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    I rarely post non-manufacturer "concept" art... but this was just dead sexy. Cadillac could totally pull this off and make a coupe with actual distinction over something like the CLS or 6-series jellybeans.
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    This is a terrible idea..... but if they can't make a profit on 500,000 Fusions a year globally, maybe they deserve what seems to be coming to them. On a related note, I'm even more convinced than ever that we're heading for a recession soon. Maybe this is Ford's hedge against that like they pulled off last time to avoid bankruptcy.
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    Quite frankly I’ve seen some bonehead moves in the auto industry over the last 35 years.. but this one might just take the cake. I’m not gonna speak on crazy comebacks that didn’t get enough attention and they crashed and burned like the Oldsmobile debacle.. and how GM was gonna rename the company Aurora.. put out class leading cars like the Aurora, Intrigue and Alero.. then killed the division. We won’t talk about the super cool Trofeo Toronada.. or the bend to tree-huggers with killing Hummer instead of simply merging it with GMC. Naaaah.. I’m not gonna bring up the fact that they killed the unanimously voted best sports sedan Chevy SS.. but instead of saying “hey We have this great new platform for mid and fullsize vehicle in Alpha and Omega.. we could merge the almost as great Impala with this vehicle.. give it AWD options and engines from 4-8 cyclinders and absolutely STAB the market.” Hell they could have even went the opposite way and simply given the Impala all the options of the XTS from start, and detuned the engine for argument sake. I won’t even whisper about the fact that they had all of us luxury shoppers wishing and waiting for a full size RWD/AWD Cadillac that absolutely made us proud.. gave us one.. then turned around and gave it a super V8 engine as we had begged them for.. and hen they killed it!!! OH Wait.. That’s exactly what I’m gonna talk about. This morning I took my 2016 CTS-V to the dealership for a simple Recall procedure. No parts were exchanged, just a reprogram I’m told. The recall was for the steering module. All in all I dropped it off at 9am and they called me at 12p to let me know that it was complete. Of course I wasn’t able, nor willing to go back there to pick up my beautiful Rose. I had meeting all day, not to mention they loaned me a pristine, well equipped Black Raven 2018 CT6 Premium Luxury with Super-Cruise and a 3.6L V6. The Drive: I have driven the CT6 before, but not once had I ever driven a 3.6L for anything other than a quick test drive. The engine I’m most familiar with is the 3.0lTT, which was not on the menu today. I do have to say that if I were in charge of Cadillac’s engine choices, the 3.6L would not be in any of their cars. I say this for superficial reasons only. As a way of differentiation... I believe that Cadillac should only have forced induction offering. What that means is that in a CT6, a car coming in with a 122.4 inch Wheelbase, 204 inches long and curb weight varying from 3700-4400lbs, a 3.0LTTV6 (404HP) would be the base, and the upcoming two iterations of the 4.2L TTV8 would be its mid (500HP) and top (550HP) engine choices. All that being said.. the 3.6L actually moves this vehicle around quite well with a mere 335HP. I mean really well. That’s coming from a guy who dropped off a 650HP mid-sizer before hopping in this humongous automobile. And speaking of which. Driving the CT6 even with just 335HP, and all that length, I never felt as though I were driving a big car. Take a drive in an LS460, S-Class, 7series, or fat ass Audi A8.. U actually feel like U are driving a big car. No the case with the CT6. I almost felt like I was still maneuvering my CTS, a car that is almost 8 inches shorter. Super-Cruise: Wow. Check out my video. This is something else. I will say that GM lawyers were definitely consulted on this, but even with their certain input, the tech really works.
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    honestly, RWD platform, 400hp v6, nice styling inside and out, this is an unexpected big win for Lincoln and Ford. And it will fund the next cop car/SUV chassis. My op of Ford is down the last few years but they did good with this one. May make the Cadillac XT67 look like crap possibly if it is lacking 400hp or a good dynamic chassis or LAVISH interior.
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    It is indeed a 5MT 2.5 Golf. Little thing is damn fun in its own right, too!
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    Not allowed to bring phones into the meeting. I LOVE the name btw! A double jibs up from me to Lincoln for that. It fits perfectly in the rest of the Lincoln SUV lineup. It sounds distinguished. Leagues better (see what I did there?) than GLx### or Q/QX or X/XT at the other brands.
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    '66-67 Charger rear configurable seating ~
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    Now I just need to sell a 2015 200S. If anyone knows someone who is interested, let me know! I picked up a 2018 Cadillac CTS Luxury 2.0T a couple of days ago. Here are my initial impressions: The suspension is not as stiff as I have heard other people say. It absorbs the bumps pretty well with no real harsh impacts but it does squirm around quite a bit on the heavily potholed Michigan roads The 2.0T is a bit unrefined but has plenty of power for the application The stop/start occasionally causes the car to shudder on the stop and almost always causes a shudder on the start. It is pretty quite though. Kind of the opposite of the stop/start on our Pacifica. On the Pacifica it is smooth but loud. The 2018 version of CUE is vastly improved over the version I drove a few years ago. It oddly enough is still slow on the Radio station changes using the steering wheel buttons, though. I've only had it for a couple of days and I still haven't explored all the features yet. I'll post more comments as I get more familiar with the car. If you guys have any questions, let me know!
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    Hey, check out this photo I just found of the front of the base model.
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    If I try my damnedest to be fair, the Chevy Impala went out of production in 1985, returned for 1994-1996, left, only to reappear again in 2004. It is a real shame about the latest model though, as it is a real beauty... even convincing the (guilty as sin of hating on domestics) "Consumer Reports" magazine to name it as best in class.
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    There is a guy over at GMAuthority who says Cadillac just lost him as a customer because they are going to stop making a big Cadillac. He owns a 2010.. I said 2010.. a 9 year old Cadillac and he says this.. THIS IS HOW IDIOTIC PEOPLE ARE. I responded with: My name over there is MiatsoCi No offense.. but GM/Cadillac built 2 large sedans for U.. for the last 3(2016-2019 CT6) and 6(2013-2019 XTS) years. Both have won gobs of praise. One is literally a superior version of your DTS, while one is a direct competitor to the S550 (3.0LPlatinum CT6) and U still haven’t bought.. maybe.. they just tired of waiting. BTW.. there are still new XTSs and CT6s on the showroom floor til the end of 2019… a year that hasn’t even happened yet. My name is Cmicasa the GreatXvX.. and I approve this message LOL
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    Speaking of appliances, I really like my new GE washer and dryer. Was an early Xmas present a couple weeks ago.
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    I disagree. The problem with the Electric Car -- apart from the inconvenience from the inability to be recharged in a the few minutes it takes to refuel a conventionally power car -- is that the cost of the battery (about $12,000 for a 60kWh Li-Ion pack) -- exceeds the fuel cost of an equivalent gasoline powered car over 125,000 miles or the lifetime of the battery. This is not counting the cost of electricity it costs to recharge the battery pack. That is why electric cars need subsidies to attract normal buyers who are not worshipers of the Global Warming fraud.. The Golden Age of Industrialization is over in the USA because -- over the last seven decades -- we allowed foreign produced goods (including cars) to be imported into the USA will minimal or no tariffs, even from countries which charge significant tariffs for our exports -- China has a 25% tariff on cars, EU has 10%, whereas the USA has tariffs at 0~2.5%. This is not called Free Trade. It is called Stupid Trade. It's called an unequal treaty. This is the kind of agreement which countries sign when enemy tanks are on the capitol lawn! Except of course our politicians galdly sign it because the were never negotiating in the best interest of the American people or the USA nation. They were acting in the best interest of multinational corporations which cannot careless about the rise and fall of nations as long as they get to make their profits somewhere in the world. This is not to mention the fact that Free Trade itself is suicide and fundamentally incompatible with social policies like a minimum wage, safety nets, environmental standards and labor laws. You can have a high living standards for your workers or you can have Free Trade. You cannot have both! Else, all the $h! hole countries will build everything, you will buy everything, the outflow of wealth from your country will continue until you are poor and they are rich. It's not rocket science.
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    I knew this will make @dfelt to orgasm Very cool concept
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    Cadillac has owned the vertical lighting signature when everything else has horizontals (here; mostly talking about taillights), it would be another unique design distinction to re-intro a markedly 'formal' roofline.
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    Wowza. They've given up, admitting defeat in cars against the Asian brands.
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    When did Michelin stop being French?
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    My folks had Dobermans, German Shepherds and Miniature Schnauzers when I was a kid. Grew up with dogs, but it wasn't until I moved to Az a decade ago and hanging out w my sister that I got into adoptions, volunteering w a local rescue and small terriers. I love terriers, esp Westies, Aussies and Yorkies. Small dogs with huge personalities. My public persona may be a bad azz MOFO software engineer, but I'm a big softie when it comes to terriers...
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    Ford made $8.4B in profit last year; Lincoln could sell 1000/mnth and FoMoCo would be just fine. Only American brands are held to this unyielding white hot spotlight on 'volume'. Put another way; guess how many cars Lincoln sold the first year of their iconic, oft-emulated, suicide-doored styling tour de'force (1961) : 25,164 units.
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