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    Happy St. Patrick's Day, folks. I will be having dinner at an Irish tavern I know of.
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    Found this on Jalopnik, Mercury built LS7 NA V8 putting out 750 HP on 91 Octane. https://jalopnik.com/this-750-hp-ls7-crate-engine-from-mercury-racing-will-s-1823828455 Nothing like taking a GM supplied 505 HP motor and redoing the heads and increasing the HP by 245 to a neck snapping 750 HP. Redlines at 8,000 rpm You get a fully tuned ECU and Wiring harness to go with the engine. 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty Cost $32,995
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    I think If I were to buy a new car I would strongly consider something from jeep. Very impressed with jeep lately.
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    Hello to the group. My name is ocn, and I'm a car-aholic. Today I spent the afternoon cruising the lots looking at new vehicles, it was a decent pre-spring day. I stopped at Ford, and sawr a stunning Crimson Mustang GT, a bitchin' orange Fiesta ST, a few sweet F-150 XL regular cabs... a honkin' white F-250 regular cab 4X4, and a blue Ecosport SES. I went to Dodge and Jeep and sawr some nice Ram 1500's (old style) and new Wranglers (EXPENSIVE!). I cruised the Toyota lot and did not see any extended cab Tacomas. Honda and Buick-GMC yielded a real nice trio of Regals (2 Sportbacks in red and blue and a white Tourx), odd new Terrains (that are growing on me), a Berry Encore with Brandy leather (sharp) some CR-Vs in a gorgeous Olive Pearl color, and a bunch of Fit Sport manuals. Chevy has a blue Volt LT for $36k, three Sonic hatches (one in a neat Ivy Metallic color... but without turbo engine) and a LONG line of Colorados that have not changed or depleted in months (are ppl waiting to see the new Ranger?). Then I came home and went off on a tangent... Hyundai Kona Limited in Lime with black leather/lime accent interior. We currently have 5 or 6 Konas where I work, but none of them are an interesting color... although the gray with black/lime accent leather could be cool... and I learned facts... Kona has more space inside than CX-3, even though it is shorter in length... plus an available 175-hp engine. I was in a dream state everywhere I looked. I am certain if I won the Powerball, I'd spend all of it on cars... after I pay off my house and complete some remodeling projects, and help my famiry pay off their debts.
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    A-10 Warthog. I liked this airplane in the 1980s. I never saw clips of what it could do back then. I just used my imagination when I read the descriptions of its purpose and roles in warfare. I knew what a Gatling gun is/was...I knew what it could do. I read tales about it for when it cut down soldiers during the American Civil War with ease so I kinda had an idea what destruction the A-10 would be doing 120 years later (through a1980s POV) with a much improved and steriod induced Gatling would do.... I always that she was a beautiful bird.... But, F-16s and F-4 Phantoms and MiG-29s and F-15s and MiG 25s and Dassault Mirage 2000s were what my dreams were made of back then non-the less... I just saw this clip Just to say...that the A-10 just shot up my favorite modern airplanes list to make it to the top 10...possibly top 5...
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    I came up with a joke ... Q: How does a person learn to fix Toyotas? A: They go to appliance repair school. Feel free to laugh ...
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    I think it is the first Lexus with predator grill that I actually like how it looks. Interior looks great. It is great GT car but it is not a sports car. Watched yesterday new episode of Top Gear were they actually reviewed this Lexus LC500 and then put it against Honda Civic type R on a track. Civic was easily keeping up with the Lexus on track. As many other reviews said it is a great GT car but it is not a sports car.
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    Comparing this car to a Cadillac is downright comical. Cadillac wishes they could make a car anywhere near this in terms of overall design, materials, fit and finish, craftsmanship, and presence. I've seen these in several colors now, and they are absolutely stunning. Literally EVERY time I see one in a parking lot, bystanders are gawking at it. And not people driving Avengers or Kias mind you, people driving BMW's and the like. The car is a knockout. The lines are just delicious. It is by far the best looking car on the road for anything costing less than about a quarter mil.
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    Another angle: Beetle sold 15K in 2017 - the entire 5-model MINI brand only sold 47K- and Mini has to support dealerships on it own.
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    A valiant but hugely misguided attempt to take a boring, craptastic 2-seater, and class it up. Jeers.
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    Beetle, even last year, outsold the vast majority of PHEV/EV models. There are hybrid/electrics selling in the SINGLE DIGITS monthly right now. Not every vehicle business case has to work if the parent company is solidly profitable. I'm in no way a potential customer, but JEERS to VW if they Pull the Plug on the Bug.
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    And...when I say Cadillac needs to do a car like the Eldorado Brougham now...its because the excuses of the CT6 and the ATS were products of the bankruptcy and are also NOT Johan's products... Well...the Escala is most definitely HIS puppy. Its a car designed by HIS team and HIS view. Its car that was designed with the idea that Cadillac's headquarters is in New York City...its the car that truly is the one that dares greatly...or at least it should be. Also, say what you will about Johan and Audi... But...wasnt Johan the one that changed Audi's interiors into what they are today? Wasnt he the one to point them in that direction in having the industries most prolific and excellent interiors? Well...the Escala should truly BE the actual FIRST Cadillac to have an interior truly worthy of a...CADILLAC. Whcich means to be the STANDARD of the world. With that being said, if Johan truly builds an Escala that truly has such an interior, then Rolls Royce territory is not that far fetched. People are STILL salivating and awaiting Cadillac to build this... All Cadillac has to do is just build that! But Cadillac has to be sure to not only give us visually that is deemed heavenly, but the quality and fit and finish has to be heavenly too. Cadillac CAN do it...why they dont is beyond my comprenhension. (Money...after bankruptcy, bean counters and the Detroit ethos...well Cadillac is in NYC now and Cadillac sells cars in China making money...) But...the Escala HAS to be THAT car...NOW....(or a SUV above the Escalade) So...not a far fetched idea...my idea.
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    ^ Hi there, Olds..nice to see you back here...
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    More power to ya! Some of that 'synth stuff' certainly was catchy, and it's very light so it can be fun. Or so I assume. For the first time in decades, I've made a distinct musical preference change. 'Destructured' is how I think of it. Something soothing about the throb of industrial machinery over distant screaming ~ https://mydeepdark.bandcamp.com/track/deepdark-emily-rose Or perhaps I'm simply in the early stages of a mental delamination. :shrugs:
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    lincoln: hey what do you think of our flagship luxury sedan that nobody buys? cadillac: hold my beer
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    The Continental name wasn't the problem, the lackluster car built on a Fusion chassis was.
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    Is the world better off with the LC? Pros - Different manufacturer with their own differentiated product in a space with few alternatives and stagnant development - Breaks up the showroom monotony of past Lexus models - An actual blast to drive, great interior, beautiful symphony soundtrack - Makes a powerful statement styling wise, though not always a desirable one due to individual tastes - Middle finger to turbos and small displacement Cons - Another luxury product that dwindles Earth's finite resources for the pleasure of the few at the expense of the many - Animal cruelty to upholster the interior and deforestation to decorate the interior, and perhaps even previous metals, trace elements used from untraceable, perhaps illegitimate sources that have a downstream effect of devastating low income communities and the ecologies that are destroyed to produce said raw materials - As a flagship vehicle does not really represent a profitable product on its own, causes prices of other Lexus models to increase in order to capture the intangible brand value of a halo product. - Terrible AF infotainment. - Could they actually say this is state-of the art when it's weighs more than the full size sedan twin the LS....what do? - Not a Tesla, therefore, weak.
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    It at least looks promising that the Bronco won't be a softy-style Everest.
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    Well I think the Continental is a beautiful car. They certainly catch the eye on the road.
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    I don't what this is, but I like ~
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    I wouldn't want some nutcase checking his underwear for onion chunks in my front seat.
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    their strategy is to keep everyone disappointed with the car so they can just cancel its successor, citing already low sales and low predicted interest.
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    Raise of hands who here didn't see this line coming? Their interior measurements are almost identical. But the GM always happens to just be roomier..
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    From low-brow artist Rob't Williams; Coochie Cootie ~
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    Euphemism works well in this context! Yes, it's the 2 words translated separately and then said "word+word." I think the owner must have been one hilarious individual and it would have been interesting to know the type of car the plate was attached to. Too funny.
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    No thank you. Especially to the whole mobility as a service idea, regardless of whether GM or anyone else is pushing this rather awful idea that only a Millennial could love.
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    Found elsewhere : >>"Playboy mentioned, some years ago, that a CA plate, BREAD 8, had been recalled. Seems the español translation was a euphemism for "coochie."<<
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    Which begs the question: are they cunning linguists?
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    Yes, those fins on that...car... do cause severe blind spots. I'm actually typing this by memory of the keyboard. Please let me know if I hit the wong key.
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    So much BS. How could he expect anyone who knows anything about cars to take him seriously??
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    Poor sales because of few deals on leases. Given the mad march towards CUVs over sedans, you would think that Honda would make the Accord cheap to lease. Also, the competition is no longer the sad slouches they were 15-20 years ago. The Chrysler 200 is finally dead. The Malibu does NOT SUCK and neither does the Fusion. Hyundai/KIA are adding pressure. And there has always been the Toyota Camry since 1983. Somewhere along the line, Honda forgot to compete against increasingly tougher competition. They had better figure this out sooner than later. Otherwise, there will be even more Accords staying in Marysville OH and not at the local dealership.
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    SMK's gonna be mad. You didn't blur his license plate.
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    Neat, period customization: '59 Caddy lense, '61 Imperial housing, '60 DeSoto fin ~
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    I havent seen one Continental yet in La Belle Province....and I live here! Probably the only one sold in Quebec you saw...Id buy lottery tickets if I were you! And yes...I am happy that you get to visit our Province from time to time. Mont Tremblant is such a great place. You dont even have to ski. Just take in the sights and sounds of the place. (bars and restaurants and quite expensive boutiques...)
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    It does have a semi-formal 'squareness' to the profile that's a bit different from & pleasant relative to the current crop, but the greenhouse totally says 'Mustang' to me. And those wheels are utter crap, but that's a quick fix.
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    Very cool, Have not seen Paisley in a long time and it works on this. I can go for the white interior with the Paisley seat section and lower door trim that would help hid dirt and foot hits that leave dirt marks. Smart layout. Love it!
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    It's a really stupid idea, IMO. Since I work from home, I don't use my Jeep every day, but I wouldn't want some unknown rando driving it. It's as stupid an idea as airbnb; I wouldn't rent my house out either. What's mine is mine; it's not community property. If I want to rent a car, I go to Hertz or Enterprise...
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    OK, just like late night TV that is supposed to be comedy and I never got it so why bother watching, I do not get what is so funny or why BREAD 8 would be a band license plate?
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    It's kind of sad because it's probably one of the(if not THE) most iconic branded vehicles out there. Everybody and their brother knows what a VW Beetle is. I don't see if going away forever though. Maybe a little vacation to brew up some more demand then plop it down on the next Golf platform again, whenever that is.
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    It's previous gen vs new gen, I think. I think it might have been pre-diesel exhaust fluid vs diesel exhaust fluid.
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    Talk about BLIND SPOTS with those fins!
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    '60 Chrysler 300-F Special GT, Granatelli supercharged 413 CI, 190 MPH run.
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    @ocnblu Perfect next Auto for you! www.sherp.ru
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