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    Hi there! I'll admit writing this feels somewhat awkward as I really don't like talking about myself. Most of the time, I'm churning out news stories and reviews for various places. But this is somewhat important. Next week, I'll be starting a new job with JATO Dynamics as a Specifications Researcher. Basically, I'll be digging into the various information about features, options, and other information on new vehicles. This may seem somewhat odd to be moving from a writing position to doing a bit of research, but it actually uses a lot of the skills and knowledge that I have gathered from being a freelancer. Also, I've been feeling slightly burnt out in terms of the writing. I've noticed that it has been taking me slightly longer to get various pieces out, along with doing anything that is sort of creative and not sounding like a MadLibs. Now for the big question, what does this mean for Cheers & Gears? For now, I'll be taking a bit of a break from writing. I won't be giving up the ghost, but not doing a constant stream of news that I have been able to do since going freelance full time since 2012. I'll still be getting various news pieces, along with reviews and the odd opinion piece up. But I hope this break allows me to recharge and get back on writing somewhat more consistent and creative. I just want to say thanks to you, the members and readers of Cheers & Gears for somehow being able to put up with my writing for quite some time. It has been fun and something I enjoy, even when the thread somehow goes off the rails.
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    Great! Now start building the $35k base model you promised.
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    I, in no way, am arguing your logic.... because it makes sense. But, in selling Heavy Duty Rams... I have seen several truck customers opting out of the Cummins and going with the 6.4 motor. It is, with no doubt, a good gas motor in the Heavy Duty. The reasons vary. It usually comes down to the DEF and/or the fact that the customer isn't towing as much as they thought. I, for one, would not need (currently) to buy a diesel if I wanted a Heavy Duty truck. And the $8000 plus difference in cost would also be a factor in my purchase.
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    I guess since reg gave an update, I should as well. I still love this thing. I don't get the hate for minivans. I now understand why my Dad was so infatuated with them when I was younger. They are just an all around great vehicle. It essentially does everything an SUV/CUV can do but it does it better with the exception of towing. Both of my kids love it and think it is the best vehicle ever. I'd blame that on the entertainment system but we don't let them use it unless we are going to be in the car for more than 30 minutes and even on short trips they would rather take the van than my CTS. That's no knock on the CTS. More of a testament to the van. It now has close to 12,000 miles on it. No issues to speak of. One oil change and other than that, no trips to the dealer. It gets pretty good gas mileage for such a big vehicle. See the attached pic. Note that this is not typical but it can do this in the correct conditions. Having calculated other tanks, I'd say you can knock 1 MPG off what the VIC is showing but still impressive none the less.
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    The final styling test model for the newest Chevy Blazer.
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    The LC is probably way more reliable and cheaper to maintain in the long run... Probably just means production started in 2007 for the 2008 model year...
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    I had a random thought when I saw a Yukon Denali pass me on the opposite side of the street today... I was stunned to realize how phoquing huge that Yukon grill is. Then I started laughing hysterically all by myself thinking about it.
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    'Blazer' could be a good name for an EV...use a little flame logo like an electrical fire..
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    'only' $47k? What reality are you in? For most people, that's not a small amount of money...
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    So the code name for the 7.3 is supposedly Godzilla. I believe it is the first new Ford pushrod V8 family since the 335 series and 385 series over 50 years ago.
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    So much to say yet still missed the point made but whatever. Just the same old, same old from feverant fans who make assumptions about folks who dare to criticize their favorite brand and then sidestep their errors completely to go off on yet another tangent. Whatever floats your boat. Regarding the Regal, give me an AWD Tour X with a mythical 3.6L Turbo, and I’d be a happy man although I’d be happier had GM not killed off the CTS wagon. I will always be a little sour about that one.
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    The proper RWD/AWD platform and drivetrain alone make the Aviator more appealing to me than the XT6, and the styling. Nothing retro about it that I can see.
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    Right.. but my biggest concern is WTF they are not using that SWEET engine in anything else.. including the 3.0LTT. I love GM.. I just don't get GM sometimes. If I ran that part of the company U fukkers and all enthusiasts would be outside my house daily asking for red Kool-Aid and singing KumBahya, just using the extraordinary technology they have on the shelfs collecting dust
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    First concept car of all (and put into limited production) - '33 Cadillac Aerodynamic Coupe ~
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    Does a handkerchief come standard in the glovebox with these trucks? A roll of paper towels, at least? Because this truck is gonna drool more than a St. Bernard if it insists on angrily gritting its teeth like that.
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    At this point now I will be surprised if there is a nex gen challnger. or maybe it goes back to front drive! R/T! Turismo! GLH! Shelby! The market is not driving these changes, it is outside forces. I like electrics but it is now starting to get forced down our throats. should compete well with the next Camaro! inspired by citation X11! Front drive, electric option and look at the improved visibility! just what everyone is asking for!
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    Yeah... my friend wasn't thrilled about that, but nonetheless, he shelled out the money, like Tesla banked on.
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    Thank you for all the time you've put in here over the years. We all appreciate it.
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    The early Torinos. 1971. The hide-way-headlights are nice, but on the Torino, it reminds me of a 1969 Cougar. I prefer the Cougar's looks. Starsky and Hutch, but the Mercury version. A very dear family friend had one back in the day. A 1974 Mercury Cougar with a 351 Windsor I believe. Shyte brown. Kinda like this one if I remember the car correctly. As much as I hate that 1970s brown on cars, Im very fond of it on that Cougar. 1970 Lincoln Continental Mark 3 1974 Ford Thunderbird 4 door Convertible Town Car
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    I get what you are saying but you missed the point of the post. May want to read that again. The price is irrelevant and the fact that GM has three RWD platforms illustrates my point. They have them yet they don’t fully use them. Instead, they have retreated from those platforms a bit and pushed more FWD CUVs through Cadillac of all brands, instead using those RWD platforms to put Cadillac above the likes of Acura, Volvo, and Lincoln. The most irrelevant part of your post though is the failure to realize that Kia is not nearly as bad as you think and I surely would not have said that about them ten years ago. They are reaching out with RWD cars in a CUV world while GM misses the boat and pushes FWD CUVs four to five years after they should have. I’d happily take an AWD Tour X if it had the 420HP 3.6L Turbo found in the CTS. That would actually be a bad ass Buick. Even with the common N/A 3.6L, it’s still tempting but again, I am a wagon person. Wishful thinking though as GM just doesn’t seem interested in giving Buick some real Powertrain options, much like they are doing to Cadillac’s CUVs. The NA 3.6L will only get you so far in a turbo driven world.
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    I was going to wait until I ordered and consumed some chocolate cake today. In the midst of Sunday shopping, I made some time to do just that and have a cup of coffee with it. I'm hoping a slice of chocolate truffle pie counts. Delicious! One of the highlights of that movie was the Irma Bunt character. Not in a good way, but still a highlight of that movie … a most unique villain(ess) within the 007 series of films. My friends and I had a field day with her.
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