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    I rarely post non-manufacturer "concept" art... but this was just dead sexy. Cadillac could totally pull this off and make a coupe with actual distinction over something like the CLS or 6-series jellybeans.
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    Cadillac has owned the vertical lighting signature when everything else has horizontals (here; mostly talking about taillights), it would be another unique design distinction to re-intro a markedly 'formal' roofline.
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    Never understood this BS about backseat or gunslit windows.. Its silly.. when comparing it to the Mustang... which has an unusable backseat and the window visibility is not much better. Best thing for people complaining about such things is to buy an SUV. Cause in truth.. with exception to the backseat thing.. the Challenger isn't much better in terms of visibility. Car enthusiasts have become BORING. The Camaro is competing also with the Vette to a degree. Ford has no competitor to the Mustang.. and Dodge definitely doesn't. U wanna see sales jump?? Chevy should thumb its nose at the enthusiasts... and make a Camaro Sedan
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    That's the hardest part about reviewing cars these days. They're all so good at what they do that most comments we have on them boil down to nit-picking. It's really rare to get a car that is truly bad for the class... and these days even a Corolla has 98% of the safety tech that a Benz has.. Sometimes even more because the Corolla comes with it standard.
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    Was judged 953 points out of 1000. Only thing I see that seems non-stock is the chrome center caps. Up for auction at Barret-Jackson.
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    Hell no.. Why abandon a market that still brings in mad profit and in reality.. using the numbers of the Mustang and Chally only.. has only seen a 1% decline in sales with almost no real new investment dollars. With the Camaro, I bet GM is seeing as a platform car.. ATS/CTS/Camaro. Certainly better sales are desired.. but the Alpha platform is getting utilized profitably. Yeah.. I bet the Chally is extremely profitable along with the 300 and Charger.. but Jesus.. outside of Jeep.. where else is FCA getting profit from in the U.S?
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    Pretty much the only Packard reboot I've found I've liked :
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    ACTUALLY.. this is not correct. I have actually talked to a client who works over at GM's plant over in White Marsh who told me that the engine is already being shown to have variants that are in the 700HP range. Strong possibility that due to the CT6 being essentially the 7series of Cadillac, and the CTS(5) being the 5Series of Cadillac.. that the formula will stand as the Mid-Sizer continuing to be the true large performance option while the larger vehicle (CT6) while powerful, will get a tuned down engine more geared for bragging rights within luxury. Furthermore... Cadillac bench-marked the S63 AMG's performance.. and despite.. chose not to go above it in HP (603) /Torque.. simply because it doesn't have to. The S-Class's FAT ASS is heavy.. about 700lbs heavier than the CT6 AWD Platinum. Similar thing can be said about the heavy 760i and B7 Alpina.. both boasting 600 HP but less torque than the BlackWing anyway... I am 100% behind this name change.. and in fact questioned WHY they were calling the 550HP/627lb Torque version a Vsport while still having a 500HP version under it.. and a 400HP 3.0L.. and a probable 2.0L or 3.6L under those.. in the first place. With that much torque.. and that much power.. PLUS AWD.. and a curb weight that is 55lbs less (CT6 3.0L vs CTS-V) than the my ’16 Vseries.. I am completely confident that this car will actually beat me in a drag race.. despite the loss of HP/Torque simply because of grip. I don’t know if U’ve ever tried to launch a 640HP VSeries and not spin a little bit, but its not easily done… same goes for my Z06 with the same RWD/LT4 setup. AWD system adds the needed traction that has enabled the German cars in this class to post lower acceleration numbers lately. With Track or Sport mode allowing for 40/60 front/rear in Tour mode to 20/80 in Sport and 50/50 in Snow/Ice. My assumption is that there will be a Track mode in for the Vseries… as the numbers I posted are from the current CT6 AWD system available. CT6V = 550HP CT6 Platinum Should be 500HP CT6 VSport should be 400+HP CT6-E Hybrid CT6 everything below
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    It's the weekend time to rest relax and recharge your batteries
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    The I6 should make a comeback, and not just at FCA. GM and Ford need to do the same. Turbo 4cyl are overrated.
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    Yuppie. I bet you still pop the collars on your Izod shirts.
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    Well, I have the cabin in the woods on 150 acres 90 miles from here... but I would need to remove it's current resident. I don't think I will ever live there again, though..too far from civilization...likely can't get high speed internet, no Starbucks within 25 miles, no Dunkin Donuts within 50 miles, no DoorDash service...
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    Anyone ever just want to liquidate everything and go live in a cabin in the woods away from everyone?
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    Last night, after at least 3 hours on the compumachine doing research, got tired, shut down the machine, walked thru the kitchen and picked up my cell phone. Time was 1:11. - - - - - For Moltar; comparing the '15 to the '19. :
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    Silverado outside mirrors, a roof bulge, and a periscope would make the Camaro more drivable for you..;)
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    Why we care about the recreational weed usage of a CEO is beyond me.
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    I've seen that pic..it's delicious...love the squared roofline and decklid..would like to see clearly defined forms like that return...
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    $44,795 for the upgraded engine vs the competition: 340i - $48,950 C43 - $53,400 S4 - $51,400 Q50 3.0T - $38,300 TLX 3.5L - $36,200 ATS 3.6L - $45,890 Ya know, just for sh!ts. Horsepower =/= luxury.
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    I like C3PO myself Cadillac has so many kickass concept names too bad they don't use them. Honestly too, I still like STS, CTS, XLR, DTS, etc its just that the offerings became twisted. The CTS got larger. The STS became underwhelming.
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    Me! Me! I have a good home! I have a very relaxed dress code where I work. It's all the other painful bueracrazy that I'm finding I can no longer handle.
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    Tesla does this with their price quotes.... it is "only" $1100" a month after factoring in savings from not buying gas.
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