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    Had to get something to replace the Malibu lease end
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    This past Saturday I went to my trusted Buick dealer and purchased a very gently used 2019 LaCrosse with about 4,000 miles. It's an Essence AWD in Red Quartz Metallic and an Ebony interior, with the Bose Centerpoint Surround, Blind Spot Monitoring, Navigation, Lane Keep Assist, Panoramic Sunroof, etc. The dealer held firm on their internet price but the price was honestly really good for an almost-new car. The car is stunning and after driving it, I was sold. It is a damn shame this car is gone from the US. Aside from having the carpeted mats, the dealer gave me ebony Buick all-weather mats. During the test drive I happened to comment I wish it had the sunshade because my early morning commute west, the sun is usually in my eyes from behind. To my surprise, the dealer installed one while they were detailing it and changing the oil. It was a nice treat. The Bose Centerpoint Surround before I experienced it, I thought was just a gimmick; a title/marque. I was completely wrong... when you turn on the Centerpoint Surround, the music shifts almost as though it's being played in the center of the car. Amazing how speakers can "throw" sound and give it such a different effect. For some reason, the "plood" in pictures always looked horrible in my opinion. In person it's a completely different story. I think it's very handsome. If I have to gripe, and it's about the start/stop and the wireless charging. Although the car is seamless to stop, it's noticeable when it starts. In fact, on occasion, there's a slight lurch forward as the engine restarts... not a fan, but I'll obviously cope. As for the wireless charging port, even with my case off, my phone doesn't fit. And although I can squeeze it in tightly, a display on the screen tells me through icons that only cell phones should be placed in there. If only it were a tiny bit bigger...
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    Been away for a while.. summer stuff.. figured I'd get out an live while the weather was warm. Decided to get back into riding bikes.. had given it up back in '05 after my then wife (now ex) had issue with me riding with two small children, one of which had just arrived a year earlier. This time.. decided to do it legal and get an actual license.. no more sport bikes tho.. went with Harley, a Softail Cruiser in June.. and by August wanted a sportier Harley to sit next to her.. a NightRod Special (VRod). Meet Browyn (Softail) and Ronda (NRS). The Softail is an '03 Softail Standard FXST with Rhinehart exhaust. The NRS has Vance and Hines 2-in-1 exhaust and commander tune. Two different looks of the Softail are because I just change my handlebars to Ape Hangers this Saturday. The 2016 NightRod I have been customizing myself as U can see The original look is the grey bike. NRS before I started customizing (Stock Form) Softail before Ape Hanger Handlebars (below). Windshield is detachable
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    Been a while since I've had a "toy" car. Decided to buy this 1988 Firebird Formula for my son and I to work on together. He is almost 13 and not at all mechanically inclined. Not so much because he can't be but because I am one of those picky people that would never let him help me because I wanted to make sure it was done right. It's a pretty clean and rust free all original driver but has more than enough flaws (starting with its anemic 305 V8) that I won't feel guilty doing an LS swap on it. I already sourced the engine and trans as well as a far amount of parts for the conversion but with COVID raging here in Michigan I would feel too guilty to order the rest of the parts I need to get the swap going so it is on hold for now. I don't have the time or equipment to do the engine swap so someone will be doing that for me. My son and I will fix up the interior, replace the little work and broken items and install all the suspension components, though. Should be a fun project once it gets going. I don't want to turn it into a race car. Just a fun, reliable street car. It will be a cam only LS1 with a small stall (2500 rpm) 4L60E. The goal will be something like a 375 RWHP car that will dip into the high 11's in the quarter. Perhaps more mods in future years but no plans to go faster than 11.5 as I already went the roll bar route with a different car and don't want to do that again.
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    Been a while fellas.. hope is well.. Just wanted pop in and post up my new ride. Sold my CTS-V and Impala and went larger I just took delivery of 2020 CT6V, bought, because I may just keep this one considering the BW's possible iconic status. But it occurred to me that it doesn't matter that its no longer in production when a replacement car.. powered by electric is on the way. This would have been no different than any other car that changed its name or platform the next generation. 2019 CTS buyers for instance.. being upset when the name was changed to Ct5.. and let me tell U.. the CT5 is a GORGEOUS car in person.. and there is nothing cheap or non-lux about it. They made the right move there.. altho a name change was not necessary. People forget that the CT6 was technically, for 2020.. 5 model years old. That's a normal life-cycle give or take. The only thing that makes anyone pause is the fact that there has been no replacement announced officially.. but GM went on record as saying that the brand was going EV.. if that truly is the case.. then the death of the CT6 model.. the model.. is no big deal as long as something from it is retained and learned.. because after now a 300 miles road trip.. (yup already) and back to NY.. I have to say they built a helluva car, with my only complaint remaining being the steering wheel hub not being leather like the Platinum. After experiencing this car... I have to say.. The CT6 is a waste. Omega is a waste. Blackwing is a waste. 3.0LTT is a waste. Basically to produce this car with any limits in production at all. The CT6 from V6 to V8 plus the Hybrid are exemplary cars.. and GM should be as proud of it as it is any Corvette.. and I am a lover of both. In the past I have driven and absolutely enjoyed the CT6 3.6L, CT6 3.0LTT, as well recently test driving the Platinum v8 and the VSeries (which I bought) and let me be another one to say.. Cadillac finally has.. had.. a car that could have reclaimed its top tier status. The Platinum in particular, and outside of the performance upgrades really is the true example of this. Right on down to the upgraded interior materials shown immediately with the steering wheel hub.. which is leather like in my departed CTS-V (or the Escalade and ELR) versus the standard rubber material all luxo manufacturers like to use these days for some reason. (My hope is that I can buy the hub (the middle of the steering wheel that covers the airbag) separately and switch it out. Of course the ability to get Super-Cruise in the Platinum is another example of its superior luxury over the VSeries.. but that is pretty much where their differences end in terms of luxifcation. The Performance.. More performance is why I went V instead of P. more HP.. more torque.. suspension settings that are more in line.. the ability to have a more visceral exhaust note… blacked out trim.. and more aggressive ground effects. I have to say that I really gave up nothing that I wanted going V except the aforementioned steering when hub. Inside I’m back in carbon-fiber as Rose had (my CTS-V)before.. the backseat amenities are a threat for passengers with pop-up screens and (2)USB or (1)HDMI posts allowing for USB stored movies or the ability to plug in a Roku or Firestick connected to the Wifi and watch their content from Netflix or Hulu.. or Prime etc. The new CUE is sensational.. fast.. intuitive, and the dual knobs on the front console due aid dramatically over the previous mouse pad in the older cars. Sounds from the 34 Speaker Panaray system are awesome.. USB 3.1 and USB-C come in two (2) in the center console and two (2) in the rear… (not including the additional two USB and HDMI ports specifically for the Screens. I haven’t tested if the two infotainment USBs will charge a phone, but the other four do.. along with wireless charging. All of that is even more perfect when putting the car in Touring mode.. when the interior becomes even more vault-like versus the Sport and Track exhaust notes, which as an enthusiasts.. are SWEET. I actually switched the note in the vehicle setting to have the SPORT exhaust sound even in Touring.. I love that sound so much. Needless to say that I could right another page’s worth of amenities that are included with this car. Still loving the rear view camera and the night-vision.. or all around cameras, for both safety and security.. Engine performance and handling of the car is absolutely FANTASTIC. Seriously I can’t stress that enough. How the hell did they create a car that hands down is 8 inches longer in length and wheelbase.. and 2 inches wider.. and 300lbs heavier yet still handles as well and ACTUALLY MORE CONFIDENT than my departed race bred ’16 CTS-V.. not to mention because of AWD.. is as fast. From C&D: Zero to 60 mph: 3.8 sec Zero to 100 mph: 9.1 sec Zero to 130 mph: 15.4 sec Rolling start 5–60 mph: 4.7 sec Top gear, 30–50 mph: 2.5 sec Top Gear, 50–70 mph: 2.9 sec Standing ¼-mile: 12.2 sec @ 116 mph Top speed (governor limited): 149 mph Braking, 70–0 mph: 155 ft Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.90 g Some of those results I know will improve as vehicle break-in happens. Fact is.. my only gripe is that they should have been an option even in the VSeries.. even if it meant the car would go over the $110K price threshold that GM seems so cautious to cross. Perhaps its the years of hearing from its own country that its not worth of that price and the Germans are that has led them to be so afraid to simply go for it.. cause they have not only the capability to match the Germans (as evidenced by this car..) but the capability to actually surpass them on all fronts. I cannot stress enough that this car, along with my CTS-V and the current Escalade (the upcoming one is gonna blow U away) truly truly already match the supposed craftsmanship of the Europeans. Americans, ironically, since I've seen both Europeans and Chinese say they have too, simply do not wish to admit it. Point blank the CT6 is as good as the S-Class, let alone the 7Series and A8, which after driving those two recently as well.. I say it is better than. Where they and the S-Class actually win.. is the simple fact that the Germans allow more options.. for more money to be added.. again.. for MORE MONEY Cadillac.. when the customer wants to spend it. Its as if I were selling widgets and my $100 widget A-T6 was a good as your $100 A-550 on all fronts, but U allowed your customers to pay U an additional $10 to add extra stuff to your widget, which would only cost U $1.. but I wouldn't allow my customers to pay me an additional $10 for stuff that, due to amortized costs because I also sell Buicks, Chevys, and GMCs (cause I'm tired of creating new names lol), only costs me $.75. Its INSANE As mentioned before( last week) The dealership mentioned to me that the press has it wrong and that the CT6 is not actually dead and will possibly return after a one year absence and have to for a limited time to accommodate the changeover.. which could be.. and the CT6 returns in 2022 as a new car altogether called the Escala or something.. going in-line with Cadillac saying they are going back to names. The OMEGA and BlackWING tech simply is too great to be a one-off. If they are.. it completely contradicts GM's supposed bean-counter ways… Either way.. I have one and it is spectacular.. while its still available.. and when its not.. I will still have had one:yup:. Performance and luxury wise, outside of my one gripe) Cadillac has everything to be proud of Here is my only issue.. The HUB
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    I defected back to the Germans this Christmas... got myself an Audi A8L 4.0T. The car sold new for 109. But at 4 years and 40K miles as a Certified Pre-Owned, it is $31.6K making it an exceptional value. This is in part due to the SUV craze and in part due to the fact that car enthusiasts are generally gravitate to the S-cars, the M-cars, the V-cars and the AMGs. This left the traditional flagship sedan with low demand and fantastically bad residual values (71% depreciation in 4 years). It is no S8 Plus for sure, but it is brisk enough.
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    I can only speak for me in this case. Doing the monthly (and the monthly/quarterly) numbers was an all-day affair as I would be pulling numbers right as they were being announced (or close to it) and posting them ASAP. It was a lot of work and I would feel quite drained. Since I have started the new job, I really don't have as much time to go do things like - hence why you see me sporadicly post a couple of news stories or the odd review during the week.
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    Well a few months back, I posted a photo of the actual Turkey Hill. My favorite rail trail lies at the base of it. The Susquehannock Indians enjoyed bountiful turkey hunting on that hill, hence the name. Goes back to William Penn's days. https://www.turkeyhill.com/about/turkey-hill-name Here's the Turkey Hill Overlook, and the magnificent Susquehanna River -
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    Happy Fourth of July, C&G folks ... wherever you may be ... And, last but not least, C&G's headquarters: Have a great holiday weekend!
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    This morning did a Garlic test Harvest. So decided to harvest tonight. Almost 200 garlic in the harvest. All laid out to dry in my little green house. Final thing was to harvest the Garlic Greens. Great at being frozen so you can use them year round for making Broth, in pasta, salads, soups, you name it including meat marinades. Cannot go wrong with Garlic, so easy to grow.
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    Leonard Nimroy on set of Star Trek with his 1964 Buick Riviera
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    Closed on the sale of my last rental property today. I'm officially no longer a landlord after 15 years of doing it. I'll get back in the business some day... but I need a rest and reset for now. The nice fat check in my bank account sure helps the cause.
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    In da Pennsyltucky woods...
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    If ANY image of a Native American is 'potentially offensive', one is effectively 'eradicating' any public presence by eliminating every symbol. As usual, the hysterical over-react and speak for others, making unilateral demands. The Redskins logo & name was designed with prominent input from Native Americans, who have polled as being largely in favor of it. Doesn't matter to the hysterical. I can see an argument for Aunt Jemima (I'm not in that camp), but once the Land O Lakes Native American woman was kidnapped off the packaging, I stopped trying to see other side's 'logic'. I type this wearing a vintage-harkening t-shirt which has the Indian Head logo & 'PONTIAC" on it. Ironically for some, guess under what president the choice 'negro' was first removed from the US Census? I actually agree with this (and Morgan Freeman) : stop talking about it. Focus is breeding division. How can you have 'equality' (whatever that's defined as) when every segment of society is getting labeled?
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    When is an F-350 not a Ford? When it's a GMC!
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    The old L03 305 is now out. Threw a cam and springs in the LS1 and it is now ready to go in. My torque converter finally arrived a couple of days ago after a 6 week wait. It will be interesting to see how long the trans and/or rear end last. My budget is already blown so no money for upgrades this year unless I can find a used 28 spline 3.42 rear out of a 1990-92 F-body.
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    The news came during dinner last Monday. My mother asked if I would be able to take any time off of work, and I said that I might be able to if the circumstances were considered important. She revealed that my grandfather, her dad passed away that afternoon. It wasn’t from COVID-19, but other complications that had put in him the hospital since early June. After dinner, I needed some time and space to begin processing the news. So I grabbed the keys to my car and went for a drive. The past few months have been difficult for all of us in varying degrees with COVID-19. Many places going on lockdown have caused massive disruptions to how we work, travel, and interact with the world. I have been hunkered down at home since mid-March when my employer announced our office would be closed for the time being, and we would be working from home. During the first month or so, I had put a moratorium on driving except for essential places such as the grocery store or pharmacy. Isolating to prevent catching and/or spreading the virus took priority over going for a drive. But after a month of just being in a house with family and doing the same things over and over, I was going stir crazy. I realized that I needed some space to not only prevent myself from losing it, but to give me some room to think about everything floating in my mind. Going for daily walks either by myself or with the dog helped a bit. But I still felt like I needed some more space, more time to myself. Back in 2015, I wrote an Afterthoughts column titled The Escape Machine. I talked about how the car for some of us was a way to escape the world for a time. You could go anywhere depending on how much fuel was in the tank and give the space needed to clear or process whatever was on the mind. I ended the piece with these two lines, That decision for me came in late April/early May. I would go for long drives, provided that I would wear a mask if I got out to go for a walk. Going for the first drive in over a month was a bit of revelation. Turing the steering wheel, pressing down on the accelerator and brake; and watching the world go past in blur made me realize how much I missed this. This seems like a trope, but you have a newfound appreciation for something you haven’t done in some time. This also gave me the space to begin piecing together various thoughts such as how do I keep myself from falling into the endless pit of despair, what can I do to keep myself from feeling bored, and do I dive back into automotive writing. I didn’t know how important this would become in the coming weeks as COVID-19 cases increased, the economy would come to a screeching halt; and the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing fallout. Whenever my mind would become overwhelmed or I just get too frustrated, I would hop into my vehicle and go somewhere. It didn’t matter where or how long, just as long as I had some space to think or to calm down, it would be enough. Back to last Monday night. As I drove, there was a lot I needed to process in terms of grief and wondering what would happen next: Would there be a funeral, what precautions should I take, will it be a long ceremony, and so on. I didn’t come up with any clear answers to these questions, but having that time to start putting things into perspective helped. It was on the way back that another thought popped into my head. At the moment, we’re all trying to find some sense of normal in a world that isn’t. For auto enthusiasts, that is to drive as it gives some sort of control. It may be a small thing, but they provide some much-needed comfort. Like many of us, I don’t what the rest of year holds if it continues to be a landfill fire or somehow begins to contain itself. But I do know that I’ll likely be taking more drives, whether that be my car or one that I’m reviewing. Having something that provides a sense of normal is welcomed.
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    As much as I dont mind EVs for our future and those EVs replacing ICE. As much as Im interested in buying an EV in the very near future, quite possibly my next vehicle purchase, I come across a youtube clip like the one below or I come across a 350 CI 1972 Stingray and I say: TO HELL WITH ELECTRIC MOTORS. I WANT A V8!!! The burble of that 472 (in the description it says its a 472) just makes me go crazy! I WANT!!! I wish I had Jay Leno money. Id buy a 1971 Fleetwood. Much like this one. Id do a complete restoration on it. The interior would be all Cadillac "standard of the world" levels of luxury and leathers and stuff. The mechanical stuff would all be restomodded and modern. Brakes and suspensions and steering all new technology from 2020. The engine. Id save this engine, and put her back in...OR...Id swap it for a modern LS or something. But Id try to replicate that burble. And...another project would come about. Id buy a 1996 Fleetwood Brougham. Complete restoration on her. Id keep the LT1 for another project. But Id do a REVERSE engine swap on this one. Instead of doing a modern (LS or Blackwing V8)engine swap in her, Id DEFINITELY try and find either a 472 or 500 Cadillac motor and dump her in there. I would want to hear that Cadillac Big Block burble coming from the last BOF Cadillac sedan.
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    Who nurses a drink for 24 hours??? Besides, one has plenty of opportunity when they're pulled over for a half hour every 150 miles to "stretch their legs, eat another sandwich, pee (and get more ice)" while their electric vehicle takes on more kilowatts.
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    Our local library in 1930 Modern times..
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    Finished up on Monday the latest edition to our garden, a 5 ft wide x 10 ft long x 2 1/2 ft tall vegetable garden bed. Organic and should serve a long life for us.
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    bad-ass individual!
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    Recent access ramp I built for a customer. They didn't ask me to paint it, tho perhaps that's in the near future, as reportedly it's a permanent structure.
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    Drew pokes his head in here again and a 561 page thread is going to disappear.
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    Martha Stewart still drives her MANUAL DB9 https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a31899306/martha-stewart-aston-martin/ Respect!
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    Hard Pass on "shared mobility". If I want shared mobility, I will get a bus pass or take a train.
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    Un-identified B-O-P assembly plant, 1961 ~
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    Unrestored '69 Trans Am currently on eBay, 1 of 697 built. Already bid to $40K.
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    Got the correct cable for my Sync 3 upgrade and now officially have Apple CarPlay for my phone.
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    After I bought my Flex and posted here, I had stated that I really wished that it had the Sync 3 system instead of Sync 2 and @dfelt alluded to upgrades being available in that manner. After a little research, I pulled the trigger and did just that. Just installed It today but they sent me the wrong power module cord for the USB hub so no Apple CarPlay for now until they send that to me. Otherwise, here it is...
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    Yes. I have done this trip (in one direction or the other, sometimes both) five times now. For some reason, something flips the “truck driver” switch in me and I just keep driving. I get pretty dialed in for the most part. My wife said I must have been a truck driver in a past life lol. Having said that, I’m hoping to not have to do it again anytime soon if ever. At 47 years old, it is getting more laborious on parts of my body. This was the start of the trip up I-17 from Phoenix to Flagstaff.
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    It's longitudinally engined, full time AWD... aka Quattro. The entire engine is ahead of the front axle. The transmission and the front differential axle is in a single casing. The center and front differential are torsen type limited slip; the rear differential is active. The default torque split is 40 front / 60 rear, but out to 85% can go to the rear and 65% can go to the front. -- It is also a Hot Vee engine. Meaning the exhaust comes out in the middle and the twin turbos sit on top in the valley of the Vee. The intakes are on the sides. There is an air-to-water aftercooler in the front between the throttle body and the intake plenums. The turbos are tiny and design for response not maximizing engine power. The engine makes a paltry 435 hp @ 5,100-6000 rpm with 444 lb-ft available from 1,500-5,000 rpm. The redline is a modest 6,000 rpm.
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    You mean like this one? Was so freaking badass. Blackwing angry beast cold start. Just got back from driving it. No turbo lag at all pulls hard all the way to lets just say maybe triple digits swiftly haha. Paddle shifters are pretty sweet new 10 spd is butter smooth but quick, a lot of car for $100k. This dealer just got six in literally two weeks ago already sold three of them have eight more coming in at least two of those are pre-sold one is fully loaded Platinum with Super Cruise 2.0. Wake up GM bean counters, people still want these cars if even just a limited build of the performance V Series line! 2019 CT6-V Blackwing cold start.mp4 2019 CT6-V Blackwing animated gauge cluster.mp4 2019 CT6-V Blackwing animated gauge cluster.mp4 2019 CT6-V Blackwing animated gauge cluster.mp4
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    Well, I did my part! dont Fret! Lots of great deals on used Regals for the next few years. In a couple years maybe a sportback for the daughter and then maybe I’ll find me a 2019 GS as a spare. That and a used CT6. Face it peeps. The era of any interesting cars is coming to an end between the Mary Barras caving to the feds and other regs. And the electric push will siphon all development funds from sporty vehicles. Encore GX’s will be considered mid sized sports cars in 5-10 years. I do understand and appreciate crossovers and my next ride eventually may be another minivan or some type of crossover
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    Grandpa giving us 2008 Grand Prix for our daughter to drive....wish there was more cladding!
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    Im grateful that evolution or God, it dont matter to me which God or what evolution, make my head go more or less 180 degrees from side to side and my eyes have a very wide peripheral vision while having quite decent depth perception and a very multi-functional brain to figure out my own blind spot/lane changing things. Good old trusty mirrors, 3 I might add, do the rest. Keep in mind, one vehicle I learned to drive in, was one of these... Regular wheelbase, 2 biggish side mirrors, 1 windshield mirror and only 2 windows waaaaaaay in the back there to figure it all out... As humans as of late, in the last decade or so, we DEFINITELY use our brains and common sense less and less. We rely tooooooooo much on these dumb a$$ electronic gizmos... I remember a time when the dumb GPS told us to turn left now, and dumbazzes turned left NOW and either hit buildings or fell off cliffs or even went as far as entering other countries and got lost...using GPS...got lost using GPS directions... I cant for the life of me comprehend such nonsense, this whole need to rely on electronics for our personal safety. Our ancestors used their wits, eyes, sight, smell and BRAINS to get out of trouble...we need beeps and bongs from a gadget made in China with cheap,shytty, shoddy phoqing parts... Im getting sick to my stomach with this shyte!!!
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    Somewhere, the Aztek and the VW Thing are doing shots together, clapping each other on the back and yelling “FINALLY!”
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    Wash and deep waxed the SS for the fall / winter season. Costco sells a complete kit from this company for $39.99 that has interior detail liquid, exterior paint cleaner and the everything wax and then a all type of metal polish. Does an amazing job.on older normal paints as well as clearcoats.
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    Back from a week of PTO at https://www.fairmonthotsprings.com/ Love this place, so relaxing, made a day trip to Banf and Lake Louise in the Banf National Park. One day drive to Fairmont and an hour longer as we had a friend and took the Canadian trans highway back for another day drive. So 4 days of soaking and relaxing, Banf / Lake Louise on Monday due to weather, heavy snow the rest of the week. While the map says a bit over 1400 miles, total miles I drove showing our friend the area was close to 2000 for the week. Have to say the Escalade just purred along and is such a comfy road trip auto.
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    Thanks. The Genesis was a great car but I'm a Buick Boy through and through.
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    I might have an offer coming on my rental property. Also, thanks again @balthazar for the oil filters. I'm going to do an oil change as soon as the ground dries out a bit.
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