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    Who nurses a drink for 24 hours??? Besides, one has plenty of opportunity when they're pulled over for a half hour every 150 miles to "stretch their legs, eat another sandwich, pee (and get more ice)" while their electric vehicle takes on more kilowatts.
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    All this talk about going places.... I really want to go camping!!!!
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    I am wanting to make a trip out east with friends. Might be interested in a Road Trip and a C and G get together. We will socially distance OCN from anything electric and Balthazar from vehicles built after 1968....just kidding...would love to get everyone together.
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    I wish I had a motorhome...a week or so in a state or national park would be great. Growing up w/ RVs was a lot of fun.
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    Not sure how this became a battle of States.... Guess I’ll throw in Northern Michigan and the UP- now that is some beautiful land up there..... Though I want to hit some of the places that both of you were talking about....
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    Can't stand the boy racer "Subu" drivers either, but the cop-per was cruising in the left lane holding up traffic which is illegal in most states "Keep Right Except to Pass". You will get pulled over here in AZ for cruising in the left lane, it's there for overtaking slower traffic and you are supposed to get back over to the right once safe to do so. Drivers in the NW are very annoying that way, all the same speed in all lanes. Get going or get over to the right! We don't have entrapment setups here like OR and WA, no traffic cops pulling everyone over doing 5- 8 over the posted limit. Big open smooth freeways 4- 5 lanes wide here, not beat to crap narrow freeways with Prius drivers everywhere "saving the planet" like the NW has. I don't miss the freeways up there at all!
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    Im trying to match Balthy's old time pics. But mine will always be within a Montreal realm. There was a short time when Montreal had little shytty Renaults as cop cars. I believe this to be a Renault 8. From the '60s I assume. Dont really know why on earth Montreal decided to have a fleet of these. I think it was a Youth Squad for rookies to learn how to do a "beat" And a row of these shytty Renaults.
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    Bolted the dash substructure in "permanently" tonight. Feels good. (8) 1/2-in bolts, plus (3) diagonal braces (for effectively 3 more bolts). Made thin rubber gaskets between the substructure and the body shell- hopefully no squeaks, ever. Feels very good.
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    Let me ask you this - what technology do the 'good mechanics' utilize to determine what brand of gas is in the tanks of the vehicles they work on (were they to remotely care)? Is it by chance a Hewlett-Packard 5710A dual-column gas chromatigraph with flame analyzation detectors?
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    2021 Venza (initially Hybrid only in NA). So in the last few years the Blazer, Passport, and Venza names are back and pretty directly competing with each other.
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    If I could use two emogi voting thingys, I would have. So I thanked you with the voting thingy and responded with a laughy emoticon.
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    Here's your personal 'good lord!'.
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    @oldshurst442 @balthazar Yes we are NOT supposed to talk politics here and I did think long and hard on posting that news story that also includes the local news video clip showing the 75 year old man getting pushed down by the cops. I also understand that a Curfew was in effect. Yet with that, I also understand that our constitution is about freedom and peaceful resistance to the system when us citizens disagree with what is going on. I then rewatched and rewatched the video and a few things really stood out to me. The man was not doing anything physically aggressive towards the cops. Why did the two police officers feel the need to shove him backwards so hard when he was not threatening them. One of the two grabbed the other officer when he attempted to squat down to check on the guy and pushed him forward. While one cop radioed for medical, NO ONE ELSE bothered to look or stop on a man who was clearly unconscious and bleeding from his ears clearly in the video I also noticed the heavy use of military gear on all these police officers and the Military SUV in the background. I get the need for crowd control, I get the need to have rapid response units to deal with looting and criminal activity. I DO NOT get the lack of empathy for humanity and that the job of the police is to interact with and find a peaceful resolution to defuse all situations. The Police Forces around the US and for that matter around the world have leapt to using extreme force first rather than human verbal skills to control crowds. Just as I would leap into a situation where another person be male, female, hetro, gay, etc. was being physically hurt by another to protect them, I would also rather use my words to diffuse a situation first than blunt force. One that comes from generations of Military who have proudly served America and who has relatives who serve in the police departments here locally, I take a deeper personal feeling about the poor direction our police forces have taken in the last 30 years especially. When I first got married in 1991, my Uncle, a sergeant in the Kirkland Police Department talked to me about the life I could provide to my wife at the time and being a body builder and physical fitness nut fresh out of college choose to try out not just for Kirkland but also for Redmond, Tukwila, Seattle and our state WSP. I scored consistently in the mid 90's on my physical and mental testing and yet was passed over due to Military folks with NO COLLEGE education getting the 15 point bonus all because they served in the military. These same people while most are decent folks also came to the job with anger issues and other issues from the gulf war. I heard from my Uncle of the people who got the openings in the Kirkland Police force were all medically discharged within a couple years after I tried out. I choose to go with my education and the tech industry and have no regrets. Yet in looking back at my own experience and watching this video of the assualt on the senior, it reinforces to me that while we need to take military training into account it should by all means not be given such a bonus when we are talking about a very important role that requires people skills and many of the military folks come out still lacking in people skills that allow them to defuse tense situations. If we take these folks, it should be a requirement to go through a psychological training program so that they have the mental tools to deal with this better. We have to rise to be better than those causing criminal activity when we deal with protesters. Yes I could go on but I hope I have clearly explained myself.
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    [ I typed 3 or 4 responses to the above topic, and deleted them all ] - - - - -
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    You can NOT broad brush ALL emergency responders' for a few bad actors here and there, that isn't right and most of these write-ups only show or give one side of the disturbance or fight. There are some bad or dirty cops that need to be vetted in all cities, but the vast majority are there to help and keep the peace. I know because I have family and friends who are great officers in city or state positions and have been for over 20 years. The mob of Antifa and others were looting and burning buildings down as well as lighting cars on fire and beating up random people all around the nation, it was organized by a higher authority and we all know who it is. Seattle was WAY out of control with rioting and looting setting police cars on fire because your local gov't allowed it to get out of hand as well as NYC, LA and other majors cities. They don't allow that crap here in Phoenix being the 5th largest city it doesn't happen here, because the police don't allow it to get out of hand, it's not a military thing it's Rule of Law. It is interesting that you mentioned the US military because the mob of looters and rioters stopped once the National Guard came in to assist all the cities that were having trouble. The minute the mob protesters (not peaceful protesters) and rioters started signs of aggression by pushing barricades, shaking street signs and trying to light trees on fire in front of our PD HQ downtown, police came out in full riot gear and immediately started flash bangs which dispersed most the crowd and pushed them back off the barricades that they were told to stay off of repeatedly over the bull horn. You can't let people act like animals and burn the city down no matter what race, gender or creed as there's zero reason for it. Peaceful protesting is one thing and a right we have as Americans, but criminal rioting and looting is a whole nother thing and you know that!
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    (had a spider monkey for a while!) Fromunda
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    Yep, same driving style here lead right foot, but if I'm in the left lane after passing I still always get over to the right even if nobody is driving behind me, it's just second nature to me. The #1 left lane is for overtaking or safety/rescue personnel who can quickly come up on you so if not overtaking another car and as long as there's room in the other lanes that's how it should be handled. HOV left lane is a whole nother beast, we have scheduled times that anybody can drive in the HOV alone or not so it's only officially an HOV lane during rush hour between 6am-9am and 3-7pm confuses the hell out of many even though the huge signs spell it out very clearly. I've found that for the most part the SW has been the best for left lane drivers especially compared to the NW, but there is an exception to everything there's still some that don't get it. I lived in N. California for college years ago and Dallas, TX for a couple years after that and left lane driving was also much better in those states compared to the NW. We used to call the left lane drivers in NW "Oregon traffic cops" or "Washington traffic cops", basically the general public with a sense of entitlement trying to control others speed, crazy but true.
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    Very true, as one that went to college at Kobe University, I have spent much time in Tokyo and this is true of the whole country, people are raised to not impose their choices of music, auto noise, etc. on others around them and as such you do have traditional city noise without all the extraneous noise of music, open pipe auto's exhausts, etc. The worst thing I remember before the Pandemic was the Harley open header bikes coming into the city of Seattle early in the morning for construction jobs and how loud and noisy it was. I felt for those living in the city that are woke up by the rude noise of the bikes or auto's that also have loud exhausts. EV's will bring much tranquility to the cities as well as the urban areas.
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    Very exciting to see that the future will have quiet zero emission delivery vans in cities and urban areas. Should help with clean air as well as just keeping things quiet. Right now it is so noisy with all the diesel UPS and FedEx vans moving around to deliver everything due to the pandemic.
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    You've obviously never really been to Arizona and actually driven around or traveled up North. There is a TON of green conifers and ash trees around the Valley of the Sun and even more up North towards Sedona and Flagstaff etc. I could go overboard like you with more pictures and links, but I have better things to do, just Google it. I know what the NW is about I grew up there as you know, great to visit but I'd never live there full time again, too depressing 10 mos. out of the year. Plenty of water here, because of where we are we are fully prepared, plenty of lakes and rivers here including huge reservoir lakes. Yeah, you gotta be a real man to live here. Prickly Pear cactus and my 55-60' Mexican Fan palm trees and aloe in bloom in my backyard. Pretty relaxing view
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    Yes another kind of beauty. I love my rain, hike and camp year round. Only wimps do not go out in the rain. The ability to ski, the Hoh Rain Forest with 200 to 300 year old Douglas fir trees, all the water, mountains, see to mountain fun year round just like you, just more water and green.
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    'Bout time OR and WA finally did something about the Left lane Hogs! They love the citation revenue too. Haha you're such a hippy granola boy, you def. fit right in up in Seattle We have trees everywhere and beautiful mountain views and damn near year round ability to hike 1,000's of trails and mountain biking as well as some of the best sunsets, something I know the NW doesn't get many of. We also have the Saguaro cacti, many are hundreds of years old and the only place in the world that they grow is in our beautiful Sonoran Desert. They have to be at least 60 years old before they start an arm and the ones with multiple arms are 200+ years old. Pretty neat history here. Oh and home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World THE GRAND CANYON! https://www.canstar.com.au/travel-insurance/what-are-the-seven-natural-wonders-of-the-world/
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    I suspect Robert Hall looks upon these like some folk believe the Moon landing was faked; 'How could it be real when I didn't experience it'? Durham NC 1940 :
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    If you keep making these kind of claims, I have one of my own. For the last 6 years I was putting Costco gas in my G37S and I drove it for over 150k miles in those years (I was putting about 29k miles a year). The car has now over 190k miles. Engine still runs great. So lets agree to disagree on Costco gas.
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    Brooks & Dunn (to daves)
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    Boogie oogie oogie 'til you just can't boogie no more
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    Makes sense...I finally figured out who you REALLY are! You are Yankee Doodle! You distance yourself from things expelling gas...so Im betting you ride a pony. Although ponies also expel another type of, ahem, gas. Hear me out. I got another clue. You got a feather in your cap. All I gots to know if you call THAT, macaroni.
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    And Duck tape on my mouth... Does sound like fun though.... Busy day. Finished staining the deck. Now on to my son 12th Birthday party!!!!!!
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    I heard that the only way Costco can afford to sell 40 16-oz bottles of water for $3 is that they simply collect rainwater from the gutters on their buildings & put it into the used water bottles raided from local bins on recycling day.
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    I am going to have to say that your Family Friend is wrong and not understanding todays Certification spec on Top Tier Gas and how the Auto Industry recommends top tier detergent gas. Per the AERA Engine Builders Association here is their document that covers all OEM auto companies in the US and Top Tier Gasoline Recommendations for Gasoline Engines. http://www.engineprofessional.com/TB/TB042015-1.pdf Per this page here is the ones that they state are Top Tier:
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    Poking around online shows 'Top Tier' is a specification entity developed by OEMs & fuel retailers, that determines if a given gasoline meets the criteria and can be so advertised. toptiergas.com, the entity in question, has no mention of "different levels" of Top Tier. It either meets the criteria, or it does not. Perhaps your trusted retailer friend is simply erroneous here, despite his conviction. It's happened.
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    I dance to your honour. Thank-you for raising an amazing daughter who is an amazing wife and mother. Aιώνια μνήμη αυτήν. Ζωή με μάς.
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    Saying "all truth" doesn't make it so. Care to provide anything to back up your claims? Besides "any good mechanic will tell you", because this is a bull statement. Just for our education.
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    You're on a roll blu! Hilarious.
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    Easy answer to that as I have always had these in my auto's year round as they really come in handy especially in winter weather and you need to pee. No smell, easy to use for both men and woman and easy to dispose of when you are near a trash can. https://www.amazon.com/Travel-John-66911-TravelJohn-Disposable-Urinal/dp/B000NV878S
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    Good Lord, Who pulls over for breaks from the awesome experience of driving except to refuel. Gotta get to where you want to go when ya drive. Plus Yeti keeps a drink way colder or hot than any other product and yes it is worth it to keep your favorite drink at the right temp for hours. That is the difference of Yeti and everyone else. FYI Balthazar, just joking on the Good Lord tease comment.
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    Rarely, do I get the chance to drive different versions of the same model. The fleet companies I work with scheduling vehicles do their best to serve up a smorgasbord of vehicles for me to experience. But from time to time, things happen where one vehicle in a run has to be swapped because it needs to go home or is required for an important event. It happened to be that the stars aligned in such a way that two Volvo 60 series models would be swapped for various vehicles in this go around. So I found myself with an S60 Momentum one week and a V60 Cross Country another week. A prime opportunity to experience two different takes on the same model. Design: Same and Different Both of the 60 models continue Volvo’s design of simple elegance. The smooth boxy shape is contrasted by the “Thor’s Hammer” lighting element in the headlights and a sloping beltline along the side. Compared to the larger S90, the S60 looks cleaner. This can be attributed to the rear where the license plate has been moved from the bumper to the trunk and a raised lip on the trunk lid. The optional 19-inch wheels fitted on my tester look somewhat out of place as it removes some of the understated look the sedan is trying to present. The V60 Cross Country certainly looks the part of an off-road wagon with a three-inch lift to the suspension, body cladding along the side, different grille color, and new wheel choices. Around back, Volvo takes some ideas from their crossovers with the tailgate being similar in design to XC40 and XC60, and the tall L-shaped headlights. Out of the two, I found myself liking the V60 Cross Country more than the S60. Inside Story The simple elegance philosophy continues inside for both the S60 and V60. The dash features a simplistic design with clean lines and minimal brightwork. Both vehicles feature some surprising interior touches such as wood trim and machined metal pieces. The S60 does falter slightly as some interior pieces are hard plastics with some texturing. This is due to the S60 being the base Momentum trim, higher trims swap this for soft-touch material. Both the S60 and V60 feature front seats that provide an excellent balance of support and comfort. Ten-way power adjustments allow any person to find a setting that fits them. I also like both models coming with the optional power thigh extender to make long drives more bearable. Rear seat space is a mixed bag as there is plenty of legroom in both models, but headroom is constrained in the S60 due to the sloping roofline. In terms of cargo, the V60 Cross Country is the champ. Open the power liftgate and you’re greeted with 23.2 cubic feet. This can be expanded to 50.9 cubic feet with the rear seats folded. The S60 trunk space is slightly disappointing, only offering 11.6 cubic feet. At least the rear seats can be folded down to increase load capacity. Non-Sensus-ical Infotainment All S60 and V60s come with a nine-inch screen featuring Volvo’s Sensus infotainment system. A large screen oriented like a tablet to control most of the functions fits in line with the company’s minimalist approach. But using this system becomes quite infuriating. To start, Sensus takes over a minute to boot up whenever the vehicle is started. You’ll be able to tell since the system will not respond or respond slowly whenever an input is made during this. Thankfully, the system responds quickly once it fully boots up. This brings us to another problem with Sensus, its confounding menu system. Trying to do something simple such as increase fan speed or turn on/off a safety system means swiping into various screens and menus to find that button or slider. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard and does make Sensus slightly easier to use. But I think some real improvements will come when the next version of Sensus comes out that will be based on Google’s Android platform. I’m also hoping for some more redundant controls such as a fan knob or temperature buttons. When Five equals Four Both models come equipped with the T5 engine. Before you start thinking that this means a turbocharged five-cylinder, T5 in current Volvos means a turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 248 horsepower and 258 pound-feet. An eight-speed automatic is the only transmission choice. Opting for the T5 on the S60 means you only get front-wheel drive - you’ll need to step to the twin-charged T6 or PHEV T8 for all-wheel drive. As for the Cross Country, it gets all-wheel drive as standard. The T5 is a very potent engine as I found in my review of the XC40 last year and that still holds true for both 60 series models. No matter the situation such as needing to pass a slower truck or leave a stoplight, the turbo-four is eager to move the vehicle at an astonishing rate. The eight-speed automatic is smooth and delivers prompt shifts. On the Cross Country, Volvo has an Off-Road mode that turns on a low-speed function, hill descent control, and optimizes the steering to keep the vehicle moving through whatever muck. For most buyers, this mode will never be touched at all. But I found it to be very handy driving through unplowed roads. EPA fuel economy figures stand at 23 City/34 Highway/27 Combined for the S60 and 22/31/25 for the V60 Cross Country. I got an average of 24.7 for the S60 and 23.1 in the Cross Country on a 60/40 mix of highway and city driving. A Smooth Ride Is Here, Provided You Have the Right Wheels As I mentioned earlier, the S60 I had came with a set of optional 19-inch wheels. This introduces a problem as the ride feels choppy. Over various bumps and imperfections, the S60 wasn’t able to smooth over a fair number of them. I assume going with the standard 18-inch wheels solves this issue somewhat, although some people report the ride is still rough on the smaller wheels. The V60 Cross Country also has a set of 19-inch wheels, but it is noticeably smoother over rough surfaces. Credit must be given to the higher ride height and softer suspension tuning. Wind and road noise are almost non-existent, making both perfect long-distance travelers. Handling is where the S60 redeems itself somewhat. The sedan shows little body and impressive grip when driven through a winding road. I do wish the steering had a little bit more weight, but that may be solved by moving to the R-Design or Polestar models. The Cross Country is a vehicle you want to push due to its softer suspension tuning. Two Good Models, But One Stands Tall The new 60 models are worthy successors to the models before it. An elegant design and mostly roomy interior pair nicely with the strong performance from the T5 engine. Sensus is the biggest stumbling block for both models, but a new version is around the corner which may solve some of the issues. Between the two, I found myself being more impressed with the V60 Cross Country. It has more character in its design compared to the S60 and the ride is much more comfortable. The almost $57,000 price-tag is a bit much, but with some smart optioning, you can make it much more reasonable. As for the S60, I did find it to be quite a decent steer. But the ride does need some work when on the larger wheels. Also, the Momentum can get quite expensive if you go overboard with options. My tester carried a nearly $46,000 price tag, three-grand more than the T5 versions of the R-Design and Inscription which come with some of the optional features as standard. The S60 and V60 Cross Country are excellent alternatives to the usual suspects, just be careful on the options. How I would configure them: There are two different ways I would go configuring an S60. Value: Start with the Momentum T5 at $36,050 and add Heated Front Seats & Steering Wheel ($750) and Premium Package ($2,050) to end up with a nicely equipped S60 at $39,845. You will miss out on some items such as the 360’ camera system, pilot assist, and Harman Kardon audio system, but that pushes the price to over $44,000. Sport: An R-Design T6 fits the bill here and comes with all-wheel drive as standard for a price of $48,045. Decide which metallic paint you would like ($645) or stick with the basic black. Add on the Advanced Package and Heated Rear Seats and Steering Wheel to end up with a final price tag of $51,645 for black or $52,290 for any of the metallic colors. For the V60 Cross Country, it would be similar to my test vehicle with most of the option packages and adding the Harman Kardon Premium Sound system ($800) to bring the final price to $52,795. Disclaimer: Volvo Provided the S60 and V60; Insurance, and One Tank of Gas Year: 2020 Make: Volvo Model: S60 Trim: T5 Momentum Engine: 2.0L Turbocharged DOHC Inline-Four Driveline: Eight-Speed Automatic, Front-Wheel Drive Horsepower @ RPM: 250 @ 5,500 Torque @ RPM: 258 @ 1,500 Fuel Economy: City/Highway/Combined - 23/34/27 Curb Weight: 3,657 lbs Location of Manufacture: Ridgeville, SC Base Price: $36,050 As Tested Price: $46,249 (Includes $995.00 Destination Charge) Options: Advanced Package - $2,500.00 Premium Package - $2,050.00 Multimedia Package - $1,850.00 19" 5-Spoke Cut Wheels - $800.00 Heated Front Seats & Heated Steering Wheel Package - $750.00 Pebble Grey Metallic - $645.00 Linear Lime Deco Inlay and Interior High Level Illumination - $600.00 Year: 2020 Make: Volvo Model: V60 Trim: Cross Country Engine: 2.0L Turbocharged DOHC Inline-Four Driveline: Eight-Speed Automatic, All-Wheel Drive Horsepower @ RPM: 250 @ 5,500 Torque @ RPM: 258 @ 1,500 Fuel Economy: City/Highway/Combined - 22/31/25 Curb Weight: 4,202 lbs Location of Manufacture: Gothenburg, Sweden Base Price: $45,100 As Tested Price: $56,990 (Includes $995.00 Destination Charge) Options: Bowers and Wilkins Premium Sound - $4,000.00 Cross Country Pro Package - $2,800.00 Advanced Package - $2,500.00 Heated Front Seats & Heated Steering Wheel Package - $750.00 Birch Light Metallic - $645.00 Park Assist Pilot - $200.00 View full article
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    For those who still have time and can find stores that are participating, today is National Donut Day!
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    I live in NJ as well, while it is true that there is a lot of volume usually, but when the roads are not that busy almost no one bothers to get out of the left lane. People drive for miles on the empty roads in the left lane forcing right lane passing. I would say at least 90% of drivers are like that.
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    In NJ at least- traditionally there's simply too much volume to have an open left lane.
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    YES! 100% I was about to comment on that very same thing!!! In Quebec, the po-po dont give out tickets for left lane hogs. On top of that, our Provincial police used to behave like this shyte cop-per too . "Used to" I said as they dont do that shyte no more. Quebec has all kinds of speed traps in their arsenal. This was one of them. But in Quebec, we dont seem to have a real left lane hog problem either. It happens, but it aint a problem on our roads in general. We speed more often than not though... And to be fair to the SQ (Surete du Quebec ie Quebec Provincial Police), they do put up with a lot of speeding. Quebecois love to speed. A lot. And our speed limits are merely suggestions as the SQ tolerates us speeding. Its just that certain times of the year, like around holidays, or the start of summer, they button down and speed trap us to death... They reel us in back to reality... They left lane is NOT the fast lane. The left lane is NOT the lane to enforce speed limits in. What the left is, is allowing faster traffic to PASS SAFELY on the left, and then MERGE back in the center (or right lane if only two lanes) going the FLOW of traffic. If traffic is such that going in and out of lanes is more dangerous, then the left lane is meant to be at a speed that travels FASTER than the other twom (if possible) and ESPECIALLY MAINTAINING THE FLOW of traffic. If...IF...the LEFT lane is moving SLOWER than the RIGHT lane because of a LEFT LANE HOG then we gots a problem. And if the left lane hog seems to be a cop....SHAME ON THAT DIRTY COP. The cop had sooooo much time to accelerate BEFORE he clogged up the traffic. He realized and he accelerated and at that poiint in time, the 3rd lane became available and that is when the Subaru drove on the right to pass, but by that time when the cop accelerated to pass the Suburban, it was too late. THAT cop created a DANGEROUS situation... And Im not even talking about the road rage driving of that Subarau passing on the right...which is DEFINATELY a DANGEROUS situation...but FROM THE GET GO of the video, there are 5 cars, the cop car in front, one pick up truck on the left side in back of the cop car , one Suburban right beside the pick-up in the right lane, the Subaru in back...and the truck filming the whole thing and if 1 car in that group loses control...just one car losing control in that group...and a MULTIPLE car crash WILL occur...and there is NO REASON FOR THAT as there is LITERALLY NO OTHER CARS IN FRONT OF EITHER THE COP CAR IN THE LEFT LANE NOR THE Suburban. The Suburban cant pass because he is in the right lane so that leaves the cop car in the left lane... PASS and GET THE PHOQUE OUT OF THE WAY!!! CAUSING UNNECCESSARY traffic jams and potential accidents. And that is WITHOUT the mentioning of road raging driving of folks trying to pass in the right lane...
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    I enjoy them immensely. When I could, when I have the time and I actually find a pic that tells kinda the same narrative but with a Montreal POV, Ill reciprocate your snapshot "of days gone by". For yours and the forum's enjoyment. And for me, by reciprocating you, is a gesture of saying thanks and that I appreciate your snaps of days gone by.
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    "The Messiah" says "flaws in thinking" while he can't even see many of his own.
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    Electric rates stayed flat though. Horse ducks from wrench thrown at him... Full size American muscle getting it in the quarter mile makes me happy. https://youtu.be/JPTgb7dfy-E
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    Listening to the album of lady gaga now. Love the song with her collaboration with Elton John.
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    They are also re-introducing the Venza to North America with a version of the Japanese Harrier model with a pretty much RAV4 sized hybrid vehicle but more upscale appointments.
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    Wrapping up the night with Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. So Sexy!
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    Canadian Parliament
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