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    My chariot on the way to LA for the auto show. A Star Wars themed 737.
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    no she is the problem if all that is being offered to the market is 1.3 litre subcompact crossovers. i have no problem with the market switch from sedans to crossovers, my beef is the regulations and side agendas that force the auto industry to offer smaller and smaller vehicles with tiny buzz bomb engines as the norm, and if you don't buy that, you get killed with a huge upcharge, just if you want a v6, good acceleration, and some elbow room. cadillac is a great example. absolutely cadillac took a sales hit on their sedans because of their size. I can't tell you how many times i heard people at auto shows looking at cadillacs say (regarding the CTS and ATS) too small, not big enough, uncomfortable. etc. Part of luxury is ample accommodations. Of course you are going to pick an XT5 if you are dropping 50-60k when the ATS is unlivable for a lot of people and the CTS is even cramped for many. One reason I love our Pacifica van is there is no shortage of space, and it was not overpriced as such with all the room and a v6. I also did have a Malibu, 2016 nice car. Saw a new Altima AWD on the road today. A relative just got a Sonata. Some folks will still buy sedans but they need to have better powertrain options at a reasonable cost than just the EPA compliance special. I would have looked at another Malibu but you can only get the 2.0 with the Premier, which ends up being 10 grand more for a turbo four. That turbo four should be an alacarte 1500 dollar option. Let me decide if i want the fuel economy of the base motor.
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    'performance package' and 1.3L seems like an oxymoron...
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    Maybe we will get a mustang Mach transit connect too
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    As with anything, the loudest complainers get the most attention. Reality will show in a couple years with sales results as to whether Ford made a good or a bad decision....
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    I recently posted 'how the EV tax credit works', but I had it wrong. Want to correct the gist of it here. I was under the incorrect impression that the credit offset the amount you owed when you FILED. My wife [who was an economics major, has worked for a major investment house for a few decades, does our taxes and is one smart cookie] explained to me the credit goes against the TOTAL fiscal tax liability. This would include any check you write at filing time AND your taxes paid during the year, most of which came out of your salary. The bottom line as explained to me by this smart cookie is, anyone who is remotely fiscally sane (income high enough to get financing I guess) and buys an EV is likely to get the tax credit. A single filer who's Adjusted Gross Income is $100K pays $18,713 according to Google, which is comfortably in excess of $7500. I formally retract my accusation that advertising a EV with the tax credit modifying the MSRP is "borderline criminal".
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    I wish they didn't use Mustang name on the crossover. "Mach E" would be cool and sufficient name by itself.
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    Sometimes, one has to "just say no" to specials and coupons. I clipped a handful of Long John Silver coupons on threw them into the console. At midday, I was hungry and the light bulb went on. I used one. I got 2 pieces of fish, 2 sides, and 2 hush puppies. I then regretted it. I didn't get sick or anything. The food was just gross. I threw out the remaining clipped coupons. Perhaps that's why 5 years lapse between visits to LJS. Again, like Nancy Reagan once said, "just say no." The "Tour de Costco" is almost guaranteed to have a better outcome.
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    I'm an I.T. Project manager specializing in infrastructure projects or mergers and acquisitions.. Basically, I build/upgrade/tear down/move big server projects. I happen to work in the energy sector right now, but I'm pretty sector agnostic. My job translates well to any sector.
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    I read about Holden this morning and now this. What is wrong with GM? They cannot get anything right, out on time , or be competitive. How did so a mighty storied company be cut down to what it is now? Killing those brands solved no problems. It exposed the many issues of GM. It left many countries globally too. Buick is now an suv/crossover brand in the United States. Cadillac after ten years is still not fixed. I guess the bigger issue is how do you fix all of GM? What is wrong with GM? It is getting harder for enthusiasts to support GM. It is sad when you say "they make nothing for me". Sad truth is... they do not. I guess the enthusiast are not the the majority and we are the minority. Sad indeed....
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    There is no tesla roadster, Musk shot it into space, remember?
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    There CAN’T be that many legally blind folk with a driver’s license.
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    A Lamborghini Urus drove up to my drive through window today. It looked like your anus...it was dirty. It had salt grime on it. At least the dude is driving it... It also looked like your anus because the thing is phoquing ugly. Why would anybody want to be seen in that? Because of the high price tag? People have low standards I guess. To be fair, the guy, in his 50s, was well coiffed and was extremely polite. He just wanted a hot dog and a coffee. Gave the girl a 2 dollar tip and gave me a surfer gesture as I gave him a thumbs up for his ride. (Urus---Uranus---Your Anus---see what I did there?)
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    BAH... Purists are always pissed about something... Corvette purists are pissed that the Corvette is now mid-engined... Porsche purists are STILL pissed that air cooled 911s are long gone... Hockey purists are pissed because the game of hockey is now actually played on the ice instead of having WWE style battle royales happen on every other night. Baseball purists are still pissed because of the designated hitter rule in the American League... Phoqu'em!!!
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    News Flash: No matter what Ford sells, you won't be sold on it.
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    How some EV fans talk about maintenance on IC vehicles :
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    True, I was referring to the size of my bank account. I'm complaining already about my 21.8 MPG average with winter gas.
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    What Dfelt said... And people are NOT indifferent to EVs in MY neck of the woods. I said about 8 months ago that I see 5 different Tesla Model 3s each and every day here. Well, 8 months later, like as of now, that figure went up. I see at least 7-8 DIFFERENT Model 3s each and every day on a SHORT commute to work. And no, the Tesla store is no where near where I live and work. There is only one Tesla store in case you are asking... //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Back to the thread...but with an EV flavour. I think GM is cutting all these sedans because so they could focus full force on bringing out EVs. Barra said that she wants GM to be the world's leader in EVs... The 2.3 billion dollar venture with LG Chem and a creation of 1100 jobs while closing down ICE factories and laying off ICE workers should signal to all of us what is going on with GM... Killing off the CT6, waisting billions on it and the Blackwing while telling us that the Blackwing costs money is just a smoke screen. I think, they are killing the Blackwing NOT because it costs money...I think GM brass want to distance Cadillac from the internal combustion engine as much as they can. The Blackwing is a start. Its a "gas guzzling V8". It does not look good with PR with EV sheeple to have a brand new gas guzzling V8 in the stable when in a couple of years, an onslaught of Cadillac EVs are gonna launch... I have come to this conclusion after reading comments from product launches from GM. The C8 and the Blackwing CT6. Also Autoline Detroit... There are MANY comments made by EV trolls, that diss the V8s...or even the rotary engine. They say all kinds of dumb things such as "why invest in ICE when electrics are the future?" Or "dino tech that sucks gas spews emissions" Or "0-60 in xx seconds, quarter mile yy seconds? HA! Stuopid GM for wasting billions on outdated technology...Telsa Model XYZ is faster...blah blah blah..." My personal opinion is this... Its a damned shame that GM spent billions to finally create a SEDAN worthy of the Cadillac badge, (big, brawny, V8, RWD sedan) only to kill it, yet again with this pattern, only to invest billions more on something that may be just a pipe dream, because even though in MY neck of the woods, people seems to want EVs, there are other woods dar from where I am, that are dead set against EVs... And Cadillac, whether Barra wants Cadillac to be a leader in EVs, and I have no doubt that Cadillac can and WILL produce something to embarrass Tesla and now the Mustang Mach-E, Cadillac is STILL all about the big badass V8 car. The Blackwing is that...
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    I actually don't mind these. For other people.
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    Wouldn't shock me if GM's only car post 2025 is the Corvette. I could see them killing Cadillac's sedans and most of the Chevy's too.
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    I actually kind of like it... I definitely need to see more though.
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    I do kind of miss Dec through maybe Feb. I loathe May through Sept there though...
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    THANK YOU! I think you and @balthazar are the only ones that seem to understand this.
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    Now we are a member of the W body club, the 3800 club, and the red instrument panel lighting club. Had to have a full brake job done just to drive it. Need to replace some bulbs and get a working fob. And a complete fumigation to get rid of the smoke or dead animal or whatever smell is going on inside. And I'm sure there will be other stuff. But i drove it back the other day for 230 mile return trip and i must say it brings back the older days of GM with the slow tractor like torque of the 3800 and smooth shifts of the 4 speed automatic. Not a speedy car but a reminder of what a good road car the older GM's are. And the ride on the grand prix is arguably better than my TourX. Shame this doesn't have ABS or side air bags.
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    The contract should state at the bottom: *Thank you big brother GM for all the tedious contract negotiation work and taking one (or $2Bil) for the team.
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    Had a great T-day, hope everyone else did. My family is not big on Turkey, so I did my Butter roasted Chickens and candied Ham. Hope everyone is have a great holiday weekend.
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    I can almost guarantee nobody representing Hyundai has ever publicly stated they are emulating anything Cadillac, and there's no reason to do so. Cadillac is making less and less competitive vehicles and Hyundai and Genesis are quickly rising. I don't believe they have an XT7 coming until I see it. It's been said they're trying to cut costs over at Cadillac and that's why the XT6 is on a FWD platform instead of Omega, like it was originally planned. That's also why the CT5-V isn't getting the new 4.2, nor Escalade.
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    Maybe he was referring to the new Tesla Roadster due in the future. Supposed to have outrageous statistics...like 0-60 in less than 0 seconds or something...
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    GREEN NEW DEAL compliance vehicle?
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    It’s not futuristic tho. We’ve seen it a hundred times from ‘70s-80s bad sci-fi movies. It’s actually retro like the Wagon Queen Family Truckster. It also craps all over the signature & established Tesla design language.
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    Gotta love the pictures and Videos they have on the media site. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/multimedia/album/2020/mustang-mach-e.html https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/multimedia/album/2019/2019-la-auto-show.html Reservations are made here on a refundable $500 deposit. https://www.ford.com/suvs/mach-e/2021/ Full Media kit and additional info is found here. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2019/11/17/all-electric-ford-mustang-mach-e.html Gotta say, I am very excited for this to quote the media page. Ford also will offer two special performance versions. The GT is targeting 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds2, making it faster off the line than a Porsche Macan Turbo3. The GT Performance Edition, meanwhile, is targeting a comparable 0-60 mph in the mid-3-second range to a Porsche 911 GTS.3 Both GT configurations are targeting an estimated 342 kW (459 horsepower) and 830 Nm (612 lb.-ft.) of torque.2 In addition to blistering acceleration, Mustang Mach-E will be available with Brembo’s all-new performance Flexira aluminum calipers, which maintain the functionality of a fixed caliper while being designed with the dimensions of a floating caliper. The GT Performance Edition is equipped with a MagneRide® damping system, adaptive suspension technology that lets drivers hug the road while delivering an exciting, comfortable ride. EXCITEMENT Performance gives new meaning to the word ‘electrifying’ Mustang Mach-E delivers three unique drive experiences – Whisper, Engage and Unbridled – each offering finely tuned driving dynamics packaged with a distinct sensory experience. Features include custom-designed vehicle responsiveness such as sportier steering controls, ambient lighting, sounds tuned for an authentic all-electric experience, and dynamic cluster animations that are tied to driving behavior. When the vehicle launches, a new Mach-E 4 all-wheel drive system will be available that can apply torque independently to the front and rear axles to deliver impressive acceleration and improved handling over the rear-wheel drive model. Ford tuned this system to provide excellent traction on the road, rigorously testing the vehicle in wet and snowy terrain to help control for slippery conditions. Mach-E is the first production vehicle to be tuned by the Ford Performance team utilizing Ford’s racing simulator in North Carolina. “Whether you want to really feel its performance capability or are looking for the quiet atmosphere that electric vehicles can offer, the Mach-E harnesses the power of electrification to create a unique driving experience while retaining that unmistakable Mustang feeling of freedom,” said Ted Cannis, Ford enterprise product line director, global electrification.
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    It’s called having an open mind which is sorely lacking for some. As long as Ford doesn’t bitch this up (i.e. the Explorer/Aviator launch), they may actually be on to something here. Still not crazy about that oversized tablet though. That is a maintenance and damage nightmare waiting to happen.
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    I don't like them tying the identity to the Mustang name...will be very polarizing. Will it have parking lot crash mode for running over pedestrians? (I love Mustangs, grew up driving them...but Mustang for me means 2drs, RWD a V8 and manual available...this is something completely different).
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    This is great news to try and keep the sedan alive but it feels like a slight miss without the V6.
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    Maybe GM and Ford can do the same thing and cut sedan prices across the board. CUVs are the hot things now.
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    RIP CT6, killed by GM's board room bean counters before your time really was up and not able to show what you could bring to the world globally. RIP CT6 This truly keeps me in SUVs as the 4 & 5 are just too small. This approach at GM is what could make my next auto purchase a non-gm product.
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    I saw it last weekend and really enjoyed it. The Adam Carolla documentaries 'The 24 Hr War' and 'Shelby American' cover some of the same events and are both excellent and streaming on Prime now. I want to see 'The Good Thief' and 'The Irishman' this weekend...good thing The Irishman is streaming on Netflix, too long to see in a theater.
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    10 years ago the AWD choices were mostly Subaru, Audi, the Ford Fusion and the Buick Regal/Lacrosse. All of them are quite capable AWD systems.
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