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  1. I understand that cash is tight, so refresh the SLS. Bring it over. Done. To me, the end result would be infinitely more desirable than an EP2 flagship.
  2. Backup7


    The real Stingray concept is a knockout. This is a worse version of it.
  3. Backup7

    More Pics on 2010 Model

    I'm not very impressed, Buicks should be aspirational and distinctive. And also, why don't I see projectors in the headlights?
  4. Backup7

    More Chevy Traverse Pics

    I saw a silver Traverse being filmed for a commercial in Lower Manhattan about 3 weeks ago. It looked great. The rear / tailights definitley have shades of Camaro.
  5. Backup7

    New Chevy Cruze Spyshots, with Interior!

    is this on Delta, hey?
  6. Backup7

    BIG Ford news

    I very much hope that Ford does not give the Euro Focus to Mercury. I don't want to see such an awesome car going to such a $h! brand.
  7. Backup7

    Pontiac Ventura

    you have the worst style
  8. Backup7

    Post Your Olds!

    Post a photo of your Oldsmobile! My 2001 Alero GX 5-speed:
  9. Backup7

    Buick Electra

    for some reason i'm getting a chevy caprice vibe
  10. Backup7

    Ford Focus

    That's amazing.
  11. Backup7

    07 SEBRING

    I also think that the Sebring is a butt-ugly car (inside & out). But, the low price makes up for it somewhat.
  12. Backup7

    1996 98 Regency vs. 1999 Intrigue GLS...

    Without a doubt I would choose the Intrigue. The Intrigue is contemporary and fairly attractive even in light of today's car market. It's restrained and classy whereas the 98 is, in my opinion, just ancient and blehh. Further, while the 3800 is cheap and reliable, the Shortstar is one sweet engine, smooth and refined. The Intrigue has far superior suspension and brakes as well (in terms of performance).
  13. Glass bubble roofs are so 1960s.
  14. Backup7

    Oldsmobile: Spirit of Innovation

    This video, as well as the Drive Through History and Aurora videos in the other post, were part of the 2003 model year DVD that Oldsmobile mailed to recent customers.

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