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    These are classics that are so well baked at this point...you can't go wrong. Lack of any options aside, the 2017 Challenger R/T (literally zero options, and cloth with no backup camera...but burbling Hemi) was incredible for the 5000 miles I put on it as a rental for work. Best part, quiet, smoothness, and refinement heft aside, was with the ZF 8-speed, multiple times I got 28-29mpg cruising, with an all time best 29.6 mpg from western PA back to Philly on a Sunday. Yet since, I've driven smaller cars, cars with no power, etc. and struggled to get more than 22-23 highway. Had a V6 2017 Charger SXT rental for a week too, with far nicer technology inside, and even though the 3.6L is no barn stormer, with he 8-speed it's silent and strong. These cars just keep going and going and going... Which makes you wonder...
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    Another recent Mopar color I like is a dark red I've seen on the Challenger and Charger. Octane Red.
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    There is almost no Benz left in this car, if any. I had one of these as a rental for my trip to Detroit for NAIAS, though mine was RWD rather than AWD. It is a fantastic roadtrip car. I don't know what kind of wheel bearing they are using but the 300C/S rolls better than nearly anything out there.. and I say that in while in the past week I've been at the helm of CT6/LS/G80. 80mph is way too easy. It's comfortable. It's big. It handles well. It goes fast. It has road presence. It is everything a big American sedan should be. On top of that, it is efficient and the infotainment system works well. My long distance trips at the aforementioned 80 mph have yielded 27mpg. Ya'll keep it under 70mph and you can get it over 30 on RWD models. If there is any letdown it is in the quality of materials in the interior. The S and the C Limited do fix some of that, but not all. This is one of my favorite vehicles on the market right now.... not because it is the best at any one thing, but because of the blend of things it does so well. I would absolutely drive the one pictured above and be very happy with it.
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    ^ Yum...now there is a business opportunity...a truck driving around neighborhoods in the morning peddling coffee and donuts..
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    Well, there are definitely a lot fewer Cobalts on the road now than there were 10 years ago.
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    Yeah not only do you waste a legendary name like Mach 1, but you do it on a tarted up Focus Electric.
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    Random doggo pics for today. Sitting at a light on the way home from the groomers this afternoon after getting her summer 'do. Raine--a terrier mix of some sort--my youngest dog at 4 years..she is very high energy.
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    See, my bias is showing. You are correct of course; the 301 was Pontiac-built, but they're basically mediocre people movers at best, with no aftermarket support or collector interest. Throw-aways. It's like offering someone a dish with a geen/moldy carrot nub and a fresh, hot, seasoned piece of grilled chicken; they're really close to each other but only 1 is at all appealing. "The last REAL Pontiac V8."
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    My sister sent me a couple pics of her rental car from this weekend. Alfa Romeo Giulietta. She's working in the Netherlands for a couple weeks, took this sightseeing around the Netherlands, Belgium and into France the last couple of days. Said it handled well and was comfortable.
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    Doesn't come as a surprise. How about this engine in a Colorado??
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    Weekend playtoy strictly. Would be cool.
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    EV's are also getting some cool stuff. To celebrate selling their 100,000 leaf in Japan, Nissan built this special edition to gauge interest. Convertible leaf anyone? https://www.autoblog.com/2018/05/25/2018-nissan-leaf-open-car-convertible/ As of the story posted above, the Leaf has now sold 320,000 world wide. Yes a drop in the bucket but clearly there is interest and with China going Hybrid / EV, the future is what it is. ICE days are going to come to a close. Nissan says they are not going to build this, but it is a study and of course if the customers keep demanding a convertible LEAF, then it will happen since they clearly can build it.
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    Well you should have seen me yesterday trying to haul some PVC picket fence sections in my Compass. Just call me Jed Clampett. Only a n00b would get rid of a pickup truck in the name of 8 MPG.
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    Benz never "gave" anything to Chrysler; pieces/components were SOLD to ChryCo, and in some instances mandated that they be used to boot. I have seen ex-insiders claim the prices were "full development cost" and royalties were also charged for components MB was moving to the next generation of (were worthless to MB). ChryCo was already moving to the RWD LX platform before the take over; the FWD LH platform was engineered to support RWD. MB also had all their US/Germany conference calls billed to Chrysler. Daimler raped & pillaged Chrysler.
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    You must not have gotten the memo. Every brand needs 14 crossovers with only 2 inch difference between them in size
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    give it a 0.33 inch lift, slap some cladding on it, Matrix Returns.
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    Yeah, that's why I think something is wrong.... however, A/C compressors take a certain amount of horsepower to run. Sure they vary in size for the vehicle, but not by that much... so if it takes 3 hp to run, 3 horsepower is a bigger percentage of available power on my 138hp Encore than on a 250hp 2.0T of whatever make. But it's clear... A/C off and highway travel, the Encore will get 33mpg. A/C on, I'm lucky to get to 30. The Honda is the same way though, but that A/C compressor is relatively new. I had it replaced a few years ago. Nail meet Head. It was the marketing of the TDI that got people upset. People bought the diesels thinking they were another clean, high mpg alternative. So if you didn't like the looks of the Pruis (I can understand that one), but the Jetta looked good to you, the TDI was an option.
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    I'm already disappointed in this vehicle. Mach 1 name for an EV "SUV" : Mustang styling cue on a "SUV" :
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    Hahaha! The inline 6s would have been 170, 200, or 250 cubic inches. The price leader would have been a 170 L6, a 3 on the tree manual, no carpeting, no cigarette lighter, plaid seats with horrible fabric texture, one metallic driver's outside mirror, blackwalls, and moon styled hubcaps. And they probably ran forever if taken care of. I knew this guy who worked at the same place I did when I lived in SoCal and he was an ass, albeit a funny ass, and he remarked to someone that their Maverick looked like a toad. It very much does! Seeing a Maverick IRL always brings on the biggest of laughs.
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    It looks like the Cruze RS Hatchback I just had
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    It's not the white dash for me, I kinda like it. I don't like the look of the car, I don't like how spartan the interior is. I'm used to driving Buicks, Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles, and LTZ Chevys. I already said if they put the power train in a Regal or Lacrosse I'd be there. I already have an auto trader search for a CT6 PHEV and Fusion Energi Platinums 2017 or newer. No one makes a pure EV that I like. I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is as soon as someone produces the vehicle the way I want it. I waited 5 months for the color and equipment combo we got in the Encore. I'm a patient man when it comes to buying things the way I want them.
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    So remember in my note to you how you'll need to back up your statements? We'll go through your original post.... How? How does a hybrid, which still uses gasoline, limit mobility? EVs are not mandatory... if you don't like the Tesla, don't buy one. Last I looked, the gas-burner F-150 was still the best selling vehicle in the US. There is NOTHING stopping you from buying one. They even just added a diesel option. Nothing is being shoved down your throat. More transportation options are not a bad thing. People suffer from fueling network anxiety with a diesel. I've pointed that out in other threads where I would suggest a diesel to someone but their worry was finding fuel. I like diesels, but it is not the savior you're making it out to be. Its exhaust, without after treatment, is also substantially more toxic than gasoline. That was VWs fault. VW's hubris and greed has pretty much killed any great future for diesel. Blame them, not some conspiracy theory secret illuminati group. As far as range anxiety, that will go away as range gets longer and chargers get more common. In the meantime, nearly every manufacturer has or is coming out with plug-in hybrids for the transition. Getting people used to plugging in creates a demand for more chargers which creates a demand for more plug-ins. Those were the old hybrids. Hybrids now are all about adding power and drivability while also saving fuel. Volvo doesn't make a 400hp / 427 lb-ft 4-cylinder hybrid as their top engine by accident. The 4-cylinder Volvo S90 PHEV will walk away from any normally aspirated V6 and many turbo V6es without blinking. It does so while getting 29 mpg combined when running on just gasoline and 71 mpg when adding its EV only range. This is not your father's first generation Toyota Prius. In case you're thinking the Volvo is an exception, the Cadillac CT6 PHEV is 25 combined and 62 mpg with EV. At a more accessible level, the Ford Fusion Energi is 42mpg combined and 97 mpg with EV. In all cases, the emissions of these PHEVs will be substantially lower than even the cleanest of diesels. It's not "supposedly". It happened. Bosch built the device and specifically warned VW against using it in production. The students performed the test because there was reasonable doubt about VW's claims. VW claimed that they were able to meet emissions standards without any special technology in the emissions control system and wouldn't explain how they did it. Turns out, that they were able to do it by cheating on the emissions test. You've already been spoken to about part of this. Smog and pollution do kill people. Respiratory distress caused by smog is a real thing. Harley sales are a fraction of even just the Jetta. Furthermore, Harley was not selling bikes outfitted with the cheater from the factory... they sold a reprogrammer that was only to be used for competition tuning, it is unlikely that even 5% of the Harleys sold got the modification after the fact. The situations are not at all parallel. As far as being domestic or not.... it's the German/EU government who has come down hard on VW. Not just the US. VW knowingly committed fraud in the sale of hundreds of thousands of vehicles... you think the government should just look away? I don't have an EV or PHEV yet, but when I do, it will be powered by wind. I have energy selection here in PA and at least 20 other states have it too. If someone is environmentally conscious enough to buy an EV, they're probably also going to know enough to switch their energy provider. I have a 2 year wind energy contract and my rate is the same as what I would be charged for coal. Furthermore, coal generation is rapidly declining as it gets replaced by natural gas. While natural gas still releases carbon, the overall pollution footprint is much smaller. If you haven't noticed, all cars are getting this aero and special panels, diesels included. The new silverado has those slits in the front bumper just to direct air around the front wheels. Cars are already a nightmare to fix. I'm not sure what you mean by the "one" transmission.... manuals are going the way of the Dodo already and your choice is going to come down to 8-speed automatic or 10-Speed automatic. Your impression of hybrids appears to be out of date. If you limit yourself to Eco-Green oriented vehicles like the Pruis, then yes, if you drive it hard, the fuel economy suffers... but part of that is because it is a fairly under powered vehicle. Drive an XC90 or S90 hybrid and you'll do way way better on fuel than if it were powered by a normal V6 or V8.... and they do really pull hard when you step on it. You simply won't find a 400hp V6 AWD sedan that can get 29 mpg combined city/highway and also be capable of 71 mpg when you charge it up. I just drove a 400hp AWD Cadillac CT6 from Pittsburgh to NYC and was amazed that I was able to get 27mpg in just highway driving. My city mpg was much lower, low 20s. I know it's a minivan, but the Pacifica Hybrid is stupid fast and will still get amazing fuel economy. It's criminal how fun they made the acceleration on a mini-van and yet 85 mpg-e is still possible. My 2013 Buick takes about a 4 mpg hit when using the A/C.... it's enough that I've been considering having it looked at. My 2004 Honda is the same. When I was in my Honda escaping the hurricane in Florida last September, not running the A/C was the difference between making it to the next gas station or not. As most gas stations were out of gas, range anxiety was a very very real thing for me. Hypermiling it, keeping the A/C off and driving only 60 to 65 mph, I was able to get my best range ever... 300 miles. normally I get only 250. We have people all over the political spectrum here, but more importantly we strive for facts rather than hyperbole. It sounds like a bunch of your facts are out of date..... stick around and maybe we can help update them. I am the site owner and @William Maley is the other primary editor/admin. We both are registered as members of the press and we get direct access to the manufacturers to test cars and write news. We've been doing this a long time so we do know our onions from mushrooms. This site has been around since August of 2001 with many of the members you've been interacting with being here well over a decade. We're not the largest site, we're not the busiest site, we don't have the staffing to be the fastest with the news, but one thing we can be is the smartest site with thoughtful, fact-based, intelligent, and respectful discussions. If that's something you think you can be a part of, then put the ad-hominems away, pull up a chair, and enjoy.
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    15 years ago** The 5.3 was rated at 285-310hp and 325-335tq.
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