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  1. That is certainly different. I would love to see them expand on the Corolla barnding like they did in the 80s. you had a FWD hot hatch and a rwd sport coupe along with tons of other versions of the Corolla.
  2. Had to gocheck myself and they indeed have a 15 grand markup...... and it was in the process of being sold. it looks far better in person than in pictures, at least in grey. that said, I fell for the black SI sedan that was actually pretty tasteful looking. And no markups on the SI haha. When I am ready to trade (probably a year or so from now) I was wantin a Modern Steel coupe, now I am in love with the black sedan.
  3. I still plan on checking it out if I can, but was talking to a coworker (has a 17 hatch) that has already checked it out and they are asking sticker with no markup and apparently they have already sold one.
  4. How do you separate preference from bias?

    Very true. And everybody loves the bug.
  5. How do you separate preference from bias?

    Basically the same as my 12 Turbo (12 and 13 turbos were renamed R-Line in 14 when the base cars got the 1.8 turbo) The R-lines did get 10 more HP though the torque stayed the same. . I love driving mine and love he room. Did you get the manual or DSG?
  6. Will do. i may stop this evening if they aren't closed yet.
  7. How do you separate preference from bias?

    This is a sharp combo. You get the 18s as well? How is yours optioned up?
  8. I despise dealer markups. I like this car more and more. local dealer has a grey Type R already in their showroom. I need to check it out.
  9. Dodge News: Dodge's Creative Way Of Reducing Demon Markups

    I meant controlling markup, but that works too lol.
  10. Dodge News: Dodge's Creative Way Of Reducing Demon Markups

    This should start a trend for all dealers
  11. Yep, only use 93 in it. My big 3 things to fix are the intake, window, and washer fluid. I also fresh spark plugs to go in it. I have also wondered if maybe there is a better made aftermarket intake manifold design available. And the narcissist in me likes getting stopped by random strangers gushing over the bug lol. My brother gets POed because the Caddy doesn't get the same attention.
  12. That is one thing I love about the bug. It has more interior room than a 10 inch longer Civic or a 20 inch longer ATS coupe! i know the 14+ R-Lines got a few more ponies and the ability to run on 87 too, so I think that was a big upgrade and I think window issues were mainly a 12 thing.
  13. Very nice. And like I said i love it. R-Line is supposed to be even better though with a better sorted suspension and styling updates. I have to admit that trading for a R-Line with a Sunroof has been a huge temptation and maybe start with less than 53k miles.
  14. I love the 5.0 My choice as i would simply trust it more and that sound!!!!!!! Nothing needed to be pumped through the speakers there.