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    On PTO now till Jan 2nd and spending almost every day in the gym and skiing, loving it! Happy Holidays to everyone!
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    Just have Cadillac Korea do all the marketing instead. GM USA marketing is lame.
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    Happy holidays, C&G people ... however you celebrate them ... and happy new year. It's always a relief when they're over, though, because life slows down back to normal and you can get to work on those new year's resolutions. *cough*
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    Rivian looks to possibly beat Tesla at their own game primarily because Elon's ego isn't involved. They're also starting in the hottest two segments, so if their tech proves to be worthy, they should get a better start than Tesla.
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    It's not anywhere near that simple since much student debt is privately held. The real threat is corporate debt. 9 trillion of it. Companies that are cash-flowing today could become black holes of bankruptcy in just a few months time. The US auto manufacturers, for once, are ahead of the game. FCA paid off most of its debt, GM is going through their major restructuring to lower costs. Ford is doing the same. If/when a global recession hits in the near term, the auto manufacturers do not want to need to be bailed out again.
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    Firstly, Secondly, To whom? To you of course. Sometime in the near future when all pistons and cylinders have gone the way of the
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    Quoted for truth....and for once an economy of words and eloquence of language. Well spoken. The restyle on the TLX should appeal greatly to preschoolers whose vehicular styling experience comes from playing with legos while too tired for bed. Seriously.... someone saw this as a clay mock up and approved it for production? And for once I will side with Cmicassa and against the Japanese. We loose both the Impala and CT6 and get to keep THIS? Like Lincoln, their SUV's really outshine their sedans IMHO. One of my sisters just bought a new Acura SUV and loves it. I like the technology and build quality of the TLX....latest front end refresh not so great. I think that more than afraid to compete know their market and stick to it, much like Subaru. The Japanese seem much less culturally adept at taking risks....in America...I'd rather be a hammer than a nail...in Japan...the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.
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    It's all in the semantics. Different automakers use terms in different ways. To me a convertible or coupe is a body style, not a model or trim level.
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    Horrible, of course. Built to float. Watching the 'NASCAR car on Nurburgring' linked elsewhere and it's interesting- my B-59 (decidedly not stock) shares similar specs, it'll be heavier by a lot/will have more HP/TRQ, but the ladder bars/Panhard bar, posi, adjustable coil overs and 315/60-15 drag radials should keep it planted pretty well. Has lowered HD coils up front (don't have the front shocks yet), quicker steering, plus the body shell was reinforced. It would be interesting to take it on a track, I'd do that.
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    In 1939 America built a $250,000 snow cruiser ($2.8 million today) to conquer the Antarctic and claim it as America. Due to numerous issues and WWII, this got left there and has since disappeared. It carried 2,500 gallons of diesel and 1,000 gallons of aviation fuel for the seaplane that sat on top. Full Story can be read here: https://www.autoclassics.com/posts/reviews/1939-antarctic-snow-cruiser
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    Top of the car range can be Escala to go with the top of the SUV range Escalade.
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    Cadillac's American IG account is pretty tho. The problem with Cadillac is their TV spots. The almost non-existent ones. They need to be on every Football game for CT6, CTS, and Escalade.. if that C8 we keep seeing has a Cadillac twin.. Football game premiere.. Every talk show spot and Power, and Empire episode.. XT5, XT4, and ATS Coupe
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    They are gorgeous indeed. God I love the way you think.
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    Yes, there are shells available from Dynacorn.
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    Of course. Since the announcement I've been seeing more and more of them. Its kind of weird. Point blank they really need to rethink a lot of their decisions pertaining to closing certain plants.. and killing certain vehicles. This and the Impala should be saved. The Impala utilizing the Omega platform, slightly smaller (or Alpha-L), and with less power and amenities. In line completely with the Charger as a better alternative to that old bones vehicle. Complete with an LT4 powered SS-R to kick the HellCat's ass
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    I've seen a half dozen CT6s in the last week...they are striking. Saw one in a dark red Saturday night in a parking garage. Fit right in amongst the German luxury cars around it. Love the headlight pattern at night when I see one coming up behind..
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    I've read elsewhere that it may, in fact, be happening. Let's see.
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    Christine, gettin' snuck up on by a B-59.
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    Does alphanumeric naming actually evoke images of luxury more so than actual names? It is a questioned I've pondered since Cadillac brought forth the G1 CTS. The issue, I think with names, stemmed from Cadillacs, Acuras, and Lincoln wishing to appeal to the luxo buying crowd by emulating the Europeans. In addition, the idea was to have focus laid squarely on the Brand name and not the car. To say "I drive a BMW," even if was a 3 series, ends up giving a bolster to the entire brand. Saying "I drive a Seville," in the modern age of 50 different brands, took focus off the Cadillac brand. Of course an argument could be made that having individual names serves as a bolster to the overall substance of the car group because it gives them individualism that could in turn served to elevate the brand, and the owner of each car to a more exclusive feel of not just having a "number and letter" combination. With Cadillac there is no real consistency with the naming scheme anyway. Why not go back to names? Some will argue for the classic names like Deville, and Fleetwood. The Classics are only classics to those who fancy themselves Enthusiasts. The buying public might see the name Fleetwood to be to reminiscent of Grand-dad or granny. I digress. what luxury brand actually have Names and not alphanumeric other than Bentley and Rolls? I could see Cadillac pulling off a helluva revolution with that one gesture. If anything it shows great deal of creativity creating a car around the euphoria of a name. Hell... You can't be a guy name Duke, and not be tough. You can't be a girl named Alexis, and not be sexy. You damn sure can't be a car named "Ciel", and not be elegant In truth the only one that would be difficult would be the CTS due to it being very established. If GM get the word out to the Media, perhaps going so far as to ask them their opinions on record, they could circumvent any of the usual smartass comments magazine writers come up with in their commentaries. ####################################### With billions on Advertising.. GM just focus that money for one year on INFORMATION only ads. I mean literally having ads that are brand based that literally inform the customer. Straight to the dome. I'm talking about taking a film crew into the engineer, design, and marketing rooms... fly on the wall of what U are offering, but without, obviously, giving away secret sauce. My commercial would open "MTV style," 5th Symphony "DEM DEM DEM DOOOOM" with marketing guys talking in a conference room, Cadillac logo HUGE on the wall..: This is the new Cadillac Solitaire. We used to call it ATS, but following, not leading, led us down a stark, Teutonic mishmash of alphabet soup. Teutonic? Cadillac is CADILLAC. AMERICAN. Americans have names.. 2) Next cut to engineering: We wanted a car that could corner like on rails, do 0-60 sprints like a bat out of hell, had an uncompromising ride that didn't jar U back into the days of stone wheels on a Yaba-Daba-Doo mobile. Fuel efficient, and laden with technology. (Each time the narrator says something, the camera pans to the car doing just that.. whether a quick maneuver on the track, a sprint, a serine ride up the cost, and then a quick view of CUE.) 3) Next cut to Design... etc "At the end we got the AT... er... Solitaire.." narrator clears throat and laughs slightly.
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