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    I'm puzzled, yet not displeased. Mostly puzzled.
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    Someone buy me this, plz.
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    Thanks to Ocnblu for bringing this to my attention. Super Duty 455, 1000HP.
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    Here's your Chevrolet sport truck, the 800HP Silverado Yenko SC :
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    Watched last night an episode of Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars getting Coffee" on Netflix. He had 1965 Buick Riviera. I am usually not into that kind of cars, but boy this car is simply gorgeous. Pictures simply don't do it justice.
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    Beetle, even last year, outsold the vast majority of PHEV/EV models. There are hybrid/electrics selling in the SINGLE DIGITS monthly right now. Not every vehicle business case has to work if the parent company is solidly profitable. I'm in no way a potential customer, but JEERS to VW if they Pull the Plug on the Bug.
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    1959 Buick Skylark III, XP-75 program, 2-pass coupe. 2 running/driving cars built, 1 known to be destroyed, the other disappeared in the late '60s.
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    Factory-built supercharged '53 'E' ~
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    We need to fund a Kickstarter to buy Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram and make Ralph Gilles CEO
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    Strange days we live in.. a rise in mass ignorance and stupidity in an era of great technological and scientific advancement...
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    On the way home from work tonight I was thinking how much I've grown to really like my Compass. Even on winter gas I'm getting 28 MPG. It is quiet and comfortable for someone my size. It rides well and it is pretty much a perfect compromise on exterior size/interior room and maneuverability. I recommend the Jeep Compass. It is worlds better than the old one.
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks. I will be having dinner at an Irish tavern I know of.
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    I think it is the first Lexus with predator grill that I actually like how it looks. Interior looks great. It is great GT car but it is not a sports car. Watched yesterday new episode of Top Gear were they actually reviewed this Lexus LC500 and then put it against Honda Civic type R on a track. Civic was easily keeping up with the Lexus on track. As many other reviews said it is a great GT car but it is not a sports car.
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    Comparing this car to a Cadillac is downright comical. Cadillac wishes they could make a car anywhere near this in terms of overall design, materials, fit and finish, craftsmanship, and presence. I've seen these in several colors now, and they are absolutely stunning. Literally EVERY time I see one in a parking lot, bystanders are gawking at it. And not people driving Avengers or Kias mind you, people driving BMW's and the like. The car is a knockout. The lines are just delicious. It is by far the best looking car on the road for anything costing less than about a quarter mil.
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    Another angle: Beetle sold 15K in 2017 - the entire 5-model MINI brand only sold 47K- and Mini has to support dealerships on it own.
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    Agreed: medium duty trucks should all be 'GMC's. If there are no GMC dealers in some areas, load some GMC MD's on the transport truck and ship them to Chevy dealers.
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    Hi, folks! I used to post here years ago under the names Carnage, SevyrdSoul, and C.H.U.D. I used to be big into photoshops and sketches. I kinda ran out of inspiration years ago, That is, Automation came out. Here's a Pontiac SJ8 I began working on yesterday. I believe, with all the outlandish design traits in current cars, Pontiac would be a leader in design today. I miss them so much haha.
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    Shortest upper radiator hose in history? 6", '55 Chevy 210 I-6 ~
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    From an auction back in 1987, local Jersey character who once ran for President. Had a fascinating collection of mostly military surplus, but was not adverse to fire trucks, locomotives and blimp gondolas.
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    I'd heard of Quigley 4x4 conversions, usually with Ford Econolines. But had not heard of Mowag---Swiss Dodge van 4x4 conversions. http://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/reader-ride-dodge-mowag-4x4-b350-van-swiss-rarity/
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    If you can't even at least recognize and acknowledge the engineering and performance here, and can only post insults and slights against the car, then yeah...... If someone made comments in the same vein against a ZR1 or Viper ACR, the same posters in question would be all up in arms.
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    Wonder what the approach and departure angles are on that!? I like that the Escala look is being put into production. I wish it had debuted on an updated CT6 first. I had the same objection with the Continental nose actually being released for sale on the MKZ before the Continental was out.
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    2018 Mustang GT 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 2018 Kia Stinger GT 2018 Ferrari Portofino 2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake
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    Probably Jeeps as well. All Jeeps are technically classified as light trucks, so while the Renegade and Compass will probably never get diesels, the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee still probably could. This announcement really means just no Chrysler 300, Alfa Romeo Guilia, or Maserati Ghibli diesels.... in Europe, no Fiat 500 diesels. So it's a much smaller announcement than it appears.
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    G-Class is to Jeep Wrangler as GLB is to Jeep Renegade As for the metal speaker..... there is of course my personal favorite, the first generation Toronado.
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    I think I have the gist of this. One is very close to what I already have- a Golf R. With DSG in Tornado Red A 997 C2S Coupe w/ 6MT in Atlas Grey This one would be at threshold of what I could afford, but I would happily stretch for a V8 F Type Roadster in British Green, of course Lastly would probably be an E46 M3 in Avus Blue
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    Cruze-size or smaller? I'm going to make some unconventional suggestions. Chrysler 200 with V6 and AWD. The 200 got an unfair rep based almost entirely on base model cars with the terrible 2.4 liter in a vehicle that was too heavy for its size. The complaints with the 9-speed hunting are largely because the transmission was shifting looking for torque from the 2.4 that it would never find.... not an issue with the Pentastar. Fuel efficiency for the V6 isn't terrible either as long a they're not racing it. You'd have to come up in price a little bit, but you can get OEM Certified used ones for $16k and 10k miles. It's a little bit larger than a Cruze, a little bit smaller than a Malibu, has AWD for the upstate NY snow. Being certified, it gets a 7 year / 100k mile warranty. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=475729426&zip=08610&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D08610%26listingTypes%3Dcertified%26startYear%3D1981%26sortBy%3DmileageASC%26maxPrice%3D17000%26incremental%3Dall%26engineCodes%3D6CLDR%26firstRecord%3D0%26endYear%3D2019%26modelCodeList%3DCHRYS200%26makeCodeList%3DCHRY%26searchRadius%3D200&listingTypes=certified&startYear=1981&numRecords=25&maxPrice=17000&firstRecord=0&endYear=2019&modelCodeList=CHRYS200&makeCodeList=CHRY&searchRadius=200&makeCode1=CHRY&modelCode1=CHRYS200 My second one: First gen Chevy Volt - I found a certified 2014 with 21k miles at Fred Bean's in Doylestown for $15k. Even if you never plug it in, 40mpg is not uncommon and they have just a bit more scoot than a 2.4 Malibu. If you did plug it in, her commute could be potentially gasoline free. Not too bad for a $15k car and there are lots available near you for under that price. They drive well, better than the same size Cruze. They have some interior quirks, but usually nothing deal breaking. The one thing that could be an issue is no center rear seating position, but I don't get the impression you'd be using the car in that fashion very often. Being a hatchback, with the rear seats folded down, they have large cargo capacity. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=467331259&zip=08610&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D08610%26listingTypes%3Dcertified%26startYear%3D1981%26sortBy%3DmileageASC%26maxPrice%3D15000%26incremental%3Dall%26firstRecord%3D0%26endYear%3D2019%26modelCodeList%3DVOLT%26makeCodeList%3DCHEV%26searchRadius%3D75&listingTypes=certified&startYear=1981&numRecords=25&maxPrice=15000&firstRecord=0&endYear=2019&modelCodeList=VOLT&makeCodeList=CHEV&searchRadius=75&makeCode1=CHEV&modelCode1=VOLT If being certified isn't a concern, prices go down and options go up. There are no big reliability concerns with the Volt though you may want to budget some Blizzaks for upstate NY.
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    Spent a few hours wandering around the Cleveland Auto Show yesterday, took a few pics, but mostly enjoyed taking in the new cars...huge crowd being it was a rainy Saturday afternoon. Highlights included the '19 Corvette ZR-1 convertible in orange, a Camaro ZL-1 in blue, the new Navigator in silver blue w/ light blue interior, the Continental in dark blue w/ light blue interior. Many of the Cadillacs were locked, couldn't sit in them...a bummer. The Lexus LC is quite wild looking in person. Really liked the Regal Sportback and Tour-X. Today was nice and sunny, took a drive up the Lake Erie Coast to see lighthouses in Dunkirk, NY and Erie, PA....saw a dark red G8 GXP and a current silver Nissan GT-R in Dunkirk. Drove out to Presque Isle, PA in Erie, beautiful beaches and park. The old Dodge truck was parked in front a winery near the PA-NY state line. Lots of wineries to explore up there.
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    Seat belts were newly mandated for '66, so they were automotively topical. Wonder what/how the other end was attached to in the car.
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    Dang, I'm headed toward the second major job shake up in less than a year. After being laid off last year- I've been working at the old job while searching for a new one (not another job, but a better one).Found out a few days ago that my position is disappearing and they are hoping they an transfer somewhere else. This is why I tried hard to get out of retail in general. The industry is dying pretty quickly...... Trying to think positive and not stress out....this also throws of my plan of adding another degree to my current one...
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    Our 1800 sq foot 1916 house was assessed 350k higher than we bought it for in 2017, 2.5 years after we bought it .
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    My 1952 house 2000 sqft with 2 car garage, 3 bedrooms, 1 office, 1 3/4 bath on .3 acre lot. Bought in 1999 at $140,000, now valued at $452,800 by the county for tax purposes, $4,300 a year in property tax, but local realtors say it can sell for between $550,000 and $600,000. Washington housing market is crazy! 223% percent increase in 19 years. Crazy
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    Don't think I've ever seen a steel house before, though have heard of them. 1240 sq ft might be fine for two people--my Denver condo was 2 bedroom and 1000 sq ft. My sister's 1952 house in AZ was 1200 sq ft, 3 bedroom and was cramped for 2 people w/ dogs and too much stuff (we still had to have 2 storage units), with no garage (2 carports, 3-4 cars). My 1967 house here in the Cleveland 'burbs is a 2700 sq ft split level, 4 bedrooms, finished basement. Size and storage space is good but I'd like more garage space (the 2 car garage is a bit on the small side). Property tax on the Phoenix house was about $4500/yr, about the same has my house here. Property prices in the Cleveland area are lower than Phoenix but taxes seem higher. My family farm in Ohio (150 acres, 1857 house, guest house, barn etc) has taxes about the same...my older brother is always bitching about the taxes (but he only has to pay 1/3 of them--he & my sister and I own the property).
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    This wee, 1240 SF house is a 1936 steel panel Art Deco unit (yes- those are large rust spots). I could easily see this in New Brunswick NJ (median household income: $38K), and it might be $60K there. But it's in Princeton NJ (median household income $116K), and it's in Princeton (yes: I know I said that already) so it's market value is just about $750K. Princeton is the most architecturally-diverse town I've ever been/worked in.
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    That is AWESOME. We need to capitalize on this technology, asap.
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    Of course, discussion of auto stocks immediately brings Tesla to mind. A $344/share, it's a textbook study in the suspension of reality. The company's business metrics do not apply to Tesla, but in that such is the case, 'that which is given can be taken away' is potentially enacted all the faster. I debated buying Ford when it was about $2/share, at that price might have bought 1000 shares & been up 8 grand today, but I didn't pull the trigger.
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    Your right, I will take a 71-72 over the 73. I do like that rear end.
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    I have such fond memories of 50's, 60's and 70's American iron from my childhood. I know vintage four doors are anathema to you, but I would love to own one...I miss those old cars every day I walk on this planet. LOTS of good times in the 70's and 80's with these.
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    Clearly people are trading in the old standard: For the New Standard:
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    For Ocnblu; a duck, Bill ~
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    rode past my local Buick / GMC dealer and spotted 2 Veranos- going to check them out. - - - - - Another beautiful Cadillac 4-door coupe (tho I prefer the 'Western' low bed style immensely) ~
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    '60 Cadillac station wagon (long wheelbase) ~ Short wheelbase version ~
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    ^ Because obviously the 6 series grand coupe is setting the charts on fire. - - - - -
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    Based on the latest data from 2015 of buying trends based on female versus male registrations of auto's in the US.
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    Bolt has more front & rear legroom than an E-class sedan! Then again, perhaps MB-s mediocre packaging isn't a fair comparison.
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