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  1. bcs296

    1998-2004 Cadillac Seville Questions...

    It's decent -- about as fast as a 4000lb car can be with 300hp, FWD, and a 4speed auto.
  2. bcs296

    1998-2004 Cadillac Seville Questions...

    I'm surprised my dad hasn't chimed in here... Our family is currently is on our third Seville. First was a 96 SLS - owned from 25k till around 90k. Only repair if I remember correctly was an alternator. Car was very reliable, smooth and rock solid on the highway, and got great gas mileage. Second was a 97 STS - owned from 85k (?) till almost 140k. Daily driven, also rock solid and FAST. My favorite of the Seville model's lifetime, really. Lighter than the 98+ models and had the higher compression (pre-2000) Northstar. Needed struts when we got rid of it but other than that, needed absolutely nothing besides routine maintenance and a thorough tune up at 100k. Third and current is a 2002 STS - acquired with ~50k, currently around 80k. Unfortunately the car was damaged while being trailered to NH and the place that repaired it trashed the interior. Issues: navigation system was replaced a couple of times under warranty, works great now (irrelevant if you are looking at cars w/out nav); intermediate steering shaft was replaced - relatively inexpensive repair and I believe the replacement part is a newer, better engineered piece; steering wheel shimmy on the highway which is currently suspected to be the result of one or more bent wheels. Besides the nav and intermediate steering shaft, any issues with this car have just been the results of bad luck. Still a very nice car to drive with many nice features, especially with the premium package. Definitely check out CadillacForums. You should find that the powertrain in these cars is solid as long as the cooling system is well maintained. Struts after 100k are the big repair as far as suspension goes, but my Audi makes the Seville look like a Honda/Toyota when it comes to suspension repairs.
  3. bcs296

    2010 Buick LaCrosse

    4,000 lbs? Mid-size V6 sedan? Sheesh. Pig. Sexy pig, but still... pig. Peformance and fuel economy will not be what they could be. A Lexus ES is under 3,600. 4,000 lbs? Where does it come from? What could this thing possibly have that requires 500 extra pounds? Some things never change at GM. Flame away.
  4. Bingo! Yahtzee! (You'd have to see "Bruce Almighty" to get it.)
  5. bcs296

    Focus outsells Cobalt

    Probably my favorite Civic of all time. B16 is a sweet engine matched with the classic lines of the 6th generation Civic coupe.
  6. bcs296

    2009 Chevrolet Trucks Official Changes

    Um, we are talking about GM's 2009 models. Camry and Jetta, '04? 5 years ago. Accord, '02? 7 years ago. Even the Mazda 6 at '05 - 4 years ago. 4, 5, 6, 7 years ago... That's a long time ago and a hell of a lot of cars sold during those years. Spin it however you want, GM has been lagging badly in this area. *waiting patiently for the Silverado 6.2/6speed vs Tundra 5.7/6 speed comparisons*
  7. bcs296

    Edmunds V6 Family Sedan Comparison

    No rear armrest/dual zone climate control is really a crime. I can understand no Bluetooth and MAYBE no real navigation system, but not having such simple things like a fold down armrest and dual zone HVAC is a bit ridiculous. Also a stupid move on GM's part.
  8. bcs296

    NEW 2009 CTS-V!!!!

    Interesting. Awesome car.
  9. Keep spewing the bull$h!, Edmunds. A 4x4 Tahoe with the 5.3 gets 14/19 which, according to preschool math, is better than 14/18. Nice try though. This article just enforces how badly the GM twins need a real transmission rather than a 25 year old 4L60. Fuel economy, acceleration, and towing would all improve.
  10. Did anyone else see it? There is a Tundra parked on the side of the road. A guy driving a Silverado pulls up and asks the owner if he needs a ride. Now, for a split second I was expecting and hoping that the reason for the Tundra being on the side of the road was a snapped camshaft. While it was disappointing that this was not the case, it was also AWESOME that the reason was the Tundra RAN OUT OF GAS. The commercial then went on to illustrate the same regarding the Ford F-150. FINALLY. This is the kind of advertising GM needs. Tell people why GM's trucks are better than Toyota's.
  11. bcs296


    Yes - most of you, with the exception of two comedians. The jokes just keep coming. Thanks for initiating a dialog that added absolutely nothing to this thread. My point (which apparently offended some people) was made so I will leave this thread now and read about the CTS-V. That is, of course, assuming I can actually navigate to that page.
  12. bcs296


    muster mus - ter –verb (used with object) 1. to assemble Now, I suppose I could have used a word with a similar meaning such as accumulate, agglomerate, amass, bring together, bunch, bunch up, call, call together, capture, collect, come together, convene, convoke, corral, flock, gang up, gather, group, hang around, hang out, huddle, lump, meet, meet up, mobilize, muster, poke, punch, rally, reunite, round up, scare up, summon, unite, or in this context, the most literal term grow but I didn't. Thanks for playing though. Why don't you take your funny act on the road, earn some money, and donate it to the site? Oh, BTW - an IP ban would have little success, trust me.
  13. bcs296


    Yeah, yeah. I pay a whole $0.00 to use this place. Great. I also pay a whole $0.00 to actively post on 10, 20, 30 other web forums. Honestly, if a few bucks would fix this bull$h! I would gladly contribute but I seriously doubt that it would. I was more polite the last TWO times I complained about this, the first time being a solid year ago. A YEAR AGO. The past two times I got the same runaround too. I suppose if I piss off the right people enough I will just be banned or something which will be followed by me crying in a corner for 2 days straight and then re-registering. To hell with post counts. Or maybe, something will actually be done to remedy the problem. Or maybe, nothing at all will happen.
  14. bcs296


    How long have web forums been around? How many exist SUCCESSFULLY today? MILLIONS. DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW HOW TO RUN THIS PLACE? It's not like Cheers and Gears is some insanely popular place that deals with an overwhelming amount of traffic. Get your $h! together. Muster up some testicles and tell the hosting company to f@#k themselves. DO SOMETHING.
  15. bcs296

    Edmunds Compares CTS with Others

    GM obviously has done a lot of things right with this car to beat out MB and Lexus, especially in an edmunds comparison. Performance numbers are disappointing. Car and Driver managed to run a DI 6 speed manual CTS to 60 in 5.8 seconds. I'd like know where the half second difference comes from.

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    Manchester, NH
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    GM, Cadillac, cars in general, computers, technology.

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