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    Prepare for the worst and if it doesn't happen you were at least afloat and have "extra" cash.
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    Well that Dodge can't do corners. AMG One's track performance is going to be legendary. Targeting Nurburgring in the 5's. You'd also think that being a hybrid and being able to run on full EV that it should meet emissions. Because in theory the gas engine could only run half the time.
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    Good move, and a great truck. Had a 2019 Classic 1500 Crew Cab Big Horn, $48k sticker, as a rental for a few thousand miles. Loved it. More manueverable and easy to drive than many cars, length aside. Comfortable, solid, quiet, tough, quick, good mileage, and easy to use. I'd take it back in a second. Was sad to give it back to Enterprise...it was so easy to park, even parallel, with big camera, sensors, mirrors and powertrain mapping, never had an issue. That big firm cloth bench seat up front with USB ports...liveable. Great deal, and thanks to not looking "old", they're an easy sell for dealers with the incentives.
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    Random Jeep ascii art O ||||||| O (CJ, TJ Wrangler) o ||||||| o (JK or JL Wrangler) oo\\\|///oo (99-03 WJ Grand Cherokee) oo|||||||oo (04 WJ or 05-10 WK, 11-13 WK2 Grand Cherokee) o- ||||||| -o (14-16 WK2 Grand Cherokee (standard lighting, not optional) -- ||||||| --- (14-18 KL Cherokee)
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    Was at the Fox Theater in Detroit last night for a concert...what a beautiful venue. Hadn't been there since 1996.
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    The solution to saving Chrysler is clear to anyone who isn't actually at Chrysler. Take the Pacifica platform and build premuim crossovers out of it. Build a premium crossover out of the Cherokee. Notice I didn't say full luxury, but at least take on Buick and some of Lincoln (though I think Lincoln is moving up fast in the world)
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    Very cool as I see plenty of use for this in inner city deliveries. My only WTF is the placement of the battery recharge port, drivers side corner of bumper. Nissan is in the front of the auto. GM just in front of the drivers door. To me this makes much more logical sense to see it and unplug. For the bulk of people, I see no reason to not use the gas filler spot from ICE auto's.
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    You and me both brother. Burn both with a fire, preferably thermonuclear I love it when you talk rough.... Even as a Ford hater, comparing this Volkswagen pig to a nice vintage Ford is a form of blasphemy. Lard butted women with a lard butted car....women with over-sized glutes celebrating their yutes....has a nice ring to it.
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    Yet somehow the Wrangler continues to succeed with the primitive approach and removable tops. Sounds like the new Bronco may have a version with such a configuration. Will be interesting to see if it works for them.
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    There's also the glut of used cars on the market at the moment. GM could bring the Cruze back in an instant. It's still in production in South America. Just load them on a boat and ship them north. Sonic and Spark are still in production for now. Sonic is not officially on the death list yet and its plant is not listed in the list of 5 plants that GM is closing.
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    You can't take tax losses on fines.
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    What an awesome arsenal ~ Bunker Buster ~ 10 years ago, a Daytona coupe sold for $7.25 million. 6 built- all survive today.
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    Chevy has sold 1636 ZR1's to private parties and the car has only been on sale/produced since MARCH. . So no, Chevy will still sell more ZR1 trimmed Corvettes than Mercedes will sell AMG GTs. https://www.corvetteactioncenter.com/specs/c7-corvette/corvette-zr1-registry/ Also, 30% of which are manual transmission. As much as I love the AMG GT, the new Vette will whoop it sales-wise and I'd wager money that id would whoop it on a race track as well.
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    I've driven both and there is absolutely no way it takes the same level of skill to drive an auto as a manual. I actually didn't think I would ever see the day where somebody would actually say that it takes the same amount of skill to flip a paddle as it does to bang through gears in a manual transmission.
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    Problem w/ the 8 series is it looks like a Mustang with BMW front and rear styling cues at a much higher price. (and at a higher price than the 6 series coupe it replaced). The weird bulges in the rear fascia don't help either.
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    On top of this, California is using Voter approved funds to replace a big bulk of the diesel buses with clean EV school buses to reduce student exposure to air pollution and help the state reach voter approved clean air standards sooner. https://ngtnews.com/california-funds-hundreds-of-diesel-to-electric-school-bus-replacements
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    If you want a car, get a CT6 if you can afford it.
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    When you have actually read what I said and why I said it, then we can talk. Until then, like Drew said, this isn’t even for the US so you’re just spouting off about nothing as usual. For the record, this is a proper convertible and this is what you trade practicality for.
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    if some new balance-wearing beer gut waddles into a dealership to pay over MSRP so he can slide his XXL cargo shorts into a corvette before everyone else at the old country buffet, that’s his business and dealerships should absolutely capitalize on his idiocy.
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    You genuinely think they will beat the all-time record by 40 seconds? You realize how absurd of a goal that is, right? I don't think it is bad to set a very high goal but there is only so much time to be taken off on such a bumpy and uneven track.
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    That's all theoretical at this point, though...if it ever gets into production, then maybe such numbers might mean something...but who cares. Outside of a few journos or M-B test drivers, it will never see a track.
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    Figure it out? Really? Billions in fines for lying about diesels, model cute coming, billions lost in the past year, and you think they’ll just “figure it out”? Man you take blind fanboyism to the next level. In fairness the MB One can’t do corners right now either, at least not legally on the street unlike that Dodge you want to criticize. Don’t you get it ccap? If Mercedes can’t do it then no one can! All hail the mighty TriStar hood ornament!
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    I have a lot of praise for Honda product - I just bought a new Accord Touring model. Hard to find - dealers tend to stock way too many base LX and Sport trims. Amazing car for the money and the features - light years ahead of GM and Ford. GM is seeing some weakness on SUVs. It seems to me a little early to cut sedans in favor of crossover SUVs like GM and Ford are doing. I don't mind variant trimming, but seems to me if you can share a platform between a crossover and a sedan, you can reduce development costs for the sedan and get away with lower sales - all the while maintaining model flexibility for changing consumer tastes. Just when you think you've figured out the consumer - you haven't. Tastes change on a dime - something the industry still doesn't understand.
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    Next five years will be a world of hurt if Tesla does not innovate and get its financial house in order.
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    Well, the reason is simple: GM shut down the whole plant that made the Bravada (Morain OH) back in 2008 because of falling sales. I would have loved it if GM had kept developing the Atlas I-6 and made it smaller for today's CUVs and/or made it a base engine for the BOF trucks/SUVs.
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    Thats not a ‘house’, its a garden shed. Plus, video clearly showed metal fasteners for the wall framing. This a terribly energy inefficient methodology of construction. Firstly, nails & screws are cheap & strong. 2nd: wood shrinks, swells, weathers & splits; expect the walls, sans any fasteners, to become loose and even rattly in 5 years. This shed is built with 1-foot pieces: it has a million more unsealed seams that conventional. Why not show this built with 8 sections at the very least? The touted 'quick growth' pine is the least strong, and most defect prone type of growth/wood- slow growth fir is much stronger. And with the 'structure' of the building exposed- the decay attacks that segment immediately, rather than the siding or vapor barrier (immune and there for a reason). Fire rating mention is also woefully absent on their website. Fast growth pine packed with sawdust would be a flammable nightmare. Hard pass.
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    Sorry... but just no. The extra coordination required is why the automatic has taken over from the manual.
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    Ecoboost before it was Ecoboost.
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    Every single car will have some sort of electrification in the medium term future. Most, if not all, new platforms coming out are set up with electrification in mind. Even if it is as simple as the Ram eTorque setup.
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    Yes it is happening again. Just like when affordable RWD sedans (mostly) disappeared after 1987. Now it is virtually all affordable FWD sedans that are disappearing into the ether. This is really sad, but it seems few people actually WANT to buy a FWD sedan when they want a FWD crossover instead.
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    The next generation Durango is going to be a Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.
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    ^ Interesting anecdote. I rode a school bus everyday thru grade, junior & high school and we never broke down a single time. Whoa! 175 miles/day for a school bus?? Average bus annual mileage is 8,000 according to feds. 180 days of school (give or take) is 44 miles per day, not 175.
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    Plus 1,000,000 we all seem to understand this, I wonder why GM cannot get it?
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    Oh good, not only will there be QX30, QX40, QX50, QX60, etc But now we can have QX45, QX55, QX65, etc. The car companies are desperate to get crossover coupes on the market. I can’t wait til this crossover craze blows up in all their faces.
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    And this is why i drive a 25 year old s10. Regular cab 6 foot bed is all the truck i need.
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    A single mom I know has a Sentra, it was a bigger compact for her and her kids and that was what she could get a good payment on. We rip Nissan for being fleets and cheaper cars but they do move a lot of units that way they otherwise would not. It's quite arguable to me whether that actually tanks their value. I think their vehicles sell new based on what they offer vs the competition. People still love the Rogue, they like the Altimas and stuff, and Nissan although not keeping them bleeding edge they still keep the cars current (unlike say Mitsubishi). You can still look at Hondas and Toyotas and go look at a Nissan and it seems just as current and capable. All of the rental and lease returns serve the secondary '3 year old used' market pretty well. Face it, if you can't foot for a 23,000 new Altima then a 3 year old Altima for 14-15 grand is not a bad option. Nissan would not survive in the US trying to upscale their cars. Look at what happened when VW tried to do that. Now, VW has become purveyors of cheap rides and lease whores with the best of them. Look at Mazda, they are on the path to becoming irrelevant in the market because they think their prior enthusiast cred means they can charge more money for something like an unexciting new MAzda3 which got beat by the 2020 Corolla in a Motor Trend test lately. MAzda fanbois whine about 'they are taking away the manuals' and no one buys manuals anymore. Mazdas cred was by also being a good value for the money and Mazda is forgetting that. Nissan would be the same thing. Apart from the MAxima which is a dying segment, no one wants to pay a lot more for a Nissan compared to a Honda, Toyota...etc. Honda still benefits from the Acura brand as being the purveyor of tarted up Hondas which is why Honda can stay its own path and keep their prices good all around. The massive auto MSRP race to the top is going to crash soon, and cars like the Sentra, Altima etc will still need to be in the market to fill the void.
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    Gets the C&G Award for Most Improved Car Of The Year.
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    Still down 4.0% for the year making this one month an anomaly in an otherwise $h! year for Benz. He sure as hell didn’t offer that kind of rosy observation when FCA had their double digit growth months but fanboys will always be fanboys. Hyundai was up 12% for the month while being up 3% for the year. If business is “boomin” at Benz, then it exploded at Hyundai.
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    No idea what will happen. I think if they default on the payments, the state will take the highways back.
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    This kinda renders the mid-size trucks irrelevant.
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    Those numbers are simply amazing for a full-size truck. Hell, those would be great for a mid-size truck. There haven't been test for this yet, have there? I hope it isn't as slow as the Ram. I don't think it would be as it's more powerful on a much lighter truck. If it's a 15.5 second 1/4 mile truck(or better), that would be freakin' great. 16.0 is about the bare minimum, imo.
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    Based on this screen grab it would appear that they unhooked the truck and went to the back to pull it back the way it had come from when they pulled it empty since the truck beds are all visible. Seems this is getting plenty of news time and the fact that a class action lawsuit has been filed against FORD for all 2018 and 2019 F150 and derivative trucks plus the Ranger for having inflated overstated fuel economy. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/07/ford-shows-off-electric-f-150-truck-by-towing-a-million-pounds-of-train/ @Drew Dowdell Also based on my reading of this How do Trains stop, I am thinking they had a person on the back of the rail cars to turn the emergency wheel which would manually apply the brakes to the cars. https://www.quora.com/How-do-trains-stop
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