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  1. Hey guys. long time since i have posted anything, but i have been reading for a couple of days now and i am ready to weigh in. I love Pontiac more than any other brand in the world. I would have to agree with taking the Saabs and rebadging it for Pontiac. No one would have a clue! I think that is the best idea out there. As for Buick being luxery, thats a load of crap! they are no more luxurious than an upscale Chevy or Toyota. IMO the base model Buick should be nicer than the top Chevy trim level. That is luxery.
  2. Huh, thats funny, i thought that '90 model camry's were supposed to be better the brand new GM's. at least thats what everyone used to say.
  3. It might level the playing field but not for quite a few years.
  4. (in my best Adam Sandler "happy gilmore" voice. "where's Toyoguy now?"
  5. I think that if you just put 18" or 20" blings on it, it would be fine. Just kidding. but seriously it would look 100% better with a slightly large wheel on it.
  6. Well, the way Saturn is looking, they might actually stick around. The new Aura is at least pleasing to the eyes. But then again it my be a big turd as far as performance goes.
  7. I have figured it out. I need some help from a Star Wars fan, what is the name of the big ass animal in the beginning of Return of the Jedi? the one that almost eats him!!!!! that is what the Butt ugly thing looks like. Like the old saying about shaving a dogs butt and teaching it to walk backwards!!!! Ugly!!!!!
  8. No sh*t!!!! i am all for furthering the history of the all mighty Vettes, But seriously, why in the hell wouldnt you donates that to little orphan children, who knows you may get the Nobel piece prize for something like that. Or Donate a corvette to me and i will share their love of the car.
  9. ya know, looking at camino's avatar gave me an idea. I would absolutely love an El Camino return. My father had one when i was younger and I loved it. I dont remember what year it was but it was the Malibu front end with the double stacked square headlights. Damn that was good looking!!!!! I miss that car,... truck, er whatever.
  10. Three words: RWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want a rear wheel drive pontiac that is bigger than a minute. Bring back the Grand LeMans!!!! No, not the 80's version. The '73-'77 model something with a longer hood and a V8. Please Please Please Please Please!!!!! Me love you long time.
  11. Damn it!!!! I was just going to say something about the fact that the Chevy pic is a fully loaded mother of a Truck, and the yota looks more like a base model Canyon. but someone else beat me to it. U-G-L-Y you aint got no aliby. you ugly!
  12. It told me i should get a SSR!!!! they are nice and all, but i would only have one if they gave it to me, i wouldnt pay for one
  13. You have to stop the bleeding before you can start to recover, to do it the other way would just be counter-productive!! It is good to hear that GM is that much closer to gaining ground.
  14. http://www.imediaconnection.com/news/11900.asp GM has announced they will be buy a virtual island in Second Life to help promote products such as the solstice GXP and the G5. Sounds like it is the next big thing.

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