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    Who nurses a drink for 24 hours??? Besides, one has plenty of opportunity when they're pulled over for a half hour every 150 miles to "stretch their legs, eat another sandwich, pee (and get more ice)" while their electric vehicle takes on more kilowatts.
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    I would have, but I hav been quite busy with the day job. New project is taking a lot of me and has caused a number of items to be pushed back (sees list of reviews needing to be written). Hopefully, I will do some news writing in the next week or so depending on this project. Also, I happen to like the new Sienna. I'm very much the outlier in this forum.
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    I find it funny that your sarcasm sensor is constantly on the fritz.
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    Love both of these cars....loved that Body style ford since I was a kid but....the Savoy just does it for me on so many levels. Enjoy! Addicted tow watching 60's muscle do the quarter mile...both of these Pontiacs are achingly beautiful.
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    I am wanting to make a trip out east with friends. Might be interested in a Road Trip and a C and G get together. We will socially distance OCN from anything electric and Balthazar from vehicles built after 1968....just kidding...would love to get everyone together.
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    Merc = Mercedes. For a classic Mercury, I'd want a Ford powertrain, of course. If I had the garage space, wouldn't mind something like this for summer weekend 'tooling around' (as my Dad used to say)...
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    My daddy had a '79 Impala coupe. OK, not a station wagon. But a "downsized" 1977-1990 B-Body family platform nonetheless. I bought a 1985 Delta 88 sedan in the mid 1990s... OK, not a Pontiac Catalina Safari but a "downsized" 1977-1990 B Body family platform nonetheless. My favorite B-Body from that generation would be the 1987-1990 Caprice Classic Brougham I love the front end. I love the taillights. The roof. The bumpers front and rear are sealed where it meets the body. I love the sealed headlights. Very classy car. And then it would be the 1979 Impala and Caprice coupe. The small wrap-around rear window just melts my heart.
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    Amalfi Coast...never been. Ive been to Santorini. Very comparable as both civilzations are built INTO the mountain side... How does the Italian government BEGIN to demolish the mountain to build bigger roads to accommodate American cars? And then...does the government destroy what is already built there for 1998 Dodge Ram dulies? Maybe my sarcasm filter is on the fritz, but...yeah... I dont think so Tim! And then I see it has already been covered...
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    Imma gonna do some American pop culture references to Hazzard and Kentucky as only a Greek boy from French territory Canada would know about a certain Hazzard County and the beautiful state of Kentucky. Blue Moon of Kentucky keep on shining... And of course, Hazzard County. This particular Hazzard is of course, fictional... I do realize that Hazard, KY is spelled with one "z" and is of course, a real place. Oh...and I happen to love the tune, Red River Valley.
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    When Datsun was independent, they were infinitely more fun and engaging. This Franco-Nippon relationship has not panned out well. I have nothing against Renault, or Nissan, but some things are better left unmixed. If the Kicks were available in the USA with a stick, it would be much more fun and in line with Datsun heritage. Now look at the state of them... Here's a funky little flying wedge from the days of fun, spirited Datsun vehicles:
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    Aftermarket convertible conversion on the Tesla Model 3. For $30K, you get this manually-folding top. For another $10K, they'll electrify it. HANDS DOWN, the WORST convertible conversion I have ever seen. I struggle to recall a more pointless / less dignified automotive alteration. Makes the Murano convertible look swanky. All that stupid money and they couldn't even re-engineer the rear door glass to roll all the way down.
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    Or they can read it here: https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2020/05/toyota-goes-all-hybrid-with-new-venza-sienna-models/
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    But maybe the new (butter-)face of the F/L E Class will... The materials for the interior in the Stinger is better than in the Telluride. Also, unlike what Kia NA had expected, it's the higher-priced 3.3TT V6 Stinger that sells. The Genesis brand was only founded 4 years ago. 3.5 years is a pretty turn around to develop a new model - the GV80, esp. one w/ an all-new platform, new engines, rash of new tech, etc. Speaking of platforms, the reason why didn't develop a CUV earlier is b/c they needed to develop a lighter-weight platform first to compensate for the increased weight of a CUV; the outgoing Genesis G80 was already on the heavy side as is, so basing the GV80 on the old platform would have made for a heavy, fuel-thirsty CUV. Also, the new lighter-weight platform was developed so that it can also incorporate a BEV powertrain (which is on top of having additional EVs on a dedicated BEV platform). The eG80 is already undergoing testing and Genesis has filed for trademarks for an eGV80, etc., so Genesis will have a full lineup of electrics before any of the Japanese lux makes. That doesn't seem like incompetency to me (not that there hasn't been missteps at Genesis USA w/ regard to the retail network, which is why management has changed). As for starting w/ 3 sedans (putting aside the platform weight thing), that's what the domestic market dictates. SKorea is one of the largest and most profitable markets for MB and BMW when it comes to selling the E/S Class and 5/7 Series. MB sold 10k E Class in SK in a 3 year period. Strong domestic market sales (which correlates w/ Genesis continuing to invest and upgrade; something that the Japanese and American makes did not do). For most of its run, the Genesis/G80 has placed 3rd in its segment, ahead of the A6, and should do so again w/ the new model. And w/ all the non-European competition gone or half-way out the door, the buyers in this segment who want something other than a Euro will only have one choice. Genesis has around 10k pre-orders for the GV80 and that's before any real national advertising campaign/commercials.
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    Sure hope this is photoshop :
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    It's a chick. And it's also a girl.
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    Not like it's anything special or rare, though...just a common truck with shitty mods. Run a tank over it..
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    Could I just get a nice 421 Pontiac instead.....maybe at the deep Cornoavirus discount?
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    Bolted the dash substructure in "permanently" tonight. Feels good. (8) 1/2-in bolts, plus (3) diagonal braces (for effectively 3 more bolts). Made thin rubber gaskets between the substructure and the body shell- hopefully no squeaks, ever. Feels very good.
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    2021 Venza (initially Hybrid only in NA). So in the last few years the Blazer, Passport, and Venza names are back and pretty directly competing with each other.
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    Sure you have; that 'good lord' covered all of page 105 AND 104.
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    Yes, Yeti's prices are abominable.
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    Good 'ole Canuck rock. CANUCK ROCK RULES! Now...if Im restomodding a 1970s or 1980s Mercedes, Id be a freakin' lunatic to do so. Especially with a price tag of 179 000-200 000 American freakin' dollars. But if I was on the fringe to do so, Id think long and hard about electrification, but really, Id HEMI those bitches JUST to stick it to Mercedes! Id take the AMG HAMMER And DEMONIZE it! Take that grille, Dodge-ify it by making it it a Dodge Crosshair look-alike. Rip those silly headlight washers out, take the left side headlight, modify it so I got one functional headlight and one functional air duct feeding the Hellcat crate motor under the hood that I will modify to have huge air scoops to feed that huge Kompressor... Take that small and silly 3 pointed star at the front on top of the grill and throw it out in the trash. Put Hellcat logos on the left and right side front fenders and Im ready to go to Mercedes gatherings to show off my new MOPAR ride! If I had money to burn, Id get my hands on this nice electric blue, hybrid SLS Rip out all the drivetrain in it, trash that 3 pointed star. Modify the grill for it to be a Dodge Crosshair grill and stick any generation Viper V10 I could get my hands on in it. You guessed it. To STICK it to Mercedes!
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    Huge difference between ‘scrapes’ and ‘scraps’.
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    The news today was covering that the Pandemic has caused a much bigger than usual up tick in Divorce Lawyer inquiries. Maybe those that have not done their homework, have the communication skills and are willing to have skin in the game are realizing it is over their head to be married. Crazy times, Crazy News. I agree the Covid thing sucks, I have to say, My yard is looking amazing since that is my sanctum of isolation. Been busy with building a better garden area. My own Pandemic project was to build a 2nd raised bed. Ended up being bigger and cheaper than the Costco plastic thing I bought last year. So a 5ft x 10ft x 2.5ft tall pine raised bed. Have it planted and then finished building my in ground garden area and the potted veggie plant area. Got my Walla Walla sweet onions in the ground yesterday, will do leeks today.
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    Me too, I can not wait until we are able to relax and the max two week trips turn into two month trips where we can really just live elsewhere for a bit and not feel like we have to pack our days to get value out of the trip. Not sure where I am looking forward to most.
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    Yeah, I've been twice..once to Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Florence and the Amalfi Coast. Spent a week in Rome and a few days around the other areas. Second trip was up north to Milan--from there went to Venice, Turin (the Italian National Motor Museum was great), Lake Maggiore and Lake Como... I want to go back and see Pisa, Cincq Terre and the Italian Riviera..thinking that could be a French Riviera trip also.
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    Here is one Chrysler performance car I really liked even though it is a sister to the Mitsubishi version. Only 55K miles on it and the current bid price is $12,100 on Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/143606587133 Chrysler Conquest TSi. To me this was a Hot Turbo Muscle car that I liked from the 80's. Course was in college and could barely fit in then, now, forget it. Still a cool car.
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    I happened onto a really tasty pasta sauce flavor - mushroom and green pepper. I recommend it!
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    A Mercedes E Class... But not really. A CT5 is truly a luxury vehicle. Unlike the E Class... The thing is...the CT5 is NOT a mundane, mass produced, plebeian, every day Average Joe, utilitarian taxi cab sedan in its home country like the E Class is in its home country... So...what do we compare the E Class to? A Dodge Charger? Yeah...Im comfy with that comparison! You know...the Charger reaches high dollar price tags...JUST like the E Class. You know...the Charger is also a mundane, mass produced, plebeian, every day Average Joe, utilitarian taxi cab/police car sedan in its home country... JUST like the E Class in Germany... Both are RWD. AWD. Both have adequate horsepower V6s. Both have high powered V8s. Yeah....an E Class is a Charger competitor. Awesome!
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    To clarify; I don't have a problem with EV vehicles existing, and they have some tangible advantages. Ocnblu doesn't seem to want them to exist, if I may be boldly assumptive. Now, an EV would not work for me- I need the same size truck I have now, I cannot park inside so I'd have to run an extension cord out to it daily, then coil it up in the morning/stow it (that might fall under "maintenance" for some), and I don't have $125,000 budgeted for a Bolinger. But that's not to say I wish to deny Bolinger to try and sell it's truck. That also doesn't mean I believe all the futurist unicorn fart babble that everything's wonderful and these EV start-ups are all in perfect health / going to last 100 years. There is wishful thinking and there is reality. You can't tell me anyone is making money on a production EV in the big picture.
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    I wanted to be sure all of our commenters understand the posts. I found out that so many things I take for granted as common knowledge, especially among self-proclaimed "car ppl", are anything "but". I am trying to improve my communication skills with ppl who need guidance in this area. Thank you for reading, earthling. ???
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    Happy Mother's Day to the Moms in your lives ... and even to the Moms who are C&G members - we've had some on the forum.
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    1960 Pontiac Bonneville. Pontiac was a brand of automobile produced by General Motors Corporation from 1926-2010.
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    Lemmee get this straight. 6 years of more warranty isn’t going to sway any buyers... but 15 seconds quicker around a race course no one in this country will ever drive on will???
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    Already have the book....
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    ^ Give me a Silverado 1500 crew cab / standard bed 3.0L DuraMax for $15K off sticker and I'll sign!
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