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  1. I think a body color separation between the upper and lower grille would make a huge difference.
  2. I do like the Silverado Trailboss and the Avalon XSE pretty good actually, but they sofinitely share some design philosophy.
  3. I wouldn’t go that far. I like the Avalon, but they both look like each part was designed by a different person then smashed together.
  4. They both have fangs. Unfortunately it seems a color and totally different views were chosen to hid this.....
  5. OMG, just thought about it. Some of that front end styling shares some design cues with the new Silverado!.
  6. The front end treatments could definitely be toned down, but otherwise I really like it, particularly the side profile and interior. If I was looking in this class it would be near the top.
  7. I like this. i like the fact they seem to be giving it some actual ground clearance and no ground dragging lower front spoiler. the interior looks nice. The side view is Very Colorado and I am not feeling the 2.3 turbo as the only engine option. Was hoping for the option of the 2.7T
  8. I am sure there are updates o the engines that haven't been detailed yet. In any case, i love the fact they have stayed awa fom DI and carbon issues that come with it while still offering comparable HP and torque to engines with it. Anyway, i looks fantastic! I like it more than the current model and the updated F-150, and the 19 Silverado with it's weird side sculpting. The interior is great, love the updated design and new materials and the fact that every single version gets it's own interior treatment. They did a great job here.
  9. The angle and color makes it hard to tell, but what it appears, front end is of course all new. Looks like they have toned down the big ri look a big with taller fenders. The Hood area still offers the nod to that styling, but is a bit shorter. I like the cowl induction looking element of the hood, the front fenders look to be slightly flaired out. i am not sure about the big badge on the side of the hood, but sure it will grow on me. The cab appears larger than the current quadcab. the windshield rake is a bit faster while the rest appears a little more squared off. The body lines or detailing, particularly towards the bottom adds some depth without going gaudy. The rear bedsides definitely appear to be flared out more. Like I said, hard to tell too much until we get the reveal. I am really lookin forward to the New Rebel and hope they show it.
  10. I agree with this. The current truck stills sells great even without the extra production capacity they need and will be adding. it isn't like the F-150, Sierra, or Silverado have changed all that much in the last few generations, at least on the outside. If it works, why mess with it? I don't think it actually hurt it's sales and I really liked the return to the nostalgic front end design with the split headlights.
  11. Not a big red fan myself. The color Pallet seems very limited, seems like 5 colors are available and sadly no sharp grey.

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