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  1. Is it me of does those headlights and the front say ACURA! I agree with Drew, this is a sharp looking auto for the size. LOVE the attention to detail such as the colored Calipers on the brakes. This really sets them apart from companies like Ford with rusty calipers on their Mustang unless you buy the performance package with brakes and then you get painted calipers. The Koreans are really paying attention to not only quality, but the little details that does set them apart from the rest. Interesting drawings online of the interior. Very Sparse.
  2. Your ignoring a key item here, the BULK of Lexus owners could CARE LESS about the HP / Torque of their engines in comparison to the butter smooth and VERY QUIETness of the auto with long term reliability. I know this to be true as I have been asking folks here in the office who own Lexuses if they feel it needs more power and so far NO ONE has told me they wish the Lexus auto they drive needs more power. So then what is it about their auto as to why they bought it? RELIABILITY Whether you believe it or not, the Marketing machine of Lexus has that front and center in the mind of the customer.
  3. Great Engineering read on directional stability of fins. Yes talks planes but clearly can be put toward auto fins. https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/directional-stability Surprised to see this 1979 paper from Nasa pop up on stability of fins, yes on rockets but clearly when scaled it can be applied to other applications. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19790009637.pdf For the sake of it, I love this story on the history of Fins and their various designs. Lovely history coverage on auto Fins! https://www.throttlextreme.com/fabulous-fins-look-history-tail-fin-styling/2/ @balthazar What are your thoughts on this read, interesting what they say about this Plymouth. https://auto.howstuffworks.com/1951-1958-plymouth-belvedere6.htm
  4. So then MB is already behind Tesla and will stay there since their EQC does NOT have Torque Vectoring where Tesla does. So then with a Marketing tag of "The Best or Nothing at All" Since they cannot build the best Torque Vectoring into their EVs, the customers get NOTHING and still pay stupid high prices for the badge. Think I will go with Rivian since they do have Torque Vectoring. You do understand Torque Vectoring right?
  5. Currently I have been cracking up at the various shows on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Youtube TV where they add motor sounds to an auto and you can tell that the auto never had a motor like that especially all the fake V8 motor sounds being applied to Hybrid / ev auto's. Funniest lately was the first few seasons of "The 100" where they have this old made new Jeep Wrangler that is supposed to be an EV with solar panels on the roof for quick recharging and yet every time it took off, they would add V8 engine sound to is and then the rest of the time you have the traditional EV motor wine. Too funny,
  6. @ocnblu Hopefully a rhyme you will understand. ICE, EV Conflicted are We? Cars, Trucks, everything cost Bucks! Future, Current, Past, do not become last! Strange is what happens when one does not Change! Fear not Brigadier, for we still love ya here!
  7. Both actually, the wife gets her EV, I get a new long distance road trip auto. Course if GM did an EV Escalade ESV V edition, I would take it! Currently all my auto's are paid for, have not had an auto payment in a long time and plan to pay cash when the time comes to buy my next auto or auto's. All honesty, if Rivian delivers and it truly has the space inside they talk about, it could be my next truck / SUV set I buy for the household.
  8. I see and honestly cannot tell you other than it is the look that they put decklid spoilers on an Impala or any other sedan / coupe sold to Joe Public. I also agree with you on the cross drilled part of the rotor for say my Escalade. I will say the much larger Rotor size and multiple piston brake system does make a big difference.
  9. I am still waiting for an Escalade ESV V Edition and an Escalade EV
  10. What your attacking the Ford on is what AMG has been doing for years to MB cars. Take a car designed for a 300hp 4 banger, tweak it and put in a big motor and charge stupid crazy prices. Why is Ford not able to do the same thing. There is more than just a big motor here and if the Frame can handle it, then tune away.
  11. Cause some folks think Germans are the best and now they are pretty much last for quality.
  12. Your talking about this correct? These actually have no affect on down force, but have a big affect on pushing air over the rear glass pushing off the water. I always thought they were a joke till I was in one watching it on a rainy day here in Seattle and surprised how much clearer that rear window stays with one. See plenty on STI's
  13. JD Power Says Korean Cars Beat US and Europe in Quality http://flip.it/xocAn_ This awesome as Koreans, Americans, Japanese and last place is the Germans according to the JD powers. Only worst is the Italians in last place.
  14. Totally agree with you on the cross drilling as well as the rotor size and number of pistons. Interesting is that for the price, not many of the larger performance options come with just solid steel rotors compared to the cross drilled or slotted ones. Still having the added stopping power on a full size SUV is nice.
  15. Yes valid options or you can also if color is not an issue, but at the end of the model year or into the new model year buy a fully loaded last years model with big discounts and have new for 10 plus years. I did this with my Escalade and got a fully loaded Platinum edition with less than 200 miles on it for almost half the price when it was first built. GM loves to dump older fully loaded new models to clean the lots.
  16. #2 is OUCH, #4 is also in the one above, but WOW, the amount of people who buy powerful Mustangs and do not learn how to drive.
  17. Or if like me you buy and hold onto them for 10 plus years, then new is fine as you know exactly how it is taken care of. I have no problem with CPO, but new long term is fine with me.
  18. That is called arm workout! I do not have that problem.
  19. Have to disagree with you as I have seen plenty of American, Asian and European cars get their regular maintenance and still not last 100,000 miles. This is not just any Vehicle.
  20. I will agree with @balthazar that most auto's this is bling, but high performance auto's and large SUVs like an escalade do benefit from a proper Brembo set of rotors and calipers. I have actually been thinking about upgrading the Escalade after I test drove a newer one at the dealership that had them and how much more stopping power you got on the bigger rotors and 8 piston calipers. It truly on a heavy auto makes a noticeable difference. https://www.brembo.com/en/ Nice to see GM and Brembo have teamed up to offer an upgrade for the whole family of Suburban, Yukon, Escalade with bigger brake package / Performance. https://www.brembo.com/en/company/news/brembo-and-gm-team-up-on-performance-front-brake-kit Interesting to see the options of the upgrades from just pads, to rotors or complete brake systems offered from Tirerack. https://www.tirerack.com/brakes/results.jsp?&autoMake=Cadillac&autoModel=Escalade+ESV+AWD&autoYear=2006&autoModClar=Platinum+Edition Some auto's do look better with Bling!
  21. GX is like my 1994 GMC SLE Suburban, it gets all the regular maintenance at the scheduled interval and it just runs 300K plus miles. Why would I want to give up the interior room for an overpriced G-Wagon that is very expensive just for the maintenance.
  22. Nice car, great specifications, but just does not have the same WOW, Must have as a Challenger Demon does! Plus the Demon spec is awesome: Horsepower 840 hp Torque 717 lb-ft Top speed 199 mph Displacement 6.2 L Fuel tank capacity 18.5 gal
  23. Exactly, for the price you get an over cooked burger from the same type of flat top grill as McDonalds but at a price you pay for The Habit which does actual grill them to order on a real grill and the fries are crunchy fresh, not a soggy greasy mess. Here is your Weekend Challenge Robert! Look on Yelp for the top 3 Burger Joints and then go try them and report back on what you find. BURGERS If Challenge accepted, please take pictures!
  24. I blame the whole ugliness of Japanese brand auto's on their culture of keep the girls and boys seperate for the most part and no individuality. Agree that all of Lexus and now Toyota is being bashed BIG Time with the Ugly Tree Stick! I have a few coworkers that have their Lexus and swear by them for reliability even though they do not like the styling.
  25. Five Guys is so overrated. Burgers are ok, Fries are terrible. Best Burgers and crispy not greasy fries is "The Habit" https://www.habitburger.com/ Habit Burgers, sandwiches and salads are AWESOME!

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