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  1. Are they gonna rebuild it and bring it back to life or just looking to see what the head was like?
  2. FORD, Screwed too by the UAW. Unions of the future are so gonna look very different than they are now.
  3. @ #darbywinery wine release party in Woodinville Washington. Awesome power wagon with a modern Cummins under the hood.
  4. Posting as I cannot seem to remember if I posted this and did not find anything by Drew or anyone else, but Nissan has gone to production of selling a compact / mid size electric pickup in China. Nissan has released this pickup with a 250 mile range battery pack and a starting price of $18,000 dollars. This is the Dongfeng Rich 6 EV pickup. https://electrek.co/2019/07/16/nissan-electric-pickup-truck-dongfeng-rich-6-ev/
  5. SWEET, 98's were always very cool to me.
  6. Agree, I think it was staged for Sunday and someone was confused between the hot and cold production systems.
  7. Seems someone at Ford messed up with posting the early reservation system for the Mach-e. Prices start at $43k and go up. Check out the details here. Have to say I am liking the look of the Electric Mach-e
  8. Naw, they will take it in stride, just look how they took the Mustang II. Ford should have NOT use Mustang on this, They should have used a new family name for the EV portfolio.
  9. I wish for the GT, but early adopters I could see them go after Shelby pricing. Be interested to see how the F150 EV / Rivian R1T does once they are for sale in the near future.
  10. Totally agree with you on this. I hope that marketing folks at GM are taking a hard look at new product names for the EV's that come out over the next few years and NOT reuse old ICE names except for the Buick which totally makes sense to me. You could have a whole Buick Electra Family EVs based on the name.
  11. Cannot agree with this, IKEA BLOWS! They honestly need to be investigated for deceptive pricing, marketing and failure to support products they sell that upon return, sorry that is discontinued and not supported. Not returnable. They use tiny signage to say you have to be part of some plan to get the priced items. Hell help you if you buy a product missing parts and it has been discontinued by the company but still being sold. I get it that it is cheap, but not worth the hours you spend in line to check out, the Salty MSG heavy food they sell and the lack of quality help. If Cheap is your thing, then IKEA is your place. I will save up and buy quality over cheap. Horror stories about my kids buying stuff and then having to return it or try and get parts. I have told them knock the shit off and save to buy quality stuff. Not worth anyone's time. We really need a Love Emoji in the choices for post other than the 5 options we have.
  12. Still Fuggy, looks like it got its ass cut off and makes the front awkward looking with that flat ass.
  13. When Cadillac went to this design is when I went SUV. To me, that is what I see Kia has done with their trunk, killed the opening with a stupid look like this.
  14. What do they see in this that makes them think BIG Americans are gonna wanna buy this tiny, ugly pos?
  15. GM would probably make AWD on the Malibu a $7,500 option.
  16. So True, in this regards it does fail that part and now that it has been brought to my attention, I have to agree with @oldshurst442 that small opening into a large trunk would make me go CUV/SUV if I was a car guy. Sadly once Cadillac stopped offering cars with large trunks, I went SUV and never looked back.
  17. This is a while back, probably at least 10 years, but I remember the few cars that had AWD systems barely really put much to the rear wheels and if you wanted AWD you moved to a CUV/SUV implementation. I am just glad to know they were able to take what has been successful in the RAV4 and offer it in the sedans. This should make for a great option for those wanting or needing AWD.
  18. You guys are talking this section of the black fake window right?
  19. I hope someone recovered this beauty and restored it.
  20. @Drew Dowdell is Buick still using their quiet steel technology in their auto's or have they dropped that to just go with the noise canceling system?
  21. Very cool, Appreciate the details about the AWD system as in the past I have not been impressed with weak AWD systems coming out on sedans, this seems to be very competitive. Should help in the winter states.
  22. Be interesting to see the reservations numbers to compare the two once Tesla opens up reservations if they do it like they did for the 3.

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