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  1. So, it wasn't a typo yesterday. Interesting sounding.
  2. YES! A new Typhoon would be awesome! Speaking of that, can't imagine it would be too hard to make a Canyon into a modern Cyclone. Better yet, give the Canyon the ZR2 treatment and put the TT V6 in it and watch me sell a nut and a kidney to get one OK, traveled a little off topic.
  3. Yes there is some nice eye candy there hehe. Ugh, that crud has been going through everyone here I have had it for a bit over 3 weeks and it still isn't completely gone. Hope you get to feeling better!
  4. I do my first leg day his evening after work. eha. i am hoping the vaping works. It is literall the only thing I haven't tried. i have done the gum, looseness, Patches, Nicotine inhalers, Chantix, and I even on Welbutrin right now and it doesn't make a dent in y cravings lol.
  5. Yes lol. 2 to 4 liters of soda and 2 to 3 energy drinks BUT I haven't had a diet dew since yesterday and one energy drink yresterday and one this morning. Had the worst freaking headache when I woke up haha. I am trying to drink between 75 and 100 OZs of water per day and am actually enjoying my gym visits haha. I do dread trying to start the vaping to quit smoking, but my brother got me a nice one for Christmas so I can at least try it lol. Also, doing the math, giving up the soda, energy drinks, and cigarettes alone should save me roughly $400 a month. Sometimes realizing how big the small totals can add up to be is pretty staggering.
  6. Traverse SS? OK maybe if they used the 3.6 TT and a performance tuned AWD suspension I might be intrigued.
  7. Sad to see it go. It had actually grown on me. Would love to see GM eventually see GM offer another hi-po sedan, though that doesn't seem like anything that will happen in near future .
  8. I am a fanatic for the Diet Dew, I am not even going into how much I drink a day. And I usually drink 2 to 3 starbucks energy drinks a day, yeah i think I have a slight caffeine addiction. So far today i did have 1 energy drink and drunk of a 20 once dew and downing some 75 oz of water haha I am working towards. no energy and getting rid of the man-boobs are good motivators.......
  9. So, go m first gym membership, working on giving up the diet Dew, Energy drinks, and cigarettes. THis is gonna be a bumpy right for the start haha.
  10. Want a Polo GTi with the stick please!
  11. I have wished for a Sonic to compete with the ST. Would have preferred it be done before they completely screwed up the Sonic's design in the latest refresh though.......
  12. THis is true, but still it is ice haha. I would probably go Golf R myself since really, the GLA is really just a hatchback CLA.
  13. Like everyone says, drive wheels do not matter here. heck, even the BMW X1 is now based on FWD Mini architecture, I like the GLA, especially the GLA45 and I would like to see the XT3 come out with something to challenge it, but it surely is not required.
  14. Caddy needs this and it is going to majorly help their bottom line. As or the comparisons to Lexus and Mercedes, last I checked both of them are aiming pretty low, cla/gla and Lexus has tried not 1 but 2 low priced Hybrids.
  15. I bet it is like my Bug. If the tire warning comes on there is a button in the glovebox to reset it. if u don't, hen it won't go off.