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    How some EV fans talk about maintenance on IC vehicles :
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    I wish they didn't use Mustang name on the crossover. "Mach E" would be cool and sufficient name by itself.
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    Sometimes, one has to "just say no" to specials and coupons. I clipped a handful of Long John Silver coupons on threw them into the console. At midday, I was hungry and the light bulb went on. I used one. I got 2 pieces of fish, 2 sides, and 2 hush puppies. I then regretted it. I didn't get sick or anything. The food was just gross. I threw out the remaining clipped coupons. Perhaps that's why 5 years lapse between visits to LJS. Again, like Nancy Reagan once said, "just say no." The "Tour de Costco" is almost guaranteed to have a better outcome.
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    I'm an I.T. Project manager specializing in infrastructure projects or mergers and acquisitions.. Basically, I build/upgrade/tear down/move big server projects. I happen to work in the energy sector right now, but I'm pretty sector agnostic. My job translates well to any sector.
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    He's not old. BUT... someone should put something in his mouth. KIDDING, don't trigger on me! I don't care about the Euro brands in the new conglomerate, although I am not anti-Peugeot, per se. They used to have a decent diesel car back in the day here in America. Since my blood is red, I want to see Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge continue on and on and on. If Dodge/Ram had a smaller truck, I would have looked at it intensely before making a recent decision.
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    Looks are subjective. But because Tesla sells the amount they sell, their styling DOES resonate with the people. And THAT would be WORLDWIDE... As we know, for the most part, ugly cars do not sell. Tesla cars sell well. WORLDWIDE over Tesla cars are the most sold EVs. Ugly or not, THAT by definition makes Tesla style have Tesla mojo. In other words, Tesla has its own style and people gravitate towards it. And Tesla having its own style doing things its own way having its own mojo is a very good thing when it comes to BRANDING... Kleenex, Vaseline, Coke, Scotch Tape, Fridgidaire, Crock-Pot, Jet-Ski, Bubble Wrap, Google, Xerox, Amazon... The Tesla brand is fast becoming that kind of brand...if it aint already there... And the Model 3's minimalist approach to its interior (and that is how the Tesla Model S' interior will be too on its next refresh that will be soon enough) is well received by many that buy the Tesla 3. In fact, its a selling point. And a very successful selling point at that. You and I dont like it. But these EV peeps seem to adore it. Plus, you cant argue, Tesla has a very very good product to sale you. It aint all marketing bullshyte and fad of the day internet sensation... The EV technology that Tesla sells you is quite possibly the best there is out there... Plus its charging network that helps with the branding... I know you were NOT the one chastising me for dissing Ferrari VS Ford movie by saying that I dont want to see bullshyte American flag waving nonsense in the movie... but Ill tell you one thing, and others that hate on Tesla... AND ILL DO THE AMERICAN FLAG WAVING HERE. WHICH IS RIGHTFULLY DESERVED IN THIS CASE!!! TESLA IS AMERICAN!!! AN AMERICAN CAR COMPANY THAT IS COVETED ALL AROUND THE WORLD. BE PHOQUING PROUD!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER YOU FOLK???!!! THESE ARE THE TIMES WHEN YOU SAY: AMERICA! PHOQUE YEAH!!!
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    I don't like them tying the identity to the Mustang name...will be very polarizing. Will it have parking lot crash mode for running over pedestrians? (I love Mustangs, grew up driving them...but Mustang for me means 2drs, RWD a V8 and manual available...this is something completely different).
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    for a rental I got a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport (RVR in Canada) with about 200 miles on the odo. the target buyer is your weird aunt who always called herself ‘the fun aunt’ when you were 11 because she’s 44 but says she looks 41, unmarried, says words like ‘groovy’ , funky’ and ‘kiddo’ and always takes you to applebees for appy hour for some belated birthdate you had a week and a half ago. the aunt whose name your mom would slowly sigh out after hanging up another phone call where the subjects shifted between dried ovaries, outdated match.com profile photos, gravity’s toll and questioning why that nice boy way back in grade 12 never called again, while your dad sat at the kitchen table staring stone faced at the newspaper knowing if he made one smart remark, he’d be hit with it. she was on a tuesday evening date with a divorced 47-year old beergut named richie who drives the shuttle for an automall, and the sales manager at the mitsu dealer promised richie a $100 gift card to montana’s for each successful referral. your aunt jumped at the chance for a second date to ride richie’s short bus around the dealerships all day. unfortunately, richie interpreted ‘ride richie’s short bus’ incorrectly on the second date, so your aunt was promptly dropped off in front of a shiny Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. she loved how ‘it looks like a little truck’ and couldn’t believe the giant sunroof. a sales rep upon seeing an actual person on the lot, thought she was lost opening the door, the old navy yoga pants on aunt’s diminishing derrière slid onto the cheap, plasticky leather seating, her chunky jewelry-laden hands running along hard, hollow, textured plastics, leaving fingerprints on the sparse piano black plastic accents. ‘ooooh i can fit all my girlfriends in this for a road trip’ exclaimed your aunt to the sales rep, who silently doubted the plural in girlfriends as he looked at the decent interior space that welcomed nobody. as if by magic, the radio is tuned to 95.9 SPLASH FM, ‘WITH TRIX AND THE CHIX,‘ and shania is belting out on speakers tinnier than the discman headphones you had when she was popular. unable to see over the exaggerated hood and rear quarter panels, your aunt doesn’t care because the outlander allegedly has four wheel drive, so even snow won’t stop her from safely getting to her administrative job at the caster wheel wholesaler. in just a few short hours, the young finance guy who politely yet deftly ignored any ‘is there a missus todd?’ questions has put your aunt in the outlander for 72 months at just a little over $100 a week. now your aunt has plenty of hatchback to put bumper stickers like ‘I got crabs in Maryland’ and ‘Caution: Blonde Driving,’ and you’ll appreciate the last one because the mitsu’s handling isn’t good and feels disconnected from the road. the cvt makes the engine seem lazy, devoid of pep and drive. like your aunt, the mitsubishi outlander sport just... exists. it pleases no one even if it’s trying and it makes you feel bad.
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    This is great news to try and keep the sedan alive but it feels like a slight miss without the V6.
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    Well, something needs to change...unions aren't what they used to be about...it's all about upper management GREED anymore, not the workers or the company employing them. https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/6101444253001/#sp=show-clips
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    17 miles per hour faster than a '55 mercedes 300SL. Interestingly, it's not wearing either a Tri-Power or Fuel Injection emblem. Must've been a Tempest 395 A 'NASCAR-certified' hi-po option.
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    Maybe GM and Ford can do the same thing and cut sedan prices across the board. CUVs are the hot things now.
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    Depends if they can snag that post office contract or not.
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    Right, this is the truth, get the merge done, then start by looking at what needs to be cut to stop blood loss or kill off non-profit generating products. Dell Technologies like any other mega merging company did this with keeping everything till the merge was done, then reviewing everything and spinning the marketing story on how we can serve you better with this selection of products and that the few features missing are on the road map to be added to the new focused product line. I say in 2 to 3 years after the merger is finished, we will see the Guillotine start happening to the product line.
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    I used to think this way too. I guess reading too many car magazines back in the day made me adapt to their idiotic biases. I know now why they critically devalued an older model versus a newer model in their head to head comparisons...all because of fake automotive journalistic bias to sell more magazines... to idiots like me. I never understood why a certain model that was very good 2 years prior was now criticized and more importantly, FROWNED upon just because a new competitor had a new model out. But these magazines sure had me hook, line and sinker. And that kind of idiocy arose in the car forums that I posted in later on in life and I got to see more idiots, including myself, where a Mustang guy would diss a Camaro guy and vice versa and the come backs for each idiot was: "yeah, but the new Mustang will come out next year..." or "Yeah, but the Camaro is already 2 years old...of course the Mustang beat it..." Such lunacy... Which brings me to this post here. Yes. Of course! I understand why companies spend billions to create new platforms every 6-8 years or so...to be on the cutting edge of technology to one-up the competition. But that too is lunacy. Take the fullsized pick-up truck wars. Every new gen platform and the Big 3 boast towing capacities and we are in a world where these pick-up trucks can practically haul shyte on par with 18 wheelers. Exaggeration of course. OK...I guess that kind of competition is good for the consumer, but when does a regular Joe Blow need to haul shyte like an 18 wheeler on with his Chevy Silverado? Keep in mind, I AM talking about a regular Joe Blow here.... And all that these brings to the car manufacturer is enormous amounts of R&D money that they do not necessarlity need to spend... And the negative talk in car mags? Is a 2 generations ago Silverado THAT much of a loser vehicle as compared to a brand new 2020 F-150? Because, of all the R&D money spent on each and every generation of the Silverado, I personally do not think that a 2 generations ago Silverado is that much behind a new generation Silverado, or Ram or F-150... Corvette just proves it... The C4 and the C5 and the C6 and the C7 are not really brand new new platforms from the generations before... Improved upon...yes, but not brand new like the C8 is... and THAT would be smart R&D money. Toyoter too. This is why Toyoter has a huge war chest of money... PS: Ive changed my mind set on this issue and returned to how I used to think. Like you!
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    In olden days, penny pinchers bought econoboxes w/ manuals because they were usually the cheapest, and got better gas mileage than automatics. That is odd about the 86, would have thought it would have similar numbers as the Miata.
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    GXP - the best iteration of the last Bonne. Still a great looking car. Now we have to look at disjointed shit like this:
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    Yep, comes down to the Cruze wasn't selling well enough to keep Lordstown open and GM wanted to get the money pit off the books too.
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    Drive it like you stole it!! Just get it back with 4 wheels still intact.
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    Cannot agree with this, IKEA BLOWS! They honestly need to be investigated for deceptive pricing, marketing and failure to support products they sell that upon return, sorry that is discontinued and not supported. Not returnable. They use tiny signage to say you have to be part of some plan to get the priced items. Hell help you if you buy a product missing parts and it has been discontinued by the company but still being sold. I get it that it is cheap, but not worth the hours you spend in line to check out, the Salty MSG heavy food they sell and the lack of quality help. If Cheap is your thing, then IKEA is your place. I will save up and buy quality over cheap. Horror stories about my kids buying stuff and then having to return it or try and get parts. I have told them knock the shit off and save to buy quality stuff. Not worth anyone's time. We really need a Love Emoji in the choices for post other than the 5 options we have.
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    No, but horrifying none the less... I can't imagine any current Mustang owner/fan buying something like this.
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    I just found out that it's had AWD basically the whole time.
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    I don't think there are going to be any sedans from GM outside of Cadillac in a few years? The ones left will be Cadillac with their sports car/convertible size trunks.
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    Sells all day long at $55k if they make that a crossover coupe.
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    10 years ago the AWD choices were mostly Subaru, Audi, the Ford Fusion and the Buick Regal/Lacrosse. All of them are quite capable AWD systems.
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    I wonder why Toyota is adding AWD as an option on their two most successful sedans. Where is the demand for another AWD sedan?
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    Haven't eaten at a Long John Silvers in maybe 15 years..pretty bad IIRC. A random eating experience I do miss, though...I miss having an IKEA nearby...I used to go to the one in Chandler, AZ periodically for lunch or breakfast.. tasty. Never been a Costco shopper, with Amazon I rarely need big box retailers.
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    Also Subaru seems to have kept to bland 2009'sh style for their sedans. Would be interesting to see total midsize sedan sales figures from 2004 vs 2019, maybe down by 50%?
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    I think Rivian is the one trying to steal mojo, not the other way around. Tesla has a foothold in the industry. Rivian hasn't sold a single production-grade/registerable vehicle yet.
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    Quadrasteer on the Sierra was awesome, a buddy of mine had one. It was a pretty cool feeling the way the back-end of the truck kind of had a sliding around effect behind you instead of just trailing and the smaller turning radius made it drive like a midsize truck. It was a pretty expensive option and like you stated was never marketed correctly. I wonder how many are actually out there, I still see them with the slightly bulged rear fenders every once in a while. Same thing with the Volt/ELR. They could have had great marketing on them, but never did. Voltec should have started with the expensive but not so expensive ELR then came out with the less expensive 4 door cousin, the Volt a few years later, but the bean counters thought different and were wrong again. The ELR had great fit and finish and was beautiful inside and out, the interior with leather wrapped everything, real wood and real carbon fiber was awesome and blew away the Model S in that regard. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the Voltec platform just to kill it 8 years later. I'm sure a version of it will be back at some point, but who knows. Bean counters at GM be damned!
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    Sure, if not written down already. But the bulk of the value has to be the property & buildings over any equity left in tooling (a lot of which is probably not applicable to Workhorse's needs). Lordstown is 6.2 million square feet on 905 acres. For some comparison, Baltimore Assembly was 182 acres with 3.1 million SF when it sold for $27M in 2005. Plant half the age, twice the SF, 4 times the property, 15 years later? I’m going to guess the price was $125M.
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    Misaligned belt moldings and general crappy workmanship catch my eye in a negative way (Tesla hallmarks).
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    I agree with you on fullsize pickup trucks and their ridiculous 2 or 4 year "refresh" now that are basically a new grille design or a change to the headlight tech and/or design. It's funny because it used to be 7-10 years before the domestics would change much of anything on their fullsize trucks until about the '14 or '15 MY, now the other guy has the "All New" truck and Corp. top brass saying "we can't have that" it's all a sales tactic obviously. I also agree that pretty soon these fullsize trucks are going to haul way more than they need to or more than the driver is even licensed for (CDL) and the turbo diesel power output is now 450-500hp and 850-1000 ft. lbs of torque and a max GVWR of 35K+ lbs. and again anything over 26,001 lbs. you need a CDL, so yep 18 wheeler territory in that respect Now with the Corvette you were a little off. From the C4 production that ran from 1984 - 1996 to the C5 that ran from 1997 - 2004 they were totally different platforms. The C5 with much improved stability and performance was a totally new car from the ground up, with maybe a couple of suspension components that were similar to the C4. It had a totally new "hydroformed" ladder style space frame and the transmission went from being bolted directly to the engine to the back axle in a very stout transaxle form, all connected with a "torque tube" which in the C5's case is a very strong forged aluminum tunnel that carries the driveshaft and attaches the front of the powertrain to the back. It was really nice to see the bell housing bulge in the driver and passenger footwell from the C4 go away with this new design. This all new design with the transmission in the back also gave the C5 Corvette a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. When the C5 came out the body had the lowest Cd (Coefficient of drag) at .29 Cd that was lower than Ferrari at the time. Speaking of powertrain this was also the first year of the all new GM LS motor with the LS1. With this new C5 chassis design being so good and so far ahead of it's time in the late 90's it lasted surprisingly long, longer than even GM engineers thought, I was told this by one at the C8 reveal I went to. With basically all new bodies for the 2005 C6 and 2014 C7 and some suspension updates and upgrades like MagnaRide until the 2020 C8 it was a pretty rare circumstance. Can you think of another modern car chassis that has lasted the test of time so well like the C5 - C7 Corvette have at 23 MY's? It shows how well thought out the design was compared to previous generations to last well into the future. "Toyoter" LMAO!
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    VERY WELL WRITTEN!!! We SHOULD embrace our biases and we should ADMIT them when we are discussing things. I do NOT hold back on my biases. I try to be as open as I possibly can when I speak or post. I put all my cards on the table...some people do not know how to cope with that and they read into more than they should from what I said because of their own biases that they also seem to suppress whether they are aware of their own bias or not. I tend to pick up on that right away and put the two opposing biases on display but that causes more riff... Regarding professionalism to where opinions and "facts" really influence folk....MONEY is always a factor. Integrity is a trait that can and does get compromised when money is involved. Very few professionals stay...professional. Its hard. Circumstances sometimes does not allow for integrity to be upheld and so forth... But sometimes...humanity is decent and integrity remains strong... Bias. Its a human necessity. Its how we evolve and survive... But we have to allow others to have biases and opinions. But when money is involved, sometimes that bias is money influenced and is not really personal anecdotal opinion, but fake, money influenced business transactions that are passed off as personal, anecdotal advice and opinion... And integrity is compromised...and fake views on subjects are being passed on and lead people to fake conclusions... And when we see that kind of bias, we should expose it for the crap that it is and not embrace it... We must not be naive to this either...we have a brain, we must use it...
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    I always meant to answer back at this post. I wanted to tell you to read it in spurts. Like in sports. In baseball terms. Read it slowly. One inning at a time. Stop. Spit. Scratch your balls. Resume reading. During the 7th inning, take a break, sing a little diddy, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, or in the is case...LITTLE GTO, fits in with the motif of my post and finallly finish it off. 4 hours you said? In 2019, baseball games last just over 3 hours...BANG! You are under the 4 hour barrier!!!
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    So I guess its you, the Corvette owners, that are a finicky bunch then... Golf bags. Cup holders. Fat seats for your old man fat asses.
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    Seems the reports of only early this year and late last year that battery price per kW would be $187 per kW by 2025 are way off after massive advancements have the battery industry heading to $87 per kW battery pack cost by 2025. https://chargedevs.com/newswire/new-report-cost-and-performance-of-batteries-improving-much-faster-than-forecast/
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    EVERY lexus car is irrelevant, sales-wise, except the vanilla ES.
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    It's on Craigslist for $37,500. https://frederick.craigslist.org/cto/d/poolesville-1957-cadillac-eldorado/7017642465.html
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    That is the problem though. SELLING them to a disinterested public.
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    When Cadillac went to this design is when I went SUV. To me, that is what I see Kia has done with their trunk, killed the opening with a stupid look like this.
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