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    Right my own opinion on that not being a troll, just pointing out MB has changed from what was viewed by most as a Luxury only automaker to what what it really is, a global automaker selling entry level FWD Blah appliances to ubber luxury level auto's as stupid crazy prices. IMHO. MB is no different than any other auto company out there with cheap ass version auto's to mid range to luxury to ubber luxury. End result, Mercedes-Benz is NOT a Ubber Luxury auto company any longer. After all those cheap ass plastic delivery vans are sold alongside an S-Class on the same lot. Done with this rant, back to the Non V CT4. Has potential, be interesting to see what all it does once it is on the lots for sale. Hope GM actually Markets them properly to drive sales.
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    a 'cheaper/base model S-class?????? Why? It's not 'best or less than best', is it?
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    This past Saturday I went to my trusted Buick dealer and purchased a very gently used 2019 LaCrosse with about 4,000 miles. It's an Essence AWD in Red Quartz Metallic and an Ebony interior, with the Bose Centerpoint Surround, Blind Spot Monitoring, Navigation, Lane Keep Assist, Panoramic Sunroof, etc. The dealer held firm on their internet price but the price was honestly really good for an almost-new car. The car is stunning and after driving it, I was sold. It is a damn shame this car is gone from the US. Aside from having the carpeted mats, the dealer gave me ebony Buick all-weather mats. During the test drive I happened to comment I wish it had the sunshade because my early morning commute west, the sun is usually in my eyes from behind. To my surprise, the dealer installed one while they were detailing it and changing the oil. It was a nice treat. The Bose Centerpoint Surround before I experienced it, I thought was just a gimmick; a title/marque. I was completely wrong... when you turn on the Centerpoint Surround, the music shifts almost as though it's being played in the center of the car. Amazing how speakers can "throw" sound and give it such a different effect. For some reason, the "plood" in pictures always looked horrible in my opinion. In person it's a completely different story. I think it's very handsome. If I have to gripe, and it's about the start/stop and the wireless charging. Although the car is seamless to stop, it's noticeable when it starts. In fact, on occasion, there's a slight lurch forward as the engine restarts... not a fan, but I'll obviously cope. As for the wireless charging port, even with my case off, my phone doesn't fit. And although I can squeeze it in tightly, a display on the screen tells me through icons that only cell phones should be placed in there. If only it were a tiny bit bigger...
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    That wagon is sharp with the escalade tail lights, but we all know that Cadillac styling has moved on from the purely vertical blades these days.
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    Right, GM is using transparency to force the UAW to come to fair terms. Love the way this is being done by GM and hope all auto companies that have to deal with the corrupt greedy unions follow this road map. No need for hiding anything. Show the fair deal and let the union members tell their greedy lazy leadership to take it. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/gm-strikes-dont-pack-economic-punch-they-once-did/ar-AAHqEz4?li=BBnb7Kz I also agree that as @daves87rs stated, this is a good deal and they should jump on it as a Union strike is NOT going to have the impact on the US as they did in the 70's or 80's. Those days are over.
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    Not for that reason. Even double the price, it would take a few decades to make up a newer vehicle’s purchase price in fuel cost savings. Makes no fiscal sense.
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    What people want is a three pointed star... doesn't matter if the car behind it is a fake benz.
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    It is kind of a catch 22, because the UAW wants more for their workers, but the more they get paid the more GM is going to be motivated to automate more jobs or build more cars in China. It is a fine balance.
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    It's a big fat "who cares?!" I personally think the XT5 is performing poorly in sales for two reasons. 1. they made it ugly. 2. GM (again) got greedy with the option prices. The old SRX did perfectly fine in sales because it was attractive.
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    I changed the oil in the Toronado using an oil filter given to me by @balthazar. Now she's good for another 10 months to a year.
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    At least they're catching it before it makes it to the customer. I'll give Ford credit for that.
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    Yet this kind of testing would allow us to learn on how to build denser battery packs and create more efficient controllers, motors and figure out how to use capacitors that are in the super category to achieve this maybe from regen into the super capacitor to help maintain the high speed.
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    Cause I like that Armada chair and wish they would build it.
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    For when you didn't pay your Studebaker car note. Happy Birthday @A Horse With No Name
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    I agree and they probably do as well and that's why they have the "baby bronco" to fill that spot. It'll be on the same platform as the Escape and I'm assuming it'll actually have the same wheelbase, just all new body panels and some off road goodies.
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    Built on bus bodies and road terribly according to reports.
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    Corporations need to be somewhat greedy to survive, especially when it's the UAW union we're talking about, they have always financially beat on the Big 3 (now Big 2 and FCA). Most of these union workers get somewhere in the vicinity of $35/hr., that's more than enough for what they do and GM is offering a 2% raise so it's not like they aren't trying to work something out. It's pretty clear that more of the greed leans toward the UAW top brass. My father was part of the Steel Workers Union back in the 70's and early 80's and he said unions are always very greedy and he would never be a part of one again and wasn't after '83. GM paid out a pretty healthy profit sharing check to the tune of $10,750 to 46,500 hourly employees in Feb. 2019, that's a pretty fat check and just shy of $500M in profits that GM handed them. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2019/02/06/gm-profit-sharing-checks-uaw-workers/2783459002/ There's a reason the president of the UAW just had his home raided by the FBI for corruption allegations. The last UAW president had a cottage built with UAW money, that's not possible without major corruption going on.
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    OK. Spike may be the wrong word. Rise by 50% (compared to current EV sales) is what I meant.
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    OK. Who would buy it here when an automaker could build an Equinox-sized version and almost literally mint money?
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    The manufacturer of the site software is supposed to be coming out with an app in the next version, but it will only cover the forums.
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    I am one of the extreme cases here, I drive 29k miles a year. My current car does 22.5mpg (lets say 22) on premium gas, so even when I switch to a car that does 10mpg better on regular gas (32), with the prices today where I live, I will be saving $1480 a year. It is a lot but not completely justifies buying a new car just for that reason.
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    ^ Modern Bentleys are incredibly generic; exterior styling sorely lacks detail. - - - - -
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    ^^ What happened to the rest of the car?
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    My choice of these three would be the S60 because I favor comfort over raw sportiness. The Genesis would be my second choice with the Audi a distant third. The Cadillac CT4 could eventually be an option once pricing is released.
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    There was no goalpost moving. You criticized Cadillac for the percentage of FWD models sold while ignoring the increase in FWD sales for Mercedes over the last four years, showing more reliance on those FWD models to boost sales. And again, the A Class itself was not point in my talk about reliability and you know that. Go back and read it more carefully before assuming that’s what I’m talking about. I am talking about this automatic pass you give for one car (regarding quality) while ignoring the fact that even their higher priced cars had many quality issues. If their next up the food chain car (C Class) is getting hammered in that regard, then why should anyone assume that the next one down the food chain is any better. See the connection yet? Now that’s a goal post move. Based on your logic, would you say that the Jeep Wrangler is quality or has been quality over the last three decades even though is had always sold well? How about the Escalade, which routinely beats the Mercedes competition? You say that recalls have no bearing on quality yet used that very argument against Ford. So do recalls only matter when we are talking about the competition? And BS on the one model nonsense because you have been saying that for years (before the release of the CT4 and CT5) and even thought they were cutting down to one or maybe two models not even two years ago. How’d that work out?
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    Owner of a ‘96 RAV 4 with 267K miles on it. It’s not shiny anymore but it’s never been junk.
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    I always liked the coupe and convertible of these Cutlasses, along w/ the Regal coupe of that generation.
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    I’ll admit that I have an unabashed love for the Mazda MX-5 Miata. This plucky roadster proves you don’t need gobs of power to provide a big grin when driving. A combination of well-sorted chassis, steering, and slick gearbox does the trick. But Mazda has decided to add a bit more power for the 2019 model, along with including a more powerful four-cylinder and a hardtop option. I’m curious to see if these changes can make the Miata better or worse. The model seen here is the RF - short for retractable fastback. Press the switch and the roof panels begin an origami folding exercise into the trunk. The result is a targa that provides the open-air feeling, minus a large amount of wind noise. It doesn’t hurt that roof pillars are styled in such a way that gives off a rakish look, no matter whether the top is up or down. Under the hood lies a revised 2.0L Skyactiv four-cylinder with 181 horsepower and 151 pound-feet of torque - up 26 and 3 respectively. A six-speed manual is standard, while an automatic is optional. The small bump makes for a huge improvement in overall acceleration. Just leaving a stop, I was surprised how much pull the engine had as it got to 45 about a half-second quicker than the last Miata. A key change is Mazda bumping the redline to 7,500 rpm, which allows the engine to fully flex its muscle. This became apparent when I needed to pass a vehicle and found that I didn’t need to drop down a gear to get the power needed. The six-speed manual is still a joy to work with short and precise throws and a direct feeling clutch pedal. Even when stuck in traffic, doing the motions didn’t feel like a hassle. Average fuel economy for the week landed around 32 mpg, even though I was winding the engine out and playing through the gears just because it is so much fun. My tester was the Club model that adds a sport-tuned suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers, and a front shock tower brace. This firms up the suspension and provides improve handling on the limit. But out on the backroads, I couldn’t tell there was any real difference in handling between this and the 2016 MX-5 Grand Touring I drove a few years back. Maybe there was slightly less body roll in the RF, but both vehicles had similar characteristics when going into a turn. If I drove both of them on a track, then I think the differences would become more apparent. There is a downside to the Club’s suspension, a very harsh ride. Just making a quick trip to the store was a bit much as the suspension would transmit every little bump and imperfection to the backside of those sitting inside. Another item fitted to my tester was a set of Recaro bucket seats. They come as part of an option package that also adds Brembo Brakes and some cool-looking BBS wheels finished in black. The seats have increased bolstering to hold you in during an enthusiastic drive. But the lack of padding makes them uncomfortable for longer trips. On paper, the RF is an expensive proposition when put against the soft-top: $32,345 vs. $25,730. That massive difference is due to Mazda not offering the base Sport model on the RF. But put the soft-top Club against the RF and the difference shrinks to just over $2,000. Be forewarned that the RF can get expensive. That package I mentioned earlier with the Recaro seats? That will set you back $4,670, bringing the as-tested price to just over $38,000. Mazda’s improvements for the 2019 MX-5 Miata for the most part help, allowing it to become more fun to drive and somewhat easier to live with. That said, the additional cost of the hardtop will depend on whether or not you think it is worth the benefits of possibly being an all-seasons car. Disclaimer: Mazda Provided the MX-5 Miata RF, Insurance, and One Tank of Gas Year: 2019 Make: Mazda Model: MX-5 Miata RF Trim: Club Engine: 2.0L SkyActiv-G DOHC 16-Valve with VVT Four-Cylinder Driveline: Six-Speed Manual, Rear-Wheel Drive Horsepower @ RPM: 181 @ 7,000 Torque @ RPM: 151 @ 4,000 Fuel Economy: City/Highway/Combined - 26/34/29 Curb Weight: 2,453 lbs Location of Manufacture: Hiroshima, Japan Base Price: $32,345 As Tested Price: $38,335 (Includes $895.00 Destination Charge) Options: Brembo with Black Roof - $4,670.00 Interior Package for M/T - $425.00 View full article
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    Apparently they have not learned from the fiasco that was the Ford Pinto exploding gas tank of the early 1970s.
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    Is it messed up that I only read the headline and thought it was the missing lube for folks who paid $50K for a Jeep with a pick up bed that isn’t even long enough to carry your average bicycle?
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    This has been a trainwreck of a product launch. Very true but they need better communication with their dealers to relay messages to customers. As of now the dealers are left in the dark and the customers' vehicles are being delayed and they have no answer of why or when they'll get them.
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    Playing with the online configurator, I was able to get a Taycan Turbo S to $246k with options...fun, fun
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    Great idea with going RWD but it means jack squat of the quality is $h!. Get it together Ford.
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    ^ Youtube 'kirk douglas 2018' as see if you still agree on the 108 thing. - - - - - How steep are the banks on the super speedways, you ask?
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    I did and it wasn't bad, but my problem with it is the entire package. I do love off-the-line acceleration of EVs but it didn't make me smile. Granted, I'm not saying it's a bad car, just that it isn't something I would buy/lease.
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    I drove the soft top with the extra power and I too was surprised by how much difference such a little difference made.
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    It looks like at least one Aerotrain, or part of one, survived, interesting.
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    That's about $100,000 more than I have to spend on a toy right now. SHUCKS!
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    Seems according to this story, the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 configurator is available and all options checked brings the beast to your hands at $107,080. https://www.motor1.com/news/370086/most-expensive-mustang-shelby-gt500/ That is one mighty expensive Pony!
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    The Tesla and Porsche are today products while the EQ is still a concept. Easy to beat someone in concept.
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    Congrats! Good to know somebody else here recently turned 60.
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    Very nice car, congrats. Hope serves you well.
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    Absolutely love this car, congrats!
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    Daimler builds all these concepts but never puts them into production. This must’ve been approved before the massive budget cut.
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    Just accept that Mercedes is NOT a Luxury auto only company, but have changed into the Toyota/GM/ just about any other auto company with making cheap to expensive auto's that cover a wide range of income categories. You cannot be a luxury auto maker only when you are making JCPenny's priced products too.
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