of the truck. So luxurious!!
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    True many young adults and teens are never shown how to take pride in any job, but if the manager of the place is properly mentored to have pride and they instill this in each of their workers then pride should show in the end result. Fast food work should never be a life career. Minimum wage was NEVER MEANT to be a Living wage. It was meant to give small profit margin businesses a way to hire young no experience folks and let them earn some coin while living at home with their parents and gain some work experience. Sadly the death of chain businesses is due to poor leadership, mentoring and the lack of instilling pride in their employees in every job they do. Pride should never be ignored in the work anyone ever does.
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    Ran to costco and wow are they making bank. People are going crazy spending to buy stuff. course I am not worried, but have been enjoying my extended work from home by baking. Cinnamon rolls anyone?
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    Bill stays pretty spry for a guy turning 62!
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    Eldorado Biarritz. But yeah :
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    I took the body off the frame on my B-59, never knew anyone before that that did that job. I may have read one article in a car magazine. Seemed common-sensical to me. I also fabricated / welded the dolly its on in the below pic :
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    Remember the competition between Edison and Westinghouse. They did not create thousands of failures, but found thousands of ways to not make a long life light bulb. We make choices and find ways that work and ways that produce minimal benefit. Learn from least productive ways so that you can improve to be better. Continue to take risks and try things that you find interesting till you find you find your passion. Remember some things start out as an unknown, with no skill and they can turn into a passion. EXAMPLE: I have worked my whole life in Enterprise Storage. From Digital computer corporation to Compaq, Microsoft, Brocade, EMC and now Dell Technologies. Among the way I worked in many startups attempting to strike it big so that I could retire into some of my passions that do not pay. Along the way, I went from being a developer to a manager into training and now in Technical Marketing. During a rough patch in my career 17 years ago, the startup I was at failed and I was left unemployed and wondering how to pay bills and support my family. I did as many do using the credit cards to support us as I did job interview after job interview. I went to an interview and during this interview I realized I could do the job, but it was not a passion and would I really want to do the job. I took the job as they liked me and I needed to support my family. I dove into the virtual world of VMware. It was not because I wanted to do it since it really did not have much to do with Storage other than use it on the back end to run the images, but it was a paying job. The more I dove into learning it, the more I also realized others were afraid of the tech and I became a point person that people turned to for help. I had increased my value without knowing it at first. I later on changed jobs to Isilon, a file based storage startup as they were teaching customers how to use their radical new storage appliance with real hardware and I knew in my heart I could create a better way to offer training without having to tie up major capital in having real hardware in the classroom. I ended up working with a Development team and created our Isilon simulator. Since then, 10 years later I have a job I love, I create year round new training based on new releases of our OneFS File storage system and help our employees, partners and customers learn how to use our hardware and open source projects to enhance their business and cloud use. If you asked my 17 years ago if I would have a job I love and have not continued jumping from place to place every 2 years or so, I would have probably said no. Today, I love my job and what I do to help so many around the world. Moral of my story for you is NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER STOP TRYING, YOU CAN AND WILL find your passion that you can enjoy for life. I believe in everyone here that they can and will find that passion to drive themselves to new heights! Sorry for the long write, but I hope you can gain strength from my sharing of my career to continue to push forward and look at things you might have never considered. You never know when you will find something that becomes a life long passion.
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    Blu was a rebel from the day he left school He grew his hair long and broke all the rules He'd sit and listen to Thorogood's records all day With no ambitions to everyone's dismay His parents tried to teach him what life was about So he grew up the type they warned him about They said his friends were just a unruly mob And he should, get a haircut and get a real job Get a haircut and get a real job Clean your act up and dont be a slob Get it together like your big brother Bob Why dont you, get a haircut and get a real job He even tried that nine to five scene He told himself that it was all a bad dream He found a band with some good songs to play Now he partys all night and sleeps all day He met this chick, she was his number one fan She took him home to meet her mommy and dad They took one look at him and said, "Oh my god! Get a haircut and get a real job!"
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    Yeah, if you look at the curve on China data, it seems unlikely to have such a dramatic stabilization.. https://www.bing.com/covid/local/chinamainland Then you have Russia where the numbers seem extremely low relative to their population. https://www.bing.com/covid/local/russia
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    I dont believe China's numbers. I dont think the US has surpassed China. I think they are being very secretive about their numbers. Just like how they hid the outbreak in the beginning. I think they wanna try to spin their shyte into a positive in a weird shyte way. All of a sudden...with no vaccine or solution...after an explosion of infections since November...China's infections are miraculously stopped somehow in March? GTFO with that propaganda!!! If a lockdown is a solution...then Quebec and Canada would NOT be in the "exponential" phase right now!!! Because Canada and Quebec has had a somewhat lock down itself last week or so... Keep in mind...Self Isolation and lockdowns do NOT stop infections. It slows them down. Wuhan is said to be on a lessor shut down...or it will be in the next few days... If China does not record any more cases then their numbers are truly false. The virus is still out there. Especially when asymptomatic people are roaming around WITHOUT the knowledge of them being infected... In NO PHOQUING way did China test 1.3 BILLION people to know who has what... I have no proof of what Im saying. I dont know of any media that suggests what I say. Im just using my logic.
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    Covid19 is the kind of shock that levels a lot of things... dammit. Good or bad, the shock that is going to fix so many broken things in America
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    Yeah, right... Trump is only concerned about the pandemic because he's losing money at his resorts and investments. He couldn't care less about the American people or humanity as a whole, he's a malignant narcissist, not a savior as his brain dead constituency thinks.
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    I have Ramen as a fast meal back up but still taking time to cook. Love fresh food. Missing my daily workout at 24hr fitness. Pesto Alfredo pasta with veggies Chapagetti with beef bites Home made Cinnamon rolls Harvested the last of my winter Leeks and made Leek soup. Love Grilled Sandwiches, so using Potato bread and only butter, mayo sucks to grill a sandwich and gives a weird taste/texture. Pepperoni and Havarti grilled cheese. Or start buying the 24 oz Monster with the screw top. Increased caffeine.
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    no I got a drive-thru. I recently renovated, maybe 5-6 years now, and we made a drive-thru. We were fed up with people bitchin' about us not having a drive-thru. And the reno paid itself off in no time as in no time, the drive-thru accounts for 50-60% of our sales. And...with this virus thing, we have closed the restaurant and only serve people with the drive-thru.
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    Yeah. WTF?! Shouldn't the Corolla be about $10K LESS?
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    Had a heartbreaking dream that Jennifer Aniston dumped me. And after all that excellent shagging we did.
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    Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!!!!!!!
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    We can always rely on our resident Greek-Canadian member to say what he has to say with passion and conviction. Keep up that zesty Mediterranean candor. And I mean that in a nice way. I'm not in on the conversation you two are having but, like so many other teenagers, I had a brief stint in fast food during high school. In the U.S., I have seen a steady decline in the quality of service. If we didn't treat customers right, we got in big trouble. I remember that my paper application had a spot on it for G.P.A. And that the hiring manager put a check next to it. I look back at this and laugh because, today, it seems you just need a pulse. Nowadays, a lot of the kids at these chain fast food places look like they don't want to be there. Some don't want to explain anything to you, don't look at you, and are incapable of saying thank you. There are exceptions. Generally speaking, I see that suburban and rural fast food locations, like ones along the interstates, have better mannered young employees. If you go into a Subway and it's a busy one, those people have to hustle during their busy times. That would explain the huge turnover. If they do their work correctly and are nice to their customers, you have to give them credit for that.
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    Social distancing done right ~
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    Did not mean to insult you or piss you off. I should have expanded my thoughts on the statement. For the bulk of people who are trying to make a little extra money as they go to school or first job experience, there is nothing wrong with fast food. I grew up working in the industry and see nothing wrong with it or anyone that wants to become a Manager or run their own restaurant. I still do believe that minimum wage is not to be a living wage as it is an entry point for anyone especially teens and college students who have no skills to get a start on a job and prove themselves and after that get a pay raise while this helps the business owner out in taking risks on those with no skill set. No matter the business, minimum wage is needed to allow places to hire and take a risk on unskilled labor. I also do believe there are many managers / business owners who mentor and instill pride in their work force, sadly, I have seen too much of the opposite in the Wendy's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Domino's business to see no pride. I truly honor and am happy by why you posted here on how you run your business and wish you nothing but the utmost success. We need to support the local small business owners and instill pride in our own kids in everything they do, we fail as parents when our own kids do not work hard and contribute to society. In this regards I feel I succeeded as both my kids are college educated with successful careers and have no problem working hard. Wishing you all the continued success in your business as you re-calibrate to keep the doors open, staff employed, change up for a possible bigger take out, curb side service or delivery service of dishes that people want while keeping social distance and space to keep everyone safe and healthy. Would love to visit your place one day and try the food. Please consider posting pictures so we can see your place and the dishes. Love all kinds of food, but then I am a Foodie that loves to eat which is why I workout so that I can enjoy eating.
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    If we are in a bear market, I would hold off until the market reaches an actual bottom first. This is regardless of who is in the White House. Being selective in what stocks to buy is also helpful.
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    AMG One is DEAD, The web site implys that, MB does not talk about it and all links are dead that used to be active. They are cutting everywhere. Too late to the party, this is a product that never should have been to begin with. They should have focused on pure EV like Tesla.
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    I'd be happy with a base C8 (maybe w/ the Z51 suspension option) in Zeus Bronze w/ full tan interior..
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    Amazon Prime/Whole Foods is having issues..tried to place an grocery order and they couldn't schedule a delivery time tomorrow (or any other day this week). So I went to the local Giant Eagle (NE Ohio/W Pa chain) this afternoon, no more crowded than usual for a Sunday (worst day to go grocery shopping), they were pretty much out of bread and meat, no TP or paper towels either. But I found pretty much everything on my list. I'm not sure if someone has a sense of humor or what, but back by the empty meat counters there was a shopping cart chock full of packages of condoms with a 20% off discount sign.
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    #eatwellpoopwell #bigamericanbowelmovements Speaking of toilets, when I remodel my main bathroom I’m going to get one of the high end Toto toilets w/ the bidet, lid that rises to greet you, heated seat, WiFi, remote control app, etc.
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    Nothing will change. As soon as this will blow through, everyone will go back to the usual routine.
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    And I bought this - I think it'll look 'boss' in the '59. I believe this design came out in '64 : 'Dis is the plan :
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    Ahh; a stumper! It's a GMC. They built taxi sedans for Yellow Cab in the '30s. So there is a precedent for cars at GMC. Interesting...
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    I see you're still maintaining the 15-year time buffer in your infrequent pics, Bill. A+ for consistency. - - - - - Nice SS. Customer of mine has a '70 Malibu coupe done up as a SS, tho it retains the Malibu beltline trim. Crate 350/4-spd. Says he wants to sell it this year, so I'll give him a hand with that/there'll be some pics.
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    Me standing next to my brother's numbers matching 1970 SS 454, about 15 years ago. I still have that coat.
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    Lyriq, Celestiq....hmmmm. How about Majiq, Majestiq, Mystiq,Chroniq, Iconiq, Ironiq, Taconiq, Moroniq...
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