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  1. Hardly. We have a new Wrangler and Ram coming and a Wrangler pickup, the MCE for the Cherokee has already been seen testing, the Renegade is only 3 years old, the Compass is brand new, New LX replacements are coming in 2021 as will replacements for the GC and the Durango along with a good chance the Journey replacement will be based on the Dodge/Alfa platform as the others. The Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are coming and signs are pointing to the return of a Ramcharger as well, all based on the new Ram platform. Your average vehicle uses the same platform for 10 to 15 years and similar styling. The 08 to 17 Accords for example were based on the same platform with similar styling, and the Camry is finally changing platforms after roughly 15 years. Remember, the only reason we got a new malubu for 16 was because the 13 to 15 models were total duds. They are still making the last gen MImpala introduced in 06 and the crrent Impala hasn't seen any real updates since it came out in 14. Also, GM for example already said they are increasing the times between major updates and redesigns.
  2. What ifs that just won't happen. Replace FCA with GM, Ford, Mitsubishi, etc, etc, you have the same story. Hey,, trump has already chased Focus production to China so by the time he is out of his first term all of our cars may come from China.
  3. VW News: Volkswagen Passat GT To Become Reality

    I like the style. Very mature, but with just enough edge. I do wish they could have done some minor work to bring the HP at least to an even 300.
  4. That is a good point Maybe a stretched version? Or was it the first gen that had the stretched 300 in some markets?
  5. I see Chrysler getting the boot eventually, but not Dodge. With the Demon, Widebodies, and continued funding to the Durango, they show a definite interest in keeping it around and sales ARE enough to justify this. I can the Pacifica easily being moved over to the Dodge line and the Charger getting a higher luxury version to take place of the 300. Maybe a billion or so. It is based on the Avenger, old 200, Patriot, Caliber, etc platform. They did do major work with new powertrains, and a new interior, and a new Electrical system that allows it to run the larger touch screen and current gen Uconnect instead being stuck with what is not generations old tech like the Patriot, Wrangler, Avenger, etc has/had
  6. What? they put billions in the Journey in 11 and then billions in the LX line in 11 and then again in 15 when they got rid of the rest of substandard Daimler hardware. I probably just hit it on the wrong post Sorry about that.
  7. Jeep simply hit the current GC out of ballpark and it is going to be very hard to improve upon for the next gen. I am having of-road withdrawals because i finally managed to either lose a ball bearing or possibly need an axle for the Dakota.
  8. Me too. i really love the fact the Jeep pickup is upcoming and the fact the Wrangler has the 3.0 Ecodiesel on the option list, the truck should too. In love with the Trailhawk here. Seeing tons of them on the road. I like the way they started out with an excellent vehicle in the 11 GC and they have made minor changes nearly every year that has kept it fresh and made it so much better. Of course something capable of off-road interests me much more these days than the most HP.
  9. New Wrangler, Wagoneer, new ram, new LX replacements coming on the Alfa romeo platform, The new engine family which is already in the Giulia which is really impressive in in acceleration/destroying EPA fuel economy figures, the Pacifica is top in the Van segment as far as features, room, drivability, FE, just got a new Compass, a major refresh is coming for the Cherokee, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and the Wrangler pickup which is guaranteed to be a hit.
  11. Half of Mercedes SUVs are based on he same damned platform and have seen the same degree of updates since 11.. I doubt that. Also, no idea where 2.8 is coming from, I see 3.3, but I doubt the tesla will still be ahead at the 1/4 mile mork once actual tests are done and I know it will not come anywhere near the top speed. The model X also posts less G on the skidpad and is riddled with issues. it is also smaller than the GC with far less room inside and the "Falcon doors" have proven to suffer from massive issues.
  12. Looks like they are sticking to their while upgrading it. The Sahara has always been the lux version of the Wrangler, so this is no surprise. I am sure we will get the Rubicons with the locking front and rear diffs and sway bar disconnect. I find it amazing they are able to still keep the live axles (even in the pickup as the mules confirm) and the convertible top, removable doors, and folding windshield.
  13. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

    I can't get anything riht now haha. Good thing though, because i have no idea what i want. I love any Challenger or Charger with a 6.4 or Hellcat, I love the ZR2, the Type R is a hell of a surprise (the SI is turning out to be a bit of a letdown to me though), Still love the Golf R, even with a little bit of VWphobia right now. The Camry XSE V6 is an interesting options. I also have evolved an Affinity for the Chevy SS and the 18 mustang GT. I followed a Hellcat for around 30 minutes the other day and we played some and yes, he could pull away from me at like 1/8th throttle lol, but the sound, oh mercy.
  14. July 2017: General Motors Co.

    Read again, I said compared to midsize sedans. He Legacy isn't exactly a handler.
  15. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

    Understand that for sure.