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    Well, picked up a '19 Ram 1500 Big Horn this evening to replace the Traverse. Crew cab, Hemi, Diamond Back Crystal Pearl. Try again in 2 years, GM.
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    Anyone ever just want to liquidate everything and go live in a cabin in the woods away from everyone?
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    Last night, after at least 3 hours on the compumachine doing research, got tired, shut down the machine, walked thru the kitchen and picked up my cell phone. Time was 1:11. - - - - - For Moltar; comparing the '15 to the '19. :
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    I don't think there are many EV haters. Just not enough EV options to buy.
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    Also the trunk opening that can barely fit a bag of marshmallows through it. The Mustang trunk opening isn't massive by any means but my god they've made the Camaro hardly livable for anybody who wants to daily it.
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    The new Camaro looks so fckn ugly that nothing will help the refreshed one sell. They done screwed the refresh up.
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    Put the Bolt power train in a LaCrosse or CTS and we'll talk. I wouldn't buy the Bolt even if it was powered by ground up EV haters.... ...well...I might... But only as a means to an end.
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    Looks very normal, no EV 'otherness' to the design, which will be a good thing for mainstreaming EVs.
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    Went to a friends wedding this weekend, was on her parents ranch. The father is OCD about his garage, hobby rooms and his old cars. Restored SS is lovely, picked up a Galaxie 500 that he is planning to clean up too. @A Horse With No Name Thought of you when I saw his wood options and the clean wood shop.
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    Nah, the '65-73 were on a unibody platform derived from the original Falcon, the '74-78 Mustang II was on a unibody derived from the Pinto, the '79-93 'Fox' platform started w/ the '78 Fairmont, the '94-04 was a modified version of the Fox platform, '05-14 was a new unibody plaform, '15+ is a new unibody platform... All Ford mid sizers were unibody from '62-71 (basically a larger version of the Falcon platform), then in '72 they switched to BOF (very similar to the GM A-body, I believe) then in '80 they downsized to the Fox unibody platform.
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    Nah, there was never a body on frame Mustang..the '72-79 midsize Fords and the full sizers up through the Crown Vic were BOF.
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    I wonder if the production model will be called the iSore. I'll be showing myself out.
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    I maybe was not clear, I dislike the exterior of the Camaro but I really hated the interior, not even close to Mustang's interior. Visibility is horrendous, claustrophobic feeling, just didn't feel right from the first moment. Didn't like how interior looks as well.
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    Good looking compact sedan, too bad it is still based on the old Civic platform and has the old dash.
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    Took me about 10 mins googling, but it is an Autocar. The women were all in the kitchen. - - - - -
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    The downward spiral begins...end of the road. I suspect they will regret the decision to stop selling cars here..they are going to lose a lot of potential sales and existing customers. Especially when the truck and CUV gravy train fades...
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    And the other foot drops, Consumers get ready for greatly reduced choices due to stupidity of idiots in DC. This is going to HURT not Help consumers. This will not bring back manufacturing nor jobs to the US. Global Economy, something the current administration seems to know nothing about or care about. This is the start as we have so many electronics built in China that many things I suspect over the next 12 months are going to stop being imported and we will be hurt not the 1%. Reduced Choices Higher Prices Stagnant income raises Overvalued stock market Recession is on the Doorstep! Welcome to making America Great Again.
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    No one is going to cross shop this crap with a Wrangler, and it's not even street legal. Seems pretty baseless for a complaint.
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    The world seems to be in a deepening existential crisis of sorts...I find solace in returning to a 1950's that never was sort of like a few others...here and elsewhere. ....but not in my driveway. The Bolt is not exactly stylin...Even the Aveo looks sexy by comparison.
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    whoa, now i must see where i have that. it was pale minty green..... it had the slotted century grille. ok, this was the body style and the grille design... this was the color?
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    All these promoters in here... yet ZERO Bolts bought. Things that make you go hmmmm...
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