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    Fusion F150 FX4 I also like a late model Taurus SE with sunroof, looks lnice! http://www.cheersandgears.com/public/style_emoticons//AH-HA_wink.gif
  2. Imports in the GM parking lot

    That's exactly what my parents did. Mom bought a Grand Caravan over a Venture because the GC had better seats, better handling, nicer interior/exterior and better warranty. Dad drive a 99 Intrepid everyday to work (GM) and never got looked like he was a terrorist! B)
  3. Imports in the GM parking lot

    I work for Chrysler and owned a Ford Contour SVT...
  4. Do you post here as a GM owner?

    DCX and Ford enthusiast. DCX owner. I've had 3 Chryslers and 1 Ford in the past, my parents have always had Chrysler products even if dad works for GM :P Not a GM owner and never will. Wouldnt want to be caught dead in a GM....even if I have to drive grandma's 2003 Impala once a week for repairs.....That's what turn me against GM
  5. Gas Prices Surge to $1.75 a Litre $5.70 gal

    Got to the fas station...$189.9... :angry: :unsure: :o No sens
  6. Gas Prices Surge to $1.75 a Litre $5.70 gal

    GOT TO GO........ fill up my car, it's $103.9 here in Pembroke, Ontario..it will come up alot more!
  7. What is the Best Car for Having Sex?

    I never did anything on a front seat, but actually, the back seat of both my 1989 and 1992 Premiers were very roomy ond comfortable (Very) and the 1992 had tinted windows, so it makes things alot easier. But my ultimate vehicle is my mom's 2002 Grand Caravan, yes I did stuff in my mom's van, I had her van for a couple of weeks while my Premier was getting it's transmission fixed.... The Neon, well the backseat is roomy, but you have to move the front seats froward...
  8. Which would you rather have?

    Cobalt!! I hate the interior of the Civic!
  9. Sexual Preference

    Thanks for the welcome viper. Hope you have better luck than my father at converting me into GM... B) ^_^
  10. Sexual Preference

    Ahaha, well I had my first sexual experience in the backseat of my first Eagle Premier back when I was 15, didnt had my licences...Gosh I miss that car...
  11. Current GM Cars & Trucks

    1- I would say the...hummm....G6 2- OMG, the minivans....they're nose is just plain ugly... 3- Allure/LaCrosse
  12. 2006 Mercedes Benz B-Class

    Wowo, I want one!
  13. Older female driver's drive?

    I see many older mens driving Buick and Olds while I see many older women driving Camry's I also see many people my age (early 20's) driving Aleros and Grand Am.
  14. Sexual Preference

    OK sexual preferences :rolleyes: I've sold many minivans to gay couple! :o I had one, a 2000 Grand Voyager and I bought it for my DJ services, not because I had kids If you and I are members of allpar, they have two B)
  15. 2007 F-250/350 Pics

    I dont know but the current silverado as plenty of cheap plastic...typical cheap GM interior

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