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    This past week the gf and I went on our first real vacation together in the 6 years we've been together. We went to Vegas. I got to enjoy some Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears(talk about earning some brownie points!!). We also went to a Cirqu De Soule to Michael Jackson. That rocked, but I also love Michael's music, even if he was an odd character. Hey, the best artists of ALL TIME were all a little crazy, right!?! I burnt up some of those brownie points because we road-tripped to Phoenix Sunday for the NASCAR race. That was my first experience driving through mountains and it was awesome and beautiful. Here are some random pics from the week. This is just a random car but I saw it had a flat in our hotel parking lot and told somebody inside so they could hopefully find the driver before they needed to be somewhere and found out too late or started driving on it. We had a rental 2014 Jetta(not sure which engine after looking up 2014 Jettas I see a few different engine choices...) for Saturday and Sunday to drive to Phoenix. Who would have though the VW threw a random light?!? You know what fixed it? I immediately pulled over to visually check the tires, they all looked and felt full enough to limp to the next exit, check them all and none were below 35psi but the jabronis who last serviced the car set them at 40 and one was at 35 and one at 36 so I filled them to 40 and rolled on. Guess, what? Lights went off. Stupid VW. No clue why the traction/stability control light went on but it had. It too went off basically after turning the car off and turning it back on. Again, Stupid VW. Oh it was also due for an oil change prior to picking it up. But that's not VW's fault. Just a little humorous. Sweet pano-pic I took from our seats.
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    Well I was looking at GMC and then I was all ready for a Colorado ZR2. Well I tried to order the Chevy and ran into many hurdles. Most were incompetent dealers with no clue, some were greedy dealers and then you had the honest dealers who already ordered in a color I did not want. i got tied of the lies at one and the incompetence at the others and started looking at GMC again. in a way Idid benefit by the grief. I changed from the extended cab to the crew. Then I went to look at the SLT package and found what may have been one of the few discounted Denali truck around and in Red as I wanted. i went to drive the Denali and it was much the same but still different than the others I drove. So far I have found the ride is a little better. The road noise more quiet and the interior just a little nicer. For the most the Denali package is not a bargain as they just give some chrome for a decent mark up. In my case they marked mine down and I got it for $4k less than sticker and about the same price as the SLT with similar options less the Denali only options. There are no incentives so a deal on the mid size trucks are rare and near impossible on the crew short beds. Long beds rot on the lot and tend to be the ones to get a GM program tag. I love the truck and really only have wanted for more bolster on the seats. The new V6 is much improved in refinement along with the 8 speed. i had considered the full size as it was close in price with massive discounts but I really did not want the larger truck. i will get some photos but what I bought was a Quartz Red tintcoat crew cab 4 wheel drive Denali.it only had one added option in the trailer package as the rest was standard. it has the Denali only options like heated wheel, vented seats and 20" wheels. Oh yes more chrome and leather. the GMC also has a little nicer interior is in most versions with padded dash and armrest with leather and some kind of fake wood. I told my wife this is like an ATS Awd with a bed. I have been shopping trucks here in Ohio and San Diego for a family member. Here in Ohio most dealers have a couple trucks but in San Deigo they have 25 or more. 80% are white for some reason? So far I feel I have made the right choice. I rejected the last gen Canyon as they were so cheap. I tried to like them but just could not buy one to replace my beloved Sonoma ZQ8. the new Canyon Denali is light years over any if my past trucks. i like how over time GMC is becoming more and more different. The Denali has transformed GMC's image since it arrived 20 years ago. GMC now make more money than any non luxury division. If they were put on the Fortune 500 list they would list at 150. I expect GM will continue their advance and it us the same Formula Cadillac needs to follow in building a new image.
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    I think it's absolutely hilarious when people prop up government regulations and try to tout "savings" or "reduced cost" in the same breath. That. Is. Delusional. Civilization prospered LONG before government got involved. There's a reason you can't buy a halfway decent compact car for under $20k. It's because of two things: over-complicated powertrains and over-engineered safety standards. Both R&D and the technology cost are passed on to the consumer. Where does a struggling lower/middle class family recoup $5,000 in airbags and fuel economy technology? The 2-3 mpg they *supposedly* gained? Not if they end up spending money out of pocket maintaining the turbocharged GDI engine or 7-10 speed transmission. "But they can buy used," you say. Then how the hell do car manufacturers stay afloat when sales plummet because their new car prices are mandated into the stratosphere with regulations? There's a solution! Get the government out of the equation as much as possible. Manufacturers will compete in a way that advances fuel economy/safety AND maintains or lowers cost. That's how the free market has worked for centuries of technological advancement without authoritarian, massive government. Environmental impact is a strawman argument when you realize the cost vs reward.
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    They don't "need" to be in every segment, that's a fallacy. It's about defining the brand, not buttering toast. For example- where's the $30K Porsche (could use the VW 2.0T)? Answer- though it would sell in potential huge numbers, that's not where Porsche had decided to go. They are a lower volume brand that has defined themselves. A Spark-based Cadillac CUV?? Dear God- who's asking? 'Because they can' is not a marketing principal (see above). And Cadillac is not a mass market brand- hopefully those calling the shots going forward know that. One of the things within that should be a definition of size range. A car below the ATS in size would be an utter disaster, the least of reasons being it would primarily split that Cadillac segment (ATS/subATS) further.
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    As long as we eliminate the subsidies for ethanol and electric cars, I'm all for it.
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    RE : "Projected Sales of EV's moving Forward"… As EV sales are too low to even chart a trend, I wonder what objective information they used to 'predict' a rise to 30% of the market?
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    And while ocnblu wants to poopoo the Trump stance, he should understand that this whole deal reeks of cronimism and corporate back scratching (on top of the hypocrisy), courtesy of having a man in charge of the EPA who was in the middle of suing said department prior to his appointment and having an OIL TYCOON as our Secretary of State to help broker these new deals. If you don't see the obvious problem there, then there is no helping you.
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    The key thing about the avalanche was it's versatility. It is a full 2ft shorter than any crew-cab pickup with an 8ft bed. That means it can fit in places those bigger trucks can't, but still has all the utility of them. The only thing it couldn't be was a crew-cab with an 8ft bed both at the same time. But how often is that really needed if you're not a contractor? No, GM done messed up when they cancelled that truck. They still have crazy good resale and they haven't been in production for 4 years now.
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    I was going through old pictures today and found this one of GM's new 9-speed fwd auto.... With my cocktail for size comparison. Look how small it is.
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    Yes Stew.. I have to agree with Smk and Hyper on this one. FCA is for all intents a 3 Trick Pony.. in that they have Jeep. But then they have Ram.. and LX cars NOT being updated in order to pay the bills. Look at the fact that FCA's profits are very weak considering the last two points made. One good update to Ram and profit SAP is on the way. One good spike in Fuel costs and BOOM.. their reliance on the SRT "We Build Excitement" (lol) goes away. Jeep is really the only thing that I could see GM really wanting.. Maserati would probably be desirable to Ford. Ferrari is gone on its own. Alfa is really nothing to write home about. Chrysler is pretty much a minivan. They have no.. and I mean no small cars in the mainstream brand (Dodge). They have no.. and I mean no mid-size in the mainstream brand. Pretty much FCA in the U.S. is Charger cop cars, Challenger, Ram, and Jeep... oh and a minivan. Personally I see no reason for Mary to even consider it once those facts are presented. Does GM need SRT?? Hell no. The Camaro alone does everything that the performance cars at Dodge do better. They have the capability, and frankly the necessity for scale to build an Omega or Alpha-L Impala that could put the Charger on the flatbed. Does GM need Ram??? Hell no. Come on. Does GM need Jeep??? Not even. GMC could easily take on Jeep I think if they wanted to.
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    So I finally just got to take a new turbo 911 991.2 out!! Car was a loaded out C4S Targa with PDK and all the sport options. Wow, what a car. The PDK definitely suits this car better than the earlier NA 991.1, imo. And rest assured, nothing has been lost in the switch to turbo power. There's no lag to speak of. It's so linear and pulls so hard to redline, it feels like an N/A car. The only giveaways are the sound of the turbos spooling and the fact that this thing inhales 20 mph jumps at a pace the earlier .1 cars could only dream of. And the exhaust still sounds fantastic. Muffled ever so slightly by the turbos and slightly lower in pitch and frenzy, it's still all 911. I'd be lying if I said the extra weight and lower stiffness of the Targa negatively impacted the driving experience. Certainly not with having a go in a Coupe right before or after. The AWD is noticeable, however. In a good way. Although the standard RWD car hooks up well (in .1 guise, anyway), the extra driven wheels really instill a new layer of confidence, much welcome with that healthy power bump. Turn-in feels the same, the handling demeanor feels the same, it just gives you a greater sense of indestructibility. And now for the somewhat bad. The car I drove was a 155K. For a non 'Turbo', non- GT 911. That's a big pill to swallow. I went and built the AMG GT S I drove out, and it came in at.......155K. The AMG feels like a far more special car. It's faster, more unique, sounds better, has a nicer interior, and just generally more enjoyable to drive. In short, there's no way I'd pay 150K for this particular 911. I think the problem with the 911 is that makes it so good- the steering, the handling, the grip, the unique driving feel, the heritage, and how they all work together to meld into such a cohesive and usable package- can be had in a base model 7MT non-S Carrera. In fact, I built out a nicely equipped 7MT C2 and easily stayed a near sport sedan MSRP away in price- under 110K. To spend half a 100 grand more for essentially the same car doesn't make sense to me. I'd skip right past it and go to a GT3 or R8, even. The question you're probably wondering is, is it better than the 991.1? Eh, I'm not sure. It's faster, it's more flexible. I don't know that I enjoyed driving it any more. I'm not sure I enjoyed it any more than taking a 996 C2 out a few days and flogging it. I still think the modern 911 to get is a 6MT 997 S Coupe, .1 or .2 either one. So, yeah. There it is. Awesome car, too much money, imo.
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    I think that is the point. The smaller CUV market normally skews to women. The Terrain on the other hand still looks more masculine.. at least to me. AND there may be a huge set-up for Chevy trying to get ready for a Trailblazer (based on Colorado7) launch
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    While I do find it BS Ford told them to "fix it themselves" I also find it ridiculous that owners would buy a car w/o the "Track Package" and track it and then be surprised when it isn't cooled as well..which the Track Package was designed for. If you're going to track your car... you buy the extra cooling. I feel like that's incredibly obvious for somebody who tracks a car.
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    Up, the GC ST8, upcoming Durango SRT, GC Trackhawk, the Mercedes AMG, Porsche, and BMW M badged SUVs would simply tear a trailblazer SS apart in every performance measure. Hell, the 1st gen GC SRT8 that was sold alongside the TB SS was a better performer...... Anyways, this makes total sense. CUV/SUVs are the current trend and they would probably sell every one they could build.
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    I have been saying for a couple years that Cadillac needs performance crossovers. This market is about to be the next one to explode , because he is right in people want performance, people like aggressive and sporty looking vehicles. People bought Camaros, Mustangs, M3's, SS Chevy's and all that stuff in the 90s and 2000s. There were Regal GS, Grand Prix GTP, Taurus SHO, etc. They were making performance oriented family sedans. Now everyone wants crossovers, but I think they'll still want performance variants once they are offered. Just because buyers abandoned coupes and are now abandoning sedans, doesn't mean they don't still like power. Where this guys is delusional is in saying there aren't any credible performance crossovers, because the Tesla Model X does 0-60 faster than a Ford GT. Porsche has the Macan and Cayenne as mentioned above, BMW the X5, Jaguar the F-pace with 380 hp and soon to be 500 hp, Alfa Romeo has a 505 hp SUV, and AMG has like 5 or 6. He needs to get out a bit more and look at what is going on in the market. If he'd like to clarify and say none of the EcoSport, Escape or Edge competitors have performance variants, then I am all for that.
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    outlander sport is a decent product. it's a great Trax alternative. But it does need an update too. The Outlander was a huge punt. it's cheap and has a ton of space, but its quite the dud from an engine and styling perspective. It's judged as a tweener i think. If it gets upsized it will be to their benefit in a big way. I think the new Eclipse cross looks decent. But i cut mits more slack than most. The Mirage sells to those who can't buy anything else. The lancer is now dead and in reality the Outlander Sport takes over the compact car space in the market. It's cheap and just happens to be a crossover.
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    Seriously, what are the odds I heard this song on the ride home?!
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    Here's another lineup I wouldn't mind.
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    I would have no problem with the Citroen DS lineup coming to the US. Edit: In that video when the narrator pauses and says "The New Generation" my mind immediately finished the sentence with "Of Olds!"
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    You are probably right, but I wish manufacturers would actually take chances on things like this.
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    Seriously? I know you're telling the truth? Umm, no. In fact, I think it is the opposite, hence my stance on Alfa and Fiat. You keep talking about "first year" problems but also give the "it's and old platform" stance for the 500. Which is it? Is it going to be the "truth" or the one that best suits your argument? Fact is that talking about 'X" friend having problems with "X" car means squat without proof. Meanwhile, we now have multiple publications with written and documented proof of the problems with the Giulia. Now, which one am I to believe? The friend that I don't know or the written proof of several national publications? Seems pretty easy to me but lets hear more about this denial. And your last sentence proves the issue with arguing with you about this. Even if they turn out to be bottom of the barrel in reliability (where they currently reside btw), you will never see it that way so your argument goes both ways. Of course not. I wouldn't want the bread to fall apart for no good reason lol!
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    Back to your corners guys.... @surreal1272 we won't put any Alfa Romeo on your sandwich okay? You don't have to have any.
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    Why limit myself just to one sex is what I say. I knew at a very young age though that I am a boy that loves the female body. Sometimes the female brain confuses the crap outta me, but I take a look at those booby and hippy curves and I tune out hers and my brain and I see and feel joy! Sadly though, boys just dont have that same effect on me. Boys are great to talk to, about sports and cars. Play sports together...I like that. But boys lack the booby and hippy curves I crave. And although the female brain confuses me sometimes, I find comfort in it. Weird how that works...how we are all wired the same way, but different! (In a good way is what I wanna mean it by) A SHOUT OUT TO THE DUDE THAT YOU BANNED TRYING TO MEDDLE WITH YOUR PRIVATE SEX LIFE!!! ITS YOUR BUSINESS DREW! PHOQUE HIM!!! Traffic. Yes traffic. Id probably like that self driving feature too, but not yet. Not now when the tech aint exactly....um, 100% self driving and idiot proof..
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    Apples and oranges, though...those MB models are models within the same brand--you would expect a lot of parts commonality; while with GM you are talking about models across 3 distinct brands (or divisions as GM called them when they had a bunch more). Platform and component sharing at GM and other multi-brand companies is nothing new, VW does it across it's many brands, Ford does it, etc. Today's Escalade is much more distinctly separated inside and out from the Chevy/GMC models than it was it's first two generations, when it used the same dash, etc.
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    To be honest your comment is your opinion as stated as such. The CTS not exciting U is irrelevant as to whether it is a world beater in reality. As pointed out.. the CTS is still considered to be quite lite in weight versus the competition. So where is that fat? Are U comparing it to the new lesson learned in its new sister platform OMEGA? Truly.. is it in your head that for some reason when the next gen CTS(CT5) arrives Cadillac will have neglected to use those lessons in lightening the load? A CT6 currently weighs less than the CTS.. why wouldn't the next gen CTS be lighter since it is smaller??? Of course I'm talking about future iterations that are a year away.. while U are talking as if the CTS is for some reason no longer a competitive ride within its class. Its still considered the best handling in the class.. best braking by all accounts... one of the quickest around a road course... and looks??? While certainly subjective I continue to get praise as well as admiration for picking " such a beautiful car..." versus the ho-hum of the 5series, M5 or otherwise.. or blandness of the Jellybean that is the A6.. or the mainstream mimic GS.. a car that I have to focus on hard with my Lasik corrected eyes just to discern whether it be an Accord.. Mazda6.. "what the fuck is that... " My words.. just the other day. In fact the XF is the only car in the class that comes off as unique.. and it is about a decade old at this point..despite the supposed change... having competed with the SECOND GEN CTS. I kno.. because I compared the XFR before I bought my first '09 CTSV Sedan Pearl. Prestige. I am here to tell U that the trails of slobber that glisten from Valet stand to my door when I pull up in my CTS are quite evident.. the friends who might follow in their run of the mill.. dime a dozen German Midsize seem to get no more props than someone pulling up in a damn Camry. Sorry.. but in truth.. as weird as it may sound.. A CTS is now damn near an exotic compared to the 5series BMW. If for no other reason than over-saturation of the market.. (which is good for BMW's sales but bad for resale and prestige) and Cadillac's lack of proper marketing.. Altho I will admit that the current CTS-V commercial that is being run is pretty fantastic
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    When you see BMW, Audi and MB everywhere especially a ton of the 3 class and C class and A3 and cheaper models compared to my Escalade. I stay I have plenty of status. I take my Escalade ESV Platinum edition any day over those other companies.
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    I really thought that the politics were to stay in that forum. While I understand overlap in auto's and government this thread is rife with it. Let's think of a balanced approach to our thoughts maybe in the model of riviera74 I understand his politics and I see some points that I can agree with instead of just muck raking. I've been around for quite a while seen em come and go miss quite a few but never those flamers. I often wonder how many left so as not to get worked up instead of reading auto news and learning from your friends, and most here I have grown to think of as a friend. I miss the soapbox and 2 cent emojis, too lazy to go to the puter. ;-)
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    @ocnblu How about rather than being a negative number troll, if you are gonna give a guy a negative down vote for what they post also post a counter argument for why you disagree. If not then you are doing what many here do not like and that is trolling just to troll. I know you are better than that Mr. Blu and I look forward to your counterpoint to my post.
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    So we are moving the bar from not being able to criticize a preproduction model to not being able to criticize an early production model?
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    I liked the steering, the seats, and the engine. I didn't like the navigation system, the paddle shifters were a little big and the obvious: the "Alfa-itus" of the sunroof not working.
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    I'm baccccck!!! (Okay not really but, yes lurking all the same time and again). So, I've been going at a slower pace, job, other things, but. I made it to my first finish line. I am at or below 15% body fat now. I am now 157 lbs, and I am as strong as I have ever been. My most recent mission now is to work towards the beloved ONE ARM push-up. One arm chin. Pistol squat! Okay, I am nowhere near where I need to be, but I am slowly but surely building to those. Also, again, cars are of almost no interest to me right now. Don't worry, I still wanna lick some Cadillac CT6's, Lincoln Conti's, mmmmmmm so tasty the Chevy Impala with the LTZ wheels and that blue paint. Yummy. Yup, so back to work!
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    You're picking one or two things here and there from Ford and GM while every Alfa ever has had problem after problem. THAT is the difference you're not grasping. Yes, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Benz, Audi, and Nissan all have had issues on vehicles but the difference is you're picking just one or two vehicles per brand while over at Alfa you could list every car in their stable. Nobody is magically excusing Jaguar and Land Rover and we all continue to assume they have sh!t reliability even though who actually knows about their 2017 models, right?
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    and safer, and more efficient, and quieter, and more powerful, and cleaner, and more reliable
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    Moltie, I believe you & ocnblu are only 5 yrs apart in age.
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    Keep it and send me all the freezing snow producing weather. Ski season has been awesome!
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    Still has the same problem it had before. The 2.0/CVT combo is a complete dog that makes even a Renegade seem like a top fuel dragster.......
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    If I paint it Deere Green, will you come help work on it? You can pretend its a tractor.
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    Nothing New Here, FCA is dying and I doubt will come up with the cash to bring out new models as they waste billions on their stupid Italian brands.
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    That space, up near the roof (because the base of the C-pillar is in the exact same spot) is basically useful for inflated balloons. 0.9 cubic feet with the seats up; there's no measurable/useful additional space. NO ONE will chose this over the sedan because of 0.9 CF more space- that's nuts.
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    What- 3 cubic feet? Who is loading anything in a Panamera?? EDIT: From R&T ~ "As you'd expect, the Sport Turismo is more practical than its sedan counterpart, though not by a significant margin. With the rear seats folded up, cargo capacity is 18.3 cubic feet to the sedan's 17.4, and 49 cubic feet with the seats folded down, versus the sedan's 46. NAILED IT!
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    Same thing though. If they produced 1000 less units the 100 that got marked down because they didn't sell never would have gotten marked down. (throwing out example numbers). Supply vs Demand. They over supplied the market OR they overpriced their supply OR any combination in between those two.
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    Is Rolls royce a "half a luxury brand"? Is Ferrari or Lamborghini "half a sports car brand" for not having luxury models? Sports cars can be fun- they sell a lot of posters for teenager's bedroom walls, but one doesn't mean the other 'has' to be there also. And an actual 'luxury sports car' is relative new in the grand timeline of things. Personally I would MUCH prefer a 'production concept' Cadillac than a 'sports car' people hardly buy any of.
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    Boosting means nothing at the finish line. That is why Chryslers Hell Cat is not as fast as it should be as the engine just can not put it to the ground. It is a one dimensional car where GM and even Ford are now doing a comprehensive package that goes, stops and turns with the best of them. It is like GM's approach to suspension tuning. They have mastered the less is more approach. In the past a F41 package was bigger bars, stiffer springs and bigger tires. Today it is more about better shocks, matched sway bars and less spring. Today the cars are much better in all conditions and are so much easier to drive fast in all conditions not just on the proving grounds black lake. Same thing in doing lap times. You can over drive a car and in these cases you slow down to go faster. While big numbers and Smokey burn outs may be cool to make it in a global market you need a well sorted and proper package that does it all better. I work in the racing industry and we deal with some customers who just want more power and then we deal with real racers that want to make the car work as one. They are the ones who take the trophy home not the guy that is all motor and nothing else. The fastest cars are always the ones that put the power to the ground not the biggest HP number. Just look at the lap times of a V6 Camaro compared to a Hell Cat. Also just look at the 1LE ZL1 to the stock ZL1. 3 seconds a lap better with the same HP. I expect the C8 to get AWD at some point. The present Front engine that would have been very difficult to do. Just look at what they had to do for the Callaway to get the two turbochargers and intercoolers in.
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    This. I didn't have an Eclipse, but had 2 91 and 1 92 Talon TSi AWD and using that name here is a disgrace
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    Yeah, that's crazy overpriced. Hmm, do I want to pay 34K for an underpowered little 4 banger crossover, or would I spend a few grand more and get a REAL SUV- Wrangler/4Runner- that will embarrass this thing off road, has more room, more power, and about 3,000x better resale value, lol. What a joke. Swing and a miss.
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    Every month it blows my mind seeing MKT sales.. Who in their right mind buys that thing?!?!