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    Only here could we wander away from Italian badged Japanese built sports cars to be discussing Silverado mirror indicators.....
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    Actually its not paint so much as a wrap.. and that is not necessarily what they are talking about.. they are taking more in line with Mules that have leather/pleather/vinyl cladding in teh the earlier stages.. I am betting that the wraps continue but the actual cladding is now going to be abandoned sooner
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    Had great weather on the North Coast for late November. Visited a few wineries and did a bit of holiday shopping at them, saw some lighthouses, walked on beaches...great scenery and roads..Jeep drove great.
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    I think this truck is awesome it re-writes the rules and could change the way shipping is done. Diesel semi's have basically seen not a whole lot of advancement in 20-30 years, sure they got an extra mpg here or there, a little more acceleration, but this would be a breakthrough. The fact that you could have trucks that aren't god awful slow, or polluting like crazy or making a ton of noise would be epic. I am actually quite excited for this. That being said, they actually have to build it. Tesla has a new idea every year, but they can't actually produce the ideas they come up with and get them in people's hands.
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    That was called a Town Car bodystyle. Found it..this car has been restored, it is the 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham Town Car Motorama concept car. https://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/z11289/Cadillac-Eldorado-Brougham-Concept.aspx
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    Slept a bit from 6 am to 9:30 am; took a sick day; lying on my couch covered in warm, dozing terriers binge-watching 'The Orville'... not paying attention to the news or anything else. Mellow...
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    Helped my sister buy a new 2017 Buick Envision Premier II fully loaded this week. MSRP was $50,150, paid $38,645 plus tax and license. There is a sale for the December numbers!
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    Bad man... you have me looking at new Grand Cherokee Hemi Overlands on Jeep.com
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    I'm glad Lincoln never sullied the Continental name with the MKS product. It would have quite possibly destroyed the name from any future use. That's the one positive thing I can think of for the era Lincoln Alpha-Numerics.... no real names were harmed in the process.
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    dfelt- those 4 circles in the rear bumper are lights- the exhaust is fed thru the bumper corners, under the bullets & thru grilled ports. The EBTC recently took a trip back to Warhoops where it was rescued from, circa 1989 :
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    Apples and oranges, the ATS is a luxury sports coupe like the BMW 4-series, etc. Something about a minimalist ragtop like the Miata appeals to me..like the old British sports cars but with reliability and quality. Maybe I'm also thinking about something fun for my 50th in a few years. I love my Jeep for daily use, but want something fun and pure also... I think @A Horse With No Name would understand. It's one of those things you either 'get' or don't..I'm starting to 'get' it. As far as the Detroit sports coupes go, I have old Mustangs, kind of like the new Mustang, but find the Challenger far more appealing (want one also). The Camaro just doesn't appeal to me at all.
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    "We're going to use less camouflage testing" *uses full camouflage testing*
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    Glad to see auto makers using green again, I like green cars.
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    Wow, it's almost as if Lincoln is......gasp.....finding it's own identity again. This is the second great looking debut in what, a week?? Good for them. And on a side note, I have to admit, this morning on my way to work, there was a lovely dark blue Lincoln Continental that made me do a double take. In an area where I see no shortage of Porsches, MB's, and the like, mind you.
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    So our regular client and mega baller who graces us with all kinds of great specialty used cars just worked out a deal for us to get 7 of his cars, and among them were a Focus RS and new TT RS. I didn't get a really long drive in either, but here is a brief review and my impressions of each- Focus RS- This car was actually a positive surprise. The interior is markedly inferior to a Golf R. But it's really not terrible. It's not quite as intuitive or quality feeling, but it's miles better than an Evo, and still better than an STI, imo. The ride is definitely stiff and way rougher than a Golf R even in 'Race'. But it's not unbearable. It really is only a problem on roads with lots of heaves or expansion joints. As well as the stiff ride, it's also very noisy. Part of that is due to the Sport Cup 2 rubber. The payoff here, of course, is driving excitement. I cannot lie, it is a cut above the R in terms of driving dynamics and drama. The engine sounds raw and guttural, the power delivery is thrilling, and the car just goads you into driving like a buffoon. The steering is much more direct, sharper, faster, and more wholesome in feel than that found in the R. It was definitely more focused on outright 'fun' than all-around usability, like in the R. And I like that about it. It's a very different feeling car, with a very different mindset. That said, I couldn't justify this car as a DD, personally. Although I loved it's visceral nature and playful character, it's quite an aggressive to companion to live with everyday. Sport Cup 2's are pricey, and don't last long and you're looking at some pretty high running costs for a compact hatchback. In short, it's a better sportscar than a Golf R, but I hesitate to say it's a better hatchback. I'd buy one over an STI, however, no question. TT RS- This was was somewhat of a negative surprise. Let's start with the good stuff. The looks are fantastic. It looks squat, aggressive, purposeful, and just generally ready to terrorize the road. And it happily will do so. This car is a beast on the streets. It's mega traction, diminutive size, approachable demeanor, and ballistic acceleration all come together to obliterate traffic and stretches of pavement alike. I struggle to think of another car that is as devastatingly effective and quick on public roads. It's one-generation-ago 911 Turbo like explosiveness, and few cars short of a Tesla or the latest crop of boosted 911's are going to be much of a match for it. Your C7 Stingrays, Mustang GT's, 335i's, and Lexus F's are laughed at and disposed of with ease by this car. For someone that didn't have people hauling needs, but wanted a do-it-all fun car for the road, you'd be hard-pressed to top this thing. It's supercar like performance in a usable, comfortable, nicely equipped, easy to exploit package. But if you looked at from a different perspective- one as a value equation, or as a weekend toy when your lux sedan is in the garage, it becomes somewhat hard to justify. Let's talk value. This car was 75K. That's a pretty big chunk of money. It's pretty close to 2x the cost of a Golf R. It is not 2x the car. Not in performance, driving fun, or equipment/luxury. In fact, it feels like a Golf R turned up to '13'. Which, in a way, is pretty much what it is. There is painfully clear connection and familiarity that anyone who has driven a Golf or Audi A3 would instantly recognize. For better or for worse. And for the price, as a toy, it's a little lacking in excitement and tactility. This car is not as engaging as a 75-80K Cayman S or GT350R. Fun as it is, it's not as pure, immersive, involving, or thrilling as some other options this kind of money presents. Even the sound needed a little more edge and aggressiveness, and this car had the Sport Exhaust option. I think I would be totally happy going down 17K in price, and getting what has to be 95% of what this car has to offer from it's stablemate the RS3. Or spending 75K and getting a new GTI and a Camaro SS 1LE. But still an awesome car that I'm glad I finally got to drive!
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    BUT IT'S AN EV!! EV's rule!
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    Armed and ready for the holidays
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    I would choose neither...like Cubical said. If I was buying from GM, I too would rather the Encla- Hold on, as I read deeper into the thread, I came across the mentioning of this automobile. If Im buying a family haulin' hatchback type vehicle from GM, I am doing it the Buick Regal Tourx way!
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    Can't even lie, that is one mighty damn fine looking automobile. From the outside, it certainly looks 'expensive', which is a good thing.
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    Now why would you think that? Why would it be a Ford Diesel tow truck towing a Tesla? Villager Oldshurst442 says: Villager @ocnblu says: Villager @dfelt says: Villager @A Horse With No Name says: Then Villager @Drew Dowdell gets cute and says: To which Villager @ccap41 replies: So yeah @ocnblu...you are the only one that thinks that!
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    ^^^ I LOVE that point of view Drew...about the fork! AWESOME insight and awareness!
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    I don't believe that globalism is a danger persay, but I do believe we've taken it way too far coupled with the disposable society. It's not cars where I think we've gone too far... it's the plastic fork. We as a society have decided that it is more cost/time effective to: 1. Pump oil out of the ground. 2. Ship that oil to a processing center that turns a portion of that oil into liquid Polystyrene. 3. Ship that Polystyrene to another processing facility that forms the polystyrene into a fork. 4. Cut down a tree 5. Pulp the tree 6. Ship the pulp to a processing center 7. turn the pulp into cardboard. 8. Print lettering on the cardboard and shape it into a box 9. Ship the boxes to the plastic fork factory 10. Pack the forks into boxes 11. Ship the boxes to warehouse distribution centers 12. Ship the boxes to stores 13. Drive to store to buy plastic forks 14. Use plastic fork once and throw away. F O U R T E E N major steps just so we can avoid: 1. Wash the metal Fork. I hate plastic forks and I avoid them whenever possible... everytime I am handed one at a restaurant all of those steps go through my mind. They, to me, are the biggest worst example of what is terrible about globalism.... the fact that all of that can be made cheaper (Time = money) than just washing a metal fork. The fact that Buick builds vehicles in China or S. Korea for consumption in the US is small fry by comparison.
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    A Trax EV with a 225+ mile range would be just about the smartest EV move GM could make.
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    Go for it, the GC right now is one of the best SUVs if not the best for the class. You can get such a great deal. My son loves his and got the rare Rhino color for his GC as it stands out and just looks great. You can see how sharp it looks as I added it to our family album of cars we own or have owned.
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    Next they'll be putting out commercials saying "That's not a Camry!"
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    Still a month away, but already getting ready for Detroit auto show.... and the paperwork for Chicago Auto Show in February came yesterday.
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    Funny you mention this as I reading through Autoblog's drive of the Jetta prototype. https://www.autoblog.com/2017/12/11/2019-volkswagen-jetta-prototype-first-drive-review/
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    I know they're all "hidden" because the top of the page wasn't loading and finishing but they have multiple shades and combinations of colors available. Nothing from the G was taken from the Escalade's book. Trying to build and Escalade I'm only seeing three interior color options and two on the Platinum trim.
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    This double-sided porcelain dealership sign hangs in my shop. Scarfed it from a defunct antiques shop... probably in the late '80s. Durant Motors was, of course, William Durant's 2nd auto empire, 1921-1931. Star was one of it's divisions, existing from '22-28.
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    DuraMax don't know the meaning of 'can't':
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    I like the styling but I haven't checked one out to know how cramped it is inside. If it's sold as an SUV, if it doesn't have AWD then the price needs to be more in line with a fwd sedan because people will only see it as a hatchback alternative not an SUV. People will shell out extra for an "SUV". Trax can sell because it provides a mini SUV feel. Upright seats and cabin. Actually aside from super tight width accommodates people really well for it's size. Flexible for cargo as well. The Jukes and CH-R's of the world maybe need to think of the utility aspect more.
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    Couldn't be that it has less usable cargo room than the tC? Or that somehow they made this tall hatch feel more cramped for rear passengers than the tC? This is just Toyota's version of a Juke without the frog eyes.
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    Of all the roadsters, I like this one the best. As much as I like big luxury cars, there is a part of me that wishes I had the garage space and time to futz with an old British roadster like a Triumph or Austin Healey. The Fiata is about as close one can get to a modern incarnation of those cars... which is blasphemy because it's an Italian name on a Japanese built car..... but it is what it is. Only the Z4 compares in atmosphere. I've never really cared for the looks of the Miata in any generation. It's for that same reason that I would like an old Saturn Sky Red-Line.... they hit the nail on the head with that car. It's a shame it didn't live on in another brand.
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    Wonder how long before someone builds a Heavy Duty EV Pickup that has best in class payload, towing, HP and Torque. After all we have already seen the crazy Torque that the Tesla Roadster has. Imagine that in a pickup, 7600_ pound feet of torque.
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    Hmmm... seems like I have a reputation around here...
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    Yup for any of us that have traveled or do travel as I do for trade shows in Europe. The Diesel smell along with the damage from acid rain especially in Germany where I go allot for work shows how damaging Diesel is. I love Diesel and the clean diesel we have here in America is great compared to the unhindered mother earth destroying diesel that has been sold for ever in Europe. This is why Europe, China are all pushing so hard on EV is the need to clean up for health and so much more.
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    I haven't been to Greece (been to several other European countries, though), but on her vacation to Greece and Turkey in 2000 my sister said Athens was beautiful but very polluted.. I do recall the diesel trucks, taxis, cars, etc all around me in London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Naples, etc..
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    Dfelt, Mother Earth will take care of herself to our detriment. We cannot control her.
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    Hey to those of you actually interested in this car - test drive it, but buy it in Canada, have it delivered there and then import it back into the U.S. For some inexplicable reason, the car fully loaded in Canada is priced $5000 less nominally. That's before you factor in exchange rates. We Canadians get a massive discount on this car. Also, missing features like a 360 degree camera are included in the Canadian market car. Seriously - it's the SS car Chevy stopped making, Ford cannot possibly build without sinking billions, and Chrysler won't make for atleast another 4 years, if they even try to remake the Charger or 300 on the Giulia platform. Kia is by introducing this car the last holdout in the affordable RWD performance 4 door grand tourer.
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    It's not like the CX-9 is particularly roomy inside even though it is as big as a Grand Cherokee outside. I'm not sure they need something between 5 and 9 unless it is a substantially different crossover formula.
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    Yep, AMC was created by the merger of Nash and Hudson. As far as Dodge compacts, it's too bad Dodge wasn't able to see success w/ the Dart..not sure what the issue there was..
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    The Stinger sounds like a fun car, some spicy kimchi and bi bim bop, with currywurst.
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    Can I get one that sounds like a Quad-4 about 10,000 miles overdue for an oil change? Or one that sounds like a steam engine.
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    So what you're saying is that even the Amish are more forward thinking about energy than you are? I like the rumble of a big fat V8 just as much as you do, but I also admit that the Bolt and Pacifica Hybrid powertrains thoroughly impressed me and I'd have no trouble with either powertrain as a daily driver..... I wouldn't want the rest of the car personally because neither of them are my style, but the powertrains were good enough for me to toss the idea around in my head a bit. I think the way you present your argument is what gets the reactions you get. There are rational reasons for moving forward with EVs, there are fewer to be had for holding on to ICEs longer than necessary. EVs are going to be a growing part of the automotive landscape. What you and I think about EVs is not going to change the timeframe of that happening.
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    We didn’t get lazy and spoiled in so much that the world got smaller and corporations got greedier by seeking the lowest wages around the world to peddle their wares.
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    Someone just needs a nap and a moment to comptemplate their reasons for being here, other than being a EV troll. It seems that is not working out very well. Oh well, his loss and the reason why that line of thinking will be a distant memory in the near future. Adapt or get left behind, just like the horse and buggy, the typewriter, and soon to be old ass fossil fuels.
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