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  1. I think the modern SRTs are like 5000+ pounds for towing? i will need to double check. Still, the Typhoon couldn't tow either, but damn were they fun to drive!
  2. Up, the GC ST8, upcoming Durango SRT, GC Trackhawk, the Mercedes AMG, Porsche, and BMW M badged SUVs would simply tear a trailblazer SS apart in every performance measure. Hell, the 1st gen GC SRT8 that was sold alongside the TB SS was a better performer...... Anyways, this makes total sense. CUV/SUVs are the current trend and they would probably sell every one they could build.
  3. It's the 99 Cobra all over again.......
  4. They should really build that, but if it ever sees production, it is petty well a guarantee it would be a 4 door "coupe."
  5. Love the ATS coupe, but you are 100% correct. Rear seat room is very tight. it is tighter than my bug, a car nearly 20 inches shorter! It does have it's advantages in a MUCH nicer interior and better sight-lines, but sadly the Chevy probably has a better infotainment system. The only thing the ATS has the Camaro doesn't is AWD and I see that changing if demand ends up being high enough for the Challenger GT since moving the AS AWD system to the Camaro would be the same cakewalk as moving the Charger system to the Challenger. Anyways, i have been thinking on what coupes/Verts would be cut. For BMW I can see the 2 series and 6 series getting the axe and the upcoming 7 series coupe (8 series?) on the chopping bock. I don't see them killing the 4 series ever and the i8 hybrid has a unique place in their lineup. Mercedes i could see the S class coupe/vert and the E class coupe/vert being killed off. The SLK still serves as their cheapest entry level roadster, the C class is need to go up against the 4 series/A5/ATS. etc, and the SL is one of those core cars in their lineup. I don't see the 4 door "coupes" going anywhere. In fact, I see them taking the place in their lineups of the dropped coupes. This reminds me of the mid/late 90s/early 2000s when coupe models were falling like dead flies. T-Bird, Cougar, Cutlass, Mark VIII, Eldorado, Cutlass, Grand Prix, etc, etc.
  6. It is a sexy coupe too Come to think of it, aren't they showing the Giulia coupe next month?
  7. That makes me think of the Ralley Fighter!
  8. I agree 100% Just about any new car is going to go to the dealership at some point for warranty or recall work and if the service department does not instill trust during this or regular maintenance it can certainly hurt them. Oh yes, I can imagine. They need to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.
  9. hopefully they will start that dealership overhaul sooner rather than later. Especially once you reach a certain price point the expectations for he dealership and service goes way up. It has to be all inclusive too, it can't just look the part, it has to be the part. One of y brother's issue with his Audi was actually the dealership. It was beautiful, awesome comfy showroom with wood floors and cushy offices, but the techs were awful. It hink half the problems he had stemmed from their incompetence.
  10. Oh, I certainly agree there. That has been a major issue for Fiat as well, but they seem to expanding there some. Yeah, I remember that weird marketing and sales practices now that you mention it. Their cars weren't exactly decent looking either (exterior). I feel this hurts cadillac some as well. They do have some decent dealerships that are specific to them, but then you have ones like our local dealer who treats you like just some other Chevy customer, and their loaners are even last gen Impalas. Now, the dealership my brother bought his car from in Indiana is VERY nice, but they are a high end dealer. Salesman drove the car down and even went over the features in a mall parking lot. Okay, I love this analogy!
  11. If you could even remotely like Daewoo at any point.......
  12. How was the new turbo 4? Did it have decent torque? Did the transmission work well with it? Any NVH issues?
  13. Of course, GM could buy the old Yugo plant and start building them and you would claim everybody loves their Yugo and never has issues. That said, my brother loves his ATS, as do I, but neither of us pretends it is a reliability champion.