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    Suburban was the first. Bronco went full size in 1978 Chevy went full size on the K5 Blazer in 1969 Dodge went full size on the Ram Charger in 1974. If you can't see the striking similarities between the side profiles of the Yukon and Expedition, you need your eyes checked.
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    My new truck tires were delivered today! 31.00R51's!
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    Cadillac made this in the 1950s and charged $13.8K for it, nearly the exact same price as a Rolls Silver Cloud @ $14.1K (needless to say; the Rolls was a technological and design dinosaur) ~ Another example of Mercedes "chasing" Cadillac.
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    The 600 wasn't a consumer vehicle, it was a commercial vehicle, just like the Series 75. And Cadillac was building cars like this 20 years earlier than the 600, so I guess mercedes "chased" Cadillac : The regular production mercedes, the ones consumers bought, had hideous interiors, marginal build quality and were never class-leading in amenities. MB didn't even offer factory A/C until 1968 or thereabouts. After briefly offering it in the early 40s, Cadillac made it a permanent offering beginning in 1953. More "chasing" of Cadillac by mercedes. Rolls didn't get A/C until '56. And the problem with 'heads of state' is that office & it's like have long been harbingers of Most Corrupt. IOW; People No One Looks Up To Anymore.
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    1. Id replicate this for my winter car. And what is that exactly? It is 2015 SEMA's AWD 450HP 5.7liter HEMI Challenger. Im not sure about the widebody kit if I want it or not, but Id start off with a 2017 Challenger T/A with the ram air hood and the 5.7 HEMI. Id retune it to at least hit 400-425HP...no need to go crazy, then Id take a wrecked 2015 or older Chrysler 300C AWD and rip that AWD hardware apart and sew it on my Challenger making my own AWD HEMI V8 Challenger. 2. Then Id take a 2017 Chrysler 300C Platinum Then Id buy this engine And I replicate this but as a Chrysler 300... 3. Id buy a Tesla Model S for a Daily Driver Separate the body shell from its platform Then use the chassis with the suspension and battery pack to act like the ladder frame of my GM A-Body Muscle car where Id replace the Model S body shell for this Dynacorn body shell! and then try to re-skin it as an Oldsmobile Cutlass rather than a Chevelle, if possible, if not a Chevelle it shall be. Id have to cut and fit the Model S chassis a tad, only 4 inches length wise and Id have to find 1 inch wide wise, but its very doable... 4. I have one 5.7 liter Hemi V8 engine to work with from the 300 Hellcat I did when I took that engine out to swap it with the Hellcat engine... So Id visit the FCA Dealership once more and Id buy a Fiat 124 Spyder... There are some Miata V8 swaps already made...but with me....Id make my own Shelby Cobra/Viper (sans V10) with the Fiat 124 and a 5.7 liter Hemi with 375 HP/410 ft.lbs torque... Thanx Frisky for the LC500 idea. OK...Id buy the LC500 Then Id buy a LFA and remove all that is that glorious V10....transmissions, engines, computers and wiring harnesses and electronic dash gauges and swap them into the LC 500
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    I was shopping in a first ring/ second ring 6/10 burb the other night that happens to be near a prominent caddy dealer. Lots of boomer / elder demographic. In the span of a couple miles and a few minutes not less than 4 new XT5's. And since that other day, the next two days, seen more new XT5's. Caddy demand was pent up for crossovers. In the meantime I see several XTS out and about. It's rare to see new CTS. Used to see more ATS. CT6 is extremely rare. It's evident to me there is no detriment and all the benefit to continue to sell the XTS for 3 more years. It's the ES Lexus equivalent. No pretense, just some cush and badge honor. The new updates help but I do think they should have spruced the interior more. ATS is questionable to me in USA unless they redo the whole thing (including rear seat leg room), and probably should have remained CTS. CTS should have been STS. CT6 should have brought back DTS. Caddy may keep the XTS until they clear out the awkwardness of their sedan lineup. When the XTS dies, they should stick with 3 sedans (and that includes not expecting much volume out of the ATS size car). If they bring an even smaller FWD based car, that's suicide in the US i think. They need to keep the XTS to just plug the hole for those who don't like the CTS or think the ATS and CTS are too small and too unsightly, and don't like the CT6 or can't come close to affording it. Caddy's sin in the last 10 years or so. Downsizing all their product. CT6 is a nice size but a bit shy in width. Caddy really can rejuvenate sedans with a king size car. CT6 is a bit shy of king size.
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    1. I would choose too GC Trailhawk as DD off roader 2. Wrangler Rubicon 2 door 3. WRX STi Rally 4. Raptor 5. Land Cruiser modified for Overland duty
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    Your original point was proven to be wrong, hence you changing your original post form first luxury SUV to first domestic luxury SUV (which was wrong on both counts). This article, from a classic cars website, solidifies the Wagoneer position as the first to the domestic luxury game. http://www.classiccarstodayonline.com/2015/06/15/a-look-back-at-the-1963-1991-jeep-wagoneer-a-guide-to-year-to-year-changes-2/ Again, you really should register, unless there is a particular reason why you won't. Spread your wings and let it fly lol. You don't think anyone is wrong yet you are going out of your way to show that you are right. Interesting contradiction. Except that he compared identical year cars across the board to show you the fallacy of your argument. The Imperial was not a "plain sedan" (at the time) nor was the El Dorado. Again, the point has been proven ten fold by multiple folks. Moving on to the new Navigator.
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    The origins of this site, before I took it over, were as a GM fan site... so it is natural to find that here. Still, fanboys are fine. There wouldn't be a site if fanboys didn't exist. I'll be the first to admit that there have been some whoppers told by some of the GM fans here.... right along with the Benz Fans ... Ford fans... and VW fans... and Chrysler Co. fans. It's when telling whoppers crosses the line into trolling, abusive posts, and flat out falsehoods that would make politicians blush that I have to step in and either correct the record or take more punitive measures.
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    From where I stand I don't see any difference between GM and Ford fanboys, and there is way more GM fanboys on this site then Ford
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    It's not pointless. A N/A V8 is much more responsive than a Turbo-V6 of similar output.
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    In your constant praise of the Benz luxury cars and their number one sales slot...you kind of remind me of the crazy Pentecostal lady who leads worship at one of those churches where they speak in tongues and handle snakes. All she wants to do is praise the name of Jesus, and all you want to do is praise the S class.
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    History lesson, Deming tried to teach the US manufacturing industry how to build better products in the 70's and was blown off as a waste of time and money. Deming then went to Japan and they listened and followed his methodology to become the manufacturing power they are today. If it was not for American thinking of better ways to build products, the US arrogance of we are best already and blowing off Demming, Japan would not become who they are today. Germans also decided after Japan to follow the Demming way. Only after American Auto industry has been beaten to a pulp by the rest of the industry did they finally wake up to building better products. http://www.wyohistory.org/encyclopedia/w-edwards-deming If you want to be the best, you have to rethink how you build the best.
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    I find too much positive in life to let myself get consumed with hate.
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    My mistake- thought I had read "Model 3". Even as I typed it, I was thinking 'there's NO WAY to bring this to market like this in that price range'. Agreed- the Model S needs a 2nd generation like right now. I know it's sales are steady, but you can't sit still. If the eMotion comes out as is, the S is going to be way behind. Frankly, I think everything else in this price tier will be also- today, those specs have the capability to rule the lux sedan segment.
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    And both of them have done everything you have asked of them!
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    Haha... and both of my Jeeps have been FWD biased crossovers...
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    Glad you have owned two Jeep product since this, and glad they are still building Jeeps in Toledo. Looked at a few Jeeps at the dealership yesterday... Jeep makes me proud to be from Ohio.
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    gah, i was just talking about the star trek timeline... but then comes warp tech.. in comes vulkans, then peace and expansion till... klingons, romulans, cardasians, the borg...
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    This is singularly the worst photograph ever taken of me or my work shop, period... This is a little bit better pic, this is a neck for a guitar we are building...
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    Went to my Nephews birthday party on Saturday. Stopped at the local target to pick up some last minute items I was asked to get before getting to the park. I pulled in and as I always do, I park far away to keep door dings at bay. In a couple pictures you can see my Escalade in the background. Not sure of the Year @balthazar I leave that to our might good of age recognition. But this size truck is what is needed for the inner city folks. Talk about a lovely AWD Scout truck.
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    Not just cars but diesel locomotives and refrigerators also... Going back to my thought on car clubs...none of my import loving friends trash talks domestic cars. Why does SMK? It almost seems like he has some sort of self hatred for himself as an American.
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    The 3-series succeeded here on the pretense that "Euro" = "Better"... a subset of the pretense that "Import" = "better". 80's 3-series are absolutely NOT luxury cars... not by today's standards and not by the standards of 1983. A 1983 3-series was a decent handling VW Jetta. Aside from their Jetta level interior, they would also return to their Eisenoxid roots at an alarming pace. But they were expensive and handled decent... so whatever the '80s equivalent of a rich hipster is bought them. They were significantly, not luxury, just pretense. If you want a modern example... the CLA should fit the bill.
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    ^ See the post 2 above yours. Cadillac was not building even mid-sized cars ("full-size" in today's parlance) in the '60s & '70s until the '76 Seville (204"). Hell, look up GM's small cars in the '70s and find something you think would have made good bones even against the dregs the Euros were building. That's not 'behind the curve', it's just the way the brand was. Look at Mercedes- it took them 35 years to get a competitive large car going in this country. "Behind the curve" there?
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    Nice Car! Good to see someone picking up a hatch
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    1930 Boatail 1932 1936 And JUST before the war started...all with V16 engines...1939 All Mercedes ever had was that 500K Special... Oh yeah....and this one That 1939 Cadillac was MODERN compared to that Hitler car when the war started!!!
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    HA! One car in the 1950s... I mentioned that! I also gave you the "most luxurious most advanced sedan in the world in the 600" by saying 1967 or 1968...But still only one car! And as for your AMG... AMG was an INDEPENDENT hot rodding company..NOTHING TO DO with Mercedes-Benz... The W123 is from the 1970s...1976 to be exact.... This was its predecessor Introduced in 1968 You think that this car had a leg up on this one? (Its just the Caprice) Impala 327 SS interior Let alone other GM divisions that are higher on the scale from a lowly Chevy.... Built like a tank the W123 is.... But you really think that the 3rd world's taxi cab has a leg up on North America's taxi cab and police car for the same late 1970s-mid 1980s time frame? Because this Caprice/Impala/Bel Air was also built like a tank! Because this is the best the W123 could do interior wise Because as a Chevy....in 1984...this is quite comparable WITHOUT the leather seats of the W123... Mercedes Benz AFTER WW2 had to cater to the masses... 1947 And thanx to AMERICAN MONEY BUILDING UP THE COMPANY AGAIN!!! We all know what Cadillac done in 1949... Like I said...Mercedes Benz took off as a luxury car maker in the late 1970s and the people took to them in the 1980s when Cadillac really started to crumble... Hell....this is when the Japanese got cocky and introduced Infinity, Acura and Lexus JUST BECAUSE Cadillac was falling down and Mercedes Benz was nowhere near the top! Remember Amati? That was to be Mazda's luxury marque...that is how cocky the Japanese were JUST BECAUSE MERCEDES BENZ WAS NOT A PURE LUXURY BRAND IN THE 1980s!!! BAMBOOZLE somebody else....and if it aint that....SMARTEN UP!!!
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    @A Horse With No Name @Cubical-aka-Moltar Guys ya gotta admit this is a bad ass looking SUV. Monochromatic makes this nice looking. They went back to the first generation Durango and recaptured the essence.
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    The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has a number of parts built in other countries...one of the reasons they had problems with the roll-out of the plane. Does not really apply to me as I no longer fly on Boeing planes for personal reasons I do not wish to discuss. Given that Mexico is doing a much better job at electing actual adults as leaders (talking to both parties here...and the green party and libertarians as well!) probably a commendable decision on the part for FCA and GM.
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    They need to do an ultra-plush Escalade with a retro '70s Fleetwood Brougham Talisman style interior.. and in bordello red...
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    The point of view is how much something costs, that's what makes something a luxury product. A Fusion is not a luxury product, a Navigator is. A 1985 AMC Eagle 4x4 Sedan was $10,475, half that of the $20k JGW or Town Car. Just let it go. No further posts of yours will be approved on the subject.
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    The poor outward visibility kind of kills the Camaro for me...feels like being in a pill box, and my head touches the headliner. I like the new Mustang a lot, but of the 3, the Challenger really appeals to me the most..it's the '70s styling and heftiness that appeal to me...
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    There is an old quote from Gandhi: I" like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Perhaps it is Ford worshippers that cause such feelings @A Horse With No Name.
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    The first Navigator was the only one that carried any credibility. Lincoln squandered it after that by letting it rot on the vine. This next Navi should remedy that.
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    apparently its some sort of steerable (there were geared 'turntables' above ea wheel pair & something akin to an 'axle' between) outrigger counterweight for one of those triple-boom cranes:
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    I am really, really excited about this news. I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic, but I'm just itching for an escala-based design refresh on this car. It's the ONLY THING holding the model back, IMO.
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    And living like the Jetsons in five. I just want my robotic maid to have realistic lady bits and we are all set.
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    That's a very odd perspective. Very isolationist and unrealistic in a global economy.
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    Agree. As to why he won't engage in a real conversation, my guess is that he has been here before under another name, but it doesn't matter. Always playing the "best selling" game never ends well because as I said, "best selling" does not mean "best car". It's that simple.
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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. U WOT MATE??? It's a MF'ing Civic with 30% less power than the average minivan has. And they're not doing test drives?!?! What damn joke. I would have told them to pound sand and keep their POS, slow-ass Civic, that I was going to go buy a GTI- you know, a proper hot hatch.
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    Wife loves her new Cruze hatch. Your Premier rental actually lacks a major luxury option group that includes larger touch screen, upgraded gauge cluster display, 9-speaker audio, and sunroof. Really takes the interior up a notch further. The engineering in this car is really exceptional. The new SIDI 1.4T and 6A are a great pairing in this lighter chassis, though the hatchback is really begging for a 2.0T!
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    Damned decent of ChryCo to engineer it so removing the bumper didn't involve holes or bodywork to patch. Looks 10,000 times better without 'em.
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    http://media.cadillac.com/media/us/en/cadillac/news.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2017/jun/0605-cadillac-sales.html At this rate.. its very likely Cadillac could pass the 320K mark by end of year
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    Perhaps, I still see a really good chance for this whole thing to fall on its face and go boom...
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and surmise you have no IDEA how shatteringly ironic your statement is.
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    It might also stand to reason that Cadillac.. up until 2016.. didn't have anything close to a Full-Size RWD vehicle to be considered. The CT6 is certainly up to snuff now.. and a CT8 will be over the top. Its like when arguing sales but ENTHUSIASTS.. who see the sales.. kno the make-up.. completely ignore the fact that Cadillac essentially had 6 vehicles (170,006) for 2016.. and Audi had 12 (210,213) yet doesn't scold Audi, plush with CUVs, for only selling 40K more than a brand that has half its number of available names.. and only ONE real CUV.
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    The Cruze hatch that got last in a recent test was a manual transmission in a comparison of optional engines, it was a fish out of water in an enthusiast test. The Cruze automatic compared very well for exactly the attributes my wife needs. http://www.caranddriver.com/comparisons/2016-chevrolet-cruze-vs-2016-honda-civic-2017-hyundai-elantra-2016-mazda-3-2016-nissan-sentra-comparison-test-2016-chevrolet-cruze-lt-page-4 Neither of us have time to go out test driving half a dozen cars that have the deal breakers I listed above. Again, I'm a GM guy. There are two perfectly suited vehicles in my preferred mfr. I'm not so biased that I won't admit when there are objectively better cars, but in this case there aren't. If she was looking to autocross or drive nothing but twisty back roads, it would be a different story.