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    GM should offer a ‘Street Boss’ 2-in lowered package.
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    I was referring to Subarus. A very small percentage of their product line (the 3 letter models—BRZ, WRX, STI) are performance vehicles. For mainstream appliances, I think a BEV approach will be advantageous. Less maintenance, cleaner, more efficient, better performance. Regular consumers don’t open the hood, whether it is ICE or BEV would have little meaning to most drivers I suspect.
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    Well, for the first time in 13 years, I have two car payments again. Wife’s old Cavalier (2003) finally cracked a few door hinges on the drivers side, and she was replaced after almost 17 years with a brand new 2020 Chevy Trax. Pretty nice little CUV I have to say after riding around in it tonight......
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    Im assuming, that you dont forget to gas up. Im assuming, the majority of the folk that drive gas and diesel powered cars, do not, for the most part, forget to gas up. Why would plugging in an EV car be any different? It will become just one of those little tasks in life when owning an EV... Cell phones have been a common commodity since the mid 1980s. Exploded unto the scene since the 1990s. Laptops have a similar timeline to cell phones and along with tablets...also require to plug in. Today, we charge headphones, drills, electric mowers, grass trimmers....toothbrushes.... Like gasoline and diesel cars, EVs, cell phones, tablets, PCs all have a gauge to tell us that gasoline or battery power is low and it may be time to fuel up or power up and recharge. In all honesty, anyone forgetting to fuel up or recharge may be a dummy in my eyes... If getting gas is no big deal, then plugging in at the comfort of your own home, should not be a big deal either...if anything, its less of a hassle than to drive to a gas station to fill up. Not in theory, but in reality. And one does not need to experience an EV for one to come to that conclusion either. One could easily see that advantage a mile away. If one gets a wireless charging station at home....by God...there is really nothing to do but to drive to your parking spot in just the right spot so the magnetic coils in the charger align with the magnetic coils in the car and voila...hands free...like everything else we like in today's lazy world. Like you, I only gas up every 14 days or so, give or take a day or two, and the gas station is along my drive, but even with that, Id rather not stop and gas up....Id rather plug in at home. Yes....Im one of those lazy folk I just bitched about in the previous paragraph.
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    There's no way to make EVs retain Subaru character. There's no way for any manufacturer to maintain any sort of brand character when the car is powered by electric motors.... so much sameness. It's like modern NASCAR... dull, bland same-old same-old.
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    It also takes time to drive to the gas station, and exit the gas station. And in winter you stand in the cold pumping gas.
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    handled well because the one he saw wasn't in a ditch or crashed into another vehicle?
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    But 'here' is one city, not the country at large. Anecdotal. What if you bring lunch/eat at your desk due to either preference or job dictates? Here's the chargers near me: • Tesla, 8 chargers at a lone Panera Bread. • nissan dealer, for nissan leaf, 2 different plugs, no food within walking. • hyndai dealer, 1 type of plug, McD & BK a 1/4 mile away. • kia dealer, 1 charger, must get dealer permission to charge, some food about a 1/2 mile away. • Ford dealer, 1 charger, Fords only, a few places within a mile of walking. • Turnpike plaza (if you want to pay to use Turnpike and deal with the 180 to get back to work), I'm sure the usual fast food is there. Has 2 different plugs there, nissans charge free. • a college parking deck I'm pretty positive you have to pay to get into. Recommended you stay with your car or risk getting towed, deck gates only stay open on weekends. I believe it'd be a dozen blocks to the college grease trucks but don't know it they're there on weekends. • township building, dual station, open 7Am to 11PM 7 days, no food within walking. Just sounds like a major pain in the ass to deal with, and it seems the 'unicorn scenarios' where you drive right up to an unoccupied charger and walk 100' to a appealing food source, doesn't exist around here. I know; anecdotal.
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    Thanks for posting the story, that is a good read and I would agree with the 2023 hint. I think one solid reason for the success has been the price with the body style. No short bunker pony car, but an actual comfy cruiser.
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    Ford Brazil built the '65 Ford Galaxie until 1984. This is a '74 :
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    This thought struck me today~ The proponents/religious zealots of autonomous driving cars frequently claim that 'the vast majority of driver's aren't very skilled, and this would help reduce accidents'. There seems to be a huge cross-over where these same proponents also fully support electric vehicles (not yet or neccessarily in the same vehicle). Many of the EVs (and near future EVs) go 0-60 around 3.0 secs.
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    I don't think so, the XT4 is built on E2XX (Epsilon 2 updated). Trailblazer I believe is VSS-F.. maybe VSS-S (S for SUV). Future smaller XT2 or 3 could use the same.
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    Congrats... my sister has a 2015 Trax and has been happy with it overall..has over 20k now after driving to Florida a couple weeks ago. The floor filled with water during heavy rain driving on the way down there, had to spend a few days at a dealer last week...not sure what the problem was, but water was coming in somewhere through the HVAC system. She said the dealer blamed it on squirrels..
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    Quebec lost ground in EV infrastructure to British Columbia, California and Washington. Due to the PQ (Parti Quebecois) Government that was elected as a minority government in 2012. The PQ cut all subsidies and EV investments in infrastructure and distanced themselves with the idea of a better economy with EVs. But in 2014...there was another election and the Liberals won and the government invested its energy (*pun intended) back in informing the citizens that EVs might be good for the Quebec people. But...not enough monies were invested for the infrastructure. Subsidies for EV purchases only. A new government was elected in 2018 (the CAQ...50% separatist values (kinda like the PQ party, but less radical), 25 % liberal values and 25%conservative values... but these guys actually do listen to the voice of the people...the pur sang Quebec people...the true blue Frenchies...and maybe not the English voices LOL) but where the Liberals left off with EVs, the CAQ goes even further. They actually inform the people of Quebec on how EVs benefit our economy. Monies are given to local businesses, homes, to establish an infrastructure. The CAQ government is working with Hydro-Quebec to not raise its prices, to give discounts to those who actually charge their EVs at home...to also encourage people to not be wasteful of electricity and so forth. Subsidies for the purchase of EVs has also been prolonged, and the rebates increased all for the purpose to get more EVs on Quebec roads. For green purposes but for Quebec's economy also. The people of Quebec are starting to see the benefits of EV ownership versus ICE on multiple levels.... We have discussed these benefits ad nauseam @ Cheersandgears...no need for me to revisit this. The Model 3 is everywhere in Montreal. The Model S too. The Model X not so much... But...the Kia Kona EV is also a very popular EV in Montreal. Tons of hybrids. From the Fusion Hybrid to the Chevy Volt to the different Toyotas that have the Toyota Hybrid Drive. The Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Bolt were once dominant in Montreal, but since the Model 3 has arrived and now wait times are no longer an issue for the Model 3, the Leaf and Bolt are not as popular. The Model 3 is just steamrolling along. The Federal government is offering up to 5000 and the Quebec government is offering another 8000. That figure was for EVs costing less than 75 000. But now, as of April 1st 2020, that 8000 max is for EVs costing less than 60 000 MSRP. A Model 3, with an MSRP of less than 60 000 (which was the standard price) could be potentially had for 47 000... And now...I think the standard price for the Model 3 in Canada IS 47 000... Well...we know that Elon likes to overcharge for some stuff...OK...but with rebates like in Quebec and in Canada...the Quebec rebate pays for the AWD and the Canada rebate pays for the mundane shyte that Elon charges for but other OEMs gives us for free...(yeah...its not as if GM or Ford or Honda dont force you into higher trim packages for the mundane shyte you want but are stuck in upgrading trim packages just to get that mundae shyte but now are forced to have other mundane shyte you really dont care for...) https://vehiculeselectriques.gouv.qc.ca/english/rabais/ve-neuf/programme-rabais-vehicule-neuf.asp
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    Different views for different people adapting and adopting different hurdles of and for different fuel propulsions. Like I said in another post, its up to the people to decide for themselves how much and how far they are to accept and change for EVs. In my neck of the woods, the citizens, the government, the local businesses and our local economy are on the same page regarding EVs. Its to everybody's benefit in our community for us to adapt and adopt EVs. Ill agree with the "who gives a phoque what Koenigsegg thinks", but Koenigsegg doesnt really build pedestrian family sedans therefore not really slamming his own products. PS: I dont give a phoque what he thinks of the Tesla Model 3 myself if I wasnt clear enough. But...Ill say this about that...HIS attention to detail in his products are second to none in the automotive business. Tesla...not so much. Well....the electronics and software and stuff, Tesla is second to none. The finishing details...are admittedly lacking. The world IS full of small inconveniences and God Bless capitalism for allowing everybody a more or less equal chance of profiting from that. But then again...unchecked capitalism is also responsible for incredulous business practises. Is a 9000 dollar option for AWD one of these incredulous instances? A fool and his money and buyer beware are two of my favorite sayings. I dont know about anybody else though, if they share those thoughts... But then again, capitalism does dictate market value for some of these things some find incredulous. Others find need and pay for it negating the negative feed back... Tesla products are luxury only in price and the luxury in question is the technology. Luxury as in precious metals and excessive comfort is not a Tesla quality. State of the art technology however...
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    To be honest, he won more awards and stuff with the Rockies. He spent more years in Colorado. I want him in a s an Expo because his years as an Expo were great too. But maybe not as a Hall of Famer great. But rookie year and young and all. He did have 2 Gold Gloves with the Expos out of the 6 years he spent in Montreal...33%, but he did win 5 in Colorado. 5 out of the 10 years he spent there. 50% of the time he was there. He also had 3 batting titles...in Colorado. MVP of the league while in Colorado. He was supposed to be a hockey goalie, but that never panned out. "Twas the Expos that scouted him...by chance. But the Expos organization always had the knack of finding such talent that no other in the League could ever do. The Cards? I always respected the Cards. In baseball for me though, I HATE all other ball clubs. Especially the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, the Blue Jays, The A's... But I have the utmost respect for the Yankees and the Red Sox. The Cards, The Cubs, The Pirates, The Phillies, The Reds, The Giants, the Dodgers ... Yeah...teams like these I may not like...hate might be tooo strong of a sentiment, but these are teams that are...dare I say...likeable? The Dodgers and the Giants...I kinda like their New York origins. I may not like their California destination... So...I could see the Rockies as a choice for Walker. I cant see the Cards though. PS: I HATE the Nationals... NO! Not because the Expos moved there. But because they NEVER acknowledged the Montreal tie-in. NO!!! They dont absolutely have to acknowledge Montreal... Rightfully so Ill say!!! BUT!!! In NO WAY should they also acknowledge Raines, Dawson, Carter, Guerrero as part of their history if that is the case. Carter gets inducted...no acknowledgement. Dawson and then Raines...nothing... Finally Guerrero gets in and all of a sudden, the Washington owners and fans want to be tied in with Montreal? Why? Because that ballclub now has 4 inductees? PHOQUE OFF is what I say to them! Im happy for him for that too... I do not know about Colorado...but that statement for Montreal is 100000000000000000000000000% FALSE!!! People in Montreal LOVED him. First of all...CANADIAN.... Second of all...we lOVED our Expos. Every single one of them. Listen to the Lyrics. The refrain...of all the Expos that played in Montreal for close to 40 years..."Larry Walk" is mentioned... Says a lot about how Montreal fans feel for him. Keep in mind that this Montreal song artist made this song in 2010. Waaaaaay before Gary makes the HOF. Waaaaay before the Expos might be returning back to Montreal. This song was made shortly after the Expos left town. "This one’s for the Kid and the Cat and the Hawk And this one’s for Grip, Larry Walk and the Rock This one’s for El Presidente, Mo and O-Cab and this one’s for Spaceman, Crow and Vlad"
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    1 moron did not vote for Derek Jeter!!! How pathetic. Anyway... Another Expo in the hall of fame!!! Colorado or Montreal? I hope its the Montreal Expos jersey he and the League will choose!!! But Ill understand if its the Rockies. The 2nd Canadian in Cooperstown!!! Larry, in my world, you were THE man rather than THAT machine way back when...
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    Musk turns the tap off & on at whim. I read recent info that the performance Model 3 was free, again, at the Superchargers. Piece I read claimed he does it to goose sales.
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    Yes I saw your knees accidentally pushing buttons on the dash in the front seat, and I saw your knees pressed deep into the back of the front seat when shoehorned into the back seat. Tanks fer the mammaries!
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    Last 2 I saw were The Joker and Ford vs. Ferrari.
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    Subaru might be an appliance, but Tesla's aren't. The Model S can win a drag race against an Aventador. And we are in the infancy stages of electric cars and 125 years into evolution of gas cars. I think when the next gen battery tech gets here, EV's will smash gas cars. Take the Cybertruck for example, it is faster than a Porsche 911, and it tows more than an F150. And that is their first effort, they will improve upon that.
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    you mean i can have an engine that’s ten years too late, more expensive than a similarly efficient hybrid toyota rav-4, AND I get to pay more for fuel too!?
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    According to Wikipedia the '48 style Special was carried over 'till mid year '49 when the redesigned body came out...i seem to recall reading that in a Collectible Automobile article also.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buick_Special
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    Yeah.. I'm only 6'0", but my head rubs the headliner in a Mustang and Camaro, and I can't see out of a Camaro w/o a periscope. I've sat in Challengers several times at the dealer and at shows, and I fit in fine even w/ the sunroof (which I'd want).
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    BS. Everything in production was engineered to that spec, pre-production. Can't have the latter without the former. smk : "Imagine GM telling engineers that the C9 Corvette has to use a sub 2-liter engine but have equal or better performance to the C8. They would just shut down the whole program." smk was speaking hypothetically, and I gave past evidence that disproves his future hypothesis. 'Production' is irrelevant to the discussion, which was about the ability.
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    If its not in production, it's not real...means nothing, can't compare to production products..
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    Hmmmmmmm..... Gearz of some sorts. What are they turning? This looks to be huge. It cant be a transmission because gears in those are different sizes to account for different speeds, right? Same for watches and clocks. Different sized gears for different changes in time....second hand and minute hand and hour hand and then another tangent gear for day and/or month. This is an engine of some sort? Because Im stumped. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Model 3. Minimalist? Yes. Luxury? No. Arsty Fartsy? Quite possibly. A pain in the ass to access certain things that need to be accessed? Some say no. Some say you get used to it. I say....there are certain things in life that do not need to be digitized on a TV screen. Buttons work well...extremely well. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    It sounds like it's all using braking on one side, not moving the rear wheels like Quadrasteer did.. Probably not as tight as the Rivian which I think steers the front wheels opposite directions to turn tightly.
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    That's a Cadillac interior in the pic... Chevys had round gauges..and a Biscayne didn't have all the shiny trim.
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    While not a car fan, I will say I like the interior dash on this.
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    Equinox is great but much bigger turning radius than the Trax. I honestly am shocked at the turning radius of the CUVs from GM as my SS has a much tighter turning radius than many compact CUVs and it is Mid Size. GM needs to fix the poor turning radius of their products.
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    Congrats on getting something new but what attracted to you a ...Chevy Trax...?
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    Thanks! The door near did off to fall off to finally finish it! Otherwise it would have been rust.....tough part is you get attached to something when you have it that long! Wife loves that Trax though.....
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    ^ Got in the truck to do a late-night job and the DIC flashes me 'battery not charging'. Must be the alternator. Can't really complain that the original went 196,000 miles. Will replace it & the serpentine tomm.
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    Love the interior and exterior look, Great in Green. Excited to see it at the dealership and get a hands on inspection and drive.
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    gm obliterated hummer’s name with the idiotic underwhelming H2 and cultivated a market of balding, compensating sadmen in the process... and they think it’s going to attract electric buyers? lol okay
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    For some reason I find 1967 Olds 88s fascinating...Delta and Delmont
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    ^ They have moved off 1%! They're at 2%. EDIT :: Oh that's right; sales declined last year. But don't worry! EVs will still be 50% of the market by 2025! - - - - - Those 2 towns are 120 miles apart. My assumption is they're walking that entire way... with nothing. And look- the guy just dropped his cell phone.
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    Tidbit from the field; local Chevy salesman said 'like 90%' of Silverados they sell are short beds.
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