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    Yuppie. I bet you still pop the collars on your Izod shirts.
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    Well, I have the cabin in the woods on 150 acres 90 miles from here... but I would need to remove it's current resident. I don't think I will ever live there again, though..too far from civilization...likely can't get high speed internet, no Starbucks within 25 miles, no Dunkin Donuts within 50 miles, no DoorDash service...
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    Anyone ever just want to liquidate everything and go live in a cabin in the woods away from everyone?
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    Last night, after at least 3 hours on the compumachine doing research, got tired, shut down the machine, walked thru the kitchen and picked up my cell phone. Time was 1:11. - - - - - For Moltar; comparing the '15 to the '19. :
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    I wonder if the production model will be called the iSore. I'll be showing myself out.
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    Well, picked up a '19 Ram 1500 Big Horn this evening to replace the Traverse. Crew cab, Hemi, Diamond Back Crystal Pearl. Try again in 2 years, GM.
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    Tommy Bahama makes high quality cloths that do cover the Jimmy Buffett style as well as more business casual wear. The company tagline is one swing at a time. Tommy Bahama website They cover from swim wear to houseware. It is all about the casual relaxing lifestyle. After all you can go Island Zone in clothes to more city zone in style. They even have a Tommy Bahama NFL collection for Men and Woman. I will say that their Restaurants are awesome. Top notch service and outstanding food. Worth going to if you are in one of the markets that has a place. Stores & Restaurants Locations Hope you can make it someday as I really love the food. If nothing else they do deliver some of their food items such as the yummy Pina Colada Cake.
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    spontaneous side thought, when is the next Hyundai Vercruz hitting the market? Cx9 to me has been a laggy little bitch. At least when i test drove it couple times when the turbo 4 first came out. Plus its intrusive console, a no go. Again, Mazda getting too much love from whomever is writing about it IMO. Sometimes I wish Mazda would just go away (toyota too). CX9 is compromised in function too. Unless its the DINK scenario like you mentioned earlier. I liked the Atlas, but that was the 6, and the Atlas 6 is a gas hog. And while not turbo / lag, it's slow for a v6. I should try the turbo 4. In the end why even waste the time. Skip em both and just go get a friggin Enclave and be done with it. Or a Traverse. They are both really good!
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    Undeniable... but no one challenged that statement. If & when OEMs can get pure EV vehicles on a price parity with their same brand/type counterparts, only then would I expect a notably uptick in EV numbers. For audi to offer a vehicle slotting perceptively slightly below a Q5 at close to double the price is all but guaranteeing miserable comparative sales. Then again, audi seems to have no problem with half their catalog performing at miserable sales levels.
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    I have several Tommy Bahama shirts in my summer wardrobe. Working from home, though, I usually wear gray hoodies and t-shirts, sweats or shorts and flip-flops. Everyday more casual than casual Friday... I have a closet full of dress clothes for when I have to go back to an office...
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    Batteries are made of expensive metals... just because they don't get shaped into visually interesting machines doesn't make them cheap. Electric drivetrains still require lots of design and engineering work, otherwise everyone would have loads of them already.
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    I just find it noteworthy : size-wise the e-tron slots below the Q5, but it's double the price (with far less mechanicals/engineering).
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    I don't get it.... why do they do it? The ELR was a excellent car for what it was, but a tiny two-seater was never going to sell in huge numbers particularly at that price. If I lived a different life, I would totally rock and ELR, but it's pretty much limited to wealthy single people in Miami who also have an Escalade to drive. Build an Equinox or Envision or Acadia with a Bolt powertrain and it won't be such a flop.
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    Randy Newman fell short with his stupid song "Short People" but this one is epic, IMO. It's hilarious that he rolls in some of the more banal streets in this humongous city ... Victory Boulevard, Imperial Highway? WTF? Also, the L.A. of the New Millennium is a lot less happier place than the L.A. of circa 1984. Can't believe I was born and spent 21 of my first 25 years here. Thought I'd always go back there to live someday. That never happened. I got cold feet every time. And it doesn't look like it ever will happen. For one, every one of my childhood friends has moved out of the city and even out of state. So I listen to this song to channel the L.A. that I knew and once loved.
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    I don't understand why the Jeep truck and this are taking so long. I'd think they should have been out when the Ranger comes out. 2022? That just feels like an absurd amount of time.
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    I remember Mailbox baseball and my dad fixed it by using a commercial I-beam in 4' deep cement along with welding a new mailbox out of 1" thick commercial sheet steel. The next time the kids tried, they ended up having damage to their car and and a we got a bat. I think the kid swung, hit an immovable object and the bat left the hands, hit the car and no more mailbox baseball attacks.
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    When all the joy of car ownership is drained out of the product, something has to be added to fill the void. And this ain't it.
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    After an all-nighter doing a production deployment for my client (went to bed at 5am EST this morning), at the end of a two 50+hr weeks, I finally had a day to relax. On the freeway this afternoon, saw a primer gray '55 Chevy 2dr sedan w/ a black hood. Went to the casino for a concert tonight, came out and saw a black Ferrari 488 GTB w/ a temporary tag parked out front. But parked in front of it and getting more attention, was a sharp clean white 4th gen Camaro IROC-Z convertible from around '89-90, top down.
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    You apparently missed the spot where it is a software update, not a physical hardware issue.... And rubber fanbelts never fail....
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    People are not willing to put themselves into the EVs that are currently available. Outside of Tesla, most are downright ugly or "nerdy". Both the Leaf and the Bolt are perfectly find daily drivers, the latter with more range of course, but they look dorky. The more conventional looking EVs didn't have enough range to be useful.... thus the poor sales of the eGolf and Focus Electric. If Chevy made a crossover sized between the Trax and Equinox, made it look like a baby Traverse, gave it enough battery to hit 250+ miles, and priced it reasonably.... we'd be having a very different conversation about EVs. If Chrysler had made the Pacifica a crossover instead of a Minivan, Chrysler would probably be back on the map with the PHEV version. Why the non-Tesla manufacturers choose to do what they do with EVs is beyond me. Why make something with a great new powertrain and then make it intentionally ugly?!?
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    Trucks have much higher profit margins than cars do, why would any OEM 'need' to sell 400+K to make a profit? Many models sell in the low 1000s/yr, assumedly at a profit...
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    Silverado depends a lot on the trim and the lighting. It is a complex design up front, and it can take on a lot of different appearances. REALLY curious to see one in person. Until then, I can definitely find versions I would say I like enough to purchase.
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