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    Hi there! I'll admit writing this feels somewhat awkward as I really don't like talking about myself. Most of the time, I'm churning out news stories and reviews for various places. But this is somewhat important. Next week, I'll be starting a new job with JATO Dynamics as a Specifications Researcher. Basically, I'll be digging into the various information about features, options, and other information on new vehicles. This may seem somewhat odd to be moving from a writing position to doing a bit of research, but it actually uses a lot of the skills and knowledge that I have gathered from being a freelancer. Also, I've been feeling slightly burnt out in terms of the writing. I've noticed that it has been taking me slightly longer to get various pieces out, along with doing anything that is sort of creative and not sounding like a MadLibs. Now for the big question, what does this mean for Cheers & Gears? For now, I'll be taking a bit of a break from writing. I won't be giving up the ghost, but not doing a constant stream of news that I have been able to do since going freelance full time since 2012. I'll still be getting various news pieces, along with reviews and the odd opinion piece up. But I hope this break allows me to recharge and get back on writing somewhat more consistent and creative. I just want to say thanks to you, the members and readers of Cheers & Gears for somehow being able to put up with my writing for quite some time. It has been fun and something I enjoy, even when the thread somehow goes off the rails.
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    I think the real tragedy is that the Explorer will drive how the Blazer looks.... Get what I mean? It's like Ford took Alpha and turned it into a crossover. With 3 rows. GM...where are you? Oh in Europe, selling bikes. Did you know that Kia started out as a bicycle company?!
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    My chariot on the way to LA for the auto show. A Star Wars themed 737.
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    Back from a week of PTO at https://www.fairmonthotsprings.com/ Love this place, so relaxing, made a day trip to Banf and Lake Louise in the Banf National Park. One day drive to Fairmont and an hour longer as we had a friend and took the Canadian trans highway back for another day drive. So 4 days of soaking and relaxing, Banf / Lake Louise on Monday due to weather, heavy snow the rest of the week. While the map says a bit over 1400 miles, total miles I drove showing our friend the area was close to 2000 for the week. Have to say the Escalade just purred along and is such a comfy road trip auto.
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    I might have an offer coming on my rental property. Also, thanks again @balthazar for the oil filters. I'm going to do an oil change as soon as the ground dries out a bit.
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    This is NO TRAILBLAZER, This is a Cub Scout with marketing trying to say it is an Eagle Scout in Training. Shame on GM for screwing this one up!
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    My kid has been working on this for about a year. 1998 Chevy 1500. He worked for a few years cutting grass and doing odd jobs to get the money for a truck and all it would need. So far he has put a new engine in it all on his own (me observing and advising when needed) He is now replacing all brake lines and brakes. Once that is done itll be road ready. His plan is to then save for some body panels for new paint and some interior work As far as finance goes his mom and I could pay for it all, but he is willing to put the work in to getting his own and wants to know how to fix stuff. So it's a win win
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    How some EV fans talk about maintenance on IC vehicles :
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    Wash and deep waxed the SS for the fall / winter season. Costco sells a complete kit from this company for $39.99 that has interior detail liquid, exterior paint cleaner and the everything wax and then a all type of metal polish. Does an amazing job.on older normal paints as well as clearcoats.
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    One thing that confuses me about the Bolt. It would have cost precisely $0 more to make it look sexy. It could have been a sedan like the Model 3, for slightly lower price, and actually looked good. Or it could have been a proper sized crossover... either way, it would not have cost more for them to build it that way.
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    16 exterior colors, 6 interior colors, 0-60 under three seconds. Under $60,000 base price.
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    What is they're both right and he's an out of control genius?
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    Since the launch of the XT4 with the rather anemic (if more refined) LSY engine, many (including myself) had questioned why GM does not offer the Tripower 310 bhp / 348 lb-ft (L3B) 2.7T 4-cylinder in the XT4 (at least) as an option. To a lesser extent some have also questioned why the LSY is putting out a mere 237bhp / 258 lb-ft whereas the outgoing LTG engine is good for 265~272 bhp / 295 lb-ft. Is it just so that it can have 258 lb-ft arrive @ 1,500 rpm? Now, we have the answer... It's the 9-speed Automatics. Adopting the 9-speed automatics is deemed a priority for refinement and fuel economy. The new GM-Ford 9TXX transmissions, jointly developed with Ford promises better fuel economy and better shift quality. There are currently two versions of this transmission:- 9T50 -- 258 lb-ft 9T65 -- 280 lb-ft The need to pack 9-speeds into a very slim transmission case meant that they have to use an ovoid cross section torque converter, a tension chain coupling and abandon the high torque capability of the previous generation top dog 6T80 (369 lb-ft) transmissions used in the 410 hp / 368 lb-ft 3.6L Twin-Turbo (LF3) powered Cadillac XTS. The lack of torque capability is also in part why Ford abandoned the use of the GM-Ford 9TXX transmissions, choosing instead to develop an 8-speed evolution of the decade old 6T80 for use in their high torque applications like the Ford Edge ST (2.7L Ecoboost V6 with 335 hp / 380 lb-ft). Ford also asserts that the new 9-speed autos did not yield any fuel economy improvement when tested with their engines and the refinement improvements alone did not justify the costs and weight increases. View full article
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    @Cmicasa the Great and @dwightlooi ... be glad Cadillac doesn't put its own scent into its cars. They had a scent developed and they ... unleashed it at the Detroit and LA Auto Shows..... it was like an Axe factory exploded. Way too strong and didn't even smell great.
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    Wait- is it all about HP? Or is it all about torque? Where & when does HP/liter enter into it? And how does one weigh those things against sales? Gets confusing, doesn't it? That's why I like to blindly accept whatever slop a brand shovels forth, as long as it's the SAME, ONE brand. Keeps my head-lid from getting too sweaty.
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    Post pics of your other Hobbies besides cars. Me, I love to bake. Specifically I love making bread, but I also like cakes and cookies and pies. For the past week I've been working on a sour dough starter so I can make sour dough bread and sour dough English muffins. These just came out of the oven and smell great!
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    I just got a crazy idea. Instead of creating dumb ass commercials trying to convince that Buicks are not for old people, why doesnt Buick build cars and CUVs tht are NOT for old people. Because even if the Cascada was a convertible, it sure looked and smelled like moth balls, if you know what I mean. I dont get it. Even in China, Buick should have at least attempted to bring back the Riviera nameplate... It would have been better if Buick actually gave the Chinese and the Americans a bloody Riviera... There is soooo much youthful exuberance in that design that no no words need to be spoken to tell people what Buick is all about... It even out-Musks Elon Musk by making bolder doors... Its even a Hybrid... The one in 2007 was similar and just as jaw dropping gorgeous. And in my honest opinion, This next one works better as a Buick than it did a Chevrolet...a cop car Chevrolet at that... I mean, its a Buick therefore a high price tag would not have caused a heart attack because Buick. Park Avenue at that... And the Chevy SS was different enough in the looks department that Chevy wouldnt be afarid to advertise the SS and sell some copies to make...you know...money... What were they afraid of with the Park Avenue? That it was the 1st generation Zeta platform? That didnt stop Pontiac in getting the G8 nor did it not phase the Chinese that bought the Park Avenue by the ton. Its not as if Buick had such an incredible image in America back then that the Zeta Park Avenue would be an embarrassment. Au contraire, it was light years ahead of what Buick was peddling back then. The Lucerne was just a re-badged Olds Aurora that was uglier...and had grandpa driving characteristics as opposed to the Aurora and especially to the even sportier Pontiac Bonneville. Its a bloody shame that Pontiac, Oldsmobile and now Buick have been mismanaged to oblivion.
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    'only' $47k? What reality are you in? For most people, that's not a small amount of money...
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    Right.. but my biggest concern is WTF they are not using that SWEET engine in anything else.. including the 3.0LTT. I love GM.. I just don't get GM sometimes. If I ran that part of the company U fukkers and all enthusiasts would be outside my house daily asking for red Kool-Aid and singing KumBahya, just using the extraordinary technology they have on the shelfs collecting dust
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    At this point now I will be surprised if there is a nex gen challnger. or maybe it goes back to front drive! R/T! Turismo! GLH! Shelby! The market is not driving these changes, it is outside forces. I like electrics but it is now starting to get forced down our throats. should compete well with the next Camaro! inspired by citation X11! Front drive, electric option and look at the improved visibility! just what everyone is asking for!
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    you will rarely find an AWD blazer for much less than 34-35 right now, and that's basically cloth seats. Enjoy that FWD blazer with 4 banger if you like. The Santa Fe has the size of the Blazer and admittedly with its 4 cylinders, but the truth is they can add lots of options to the Santa Fe that it will have at the 35k price that Chevy won't have. So from a utlity standpoint the Santa Fe is the size of the Blazer and offers lots more options and amenities for a lower price. The only advantage the Blazer would have is powertrain but in 2020 Chevy will load up the sales floor with much more of the new 2.0 turbo models at that price range than the v6's which they want to eventually only offer to those shopping in the 50k range. WHICH IS MY POINT EXACTLY. those 19 blazers have likely sat on that lot since early this calendar year. Hard to run a business with stagnant inventory.
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    no she is the problem if all that is being offered to the market is 1.3 litre subcompact crossovers. i have no problem with the market switch from sedans to crossovers, my beef is the regulations and side agendas that force the auto industry to offer smaller and smaller vehicles with tiny buzz bomb engines as the norm, and if you don't buy that, you get killed with a huge upcharge, just if you want a v6, good acceleration, and some elbow room. cadillac is a great example. absolutely cadillac took a sales hit on their sedans because of their size. I can't tell you how many times i heard people at auto shows looking at cadillacs say (regarding the CTS and ATS) too small, not big enough, uncomfortable. etc. Part of luxury is ample accommodations. Of course you are going to pick an XT5 if you are dropping 50-60k when the ATS is unlivable for a lot of people and the CTS is even cramped for many. One reason I love our Pacifica van is there is no shortage of space, and it was not overpriced as such with all the room and a v6. I also did have a Malibu, 2016 nice car. Saw a new Altima AWD on the road today. A relative just got a Sonata. Some folks will still buy sedans but they need to have better powertrain options at a reasonable cost than just the EPA compliance special. I would have looked at another Malibu but you can only get the 2.0 with the Premier, which ends up being 10 grand more for a turbo four. That turbo four should be an alacarte 1500 dollar option. Let me decide if i want the fuel economy of the base motor.
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    As with anything, the loudest complainers get the most attention. Reality will show in a couple years with sales results as to whether Ford made a good or a bad decision....
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    I recently posted 'how the EV tax credit works', but I had it wrong. Want to correct the gist of it here. I was under the incorrect impression that the credit offset the amount you owed when you FILED. My wife [who was an economics major, has worked for a major investment house for a few decades, does our taxes and is one smart cookie] explained to me the credit goes against the TOTAL fiscal tax liability. This would include any check you write at filing time AND your taxes paid during the year, most of which came out of your salary. The bottom line as explained to me by this smart cookie is, anyone who is remotely fiscally sane (income high enough to get financing I guess) and buys an EV is likely to get the tax credit. A single filer who's Adjusted Gross Income is $100K pays $18,713 according to Google, which is comfortably in excess of $7500. I formally retract my accusation that advertising a EV with the tax credit modifying the MSRP is "borderline criminal".
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    I wish they didn't use Mustang name on the crossover. "Mach E" would be cool and sufficient name by itself.
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    I'm an I.T. Project manager specializing in infrastructure projects or mergers and acquisitions.. Basically, I build/upgrade/tear down/move big server projects. I happen to work in the energy sector right now, but I'm pretty sector agnostic. My job translates well to any sector.
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    I think I said something similar a while ago. If Ford can't make a profit on 200,000 Fusions a year, the problem isn't the Fusion.
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    Some of the 18’s are going for more than 10 grand off sticker, but I was fortunate to find this 19 at about 10k off, so about 31,600. Plus my GM card dollars !. The demo discount helped. But here is the caveat. You basically will find almost none with adaptive cruise, or with all the packages in one car. There is a preferred 18 with blind spot package, moonroof, and Bose that they have almost 14 grand off list right now which is the one I should have bought, it’s at 24,600 right now. But that doesn’t have dual zone climate or heated seats or an armrest in the back seat. Maybe if they put heated seats in an all wheel drive car being marketed in a northern state maybe it wouldn’t sit on a lot for 2 years waiting to get sold. Im not sure why GM loves to introduce new models, roll them out slow with no advertising or incentives, then they sit for 1, 2, even more years in bunches on the lots. It is amazing how many blazers and xt4’s have been sitting on lots for a year or so now, I have no idea when they are ever going to get sold which sucks because they are nice rides. There are a shit ton of Made in Mexico blazers out there with stickers north of 50k and I struggle to understand where those are all going to go.
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    Can GM just toss the UAW and replace them at this point? Union support is probably near its lowest point in years.
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    Congrats! Good to know somebody else here recently turned 60.
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    Good move, and a great truck. Had a 2019 Classic 1500 Crew Cab Big Horn, $48k sticker, as a rental for a few thousand miles. Loved it. More manueverable and easy to drive than many cars, length aside. Comfortable, solid, quiet, tough, quick, good mileage, and easy to use. I'd take it back in a second. Was sad to give it back to Enterprise...it was so easy to park, even parallel, with big camera, sensors, mirrors and powertrain mapping, never had an issue. That big firm cloth bench seat up front with USB ports...liveable. Great deal, and thanks to not looking "old", they're an easy sell for dealers with the incentives.
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    The solution to saving Chrysler is clear to anyone who isn't actually at Chrysler. Take the Pacifica platform and build premuim crossovers out of it. Build a premium crossover out of the Cherokee. Notice I didn't say full luxury, but at least take on Buick and some of Lincoln (though I think Lincoln is moving up fast in the world)
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    XT4-V Blackwing.... oops... I just ordered a dishwasher part instead.
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    I agree, it gets cumbersome say something like CT5-V Blackwing Just drop the V for the Blackwing trim.... maybe that's what they're doing....
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    These downvotes and laugh emojis seems to back up that assessment lol. All bluster, no substance.
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    Torn down years ago sadly. Love this pic. If you google Northbank Park in columbus Ohio you will see a project I ran the electrical portion of back in the day.
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    For having NOTHING to contribute, you sure made a very long post! LOL!!!
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    Nothing like a 1971 Buick Estate Wagon, all 227 inches of her with a 455 V8 good for 355HP at 10 mpg. This station wagon as I learned is 3 inches longer than today's Chevrolet Suburban.
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    Love that color! Stop start is annoying on my Equinox...still not used to it yet! Love the GCs, it was pretty much my choice before the nox. I am starting to think I might dump the Chevy for a limited one of these (all they have around here). Drove my bosses 18 Limited, and I really loved it. Just a very solid ride to me....
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    Indeed. They seem to have swagger without having hubris.
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    We think alike, I would rather drive and see the country than fly unless large bodies of water to cross. Cruising is nice but unless you have a number of islands to at least visit every other day, seeing the same Beluga whales on the ship attempting to get brown when all they do is turn lobster red is boring. I am not a shopper or gambler, so like you, skip Vegas and see the grand canyon and all the cool stuff to do there. Since the skywalk opened, I want to return to visit and see what it is like to be so far up in the air and look straight down. Should be very freaky cool with the floor of the Grand Canyon at 1,160 feet and the Skywalk is at 4,770 feet. Should make for some crazy high views looking down. I am sure my wife and mother would have a hard time walking it if at all as they are afraid of heights or what science calls Acrophobia.
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    Eventually, I would expect all new parking garages will be required to be built with a lot of EV chargers in it. It will be an additional revenue source for them.
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    I get what you are saying but you missed the point of the post. May want to read that again. The price is irrelevant and the fact that GM has three RWD platforms illustrates my point. They have them yet they don’t fully use them. Instead, they have retreated from those platforms a bit and pushed more FWD CUVs through Cadillac of all brands, instead using those RWD platforms to put Cadillac above the likes of Acura, Volvo, and Lincoln. The most irrelevant part of your post though is the failure to realize that Kia is not nearly as bad as you think and I surely would not have said that about them ten years ago. They are reaching out with RWD cars in a CUV world while GM misses the boat and pushes FWD CUVs four to five years after they should have. I’d happily take an AWD Tour X if it had the 420HP 3.6L Turbo found in the CTS. That would actually be a bad ass Buick. Even with the common N/A 3.6L, it’s still tempting but again, I am a wagon person. Wishful thinking though as GM just doesn’t seem interested in giving Buick some real Powertrain options, much like they are doing to Cadillac’s CUVs. The NA 3.6L will only get you so far in a turbo driven world.
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    My longest road trip took place in August/September 1992, when I drove from my grandparents' farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland out to Denver and Fort Collins and up into Wyoming before turning around and traveling home on the southern route. Just me and my beloved Jack Russell terrier, Meggie, in my green 1992 VW Golf GL 2-door.
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