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    For some reason I find 1967 Olds 88s fascinating...Delta and Delmont
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    And where did that eventually lead up too? Pretty effin' ugly Id say that eventually...din' work... That ugly muthaphocka blew the sarge & himself up because...so ugly. (I could have posted the scene in GIF form, but its gruesome. I thought about the kiddies reading our posts. But then again, the 2500 Silverado is posted up above, so those two scenes would be a walk in the park then...)
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    Maybe it'll also have a 'douchey poser rubbermaid' image.
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    Love. This. Car. Still one of my favorite rentals, and put 5,900 miles on a 2017 Challenger R/T Hemi base with no options...LOVED it. Comfy. Solid. Hemi. Perfect 8 speed. Useful daily, without being a slot car. And, oddly enough, the best gas mileage recorded in any rental, 29.6 mpg from western PA back to Philly...back in 2017. Great car. Had another recently, in July, an AWD 3.6L...and loved it too. Sharp, quick, smooth, felt powerful, moreso than a RWD V6 I had before. Always a fave. Oldie but a goodie...
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    Tradition in my area is roast pork and sauerkraut with mashed potatoes for NYD meal. Mom also adds apples and chicken thighs to the roasting pot. I took rolls and a fruit cake for dessert. Three of us had plenty. Now I'm home and on the edge of comatose. HNY to the group.
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    Had a good Christmas, low key..great weather here, 60 and sunny now...unseasonably mild for Cleveland. Unfortunately, fighting a cold and sinus infection. Not fun on a week off... but getting a lot of rest...
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    Thanks for posting the story, that is a good read and I would agree with the 2023 hint. I think one solid reason for the success has been the price with the body style. No short bunker pony car, but an actual comfy cruiser.
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    As far as domestic competition, the Cadillac XT4 has a 2.0 4 with 237hp, and a 9-spd auto, and the Lincoln Corsair 2.0 is 250hp w/ an 8-spd auto. Lexus definitely comes up short.
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    Hummer...blows... I see what you did there...and I like it!!!
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    ^ That bear plate is awesome! - - - - -
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    Interesting. It appears the duck went on to become a captain of industry, producing yardsticks for the people. And to think, as a kid, he was afraid he didn't measure up.
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    Everybody should always be concerned about competition- it's just good business sense. You can SAY whatever you like in press releases/interviews, but mercedes has a long history of benchmarking the competition, so you can bet they'll check the new Cadillac's out. They know they were already leap-frogged in chassis dynamics... But the Germans twins (audi is a brand of a conglomerate- a lot less pressure despite doing far worse) have their own problems, the scandal of dieselgate, dropping sales, dropping profits, more recalls (MB just issued one yesterday going back to 2001). In the U.S. both are sedan-heavy in a market that doesn't want sedans, and neither (still) have a viable EV program in place. MB is slashing payroll to boot, and BOTH MB's and BMW's other brands are just leaden weight. All this garbage makes any market shift away from their product that much more critical.
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    Averaged 21-22 which is under the EPA but it was also loaded to the hilt and I was averaging anywhere from 76-86 depending on location. No complaints whatsoever given the circumstances.
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    Not doubting your love for these vehicles. Not discrediting you for your choices either, especially when you actually own them. But...those would belong in the decade preceding the one that just just left us. Happy New Year by the way!!! 2010-2019...
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    The Audi 3.0TFSI has a similar whine (S4, SQ5, A8 3.0TFSI, etc). Well, it has the same Eaton TVS 4-lobe supercharger (albeit a shorter version TVS R1320 version rather than the LT4's R1740 or LT5's R2300). That is also Audi's most reliable engine in the current lineup. It is new enough to not have the 1st gen FSI's Direct Injection intake fouling issues and it does not have the grenading turbo problems of all the VW-Audi engines with a check valve and oil screen in the turbo oil feed. FYI, if you own a car with the Supercharged 3.0T (not the newer Hot-Vee single turbo 3.0T), the TVS R1320 makes about 33% more boost than the 3.0T engine actually uses. So the ECU cracks the bypass valve at higher rpms to bleed off boost it doesn't want. This overboost and bleed concept is also used on the Jaguar AJ133 and other supercharged engines. It means that if you screw with the ECU program and keep that bypass valve shut longer and open it less, you get quite a bit more power... about 100 hp and 90 ft-lbs more over the upper half of the rev range.
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    Yeah.. I'm only 6'0", but my head rubs the headliner in a Mustang and Camaro, and I can't see out of a Camaro w/o a periscope. I've sat in Challengers several times at the dealer and at shows, and I fit in fine even w/ the sunroof (which I'd want).
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    It sounds like it's all using braking on one side, not moving the rear wheels like Quadrasteer did.. Probably not as tight as the Rivian which I think steers the front wheels opposite directions to turn tightly.
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    Ford Brazil built the '65 Ford Galaxie until 1984. This is a '74 :
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    That's a Cadillac interior in the pic... Chevys had round gauges..and a Biscayne didn't have all the shiny trim.
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    While not a car fan, I will say I like the interior dash on this.
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    ^ Got in the truck to do a late-night job and the DIC flashes me 'battery not charging'. Must be the alternator. Can't really complain that the original went 196,000 miles. Will replace it & the serpentine tomm.
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    Love the interior and exterior look, Great in Green. Excited to see it at the dealership and get a hands on inspection and drive.
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    It looks good and I think the inside looks better than the Aviator. The MDX and XT6 look like yesterday’s news compared to this and forget about Infiniti.
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    Retro sighting - getting some disorganization organized ... "Deuce and a quarter," baby! Could be a '77, a '78, or maybe slightly later - don't know if this is an original paint color - incredible condition all the way around. Power most likely supplied by Olds via a 350 V8 or a 403 V8 (I'd take the 350). Just think how good this car would look with normal tires, normal whitewalls, and stock Buick alloys. It would make me want to drive this car daily. Like they say, "those were the days."
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    gm obliterated hummer’s name with the idiotic underwhelming H2 and cultivated a market of balding, compensating sadmen in the process... and they think it’s going to attract electric buyers? lol okay
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    SUVs being down for a company switching to only SUVs doesn't look great but I guess a couple new products arriving late in 2019(one of them being a botched launch) should set them up for a solid 2020. It's great to see the Expedition finally taking off.
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    Speaking of GMC looking better.. I think the refreshed Canyon looks great. It just looks like a relatively small nip and tuck but the subtle changes look really good, imo.
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    2.7T I4 in the Silverado? Yeah, that's ridiculous as well...CAFE regulations be damned.
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    Yes. And, here in the U.S., the (many) crybabies get knotted up in overdrive when they perceive the slightest political incorrectness. It was in the late '90s, I think, that someone in a high level government position in Quebec City said, "We do not need to speak French. We need French in order to speak." I understand what he meant, but I can only laugh at such a pompous statement.
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    I do the 1/4 tank fill-up as well especially in the C5 being that it is a tall and narrow tank behind the driver and passenger. Usually better for the fuel pump even though most are pretty low in the tank, it's a peace of mind thing too.
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    It's worth the consideration but both of those start at 75k so you very likely wouldn't be getting the options you're getting on a 75k Aviator. I don't think it's gone back for anything...yet.. It was delayed a couple different times from his initial delivery date but I think that was the only hiccup. He ordered his and I think he got everything except the hybrid system, Black Label. Oh wait, he didn't have to go back for it but there was a paint issue that delayed the delivery(on top of whatever the initial delay(s) were).
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    I’ve driven my fair share of Challengers on both extremes - from the standard V6 to the high-performance SRT and Hellcat models. But I never had any time behind the wheel of the R/T with its 5.7 V8. That changed in the summer when a bright orange Charger R/T Shaker was dropped off for a week. This allowed me to ask a question that has been sitting in my head for some time: Is the R/T the best bang for your buck in the Challenger family? The Shaker sets itself apart from other Challenger models with the use of a ‘Shaker’ scoop that prominently pops up from the hood. There is also a blackout treatment on several trim pieces and wheels that make it look even more imposing on the road. Along with the scoop, the Shaker package does add a new cold-air intake seated right in front of the driver’s side corner. This addition should boost the output of the 5.7L HEMI V8 (372 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque when paired with the eight-speed automatic. But FCA’s spec sheet doesn’t say anything about the Shaker Package adding more oomph or not. When you first start up the R/T Shaker, it makes presence known with a deep and loud exhaust note. I had to do a double-take the first time as I was wondering if I was given either an R/T Scat Pack or a Hellcat by mistake. While it may lack the high power numbers of the 6.4 and supercharged 6.2 V8s, the 5.7 is no slouch. 60 mph comes in at just over five seconds and power is seemingly available at any speed. My tester came with the optional Performance Handling Group that adds upgraded springs, sway bars, and a set of Bilstein shocks. This does improve the handling by a fair amount with less body roll. But it doesn’t feel nimble due to a curb weight of around 4,158 pounds. The steering has a quick response, but there is a noticeable lack of road feedback. If you want your muscle car to have some handling, consider the Camaro or Mustang. Nothing new to report on the Challenger’s interior. It still has the angled center stack, retro-inspired gauges, and easy to use UConnect infotainment system. The seats are where the Challenger loses some points as it feels like you’re sitting on top of cinderblocks. The Shaker package is surprisingly good value, adding $2,500 to the base price of the R/T which begins at $34,295. But you’ll need to be careful on the option sheet, or you’ll end up with something quite expensive. My tester came with an as-tested price of $46,555, which is $300 more than an R/T Scat Pack Widebody with the 6.4 HEMI V8. The Dodge Challenger is getting up there in age and sadly cannot compete with the likes of the Camaro and Mustang in terms of handling. But Dodge is still able to offer a lot of performance in the form of the R/T. With a potent V8 engine, old school styling, and different packages like the Shaker to make your Challenger stand out, the R/T is possibly the best value and well-rounded model in the lineup. Disclaimer: Dodge Provided the Challenger, Insurance, and One Tank of Gas Year: 2019 Make: Dodge Model: Challenger Trim: R/T Engine: 5.7 HEMI VVT V8 Engine Driveline: Eight-Speed Automatic, Rear-Wheel Drive Horsepower @ RPM: 372 @ 5,200 Torque @ RPM: 400 @ 4,400 Fuel Economy: City/Highway/Combined - 16/25/19 Curb Weight: 4,158 lbs Location of Manufacture: Brampton, Ontario Base Price: $34,295 As Tested Price: $46,555 (Includes $1,495.00 Destination Charge) Options: "Shaker" Package - $2,500.00 TorqueFlite Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission - $1,595.00 Performance Handling Group - $1,495.00 Driver Convenience Group - $1,295.00 Power Sunroof - $1,295.00 UConnect 4C Nav with 8.4-inch Display - $1,095.00 Alpine Sound Group with Subwoofer - $995.00 Shakedown Graphics - $495.00
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    Are we sure about this as the reporting of actual sales has BMW beating Mercedes-Benz
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    Odd...I would have expected Mitsubishi near the bottom rather than the top...
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    The Traverse is the most surprising on the list, to me.
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    DOHHHHHHHH Where did the time fly again? Wow, sad that I cannot find more auto's to love in the last 10 years. I am very excited about the EVs that are going to launch over the next 2 years and hopefully will have a new group of auto's to love and own.
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    Yes, a decade is 10 years...so 2000-2009 and 2010-2019 are two separate decades, at least in this reality. It is fascinating to realize that we are two decades into this century, and that 1999 was over 20 years ago...the last 20 years feel like they have gone by fast...
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    Q: Why did the state of Arkansas have neither Halloween nor Thanksgiving in 1993? A: The witch moved to Washington and took the turkey with her. Just repeating a joke I heard ...
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    "Makers of America's Most Useful Vehicles" - TRUE STORY.
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    Thanks. Got it! The rear quarter window doesn't carry across at the base. I can use this info. So, this could have been a 5.7 or a 4.3 (if the latter cleared CA emissions) V8. I could have asked the owner, if around, but then, maybe not such a great idea. Sure would like a really clean, low mileage one as a second car. Right. Rear lamps on later full size Chevys were squarer and flatter, so that makes sense. The bad paint job makes it look older. That AMC sounds about right. Slightly earlier Ramblers of the non-classic variety were sort of scary, perhaps the down market Ford Mavericks of their decade. - - - - - I also have photos of an old classic spotted while in Arizona up at the viewpoint on the mountain at the south end of Phoenix. I would have these posted earlier but came back with rhinitis that wiped me out. Too dry compared to what I'm used to. .
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    Don't have to tell me the V8 is the way to go. More folk must be comfortable in the early part of the 21st century than the media lets on.
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    there was a camry driver in front/side of me the other day, about that age, weaving all over, driving like badly drunk but likely just they couldn't stay in the lane themselves anymore. I suppose those lane keep assists will help those people. I thought i was going to get hit a few times.
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    Local show (my '40 was supposed to go to; GRRR) gorgeous '62 GP ~
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