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  1. G8 GT Colors

    mustard yellow, orange and pewter are definately the best! I love this car. Some of the darker ones look too matte, but over all it's great! Keep workin! Sorry, but I'm not a fan of the bright blues...they are oversaturated. The yellows are just a bit weak, but I like the kinda golden effect. And it's hard to get a quality yellow color. Mainly they turn out Greenish-puke colored lol.
  2. Quick Concept Sketch

    Hey guys, it's two in a row from me lol. So here's a concept I made last night. It's 2d for now, but I will definately be updating with different veiws and details. Not sure what to call it so it's currently the W4 Concept, from WLK_Designs! Yay!
  3. Yo, it's me Fuel_shopper. I've been mainly focusing on another site where I have 1300+ posts, and kinda forgot about this one. I've improved since you all last saw me, and hope to get as good as a reputation on this site as I do on PSU. Well, here's the newest chop from me, A Lowrider Lexus! C&C please. I hope you like it! Original Chop
  4. G8 coupe or GTO ?

    When people say that they don't like the color, I'm pretty sure it's not because it's pink, it's because it doesn't look good. It's not well executed...it looks wierd. Like...smudgey or something. If you are gonna keep doing these, you have to get photoshop. At least elements (it's only $100, if that's what you are worried about). That'll do wonders for you.
  5. New pontiac grand prix

    +1. Maybe it should be a G6 (Grand Am type thing), because they are more boring.
  6. Chinese Steal Smarts

    I don't like any chinese cars...they all suck.
  7. Landrover LR-F

    I don't like the headlights, but it is AWESOME...but why did you write a backwards F in the nameplate on the drawing? I thought it said 7 at first.
  8. SRT-4

    Wait...so you like the colors? I'm not done, though. I was going to remove the wing next.
  9. SRT-4

    Hey, I'm not quite done yet, but here it is. A current gen SRT-4, slammed and racin!
  10. Mako Shark is back!!!!

    damn, that's tight! It seems like, exactly the same as the normal corvette though. Great work, nonetheless.
  11. Corvair Reborn!

  12. Ideas for sketch competitions

    there needs to be a pickup competition. Like, maybe the next gen Colorado or Ram.
  13. 2009 Diamante

    hey, I did this today. I know the proportion's off, but could you tell me how? hop you like!
  14. Holden supercars

    is it a chop? what is it?
  15. Blown Ion Coupe

    ...what? I have one. you don't have a sig.

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