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    Hands down, correct. Southern IL has zero scenery.
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    This is nicely imposing; textbook Escalade ~ It looks from this shot that the light pipes again extend thru the outer edges of the headlights, like the previous gen. Would like to see a lit shot to know. Regardless, the lower light pipes continue the recent Cadillac look completely. Saw a Cadillac coming toward me today in the grey fog, it was over a half mile away yet those light pipes immediately ID'd it.
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    Everything is Doom and Gloom from the MSM like Bloomberg News. U.S. Economy is strong as is Wall St. and holding, not that the MSM would want to tell you such. I wouldn't cash in your 401K and move to Canada just yet.
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    The bigger question is how relevant is TV advertising in the age of streaming, where a lot of content can be consumed ad-free?
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    I am surprised that the Escalade wasn't renamed XT7 to better align with the current naming scheme and also position it better against the segment leader BMW X7. Because in GM thinking, an XT7 is greater than X7.
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    I mean, that is the most inefficient moment in a cars' life, 0-5mph.
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    Montreal is pretty clean Even Down Town. And we have a homeless problem the last decade. But no urine stench for the most part. We do have alley ways in the older parts of that part of the city, so I imagine there would be a problem... That dont bother me (for my environment). There are some billionaire sports team owners that give back to the community. The Montreal pro sports teams do plenty of charity work and funding for our community. Schools, hospitals... I do sympathize with your POV though. As also how Balthy's view regarding city life as he states it in the quote below.... I hate those types myself...and Ive got plenty of my Greek friends that are unfortunately...like that. I try to stay away from them nowadays. Balthy's, Robert's and your love for peace and quiet...I can appreciate that. I love nature myself. Like I really really love nature. But for recharging my batteries when I need to check out and go on vacation. (Im really not scared of isolation as I put it...well...I was when I was a kid...that much was true. The howling wind and rustling of the olive branches on the shutters and the annoying buzzing of them pesky mosquitoes kept me up at night numerous times) But like Robert, the sounds of the waves on the beach is really soothing to me. Birds sometimes get on my nerves though. Not the crickets.... I also needed TV/songs for me to concentrate on doing homework. I could relate to your kids. My daughter is the same way. My son a tad less. I feel at home with city noise. I want rural peacefulness on vacation.
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    I’m going to disagree on making the El Miraj as the ‘top face’ @ Cadillac; I’ve always felt it needed a bit more time in the oven.
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    And 8-tracks. There were some negatives. For nostalgia, I'm more into the 80s pop culture as a whole, but there is plenty from the 70s I appreciate... Prog rock, punk rock, glam rock, New Wave...lots of good stuff came out of the 70s. And the continuation of lower-longer-wider w/ cars.
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    Isn't that special. So it's sorta 600 somethings.
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    The problem w/ trying to compare to European makers is that MB and BMW have single brands, so they don't have the kind of multibrand reality GM has with Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac. However, consider VWAG--similar to GM in that they have a multi brand structure. They do have multiple brands, and they do have several large SUVs---consider the Touareg, Cayenne, Q7, Bentayga and Urus---5 different brands, all share the same platform (MLBevo) and have similar dimensions, but are very differentiated in styling. GM doesn't have that much differentiation styling wise between Tahoe,/Suburban Yukon, and Escalade...
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    Aston Martin DBS V12 RX7 Renault Megane SLS AMG Ford GT If I can't have a lame daily driver I think I'd swap the RX7 for a Land Cruiser.
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    uh yeah. 1978-84 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. I would recognize those anywhere.
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    Robert: I don’t remotely see Ford marketing an EV pickup outside of the F-150 line, esp after showing the electrified F-150. Only makes sense, if Ford remotely sees a future of all EVs— that it be incorporated into the #1 selling model line rather than ‘competing’ with it. But you’re right: time will tell. Dfelt : I’m curious to know the structural competitiveness of a BE skateboard vs. a boxed perimeter frame in a full-size truck. Not saying it can’t be built to the same standard at all, just curious if there are major engineering hurdles to overcome.
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    I'm really impressed... those numbers are staggering. Blind spot monitoring optional, I'm sure.
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    True as no German brands do it either. So 1990's of them.
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    Thanks man, was just jerking ur chain It's crazy how early the factory comes out with info. for next year models now.
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    Loving that GM is being very clear that they cannot survive on Vaporware and must deliver competitive priced class leading quality EVs. https://electrek.co/2020/01/28/gm-president-on-its-electric-future-we-cant-get-away-with-vaporware/
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    That's it. My next haircut: Eric Carmen in "Make Me Lose Control". The ladies will fall over.
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    Well, $175K is two and a half times a diesel; when you base number is 70,000 and you're talking about multiples (a fleet), it adds up quick and is worth getting correct. Where EV buses can offset their extreme purchase costs is, if school boards/governing bodies allow them to run longer service intervals (years) or not. That determination is too often tied up in status quo contracting, rather than any direct examination of a particular buses' condition. Add to that a marked unwillingness for elected officials using taxpayer money to be remotely cost effective ('It's not OUR money!'), and I wonder if the interval would in fact ever get any longer. If even justified. Frankly, I believe the service intervals of current buses is too short as it is- they should be able to get an easy 500K out of a diesel bus. That would equate to 42 years. Why are they replacing buses at only 20-25% of their lifespan? Oh; I already answered my own question, above.
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    Different views for different people adapting and adopting different hurdles of and for different fuel propulsions. Like I said in another post, its up to the people to decide for themselves how much and how far they are to accept and change for EVs. In my neck of the woods, the citizens, the government, the local businesses and our local economy are on the same page regarding EVs. Its to everybody's benefit in our community for us to adapt and adopt EVs. Ill agree with the "who gives a phoque what Koenigsegg thinks", but Koenigsegg doesnt really build pedestrian family sedans therefore not really slamming his own products. PS: I dont give a phoque what he thinks of the Tesla Model 3 myself if I wasnt clear enough. But...Ill say this about that...HIS attention to detail in his products are second to none in the automotive business. Tesla...not so much. Well....the electronics and software and stuff, Tesla is second to none. The finishing details...are admittedly lacking. The world IS full of small inconveniences and God Bless capitalism for allowing everybody a more or less equal chance of profiting from that. But then again...unchecked capitalism is also responsible for incredulous business practises. Is a 9000 dollar option for AWD one of these incredulous instances? A fool and his money and buyer beware are two of my favorite sayings. I dont know about anybody else though, if they share those thoughts... But then again, capitalism does dictate market value for some of these things some find incredulous. Others find need and pay for it negating the negative feed back... Tesla products are luxury only in price and the luxury in question is the technology. Luxury as in precious metals and excessive comfort is not a Tesla quality. State of the art technology however...
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    Last 2 I saw were The Joker and Ford vs. Ferrari.
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    That last blue GTO has the 'unobtanium' 'ducktail' spoiler. Reputedly, the mold to cast these broke on the first day and was not replaced, so technically there was no rear spoiler option for '72. A few originals made it out, and repros are available.
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    The i3 and i8 haven't been large scale hits....seems like they are lagging behind in the EV game.
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    And I'm sure that's written in very large lettering on the walls in the BMW EV Planning Department.
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    They're slammed because they're garbage. Show off the vehicle not fake-ass reactions.
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    Is this like on regular comcast tv lines or over the air? I honestly do not watch local tv stations and only use stream services of commercial free content. As such, I do not see anything from Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick or GMC, yet I see the German and Asian auto companies on the web all the time. I am thinking GM is out of touch with the work force that embraces all things computers.
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    Thank you for posting this. All three mentioned are nuts! I am all for reducing global warming, but Nuclear and Natural Gas has contributed big time to this by killing off Coal which is even worse. Wind, Solar and Hydro is Great, but cannot solve everyone's need for power and as such, Nuclear and Natural Gas are good alternatives till we perfect the efficiencies of Solar, Wind and Hydro. The real estate is an excellent area that has not been discussed as much as it should. We also have not really realized the power that can be harnessed by using solar collection in space and then focused beams of energy down to earth to be used by the population. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space-based_solar_power https://www.energy.gov/articles/space-based-solar-power Some additional interesting food for thought.
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    Buyers see horsepower numbers- they don't race these. Power sells, mercedes is behind the times. For $76K, it should have a lot more base HP. Escalade V is coming, it will take the "segment leader" SUV and elevate it even more. I think mercedes should make a GLS designed in this millenium, with the powertrain from the cancelled AMG One, and advertise it as the most powerful Daimler vehicle ever. Even if it isn't any good.
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    It turns my head (toward it, not away). Tho the Ram is the 'soft / safe' design, I still rank the Silverado 1500 above the F-150 (not that the F-150 is bad). It's got a 'bulldog' look to it; not beautiful per say, but tough. Some folk love their bulldogs and find them immensely cute. The tundra & titan are just generic & old-looking; the titan looks every bit of 20 yrs old. Unappealing vanilla.
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    Compass and Renegade start at $22,095 and $22,275. That's hardly "near 30k".
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    Tundras and Titans look better than the Silverado. The Silverado needs everything forward of the windshield restyled and simplified...it's too busy, too much ugly going on IMO...not sure which is worse, the regular or the HD.
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    Have had both in the last 24 hours...freezing rain changing to snow...about 6 inches of snow so far over the ice. About 30 outside. And it was almost 60 Monday-Tuesday. More snow in the winter means my trees and yard will be green and healthy, so I don't mind it. I love the greenery as opposed to dust and beige everything in the desert void..
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    Yep, the VW Touareg was a Porsche Cayenne through and through, same chassis and AWD, VR6, 8 spd trans. Only difference was the front clip and rear taillights, sides were identical along with doors, mirrors, rear quarters, rear hatch as well. VW actually asked Porsche to build it for them well before they owned Porsche. Just facts I thought I would drop for y'all!
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    It can be familial and still retain the vertical headlamps.
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    Looks exactly like what I expected, a Model3/X combination, Tesla egg-like greenhouse. Mach E is really its only obvious competitor currently minus the self driving and range (also $500 deposit), but I'm sure in three years or so there will be more. Hopefully the competition will catch up on the battery tech/efficiency this decade.
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    The Amazon Vans are much longer than the R1t / F150 base truck. RJ is on record that due to the motors being mounted between the front and rear wheels, it allows them to stretch the platform for any length including any size battery pack. This to me says they could easily handle an HD King Crew Cab with 8' bed with ease plus give you a 300kWh battery pack for say 500 to 600 miles.
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    OK- thanks for the correction. Always good to cross-reference!
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    Google claims a g550 is 189-191”, and an H2 is 189”. Individual pickups FAR outsell any individual SUV.
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    Is the literally exact same size g550 also a "huge full size SUV miss"??
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    Much more accurate description with what looks like factory released pictures from GM. I'd bet it looks really close to what GM will officially release from what we've seen so far. Looks nice! Any News @Drew Dowdell? More
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    Quebec lost ground in EV infrastructure to British Columbia, California and Washington. Due to the PQ (Parti Quebecois) Government that was elected as a minority government in 2012. The PQ cut all subsidies and EV investments in infrastructure and distanced themselves with the idea of a better economy with EVs. But in 2014...there was another election and the Liberals won and the government invested its energy (*pun intended) back in informing the citizens that EVs might be good for the Quebec people. But...not enough monies were invested for the infrastructure. Subsidies for EV purchases only. A new government was elected in 2018 (the CAQ...50% separatist values (kinda like the PQ party, but less radical), 25 % liberal values and 25%conservative values... but these guys actually do listen to the voice of the people...the pur sang Quebec people...the true blue Frenchies...and maybe not the English voices LOL) but where the Liberals left off with EVs, the CAQ goes even further. They actually inform the people of Quebec on how EVs benefit our economy. Monies are given to local businesses, homes, to establish an infrastructure. The CAQ government is working with Hydro-Quebec to not raise its prices, to give discounts to those who actually charge their EVs at home...to also encourage people to not be wasteful of electricity and so forth. Subsidies for the purchase of EVs has also been prolonged, and the rebates increased all for the purpose to get more EVs on Quebec roads. For green purposes but for Quebec's economy also. The people of Quebec are starting to see the benefits of EV ownership versus ICE on multiple levels.... We have discussed these benefits ad nauseam @ Cheersandgears...no need for me to revisit this. The Model 3 is everywhere in Montreal. The Model S too. The Model X not so much... But...the Kia Kona EV is also a very popular EV in Montreal. Tons of hybrids. From the Fusion Hybrid to the Chevy Volt to the different Toyotas that have the Toyota Hybrid Drive. The Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Bolt were once dominant in Montreal, but since the Model 3 has arrived and now wait times are no longer an issue for the Model 3, the Leaf and Bolt are not as popular. The Model 3 is just steamrolling along. The Federal government is offering up to 5000 and the Quebec government is offering another 8000. That figure was for EVs costing less than 75 000. But now, as of April 1st 2020, that 8000 max is for EVs costing less than 60 000 MSRP. A Model 3, with an MSRP of less than 60 000 (which was the standard price) could be potentially had for 47 000... And now...I think the standard price for the Model 3 in Canada IS 47 000... Well...we know that Elon likes to overcharge for some stuff...OK...but with rebates like in Quebec and in Canada...the Quebec rebate pays for the AWD and the Canada rebate pays for the mundane shyte that Elon charges for but other OEMs gives us for free...(yeah...its not as if GM or Ford or Honda dont force you into higher trim packages for the mundane shyte you want but are stuck in upgrading trim packages just to get that mundae shyte but now are forced to have other mundane shyte you really dont care for...) https://vehiculeselectriques.gouv.qc.ca/english/rabais/ve-neuf/programme-rabais-vehicule-neuf.asp
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    Cops of course are the extreme. But not all fleets run that high; school buses average 12K but some are only 8K. Regardless, it has to be the north end of the extreme to idle away $10K of fuel.
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