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  1. Just a quick point to those who are saying the car is 12+ years old: The article states he bought his car new in 2002.
  2. http://www.caranddriver.com/dailyautoinsid...llac-cts-v.html Car and Driver has some more spy shots and a video of it lapping the Ring. I haven't watched it, so I'm not sure if it's what you guys are talking about.
  3. I haven't posted in a while, but I had to share this. The Car You Won't Own Scott Adams - "The Dilbert Blog" A group called the X Foundation is planning to award $10 million to anyone who can design a commercially viable car that can get 100 miles per gallon. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/02/business/02xprize.html I don’t know exactly what “commercially viable” means in this context. I haven’t seen the rules. But something tells me that the winning car will weigh six pounds and seat one anorexic dwarf. If you put a grape in the trunk, the front wheels will come off the ground. And I have a bad feeling that there will be leg holes in the bottom of the car so you can hike the entire chassis up to your crotch and run. Don’t get me wrong. I hope the contest is a big success, and I hope the winning auto is the size of a Suburban while still getting 100 mpg. But it won’t happen. Contestants will game the system. I predict that the winning car will eventually be totaled by a front-end collision with a bumble bee. The bee will suffer a sprain. Every time I see a hybrid car on the road I experience a weird mixture of love and hate. I love the concept and how it’s good for the environment. I hate that the car company is punishing the well-meaning customer by making him ride in a car that shouts to the world “I HAVE NEVER HAD SEX AND I NEVER WILL!” I realize that the shapes of hybrid car are based on aerodynamic efficiency. But I have to ask myself what percentage of the improved gas mileage is directly due to the car being shaped like a whale’s penis? Wouldn’t it make more sense to design the car to be 2% less energy efficient, 100% more attractive, and thereby sell 300% more of them? Are these car makers even trying? I don’t know if economists have ever calculated the extra gas savings from hybrid cars that accrue from making it impossible for their owners to procreate, but the savings have to be huge. There’s no need for hybrid car owners to drive to dates, or to drive kids to soccer games. If you drive a hybrid, my friend, your genes are waving the white flag. Yeah, yeah, I know that Leonardo DiCaprio drives a hybrid, and he’s sleeping with supermodels. But I guarantee that they make him wear condoms. Probably two or three at a time. And I’ve yet to see a paparazzi get a picture of both Leonardo AND a supermodel going on a date in a Prius. If a supermodel gets photographed in a Prius, her next assignment is pointing at rugs in the JC Penney catalog. I’m generally not one to subscribe to conspiracy theories. But I think it’s obvious that if the oil companies wanted the car companies to make fuel-efficient cars that also looked good, it would have happened by now. If the X Foundation contest ends up designing a car that gets 100 mpg, the car company that buys the patents will produce a car that looks like a cancerous spleen. And they’ll name it something like the Toyota Nonads. God, I hope I’m wrong about this.
  4. When I opened this thread, my first thought was, "Hey, that doesn't look too bad!" Then I realized it's because it's an Aura face.
  5. It's an auto, and I was also thinking of seeing if I could fit the new 6-speed in there somehow (I like a challenge). Of course I'll have a bit of fun every once in a while, Walt ;-) Quantum, thanks for the suggestions.
  6. So I found this awesome white '94 Z28 with ~88,000 miles on it, and all I'm waiting for is the finance guys to tell me where to sign. But, I'm a little concerned about fuel economy. I'm going to assume that the MPG on a 12-year-old V8 aren't going to be great, and I can accept that. My question is are there any ways that I can mechanically change the 5.7 (LT1?) that will increase my fuel economy? I've developed a pretty economical driving technique by driving my parents' Tahoe, XC90, and S80 T6 over the years, so I'm looking for something that will help post some worthwhile gains combined with that. Thanks.
  7. I like it! It does look very American, almost where Lincoln should be headed (?). I agree with Fly about the A-pillar. And yeah, I even like the front end, mainly because it's different, in a Bugs Bunny sort of way.
  8. It'll still have the AUX jack it's had for a couple years, but as an extra option it'll have the iPod dock connector.I think the fact that the iPod has roughly 77% of the market and 70% of cars sold in the US will have iPod connectivity pretty much $h!s all over Microsoft and every other MP3 player manufacturer. Yes, capriceman, you are.
  9. El Scorcho

    BMW Z29

    I thought this thing died a long time ago? Anyway, this has to be the best styled Bangle BMW, like, ever. But I still want a Vette.
  10. Yeah, here's the thing about that, FOG: The MKZ isn't going on sale until next year. The Zephyr, however, sold 3,027 in July, 2006.
  11. If one wanted to, one could make that into quite the disgusting statement. Wouldn't be difficult, either...
  12. Look what I saw today: I hate how cheap that grille treatment looks, but the interior appears nice through tinted windows.
  13. TCC's new spyshots Cadillac's CTS sedan will be new for the 2008 model year. The next-generation CTS will be built on GM's rear-wheel-drive Sigma platform. This prototype, photographed at Germany's famous Nürburgring racetrack, gives a look at the dramatic styling of the new CTS. Yeah, it has some pretty bad CGIs that even have the current wheels, butt he actual spy shots are good.

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