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  1. It has been a while since I read that, could have changed by now.
  2. Their tech, as in the Pacifica is top notch, which, btw, is the FIRST hybrid minivan. They are not followers at all, not in their tech. in introducing vehicles, maybe, bu they are getting there now. There are worse ideas than spinning off Jeep and Ram, especially if it makes them profit. Isn't marchionne supposed to be gone in like a year anyway?
  3. Hybrids are coming to jeeps, including the Wrangler. Also, you notice more and more companies giving SUVs/CUVs their lion's share of attention while their car lines get less and less. They are companies. they are in this thing o make profit. To make profit, you have to make what people are buying, and sadly that is less and less cars and more and more of the SUV/CUV types.
  4. Hybrids are coming to jeeps, including the Wrangler.
  5. True, 2 totally different cars though. The GT1 will run circles around the Usion in the handline department and comes with better equipment standard, but the Fusion "should" have a better ride and more room. Plus the AWD is nice, Now if we were comparing a Golf R........ I like this one, but it is in Michigan. Of course i do not recall any of the Ford dealers here even having a Sport for sale. They usually get SEs with the 2.5.....
  6. Interesting to see Fusion Sports in some paces with over 8 grand off putting them in the mid 20k range. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. Knew people that had these. i had 2 square body S-10s with 355s, miss the red regular cab one.
  8. A lot just depends on the overall setup A turbo 6 can be made relatively comparable in physical size to a NA 6. Turbo and other parts could be placed in the V and the intercooler could be top mounted needing maybe a taller hood. This has my interest piqued.
  9. Thanks William. What is the difference in physical dimensions between the 3.0T and the 3.6?
  10. Yep, there and the northern areas love AWD and are crazy for Subarus. I see quite a few AWD cars out there, especially luxury brands.
  11. This is true. And AWD to increase it's demand in colder climates. And heck, it wouldn't really need to be certified with the EPA and XTS V-Sport already provides all the needed parts and pieces,
  12. I wouldn't call the m fantasies at all. The GS is supposed to be a sporty model and a 3.0TT would certainly go far in giving it it's feel and flair. he 3.6 is a fine bread and butter engine, not really that sporting, especially in FWD/AWD sedan tune. Ford was willing to go 2.7TT/AWD in the Fusion Spot, so the Buick being basically a rebadged Malibu with a 5th door and the Impala's V6 is kind of a yawn factor, as much as the fact the Impala was starved of AWD/3.6TT from the XTS. Impala SS anybody?
  13. Question, did it have Apple carplay? I 'think' they do, just not certain. How was the latest VW infotainment system with it if so and without using it. His is definitely on my list even though the reason i am thinking of trading in a few months is because of some creeping issues in the Beetle......... The kit for the price is just amazing.