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  1. Yup, it gets a new interior and a 6.4L Diesel, but usually when you refresh a vehicle you give it a face lift not a face drop! GM`s HD`s are going to cream the SD!
  2. More of a face droop, than a face lift. What is Ford doing! Man the 900 Heavy Duties are gonna cream this thing!
  3. That is by far the dumbest Con in a review I've heard so far! "tire squealing during aggresive driving" BUUUaaaahaHAHAHAHAHHA.......
  4. Looks okay, but it has a dopey look to it we're as the Tahoe/Suburban look sleek and mean!
  5. Well looks like we will see the Sierra this month! http://www.houstonautoshow.com/2005/sneak.aspx
  6. IFS stands for Indepedent Front Suspension, SFA stands for Solid Front Axle! I for one would rather have GM stick with IFS in the HD's! It provides a better ride and it seperates GM from the competition.
  7. Oh, so what if the Tahoe hybrid might not have actually had the system in it and just a regular 5.3L. GM probably wanted to showcase the technology and what the 2008 Tahoe Hybrid will look like, GM is more than likely still testing the system, it is a 2008MY!!!
  8. I second that! I thought for sure we we're gonna see Alpha's or something worth while. Oh well!
  9. I'm 99% sure we'll see two Alpha's!
  10. Can you guys snap some photos of the SUV's for us.
  11. How was the Silverado interior different than the Tahoes? Did it look bigger than the current Silverado?
  12. Have you seen the interior? And if you do have pics of the Sierra can you please post em'!
  13. Looks to me like the EXT has a slighly different front end than the ESV and Escalade! Same goes with the Tahoe, Suburban and Avalanche.
  14. vanquish25


    He's probably right, but it is possible sometime in Decmber though.

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