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    Our prayers MAY have been answered with respect to the CT6. Now if only GM would use the Omega platform for other vehicles as well. . . . .
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    Worst post ever....ever....by you folks from Jersey....obviously Both Ford and GM need a nitro-methane fueled quad turbo V twin for the Aviator and XT5...and this thing needs eight Turbos on a three cylinder variant of that same design. Would win over the Harley guys and the Drag racing guys both...as well as suburban shoppers in the heartland. Because somewhere in the black forest with elves and Elvis an Benz engineer is designing a similar power-plant. And we know if people don't ape the Alpha dog in the room...the wreath and crest, the Blue oval and the Ram all three will be gone in three to five years. Just sayin...
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    I guess since reg gave an update, I should as well. I still love this thing. I don't get the hate for minivans. I now understand why my Dad was so infatuated with them when I was younger. They are just an all around great vehicle. It essentially does everything an SUV/CUV can do but it does it better with the exception of towing. Both of my kids love it and think it is the best vehicle ever. I'd blame that on the entertainment system but we don't let them use it unless we are going to be in the car for more than 30 minutes and even on short trips they would rather take the van than my CTS. That's no knock on the CTS. More of a testament to the van. It now has close to 12,000 miles on it. No issues to speak of. One oil change and other than that, no trips to the dealer. It gets pretty good gas mileage for such a big vehicle. See the attached pic. Note that this is not typical but it can do this in the correct conditions. Having calculated other tanks, I'd say you can knock 1 MPG off what the VIC is showing but still impressive none the less.
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    The final styling test model for the newest Chevy Blazer.
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    The LC is probably way more reliable and cheaper to maintain in the long run... Probably just means production started in 2007 for the 2008 model year...
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    I had a random thought when I saw a Yukon Denali pass me on the opposite side of the street today... I was stunned to realize how phoquing huge that Yukon grill is. Then I started laughing hysterically all by myself thinking about it.
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    A little something to get @dfelt a little excited. Ford F-150 EV
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    Right.. but my biggest concern is WTF they are not using that SWEET engine in anything else.. including the 3.0LTT. I love GM.. I just don't get GM sometimes. If I ran that part of the company U fukkers and all enthusiasts would be outside my house daily asking for red Kool-Aid and singing KumBahya, just using the extraordinary technology they have on the shelfs collecting dust
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    First concept car of all (and put into limited production) - '33 Cadillac Aerodynamic Coupe ~
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    Does a handkerchief come standard in the glovebox with these trucks? A roll of paper towels, at least? Because this truck is gonna drool more than a St. Bernard if it insists on angrily gritting its teeth like that.
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    At this point now I will be surprised if there is a nex gen challnger. or maybe it goes back to front drive! R/T! Turismo! GLH! Shelby! The market is not driving these changes, it is outside forces. I like electrics but it is now starting to get forced down our throats. should compete well with the next Camaro! inspired by citation X11! Front drive, electric option and look at the improved visibility! just what everyone is asking for!
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    I do not think its the car manufacturers that are pricing the consumers out of new cars. I think its the consumer itself that does it. Why is it that Ford is cutting its sedans in favor of producing and selling CUVs and SUVs? Why is GM almost doing the same? Why are Toyota Camrys and Honda Accords selling at a slight lesser rate than once before and why is it that Toyota's and Honda's CUVs outselling their sedan counterparts? When was the last time you actually saw or heard a suburban wife talk about how she wants to buy (not lease, because leasing too causes the consumer to out-price himself out of a new car) a base bare bones compact car? It seems suburbanites all want the most recent, option filled truck or SUV and who cares how much it costs... There was a time when down and out folk used to buy pick-up trucks, no options pick-up trucks, because these were the cheapest means of transportation anybody could buy... The consumers DEMANDED fully equipped cars over the decades and have migrated to higher priced CUVs and SUVs and 100 000 doallr work trucks to outshine their neighbors... Even if car manufacturers make and produce "affordable" no frill CUVs, the masses will NOT buy them or lease them. America has become a voracious consumer oriented society that just wants to outdo their neighbor...
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    It didnt make any sense to drop billions into a platform and all that metallurgical technology for it and a brand new state of the art V8 just to kill it off a couple of years later... But then again. This is GM we are talking about. It wouldnt have been the 1st time to kill off a brand new billion dollar project car. Hell, it wouldnt have even been the 2nd or 3rd time either after a short time being sold in the market place... So...anything coulda/woulda happened with the news of the plant closures and certain car models being killed off...
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    I was going to wait until I ordered and consumed some chocolate cake today. In the midst of Sunday shopping, I made some time to do just that and have a cup of coffee with it. I'm hoping a slice of chocolate truffle pie counts. Delicious! One of the highlights of that movie was the Irma Bunt character. Not in a good way, but still a highlight of that movie … a most unique villain(ess) within the 007 series of films. My friends and I had a field day with her.
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    I seem to have warring redneck and nerd automotive tendencies.
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    The movie Money Ball, and this scene, eerily sums up this conversation...And this movie is truly based on real life events on how the Oakland A's did things with analytics. Grady being Blu and Billy being, well, the future of electric vehicle production... Adapt or die. And like @Cmicasa the Great said. If electrics dont work out, but they will, GM will just revert to be building ICE cars again. The memo is this though. GM will not stop producing ICE. GM will just stop producing cars that dont sell. GM's press conference just before the Detroit autoshow did say that GM has made itself the world's most successful CUV/SUV producer and seller!!! And if you hadnt noticed, those successful CUVs/SUVs ALL have ICE in them!!!
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    The grille on that illustration reminds me of the early 90s Escort GT...
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    The only problem with CPO or lightly used cars, is that everyone who is looking to get a nice CPO vehicle depends on all the people you guys criticize for taking hugely expensive loans and leases. So if everybody will be "smart" consumer than there will be not enough used cars. Actually, due to the high prices the used car market is already became worse. i think the biggest jump in prices happened when active safety became expected and mandated. It significantly raised the prices of even base vehicles, raised prices of repair and therefore the insurance. You guys can bitch about "you don't need all that stuff" you are "excellent drivers" etc, etc, but the fact is these devices work and save lives, which is their purpose. Same as it was with seat belts, better, more expensive car structure, air bags. All these previous safety features added to the cost of vehicles as well. historically Also, I thought this is an auto enthusiast forum, but it seems to me most people here are perfectly fine driving crappy old appliances. Believe me, I understand living within you own means, I have family and bills. However, I think if you are a car enthusiast than sometimes you need to make some different choices than everyday consumer. Just my $0.02
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    They really don't need or perhaps want to be a volume player. Which is fine. I love the Audi TT even though it only sells in small numbers. I would love a Cadillac two seat sports car if it only sold in small numbers.
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    I like to leave people's personal beliefs alone. If it works for them; great. People believe all SORTS of things, as long as they aren't hurting others, go to town. Especially if it brings them comfort / guidance. Life is hard enough without fighting off people who want to call you stupid all day long.
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    ^ It's sad how they all look exactly the same up front- the $100K models wear the same nose as the $30K. Imagine if Cadillac put a Sonic nose on the CT6-V.
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