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    Back from a week of PTO at https://www.fairmonthotsprings.com/ Love this place, so relaxing, made a day trip to Banf and Lake Louise in the Banf National Park. One day drive to Fairmont and an hour longer as we had a friend and took the Canadian trans highway back for another day drive. So 4 days of soaking and relaxing, Banf / Lake Louise on Monday due to weather, heavy snow the rest of the week. While the map says a bit over 1400 miles, total miles I drove showing our friend the area was close to 2000 for the week. Have to say the Escalade just purred along and is such a comfy road trip auto.
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    If it makes a profit, why cede that segment to the Japanese?
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    I think I said something similar a while ago. If Ford can't make a profit on 200,000 Fusions a year, the problem isn't the Fusion.
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    Some of the 18’s are going for more than 10 grand off sticker, but I was fortunate to find this 19 at about 10k off, so about 31,600. Plus my GM card dollars !. The demo discount helped. But here is the caveat. You basically will find almost none with adaptive cruise, or with all the packages in one car. There is a preferred 18 with blind spot package, moonroof, and Bose that they have almost 14 grand off list right now which is the one I should have bought, it’s at 24,600 right now. But that doesn’t have dual zone climate or heated seats or an armrest in the back seat. Maybe if they put heated seats in an all wheel drive car being marketed in a northern state maybe it wouldn’t sit on a lot for 2 years waiting to get sold. Im not sure why GM loves to introduce new models, roll them out slow with no advertising or incentives, then they sit for 1, 2, even more years in bunches on the lots. It is amazing how many blazers and xt4’s have been sitting on lots for a year or so now, I have no idea when they are ever going to get sold which sucks because they are nice rides. There are a shit ton of Made in Mexico blazers out there with stickers north of 50k and I struggle to understand where those are all going to go.
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    Can GM just toss the UAW and replace them at this point? Union support is probably near its lowest point in years.
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    Mercedes already covered the coupe van market more than a decade ago. Couldn’t even get the van doors right though.
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    Wash and deep waxed the SS for the fall / winter season. Costco sells a complete kit from this company for $39.99 that has interior detail liquid, exterior paint cleaner and the everything wax and then a all type of metal polish. Does an amazing job.on older normal paints as well as clearcoats.
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    A friend of mine has a 2016 Subaru Legacy 3.6R. It’s a very safe car, has a good interior, and a rather weak engine. Oh, it also has a CVT or continuously variable transmission. When I talked with him while he took me for a spin, he told me he doesn’t mind the CVT and it is smooth for his Lyft passengers. While being a passenger in his car, the CVT did act like a conventional transmission, although it did dip in the rev range lower than usual. Then he floored it. Drone. It stayed at 3,000 RPM for at least five minutes. It was extremely annoying, but not surprising. Let me explain how a CVT works, and how I think manufacturers need to stop using them. Nerd moment approaching. You will learn many facts and you are welcome. As a surprise, a CVT is an automatic transmission. Manufacturers use this to improve fuel economy. What isn’t surprising is how they work. Instead of using traditional gears, a CVT uses a combination of pullies that are connected by a belt and “steps” . Steps are artificial gears which are preset and made so buyers feel like they’re getting a convenient transmission. Some CVTs, especially in hybrids, tend to not have steps to maximize fuel economy. They are more less compared to traditional transmissions, even 10-speed automatics, but manufacturers think they are worth it. Are they? I do have to point out the positives, no matter how much I dislike this transmission. They can be smooth. Since there is no actual shifting, when a CVT wants to behave, acceleration can feel less jerky compared to a traditional transmission. CVTs have infinite ratios, so they can find the right…ratio…to assist not only with seamless power. They do help with fuel economy which is part of the reason why most Toyota hybrids have forgone the traditional automatic transmission in favor of the CVT. Positive points over, let’s shift to what I hate about the CVT. First, You won’t find a CVT in a powerful car over 300 HP. They just can’t handle all that power! Like I said in the first paragraph, they can drone and be almost obnoxiously loud. I once drove a Honda Accord Hybrid in Colorado, and it decided to stick to 4,000 RPM at 60 mph. For 2 hours. Needless to say, the average sounding sound system was necessary to drown out the noise. My biggest issue with any CVT is that it robs the driver of spirited and fun driving. I have never driven a CVT, gotten out of the car, and said “Wow, this was really fun. I’m glad that this engine and transmission combination exist.” Now, which companies are the biggest culprits? Japanese companies. Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, and Honda all use CVTs in mostly all their vehicles, and in all of their hybrids. A few other companies such as Audi will use a CVT in their cheaper models, but most of their cars use dual-clutch automatics or traditional automatics. A disappointment of a vehicle created with a CVT is the Infiniti QX50. It is a handsome looking vehicle with a unique turbocharged engine and…a CVT. Basically, it’s ruined because of the CVT. I understand why manufacturers use CVTs due to how smooth it can be along with the increase in MPG , but they just seem to ruin the cars. I don’t understand why they can’t use dual-clutch automated manual or 8-10 speed automatics? These transmissions are getting better all the time. Manufacturers, stop with the CVTs! They are not necessary! Just use regular transmissions! They can return similar MPG, drive smooth, and won’t stick to 4,000 RPM for 2 hours while in Colorado. I can safely say that I hate the CVT, and I think that I’m not the only one. Have you driven a vehicle with a CVT and either liked or disliked it? Did you decide not to buy a vehicle with a CVT or were you sold on the two benefits it has? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on social media.
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    Yeah, been to a few dog shows.....so right on there! Ours are good most of the time....though Bella tends to be our problem child....lol... Sometimes having dogs is like having more kids!!!
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    Local show (my '40 was supposed to go to; GRRR) gorgeous '62 GP ~
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    Thanks. The Genesis was a great car but I'm a Buick Boy through and through.
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    Yeah, it looks better w/o the obligatory crossover cladding..
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    Shouldn’t they offer $3k to anyone? Rather than just Mustang owners which I assume are less than 1% of the total car buying population.
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    How was your week? I took this out for a spin.
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    My Bad, I totally missed the No part of that No Mayo. LOL, Yes I might just be, WHY.......... I am 43 minutes away from going on PTO and will be offline for the next week in the Canadian Rockies at Fairmont Hot springs. You can check it out here: https://www.fairmonthotsprings.com/ I will say they are the best Mineral Hot Springs EVER!!! Time to unplug and relax.
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    I know they all offer big rebates but the old Ram has had the most because the R&D is well paid for so they are cashing in to "sell more" than Silverado, classic Chrysler move. Yes, GM sells the "Classic" Silverado K2XX but it's only in the Double Cab/Extended cab configuration that's not as popular. They didn't want to cannibalize the new Silverado/Sierra like Ram has with the old Ram model offering crew cabs as well. Ram also doesn't have the capacity plant wise that GM does for a new model that's ramping up.
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    Stock is WILDLY overvalued and overdue for a ‘recession’.
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    List of Mercedes models with positive gains for the year: SLC AMG-GT GLC G-Class Vans List of Mercedes models with negative gains: Lets just say it's a much longer list. But yeah, Mercedes is doing AWESOME! The Best or Nothing!
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    Hahaha thanks. I'm not sure if my car will allow me to drive with the parking brake engaged because it's electronic.. Well, at least not partially engaged. I still don't think I would get as bad of fuel economy as that thing, especially considering it drinks 91 octane.
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    Now ya got my curiosity perked, https://www.hotrod.com/articles/ultra-rare-1967-ford-fairlane-427-comes-out-of-hiding-after-25-years/ Had no idea only 57 of the 1966 Fairlane were built with the 427 and only 230 built for the 1967 year. Very cool read on this guys mission to find and finally buy 1 of 2 rare 1967 427 Fairlane with Tach and 4 sp manual. According to this, and I hate quoting wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Fairlane_(Americas) The 1967 convertible could be ordered up with the 427 which was only available with the XL package. This very well could be factory as the hood scoop came with the dual quad carburetor's. Very cool indeed and rare.
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    Not soon enough. I mean I understand they need quality workers and they need to be paid a fair wage and their total compensation should correlate to how successful the business is run.. but all of those criteria are already met. They should only really negotiate a larger percentage bonus for when GM is doing really well. They're making enough money hourly/yearly before their bonuses. If they increase everybody's wage you risk crippling the business and them moving the jobs all together because not every year is going to be booming like the last few. There will be down times and keeping wages more "in check" they can afford to keep people on board.
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    KBB never looks at supply and demand, from what I can tell. The more rare, unique, older, the more and more off KBB gets.
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    Tell it to me wife ... On a more serious note, my wife as an example doesn't know and doesn't care what is 0-60 time is, however when she test drove cars, the feel of acceleration from stop, how fast the car got going made a big difference in her decision. Most people don't "care" what exact 0-60 times is but a lot of people care how well car accelerates from a stop. Most people don't floor it all the time but from experience there is a big difference in "feel" between a 6 second car and 7.5-8 sec.
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    Slacker UAW union workers is what has happened, no pride in workmanship even though generously paid by GM.
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    I"m pretty sure GM already does a profit share bonus.
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    Congrats! Good to know somebody else here recently turned 60.
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    All I can see is a Ford Focus greenhouse, and the continued dumbing down of a once razor-sharp brand focus... into the uber-bland. That giant toomuh on the trunk lid squishing down the taillights is just plain ugly.
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    They apparently already make 48 amp 240 volt chargers and they have to be hardwired, they can't be a dryer outlet. https://amzn.to/2BqFn9b
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    Nope, first time in 13 months I did not go to the gym and just relaxed, drank wine, ate chocolate, had good food and veg'd. Over all I feel like a million bucks, my joints do not hurt, no stiffness or discomfort since my L1 to L6 are pretty much bone on bone. Strong core, but those mineral hot springs really make the body feel good.
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    Small print: Must be a current owner or lessee of a Ford Mustang for at least 30 days prior to the new vehicle sale. Not available with lease and some other offers. Take new retail delivery by 10/31/19. See dealer for details.
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    Aren't 'S', 'SE' and 'SEL' old Ford trim levels?
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    I've only noticed a couple of the toyoters around me, and they are quite bloated, so I don't think many are escaping my eye. I'm surprised with the glut in this segment anyone is willing choosing this small disaster, but; people. Go figure.
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    Very good, up 6.3%. what is the "LCF"?
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    ^ 100% typical end result. And 'voting out the people' will have no result- the next bunch will do the same thing. If accountability is NOT directly and tangibly tied to political actions/projects, fiscal solvency will never be obtained.
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    Agree with you on the Plane comments. The Viaduct is gone, that portion is all done, the Tunnel is only 2 lanes in both directions as there is no Mid City exits like the Viaduct had, so reduced traffic and yet from my office window you can see it is slow craw through the tunnel. They should have built two tunnels with 3 lanes in each direction and 1 for HOV. But politicians are stupid and do not think that far in the future or future planning based on a city's growth, so while no payment has been made yet, it is already needing to be replaced with a bigger road. Where the Viaduct used to stand will now be parking for some areas, park area for others and this will be done over the next 1 1/2 years as they also remodel and update the waterfront.
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    Reminds me I have to check out the Alltrack before we commit to an Outback.
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    These are perfect sleepers for putting in a Automatic Connect & Cruise crate system from GM Performance. https://www.gmperformancemotor.com/category/AUTOCC.html I love these packages.
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    Blind spot monitoring is one of the only ones I've ever left on, that and the Adaptive Cruise Control is pretty sweet, the trailer blind spot would be a good one as well. All the other nannies are too intrusive, especially the emergency auto braking, for instance when you're overtaking a vehicle and briefly let up on the accelerator thinking you saw another car coming from behind and it slams on the brakes thinking you're going to rear end the car in front, first time it did that I shut it off for good. I'm an involved driver that pays attention when driving, I don't even like to be on the phone hands-free and I'm pretty good at multi-tasking.
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    Hopefully GM is not giving into too many demands as they are already the best they have.
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    Nothing to get excited about at all...discounts will help move this thing....
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    All kids need discipline!
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    A few updates on the van. We have had it almost 18 months and it is about to roll 24k miles. We still love the thing. Last spring we drove it from metro Detroit to Orlando, Fl and back with a 2 night stop in Atlanta on the way down and 2 nights in Pigeon Forge, TN on the way back. Even with Atlanta, Orlando and Pigeon Forge traffic I think we still averaged around 26.5 mpg for the trip IIRC. Unfortunately the stop/start battery died in the mountains of Tennessee on the way back. This was right at the 12 month mark of ownership. The funny part is the dealership tried to tell me that the reason the battery died is because we don't drive it enough. I asked him how 18k miles in 12 months isn't enough? Obviously he had no reply. The most recent trip was metro Detroit to St. Louis. Great city to vacation in with kids! Tons of stuff to do there. It was around an 1100 mile trip. First tank was calculated as 26.7 mpg - 80 mph and 3 adults and 2 kids in the car. The second tank was 24.7 mpg calculated with 4 days of short, local trips around St. Louis included. Not too bad. The only other issue we have had with the van is the battery covers breaking on both wireless headphones. This is a known issue that unfortunately is not covered by Chrysler's B2B warranty but is covered directly through Delphi (now Aptiv). They were on back order for like 6 weeks but we did eventually receive a set of new replacements in the mail. It is also starting to make a groaning noise from the front end when you first start moving. That is the only time you hear it. I'm guessing something simply needs lubricated and I will have it checked out next time it is at the dealership. Last thing for you Pacifica owners: be careful what windshield washer solvent you put in it. At the very least, run it through a filtered funnel when putting it in. I got a bad gallon of the green Rain-X type (don't think it was Rain-X brand) and it clogged the filter and burned up the pump. My wallet was $300 lighter after that one. I don't know if the stuff was bad or it went bad because I left it in the garage over the winter and it isn't rated to a very low temperature. It was like it separated and left cloudy slime in there I didn't notice until it was too late. Dealership said stick the the standard low temp blue stuff.
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    To add to this, in 2030, China and big chunks of the EU may ban ICE vehicles for sale. So given that those are Mercedes 2 biggest markets, it would make sense that they have a full EV line post 2030. 12 years ago was iPhone 1, 14 years ago was the launch of You Tube. A lot can happen in 10-15 years. If Daimler pours R&D dollars into electric cars they can get that battery cost down, they can probably reduce warranty costs and build/design complexity, there may be other areas to pick up savings when the economies of scale kick in.
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    20 miles, no... but going from Leaf to Bolt for the same price... that's over 100 miles? That's a cost reduction.
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    Trucks like the Tundra are a North American only type of vehicle. Cars like the Pruis and Corolla are more important because they can be sold globally... most importantly, in China. Trucks in the US are like Kei cars in Japan. Very market specific.
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    Too bad they lost the Cummins, couldn't market it correctly and I hear it wasn't bio diesel capable so killed a lot of sales.
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    Corporations need to be somewhat greedy to survive, especially when it's the UAW union we're talking about, they have always financially beat on the Big 3 (now Big 2 and FCA). Most of these union workers get somewhere in the vicinity of $35/hr., that's more than enough for what they do and GM is offering a 2% raise so it's not like they aren't trying to work something out. It's pretty clear that more of the greed leans toward the UAW top brass. My father was part of the Steel Workers Union back in the 70's and early 80's and he said unions are always very greedy and he would never be a part of one again and wasn't after '83. GM paid out a pretty healthy profit sharing check to the tune of $10,750 to 46,500 hourly employees in Feb. 2019, that's a pretty fat check and just shy of $500M in profits that GM handed them. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/general-motors/2019/02/06/gm-profit-sharing-checks-uaw-workers/2783459002/ There's a reason the president of the UAW just had his home raided by the FBI for corruption allegations. The last UAW president had a cottage built with UAW money, that's not possible without major corruption going on.
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