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    I think the real tragedy is that the Explorer will drive how the Blazer looks.... Get what I mean? It's like Ford took Alpha and turned it into a crossover. With 3 rows. GM...where are you? Oh in Europe, selling bikes. Did you know that Kia started out as a bicycle company?!
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    I like that they are continuing to update the older truck. Might not be a terrible strategy going forward with the way truck prices are going.
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    Of course, the potential top speed of a car has no meaning in the real world, just an internet arguing point of little value.
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    On some cars, I like that Bulgarian Whore house look, on others not so much. I DO prefer the French Whore house look though... I miss the velour and puffy leather interiors of the 1970s and to a lesser extent the 1980s. Cadillac may not need the quilted look if they do the Escala interior though. THIS is VERY classy!
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    I just got a crazy idea. Instead of creating dumb ass commercials trying to convince that Buicks are not for old people, why doesnt Buick build cars and CUVs tht are NOT for old people. Because even if the Cascada was a convertible, it sure looked and smelled like moth balls, if you know what I mean. I dont get it. Even in China, Buick should have at least attempted to bring back the Riviera nameplate... It would have been better if Buick actually gave the Chinese and the Americans a bloody Riviera... There is soooo much youthful exuberance in that design that no no words need to be spoken to tell people what Buick is all about... It even out-Musks Elon Musk by making bolder doors... Its even a Hybrid... The one in 2007 was similar and just as jaw dropping gorgeous. And in my honest opinion, This next one works better as a Buick than it did a Chevrolet...a cop car Chevrolet at that... I mean, its a Buick therefore a high price tag would not have caused a heart attack because Buick. Park Avenue at that... And the Chevy SS was different enough in the looks department that Chevy wouldnt be afarid to advertise the SS and sell some copies to make...you know...money... What were they afraid of with the Park Avenue? That it was the 1st generation Zeta platform? That didnt stop Pontiac in getting the G8 nor did it not phase the Chinese that bought the Park Avenue by the ton. Its not as if Buick had such an incredible image in America back then that the Zeta Park Avenue would be an embarrassment. Au contraire, it was light years ahead of what Buick was peddling back then. The Lucerne was just a re-badged Olds Aurora that was uglier...and had grandpa driving characteristics as opposed to the Aurora and especially to the even sportier Pontiac Bonneville. Its a bloody shame that Pontiac, Oldsmobile and now Buick have been mismanaged to oblivion.
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    DRIVEN: 2019 Chevrolet Blazer LT AWD 3.6 (MSRP around 40k) HIGHS: -Blazer name is back! -Unique, sporty CUV style, drawing inspiration from the Camaro. Be seen. Looks good in person, even in a bad color. -Nice new interior design, including ball blower vents down low. That will be a godsend in summer. I liked the gauges, displays, controls, and touchscreen. -Cargo area seemed more useful in size than I imagined. If I recall, the rear seats can slide forward and back to help out with that. -If you are averse to 4 cylinder engines, Chevy has you covered here. Most of the Blazers will be had with 3.6 v6. And with enough throttle foot, and after you let it wind up, and if the tranny actually kicks down, it scoots pretty well. -Fans of CUV's that are heavy and sit high will be like pigs in slop in the Blazer. LOWS: -There are probably a lot of people that won't be into the styling. -Drivetrain doesn't seem refined. Sorry, another one of these GM drivetrains with the common 3.6 that underwhelms. Slow transmission kickdown. Feels like driveline has a lot of slop. Lack of useful torque. Grainy sounding, revs slow, throttle response is a dud. -Interior space is not exactly a middle spot between the Equinox and Traverse. To some it will feel not much larger than an Equinox inside, which is either a compliment for the Equinox (wasn't intended to be) or a rip on the Blazer (maybe that's where I was going). Perhaps how high you sit on the queen perch exacerbates the truckiness of this thing, but it feels narrow in relation to it's size, and it's easier to knock elbows with your neighbor than it should be in this thing. -There is nothing about the ride and handling that stuck in my mind as impressive. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Now, maybe the RS is better, I don't know. -Irregardless of whether a vehicle being heavy is a good or bad thing, it's that the Blazer actually feels porky or even porkier than it is / isn't. -The elephant in the room on this thing is price. This lightly equipped LT was near 40 grand. In the same showroom is an almost equally equipped Traverse for an almost equal price. The versions that are in the high 40's and 50's, it's a real SMH to me. -An all around feel about the vehicle that it was just a cobbled together parts bin ride (which historically has been GM's PENCHANT). The Blazer is a vehicle that feels old by several years on the market, right when it's introduced. SUMMARY No compelling reason to pick this vehicle on the market other than if you are a GM fanboi/girl or you've gone sick on the styling of it. If it's the former, its another case of GM missing an opportunity to provide class competitive or better vehicle refinement and dynamics and missing the mark. If it's the latter, then the styling ends up being the sole purpose for the vehicle to exist in the market. If it doesn't have more than that, than it's hopes for being a long term success are pretty thin. I don't need to dive much more into this one. Reviving the Blazer name and throwing it on something that evokes the Camaro in styling is about all there is behind this effort. Nissan came out with the Murano in 2003? 2004? And Chevrolet finally has something to compete with it in 2019. The list of vehicles that are better options to this for your money, whether 2 or 3 row, are in the dozens. As far as Chevy, if you really want size, immediately bypass the Blazer and just go straight for the Traverse. For performance and refinement, it's entirely possibly that a well loaded Equinox with the 2.0 engine is a much more enjoyable vehicle for a majority of people. And don't forget the GMC options too. Other makes and models, Santa Fe, Atlas, Edge, Passport, all better. I might be here all day if I list all the better options. It doesn't make it bad to like the Blazer and I wouldn't criticize anyone for buying one. I just think GM mailed it in here, which they seem to be doing with increasing frequency here. All you get here is a name and some style. Bless ya if that's what you want. I may try the 2.5 FWD for contrast, but i think I can 99% safely say one of these will never be in my driveway. Continuing to lose more and more faith in GM and Chevy all the time.
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    I don't think I have 75 years left in me to see that happen.
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    '59 DeSoto in the Mobilgas Economy trials. Came in 3rd in the 'Upper Medium Price' class, with 19.06 MPG
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    The problem started back in the late 70s / early 80s when every single division decided they had to be a full line auto retailer and that meant that (at GM anyway) they needed every vehicle from a J-Body up to a full B-Body plus a few extras in between. Ford did the same thing... Mercury got a cohort to every Ford car except Festiva (Tracer/Lynx, Topaz, Sable, Marquis, Zephyr, Grand Marquis, Cougar, Capri (Fox body)). Chrysler just made everything a K-Car or M-Body for all their brands. And it's all being repeated today with crossovers. Aside: I went to the Pittsburgh Auto Show today with friends. As much as I don't really care for the interior of the Regal Tour X, the exterior of that car is very striking in todays world. It looks very European. It'll be a sad day when that one goes too.
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    Hilarious Dear @Lexus, We don't care what anyone says. We think your big grille is really attractive. Cadillac More Dear @JaguarUSA, Meow... Cadillac #HappyValentinesDay2019 14 replies106 retweets469 likes Reply 14 Retweet 106 Like 469 Cadillac‏Verified account @Cadillac FollowFollow @Cadillac More Cadillac Retweeted Jaguar USA Just don't leave scratch marks Cadillac added, Jaguar USAVerified account @JaguarUSA Dear @Cadillac, Should we Escalade this to the next level? … Show this thread 12:44 PM - 14 Feb 2019 https://twitter.com/Cadillac
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    The grill is just HUGE. This is really the last time I thought the 7Series was a looker
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    @dfelt @ocnblu https://www.reuters.com/article/us-rivian-electric-amazon-com-gm-exclusi/exclusive-amazon-gm-in-talks-to-invest-in-electric-pickup-truck-maker-rivian-sources-idUSKCN1Q12PV?il=0
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    Never going to romanticize an era where anyone who wasn't a straight white male was dirt.
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    I wouldn't have liked living in a black & white world..I like color The 50s seem so far removed from the world I know...it may as well be the 1850s. Now the late 60s-early 70s would have been fun, IMO--for the music, the cars, the culture..would have been a fun time to be a young engineer at a place like JPL, NASA, BBN, or SRI driving something like a '69/70 Mach 1, '70 Challenger R/T or an early 911...
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    I respect Subaru's for what they are; that being reliable, capable and so on. They just aren't my 'cup of tea'. The styling of this new Legacy solidifies that opinion.
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    Whether real or imagined, for better or for worse... EVs are gonna be the way of our transportation lives. And I think, when FoMoCo, GM, VAG (Porsche, VW, Audi), Volvo, BMW, M-B, Chinese automotive companies, the folk that own Jaguar, all the EV start-ups such as Tesla, Rivian, and quite possibly the ones that are vapour ware like Faraday...when all these companies are putting all their engineering might and when most governments are willing participants...the EV future is gonna be a go! All the problems, big or small, all the hiccups, big or small, all the mistakes and obstacles that the EVs WILL face in the NEAR and FAR future, well, all those companies and government entities WILL PROBABLY SOLVE those problems going forward. Cost? It wont be a problem when the whole system will work TOGETHER to fight cost... Because as I see it now...the EV thing is not just a consumer option that may or may not succeed in the "real world"...it really is a global way of thought... The planet wants to move away from the internal combustion engine...whether we ICE folk want it or not. Whether we want to believe that or not. The whole ICE, oil and gasoline system (for personal transportation cars) is slowly but surely being replaced by everybody involved in the production of the automobile... Big oil will have to adapt to that. Our roads and infrastructure and we, ourselves, we'll have to adapt to that. But like I said...FoMoCo, GM, VAG (Porsche, VW, Audi), Volvo, BMW, M-B, Chinese automotive companies, the folk that own Jaguar, all the EV start-ups such as Tesla, Rivian, and quite possibly the ones that are vapour ware like Faraday.. all these companies are putting all their engineering might and most governments are willing participants to move ahead in an EV future... Ive said this before, it is not a question of the consumer accepting the EV...its the whole planet wanting to move away from ICE. Some places on this planet will resist, like in Texas or Alberta or Lancaster Pennsylvania. And they WILL put up a good fight too. But ultimately, they will succumb to the EV as its a GLOBAL change...
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    I am unsurprised that Amazon is investing in Rivian. Good for them. As for GM, this is a great idea. Invest in the potential competition and all.
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    Wow, I guess Rivian is more ready for production then I thought. Good to get more players in the field, shame though that GM is investing instead of developing technology. Now waiting for @dfelt and @ocnblu to get into this thread
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    Well it was a Chevrolet Performance video showcasing the sound of their GM Accessory performance exhaust system for the new trucks with 6.2L engine. Quite the difference in sound, and really sweet. I think it should be the regular production exhaust system.
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    Went to the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum at the Cleveland History Center today...they have a nice eclectic collection, incl. a group of brass era cars, some of which are brands that were built in Cleveland like Peerless, Jordan, Chandler, Baker. A little bit of everything, incl. airplanes, a Goodyear Blimp gondola, a couple small boats, etc. They had a Hemi Satellite and a '65 GTO: Some 40s-50s cars:59 Chevy, Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special, 57 T-Bird & Mercedes 300SL Some pre-war cars:Airflow, '39 Lincoln-Zephyr, Auburn and a Cadillac A couple stainless steel Ford one-offs:36 Ford & '66 Continental Some concept cars:AMX, Dodge Avenger, and Jeep Compass An 80s-90s exhibit... And a couple early Baker electrics and an EV-1.
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    Basically the same vehicle mechanically, right? Same wheelbase..the Acadia has a couple inches more rear overhang for the 3rd row. I couldn't see considering one over a Ford Edge or a Grand Cherokee..
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    You are correct, the EV right now to be profitable have to be in $70-100k price range. However, initially, cars in general only rich people could afford. Eventually the technology will be cheap enough to realistically to make profit selling electric vehicles in the affordable price range for the common public. If you look at technology in general it has been like that with every new and now common and cheap innovation: microwave, refrigerator, TVs etc.
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