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    Your inflation formula cuts both ways : the s-class was 86K in '06, it should start at $105K today with inflation. Why is it down 10% in price ($96K)? It should be up & start @ $116K instead. Because the inflation calculator is an invalid metric for vehicular pricing.
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    So gorgeous on Sabre Spokes (plus A/C)!
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    Its not just Dodge.. but FCA. They are the literal epitome of the One-Trick Pony. The made a $1.9 billion net profit for 2016, while Ford recorded a Net Income of $7.4B and GM pulled in $9.5B. To be clear.. FCA pulled in one year $100M less than what GM made in Q1 and exactly what Ford made in Q2. They simply have no mix outside of the Muscle car strategy, constantly putting a big engine band-aid on their real cuts. No Mid-size, no compact, no hybrid (well except the minivan). They literally made profits from simply not reeeeeeeeeeally updating shit else but engines since 2006
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    dodge is the dad rock band of the automotive world... tries repeatedly and desperately to mimic its lone charting hit from a decade ago, can't successfully do anything new, and ends up just being the favourite of creepy uncles.
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    We need to start calling some of these "crossovers" like the GLA, QX30, GLE, X1, etc, what they really are.... hatchbacks.
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    This is true. Although I suspect the trolls & politics are sure not unique to C&G.
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    NO.. they are not gouging people for the sake of gouging them. U seem to revel in the idea of the Germans raping U raw... I kind of like the idea, for instance, that my Vseries starts off $10K less than the M5 and absolutely looks better and classier has a nicer interior to boot.. has been the epitome of reliability.. and when its called upon to fuck that Kraut Bitch up.. it delivers in spades.
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    Can we at least wait for the XT3 to be released? It is true the Cadillac looks like it is behind because of current sales trends, but budgets, time constraints and limited resources all take their toll. Without the Escalade, Caddy would have a Lincoln-sized funding gap problem. It wan not that long ago that Caddy was simply not competitive in the luxury space and a lot of bad decisions led to inferior product. The Germans and Lexus have made so few mistakes in the last 25 years or so that Cadillac looked really bad. As far as I can tell, Cadillac has largely escaped its worst days and will be fully competitive within five years or so. The XT5 (and CT6) are proof of that. The XT3 will be more proof once released. You could say that the best thing about Cadillac is Chevy, since unlike Mercedes Caddy does not have to appease the non-luxury market anywhere. Cadillac is going in the right direction and it will be just fine in 2020 or so. No need to panic.
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    70k means luxury? CLA, C, E, CLS, GLA, GLC, GLC Coupe, GLE, GLE Coupe, C Coupe, E Coupe, E Wagon, C 'Vert, E 'Vert, SLC, GLS and B are all non-luxury vehicles because they don't start above 70k. I'm no mathematician but I think that's over half of their lineup.. It's everything but S, S Coupe, S 'Vert, G Wagen, SL and AMG GT are their only luxury cars... Damn, it appears Mercedes is just another peasant company.
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    Buick ran high speed endurance tests @ Daytona in 1960, averaging 120 MPH for 10,000 miles. Part of that accomplishment was due to 'in-flight' refueling. At speeds up to 130 MPH, the car took 15 gallons every half hour. Fuel dispensing, under pressure, took 6 seconds.
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    If I had mad money, I wouldn't even consider a ferrari or Lambo or whatever. I would have a custom builder make me something unique. Like this :
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    Some of you may have noticed the server struggling today. I think I may have just found and fixed the issue. One of the server log files had grown to 90 GB in size. I killed that log file and that seems to have eased the burden on the server. Search is still indexing due to a patch I applied earlier trying to fix the issue. Once that finishes up, we should be back to normal.
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    I've driven a couple of current generation Tahoes and a previous generation Yukon, they seemed pretty solid and tight to me, and the Tahoes drove very nicely, even on winding Az mountain roads..very comfortable and civilized...
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    Right now it is not the number of dealers but often the locations. While GM, Ford, Honda and Toyota have spent a lot of time updating dealers and helping many relocate to near interstates many of the Jeep and Chrysler dealers have not updated. Also they like the other American MFG's often have too many dealers. Many dealers are also not happy with the income or the lack of income from Fiat dealers they were encouraged to take in. Lets see the hands here and how many people are ready to go out and by an Alfa after all the money that was spent last nigh on the Super Bowl. While I find the new Alfa an interesting car and though I have yet to drive one it appears to be a very fun car to drive. But for that money there are many cheaper and more safe choices over the questionable quality of the brand. Alfa like any other brand that has been damaged needs to re earn the trust of the public and a high priced car like this is not the way to do it. Also the many recalls the corporation does not instill trust. Now I see Sergio wants to sell stock on the F1 team at Ferrari. If he is not gone soon he will bring this all down. I am just shocked he did not say he was going to merge with GM again so they can have more dealers? It is not too late to save Dodge and Chrysler but it needs to be done now and be done on their own platforms not Fiat and Alfa.
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    So if he had sent an actual message via the internet that would make him a man? Or calling somebody names on the internet makes somebody a man? Just trying to figure out this internet "coward"-ness. I'd love to see you two meet in person. Guarantee with your love for each other you'd end up kissing in the back seat of an Uber on your way to one of each other's hotel rooms, if it wasn't the same room to begin with.
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    Why not stick to car talk in car talk thread segments. Trying to tie politics to automotive preferences is beyond ridiculous.
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    So. Much. ROOM! front hip room : 66" front leg room : 44.6"
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    The tears.......they are delicious.....
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    It was a base car with a few upgrades. It wasn't a Platinum or a Premium.. which is in my opinion the only way to go. I explained why the CT6 isn't 100%. If it were the S550 would be consistently put on the truck. Screw Benz. And Screw it's fans. And what is your idiotic obsession with 0-60 times as a measure of luxury? It's stupid. U act as if we are talking about Camaros and Mustangs.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your family challenges. I've been through a lot of it the last two years. My Mother's health had been in decline since 2014ish, I saw her once a year, she pretty much cut off all communication w/ my sister and I....she passed last March 12th, age 85....it was so odd, I felt just numb, not really grief or any other emotion..very strange. The aftermath of her passing was frustrating and difficult; time spent flying back and forth from AZ to Ohio and time spent in probate court (she died w/o a valid will--the will my brother presented was determined to be a fake that he made up, leaving everything to himself). All of that is behind me now (the estate was divided equally amongst the 3 siblings). It was easier in some respects when my Dad passed in 1999, he had a clear will.
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    OK; update. • brakes are all bled. Had some minor leaks, tightened everything down, seems sealed now. System filled pretty quickly for one bone dry. Expelled about 7 oz of fluid after bleeding them twice. • bolted both seat backs in place. • bolted tool box down behind the cab. • Ummm…. truck is done. Cleaned everything left on or around the truck away, moved a car & trailer blocking the door…. it's ready to roll. Friday afternoon is T-Day. Stay tuned...
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    Not in most versions of the Denali line. There are a couple perks here and there but not many. The magnetic suspension on the truck is one but the Canyon, Terrain, Acadia and others they will sock you for nearly $3.5K more and give you nothing but cheap plastic trim. In the case of the Canyon I would rather keep the money and get the SLT2 for much less and skip the heated steering wheel. I wish they would use a solid formula of a few extra HP in all version and standard AWD in all models. really give you something for the money. But then again if people keep buying them like this who can blame them for not adding the extra real hardware. It is less work and more profits.
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    Yeah.. pretty much.. but in truth.. its 640HP/630lbs.. in a car that LOVES ITSELF so much its always dying to show off for a crowd. Cadillac did an awesome job taming her in normal driving.. but waking her up from her slumber is just a simple nudge away
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    That's a reach...80s Buicks were all about rectangles...I don't see anything Buick about modern Benz dashes..
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    Well there is also talk of Holden as a brand going away too... so if this is the current course, I wouldn't be surprised to see GM shed 3 brands (Opel, Vauxhall, Holden) and then just do 2 or 3 brands in all markets except US which also gets GMC. China could support Chevy/Buick/Cadillac, Australia and Middle East could support Chevy and Cadillac. Buick could even make a return to Europe for select models like Verano, Encore, and Regal.
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    After 3 weeks driving a Passat, this vehicle is now on my radar...may have to go take one for a test drive..seems like it would make a nice NE Ohio year round car...
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    I love Chinese food, even when they say no MSG, but it always gives me gas!
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    I thought what they were originally doing was just moving small car production down there while retooling a plant here for the Bronco/Ranger. Those two Mexico plants are parts and engines not final assembly. I feel like this is two different stories getting put together by the wonderful media.
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    Interesting how you mention the VW group and yet do not point out MB's own profit or lack of profit in that ultra category. Maybe the fact that has been pointed out so many times before, the heavy discounting, the fact that MB leads the word as the number one leased auto, etc. Just accept that MB is a global auto company that competes from the basic Eco box auto and commercial van to ubber luxury and as such is no longer a luxury only brand. They are a global company competing against Toyota, VW, GM, Ford, etc.
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    I went for a roughly 100 mile drive on back roads yesterday in the GTI. It was a blast. There were stretches where I was probably pushing 8-9/10ths, which I don't get to do often. These were some rarely traveled roads with great pavement and visibility. There were some 1st gear turns, even!!! No better way to spend a Valentine's Day. She needs a good cleaning now. There's a few things that never fail to impress me about my car, and yesterday was a great reminder of that. The brakes never lost an iota of stopping power, and the pedal stayed firm. The E-LSD is able to pull the car of bends that just shouldn't be possible. The way the car simply puts the power down even in the tightest of bends is nothing short of amazing. And then there's the just unflappable chassis. Road bumps, heaves, dips, grooves, crests, and the like are just laughed off. There are precious few cars I've been in that I think I could have run down some of these roads at the pace I was going, and especially done so so neatly and drama-free. Certainly almost none that could be pushed as hard consistently and with such confidence. At one point, some girl in a new Mazda 3 was riding my ass through a residential area, and must have thought she'd pass me when we got out into clear roads. It took me about all of 2 miles to vanish. A while later, a new Mustang GT and I were being held up by an old Impala. After it turned off, the Mustang took off at what I'm sure the driver thought was a decent clip, but he too was holding me up. When we came into town and were side by side in traffic, he looked over with this bewildered look on his face. And that is the beauty of cars like this- the ability to be practical and user friendly, but punch far above their weight class. There's a track day coming up locally that I plan on attending, and I will report back with my assessment afterwards.
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    Chevrolet Europe only "failed" because Chevrolet was competing directly with Opel in its home atmosphere. Ironically its the same reason why Opel failed in the United States basically competing with Chevy outta Buick dealerships
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    Hatchbacks have never sold well in the U.S., but that could be changing thanks to new entrants and hotted-up models. According to a forecast done by IHS Markit, sales of hatchbacks are projected climb 19 percent this year. By 2020, the firm projects sales of 567,000 hatchbacks. What has changed? Some of this comes down to hatchbacks finding a niche market. Michelle Malcho, spokeswoman for Chevy cars and crossovers tells The Detroit News that active, urban buyers who are wanting a bit more functionality with their vehicle are turning to hatchbacks. “I think the U.S. likes the functional thought. The hatch for some people offers that without stepping up to that next level ... It really does fit what you need to do on a daily basis,” said Malcho. Helping out are new models and hotted-up versions. The Chevrolet Cruze hatchback made up 10 percent of the model's total sales in January. Over at Ford, the sales of hotted-up versions of the Fiesta and Focus grew 21 percent last year. But Stephanie Brinley, senior analyst with IHS Automotive cautions this will only cause a slight spur some growth in the compact class. “Hatchback sales have not traditionally been good in the U.S. It’s a relatively small opportunity ... they should help stem the losses in the (small car) segment,” said Brinley. “The cars are just so much better than they were, and it’s no longer a penalty (to drive a hatchback). It’s taking a while, but people are starting to understand.” Source: The Detroit News
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    As for GM cars they did have many issues from 1973-2005. But for their most part they were cheap to repair and always would start. The paint may have fallen off and the body may have rusted but they would always run. Years ago the Vega was a prime beater car as it may have rusted and used oil but it always would run and you could fix it for $20. Guys in school would just save the used oil from oil changes to put in as why buy it if it is going to burn. Along with The Fiat we had a Vega and a Sunbeam Alpine. The Vega had them all covered for durability. It did everything wrong but it always got there. The Sunbeam never had much oil pressure but it never blew up. Rust and electrical were issues. Lucas the prince of darkness. Jag has improved under Ford and the new owners but they are over priced and still have some nagging issues that should not be. I have a friend at work with one and he is over 100K miles now. That would have been unheard of years ago. But he can work on it himself so while parts are not cheap he can save on the labor. We had a 76 Jag sedan that was never reliable till it received a 4287 Pontiac V8 in place of the V12 that kept dropping valve seats. Rust was not an issue due to coming from TX. Note it was faster with the Pontiac.
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    Smart comment! Trust me if there is a way to screw up a Miata Fiat will find a way. Let face it the Italians can style some of the best cars but the new Spider is not a real looker.
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    I am not a big fan of a ton of chrome. Some done tastefully is fine but more is not better. I never understood the gold Chevy Bow Tie. I had wished they would better color coordinate the colors. Also the red out lined black bow tie was great and needs to be brought back. I put a polished aluminum bow tie on the HHR SS. It matches the polished aluminum wheels. Gold Bow Tie matched nothing. One of the biggest issues on the chrome today is that most of it is plastic. Stone Chips damage it today and usually it is a mess. I change out the hood cap on the wife's Terrain every winder with the old Chipped chrome cap. I put the clean good cap on for summer. The worst thing is the new Ford Trucks with the nose that is nothing but plastic Chrome. They have gone far beyond tasteful. They used to have a good mix but no more and the large LED lights just make it worse. Chrome should accent not dominate styling.
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    " The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible " -Salman Rushdie
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    Good thing they didn't. It's one of the things that make it look massively better than the Tahoe/Burban.
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    The Passat is a great option in this class, and very overlooked and underrated. The most room in the class, I'd say the best ride/noise levels in class, high refinement levels, and gas mileage and performance that are still on par with the class average. It doesn't drive as sharp as a 6, and it may not be the most head-turning design, but if you want a car with high functionality, good road manners, and that gets the fundamentals right, it's hard to beat. The R Line is a phenomenal value.
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    Interesting. C&D has an article on the new experition stating all of the aluminum drops 300 pounds. interesting thing is that in a 2015 comparison of a loaded tahoe LTZ and a loaded expedition platinum the Expy was 500 pounds heavier which means even with the Aluminum body the new one is still around 200 pounds heavier than a current Tahoe.
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    A couple 'final day' pics from about a month ago....my sister finally got rid of the dead Mercedes from our carports, I had driven these cars quite a bit since moving to AZ in 2008. They were money pits, glad neither of us will waste money on them again. Both went to local Benz fanatics that want to get them on the road again. The '91 300CE had a total electrical failure about a year ago (and a wiper motor fire), and the 500SEL hasn't been driven in about 5 years, was periodically started until I noticed all the gas pouring out under it. Time to move on...one good thing about moving is it forces you to deal with the clutter from your life. Once I get back to AZ next week and get back into packing, my Jeep will be the next to go, I can't see driving a 17 yr old vehicle w/ 170k on it 2000 miles...time for something fresh.
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    If anyone is interested in why Saudi is important to us here is a good story explaining why. https://smaulgld.com/why-saudi-arabia-matters-in-helping-to-keep-the-u-s-dollar-as-the-worlds-reserve-currency/ So few people know or understand this. I don't believe even most schools teach this.
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    How was it trolling? He posted a link and a quote from the link was about all three. If it was a troll move wouldn't he have used the article title at least that was showing the Camaro in a negative light as opposed to the quote he chose? Also, this is a sales thread.. it was about sales.. You guys look really stupid right now.
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    So we're supposed to just everyone come here until we face the same problems that they fled their home country because of??? Pretty sound logic there.
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    Don't be absurd. Of course I don't find that funny. I don't know any reasonable person even amongst Trump supporters who would find that funny. What IS funny is the liberal pansies who are in an uproar over everything and cry like little petulant children. If they took a fraction of the effort they put into making signs, burning flags, standing in roadways, breaking windows, inciting non-peaceful protests, and being insufferable little pu$$ies towards anyone who doesn't agree with them 100%, and redirected that towards actually doing shit to better things, they might actually get the progress they want. But it's a whole lot easier to just bitch and moan about things instead of taking meaningful action. It's comical, and the irony is just rich. As for the immigration thing, people who have been in the country for extended periods of time and are productive members of society should be allowed to stay here. Beyond that, there needs to be extremely extensive vetting for anyone wanting to come here. And if you're a lone military-aged male, I have trouble making a case for you. Instead of running from their country's problems, they need to be fighting for them. It's not America's place to just take anyone in who wants to live here when we have our problems that need solving. Our schools, veterans, crumbling infrastructure, defense programs, etc are all much higher priority than bringing in thousands of people from overseas and giving them welcome packages and benefits. Sorry, but them's the breaks.
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    [ragged sigh] I realize they don't sell the Big E in China, that was clearly stated above, also. Since we are responding to each other, please take note of my point; that the Escalade's displacement is NOT a reason not to sell it in China, that 'reason' doesn't hold water.