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  1. Get the Autobahn buffet (Bahama Mama sausages are the best!), Schmidt's Dark (brewed locally by Elevator Brewery), and a giant cream puff for desert. You may find yourself wanting to die when all is said and done (at least slip into a food coma), but it is soooooooo worth it. Damnit. Now I'm hungry. EDIT: Damn, there for work? Probably have to skip the beer, then.
  2. Try Dirty Frank's Hot Dogs, and also go to The North Market (downtown C-bus, not Dublin). If you spend the day down towards Thurman's, and find yourself wanting to go for some bratwurst, head to Schmidt's Sausage Haus, which is also in German Village. Just a few suggestions...
  3. NFL: Browns MLB: Indians NBA: Cavaliers NHL: Blue Jackets MLS: Crew NCAA: Buckeyes Premier League: Wigan
  4. Same "dead stare" happened with my last cat back in February. I was visiting my parents on a Sunday night, laying on the couch with her while watching TV. Suddenly, she glazingly looked at the top of my head and would not respond for several minutes (she had not been holding her food very well for some time, and had lost weight...I thought she was going to die on me). We decided to hold off for a few days to see how she would do. I went home the next day, and they said she seemed ok. Sadly, she passed that Wednesday evening out in her cubby. She was almost 14 years old as an outdoor cat
  5. Have only seen a couple movies over the last couple months... Let the Right One In - Swedish vampire movie, snubbed by the Academy. Luckily for the tards who cannot/refuse to read subtitles, there's an American remake in the works. On behalf of semi-intelligent movie fans the world over, I present to these morons (and the movie studios who supply this trash) an endless suplly of cyanide. Thanks for filling our theaters with completely unimaginative and/or unoriginal bull$h!. Asses. Taken - The plot was very, very simple (Besson's movies have never been too complex, rea
  6. Same here with That 70's Show. I liked it when it aired, but never had the chance to watch it that much due to work and extra-curricular crap back in high school and early college. About 3 weeks ago, I bought the series on DVD, and it's great. I didn't start watching Family Guy" until after the first seasons were released on DVD. Still one of my favorite shows (also have all the DVD sets). [scrubs] was in its 6th season before I go hooked on it (again, own all DVD sets). All of M*A*S*H had aired before I was even born, but I'm still addicted (yes, all DVD sets are mine, thought I stil
  7. I thought that they cancelled it a little while back. At least it is only a delay...
  8. Have you gone on a recent White Castle bender, Satty?
  9. I'm pulling for your current AL forcast...I'm throwing a 3-day fest if the Red Sox and Yankees both miss the post season. However, I'm thinking the Cubs will blow it and lose out in the NLCS in 6 games. As an Indians fan (NOW they start to play), I'm a small-market team guy. I gotta pull for the Rays.
  10. HUGE Tribe fan...but we MUST wake up and start playing better...
  11. That's the same photo I have as mine. Kind of convenient, as at the moment, I'm too lazy to take a screen cap and upload it.
  12. Coincidentally, my prediction (or, rather, I hope most for): the Indians over the Cubs. I've got a good friend who's a huge Cubbie fan, while I'm, a huge Tribe guy...
  13. Am I the only one who sees very little resemblance to the Provoq concept? The entire greehouse is different. I mean, I know it may chenge a little to production, and that this is camoflaged...but this looks off...

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