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    This is a terrible idea..... but if they can't make a profit on 500,000 Fusions a year globally, maybe they deserve what seems to be coming to them. On a related note, I'm even more convinced than ever that we're heading for a recession soon. Maybe this is Ford's hedge against that like they pulled off last time to avoid bankruptcy.
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    Happy New Year to Blu, Olds, Drew, Balth, etc. Happy New Year to you all, Make 2018 an awesome year!
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    '66-67 Charger rear configurable seating ~
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    Wowza. They've given up, admitting defeat in cars against the Asian brands.
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    When did Michelin stop being French?
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    My folks had Dobermans, German Shepherds and Miniature Schnauzers when I was a kid. Grew up with dogs, but it wasn't until I moved to Az a decade ago and hanging out w my sister that I got into adoptions, volunteering w a local rescue and small terriers. I love terriers, esp Westies, Aussies and Yorkies. Small dogs with huge personalities. My public persona may be a bad azz MOFO software engineer, but I'm a big softie when it comes to terriers...
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    Ford made $8.4B in profit last year; Lincoln could sell 1000/mnth and FoMoCo would be just fine. Only American brands are held to this unyielding white hot spotlight on 'volume'. Put another way; guess how many cars Lincoln sold the first year of their iconic, oft-emulated, suicide-doored styling tour de'force (1961) : 25,164 units.
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    Can I give a 'Jeer' to the whole 'upvote/downvote' universe? Or would that be a defacto downvote?
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    Mecum auction, 2016. Bid to $325,000 but failed to hit reserve. 1 of 16 '62 Pontiac Grand Prix Super Duty 421 factory race cars.
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    2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring L Plus And I am super excited about it. It almost makes me sad that it is my wife's vehicle. For the life of me I have no idea why these things have such a bad reputation amongst the general public. They do everything a CUV does but better, with the possible exception of towing and that even depends on which CUV you are comparing it to. I personally think this thing is kick ass. I just wish GM would rejoin the market and make a stylish minivan. A Buick minivan would be good. Maybe make a little more stylish version of the GL8 they sell in China?
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    These are classics that are so well baked at this point...you can't go wrong. Lack of any options aside, the 2017 Challenger R/T (literally zero options, and cloth with no backup camera...but burbling Hemi) was incredible for the 5000 miles I put on it as a rental for work. Best part, quiet, smoothness, and refinement heft aside, was with the ZF 8-speed, multiple times I got 28-29mpg cruising, with an all time best 29.6 mpg from western PA back to Philly on a Sunday. Yet since, I've driven smaller cars, cars with no power, etc. and struggled to get more than 22-23 highway. Had a V6 2017 Charger SXT rental for a week too, with far nicer technology inside, and even though the 3.6L is no barn stormer, with he 8-speed it's silent and strong. These cars just keep going and going and going... Which makes you wonder...
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    Well, toyota is probably a poor decision based on all their quality/engineering issues, but you're free to buy what you want. I got my Buick when I was 23, but it was only coincidence it was the same year my father got his first Buick, as his was an '89 and mine was a '59. I'd liked the B-59 for years beforehand. However, I will say I very likely came to Pontiac thru my family: grandfather: '55, '57, '63, '66, '69, '72, '76, father: took his father's '63, then '70, '77. After all of that, me: '64, '64, '64, '65, '65, '66, '65, '60... but you can see by the above I'm in for the specific car, not the brand per say, otherwise I would've had '80s & '90s Pontiacs (no thanks).
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    Where is Mercedes' super cruise? What's the matter? Are they too cheap? Where is their plug-in with 40 miles ev range? Still too cheap? Why do Mercede's power trains consistently lag Cadillac's in output for a given configuration? Why does it take a V8 from Benz to exceed a Turbo 6 from Cadillac? Why can't Benz build a Turbo 6 to beat Cadillac without throwing electric motors on it to help out? Too cheap? Why can't Benz build a suspension that has faster reaction time than Cadillac? I guess they're just too cheap Or you're just a troll.
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    That is a really sharp little hatch. It's a shame Americans won't buy them.
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    Crazy to me that a global car that probably sells 400k a year won't be replaced with a near equivalent..
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    Thanks to Ocnblu for bringing this to my attention. Super Duty 455, 1000HP.
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    dfelt, immediately came to mind about Prius mudslide: 1) Is this Toyota's solution so we can hear Prius' approach in electric mode? 2) I didn't see that hybrid propulsion option when I bought my Prius!?!?! 3) I wonder if it actually has better road feel and feedback in a mudslide? 4) building on #2 - Prius now with degenerative hill propulsion and Regenerate braking.... 5) "Let's Go Places" Can we narrow this down a bit, and maybe set some limits? 6) Damn resale value on that Prius will still be higher than on a 1 yr old Nissan Leaf... 7) I still think express Lane privilege is unfair to hybrid drivers... Etc etc etc etc
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    No city is good for driving. For that area though, I can just point my hood ornament westward and be fine. I grew up about 40 minutes south of where I'm looking and I'm in the area often for work. I'm also not afraid to drive into NYC with my old girl... The Prius taxis are scared of me.
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    The problem is when people take it so personally. Down vote me all you like... I'll still sleep just as poorly as I always do.
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    BULLSHYTE!!! That there... is admittance of taking a defensive side... BTW. Your social justice warrior shyte gets old. Bobo mentioned HIS views on how he feels about the President of the United States of America on on how the year ended up being with him being in charge. YOU or even Drew cant stop freedom of expression. And even though this site tries hard to avoid the political stuff, its bound to phoquing happen from time to time. Politics is a part of life. It has always been and it will forever continue to be. Grow up dude. Grow a set of ballz. I too...will make sure injustices like this wont go unanswered...and ultimately its Drew that decides whose voice gets heard... What kind of injustices? Hearing your whiny shyte time and time again when something is against YOUR own system... The downvotes. Your social justice warrior rants of how one should express one's feelings especially when they dont match your own... Have you forgotten how YOU casually made fun of me with Trudeau a while back? Now Im sure I will get some sort of warning or even a temp ban for politics or trolling or talking about a poster rather than automobiles, but JESUS CHRIST!!! We are all adults in here. We are all mostly above 35 years old. Most of us are even over 40. Closer to 50 with some of us at 50. A little jab on the President and your mind is phoquing blown???!!! Funny, you mentioned Trudeau to me on a slightly less than flattering way making fun of me yet pushing YOUR political view on me and I didnt lose my mind... OK Drew....Im ready to not post for a week. Do your worst on me.
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