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    I saw a new 124 (silver/black top) and a '70s 124 (brown/tan top) about 2 weeks ago...first time I'd seen either in ages. Or move it to Dodge. Give it a new fascia and racetrack taillight, an optional Hellcat engine, etc...maybe call it Viper Jr.
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    Was out for a Sunday drive up in Lake County and going to open houses and happened to turn a corner and see this Frank Lloyd Wright beauty... needs a '50s car in the carport. The Karl Staley House in N. Madison, Oh
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    I think Apple would have run Tesla better than Elon has.
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    The talking order clown at Burger World's drive-thru is a better CEO than Musk.
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    I believe ocnblue and Drew are confirming my first post. You can't buy what you can't find. Then there is my second Post in this thread which (sort of ) explains that marketing has bamboozled so many people. I know I did not specify exactly how marketing has bamboozled so many. But I'm going to assume that in these forms people understand. But then again there seem to be a lot of people who buy trucks based on "real people" advertising. I suppose the sad thing is that there are so many people going to buy a truck and getting duped by a *"'!/" Salesman.
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    @dfelt I am on board with Cadillac returning to names. As a result of the letters and numbers, I no longer know what's what. As for the name Calais, it was on a Cadillac product at one time before Oldsmobile picked it up as a type of Cutlass ... and as a stand-alone name plate. French names and Cadillac go hand in hand. Cadillac is a French word. It's even one of the stops on the Montreal Metro's green line!
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    Took the day off and drove down to Ocean City, MD for the 29th Annual Cruisin' Ocean City weekend. Met up with my bro and his family. Was a great day.
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    The best or nothing (or whatever looks like something else).
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    Have to admit one thing about the EQC. That sure is a nice looking Lincoln they designed there.
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    I will say this was sexy, the 2016 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 concept. I will say it is an interesting read "http://www.auto-reviewz.com/2016-cadillac-fleetwood-75-review-and-specs/" Yet as @balthazar has stated, Cadillac like Mercedes has built some amazing exciting concepts and yet not built them as production.
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    Yes & yes; Uhaul lesbian hookers, Anderson Cooper did a piece on them a couple years back.
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    Cadillac should be building stuff with the spirit of this car in that is roomy and comfortable with ride quality. People hardly buy 200 inch long sedans now, let alone 225 inch, so they couldn't build vehicles this big. But they could make stuff like CT4 or CT5 focus on room and ride comfort and a more pampering experience rather than razor edge handling, because the wanna be Nurburgringers are going to buy a German car anyway. Not only should the CT6 turn into the Fleetwood with more luxury, but they should make an Eldorado coupe that is about CT5 in size but more luxurious and throw some tail fins on there if they want to. The current Cadillac line up is passionless.
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    Tesla stock doing the limbo. How low can it go before it falls on its butt.
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    After reading back thru this thread, seeing all the peeps who wandered off this board --some of them fully 9 years ago!-- I threw up a new background 'toast' to old conversations :
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    I suppose I did not specify when I said Eco and boost but not both. But I was also talking about under heavy load and didn't think I needed to. I was assuming most people reading these forms kind of already knew and I was rehashing something. I guess I should not assume. I also mentioned different technologies and how they work. And knowing your needs versus those technologies. which is why you do not see class 8 tractor trailers going down the roads moving 80,000 pounds using Small engines buzzing their little hearts out.
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    The bottom line is the only reason small displacement turbo engines have become so popular is because manufacturers are trying to meet EPA regulations. Now of course they can market it a 3.5 l turbo engine as more powerful than a V8. But that's only marketing. They can also market a 3.5 as more fuel efficient than a V8. But when the engines are under a load, towing for example, many people in the know realize that eeficiency marketing is a ploy for small turbo engines. Are there benefits to forced induction. Yes. Are they much more complicated and more prone to failure in somem cases, yes. Are they more expensive to develop and build yes. If it weren't for trying to meet regulations than any maker could develop a 20 liter turbo V8. All the benefits of large displacement, and all the benefits of turbo. Automakers are playing a balancing act between economy and power. Throw in emissions regulations on top of that. Back to the title of this thread. Ford cuts V8 production. They're doing it to meet regulations, not because that's what the market is clamoring for. They boast about how many EcoBoost engines are sold in trucks vs. V8 engines. But like I said before you can't buy what isn't offered. And there are enough people that don't realize you can have Eco or boost but not both. So ford can slap a sticker on the window of an EcoBoost pickup with great MPG ratings. And the first time someone toes a good load with that EcoBoost they realize a V8 is more efficient. You have to understand what you're going to be using the vehicle for, and how they different technologies work. Many people do realize how these technologies work, many people do not. So I'll say again, it's meeting regulations and marketing. Okay I'll stop ranting.
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    I've said that before as well. I don't think the 90's/early 00's engines were bad but they were all matched to the sloppy 4spd autos. I think even a modern 6spd auto would wake those vehicles up.
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    Interesting...definitely an approach that wouldn't work today. I loathe carports. Had them in Arizona (front and back), no protection from dust, birds or cats and limited protection from the weather. I do like the idea of built-in closets and shelving/drawers, though.
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    We'll could not find my name list but will take another stab here: Cars, I would drop the coupe look, go back to having a trunk and make magnetic ride standard on all models with luxury float, sport and V mode for driving and having the suspension deliver what the owner / driver wanted. Power trains would be standard on a V6 with V8 option and Blackwood TTV8 as the top engine choice along with EV versions. Names I would take Cadillac back to them: SUV/Truck Names: Escalade Escalade ESV Escalade EXT - This needs to come back. XT7 = Fleetwood XT6 = Palisade XT5 = Eminence XT4 = End of life, leave this category size to Buick. Car Names: CT6 = Escala CT6 Coupe = Eldorado CT5 = Ciel CT5 Coupe = Calais No need for the CT4, this is a luxury line and compacts belong to Buick and below. All models would have Sport and V editions. That is 10 models with 3 trim levels per auto, all options can be bought at any trim level. Improving the CT6 as with all auto's in my lineup above would have real leather as base or a luxury cloth option on top of additional tiers of leather quality, real wood and the glossy black plastic trim would be a thing of the past. Carbon fiber would only be available as an option on V Sport and standard on V editions. Through out would be LED piping to highlight the feet area and beyond so that you could always find things. Massage chairs, recliners in the back of the car, minimum of 24" of leg room so one could stretch out. So much more Cadillac could do if only they would dream again to be the Standard of the World!
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    I agree that there should be some significant price distance between Buick and Cadillac. Cadillac will probably need to get more expensive for that to truly work. Ideally, Cadillac would raise prices on all its vehicles by about $5000 AND Buick would trim prices by $2000 just so that each can have its own space in the marketplace.
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    If Tesla has a future as an independent car maker, I think they need to remove Musk and bring in more stable leadership. Let him focus on Space X and the Boring Company.
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    Of course, as we're in the midst of the Great Homogenization, with no end in sight.
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    Once the other luxury brands are producing a few electric sedans and CUV's each with similar or better range and performance, I don't see Tesla remaining an independent company.
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    The Fleetwood is sorely missed. The last ones were a return to former glory after disastrous missteps. Only thing missing was a Cadillac V8, but the Chevrolet smallblock was in highly evolved form at that time, it was more than adequate.
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    Toyota lost their longevity advantage long ago. Now they’re on the same plane as everyone else, they just have to issue 1000% more recalls to simulate such.
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    When my brother took his GTO motor to get rebuild, he put it in the trunk of my ‘64 Catalina. I’ve long felt/agree that a dwindling supply of decent sized cars, in addition to substandard towing abilities push more & more folks into trucks/SUVs.
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    I can see a car like this being a success at Cadillac! Found this Concept drawing, I really like. The Cadillac d'Elegance
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    I wouldnt mind the market accepting these types of rides again. I would buy one...maybe. On a side note, doesnt Cadillac already offer a modern version of this type of vehicle already? In the form of a Cadillac Escalade ESV Both are very similar in conception too. Body on frame. Both are huge and long... Both Escalade versions weigh more because truck based versus car. Plus, all the added modern safety stuff and modern electronics for our attention deficit disorder ways... Maybe even the ride is similar. I never rid in an Escalade before. But Im assuming the ESV is more of a floatiy ride than a sporty one. maybe not as floaty as that Fleetwood...but a Fleetwood needed not be that floaty either. The Chevrolet Impala SS was more taut than a Caprice, right? Its just suspension tuning at this point, right? Anyway... All to say that a "Fleetwood" version of the CT6 to compliment the Escalade wouldnt be that bad of an idea. After all, the (Deville)DTS and later XTS did have their loyal following after the Fleetwood went away. American luxury is what that is. And I think there could be a comeback for it. After all, it seems like spirited, enthusiastic driving is slowly going away... I have been on a ranting mission as of late promoting big ass Cadillacs so this would be my calling card, right?
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    Hold out- it’s far from its bottom yet...
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    Some are electric, some are gas. have gas heat in my current house. I know with the air conditioning my summer bills are only about 1/3 what they were in Arizona.
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    Frank Lloyd Wright hated clutter. In his opinion, if you had a garage door, you would be tempted to put stuff other than the car in the garage and then clutter up the place. If there is no door, you would be more inclined to keep the place neat since people would see it. Thus, he only ever put car ports in his designs and not garages. The theory extends into his houses which have very little amount of storage for their size. In rooms like bedrooms, he would put full built-in units for clothing so that people wouldn't use their own furniture and muck up his design.
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    Part of the problem with Benz (and more so at BMW), is they consider the E-Sedan, E-Wagon, E-Coupe, E-Convertible, E-AMG of each of those, to be different models. They're not. They are one model with different body-styles or trims. If they're going to cut body styles, I kinda expect that. but they're not cutting that many "models".. because an E300 coupe is not a distinct model. Edit: And the first thing they can cut is the stupid crossover coupes.... they sell terribly.
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    ‘57. I see emblems on front fender; means Coupe deVille vs. Series 62 coupe.
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    They can be extremely convenient. A couple years ago when we went to Vegas, we never needed to rent a vehicle because we were close enough to walk most places but those we couldn't the $10-30 for an Uber/Lyft was way cheaper and even more convenient than finding a place to park and most likely paying to park as well. We also use them if we're going out drinking places, no worry of a DUI if you're not driving. It's really all about location. When you're in a larger populated area, it's way more convenient to Uber/Lyft then drive a lot of the time.
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    The turbo just replaces the extra 2 cylinders and the volume air displacement... The added weight that comes with the required turbo plumbing and the needless complexity and the extra moving parts of the turbo itself just seems contradictory to me when people say: "no need for v8s when the v6 turbo does just as well." Oxymoron is what it is... because a turbo V6 requires a lot of complexity just to replicate what a naturally aspirated V8 does quite easily...with its eyes closed and its hands tied behind its back type deal... I dont get the OVERengineering solution...I really dont.
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    Equally important is that rideshares are not practical in a lot of small towns and rural America more generally. I have no need for a rideshare, but I do feel sorry for those who live in the middle of nowhere without a CAR of their own.
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    Perfect for car jousting lol!
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    The Ford truck is neat, never seen a pic of one of those...I've seen a few pics of the VW ones around the 'net, here's one hauling pipe and one that is out to pasture.
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    Reminds me of the VW Typ 2 half cab trucks used for lumber or pipe hauling.
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    I like using Uber occasionally when I’m going to dinner or a concert or other event downtown in an area without convenient parking...not something I’d use daily, but a few times a month.. For vacations, I could see using Uber esp. in places where I wouldn't rent a car.
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    Wait - isn't a mere 500 units equal to "no one buys them" ??
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    The non-Chevy, Corvette-esque concepts of '54 weren't really considered seriously- they were attention-grabbing show cars is about it. There was no development past them; they weren't intended for production. And Cadillac actually did get one- the '53 2/3-seater LeMans, which Cadillac built 5 of. It likely had more serious consideration that the Olds/Pontiac/Buick versions for production. The Corvette, I believe, was intended to be more of an 'everyday man's' sport car, and therefore seemed logical for Chevrolet… but even from '53, it was high priced. It was closer to double the top '53 Chevy base price, and only $100-200 cheaper than the base Series 62 Coupe at Cadillac in '53. smk's claim it's been a cheap sports car since the beginning is invalid. A 'Corvette' for Cadillac in '53 was too far removed from their position & mission at the time. The LeMans would've worked well, tho… but Cadillac had the Eldorado convertible, which would have it's own unique rear clip from '55-58.
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