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  1. Finally it gets the turbo 2.5, sadly it won't offer a manual like the Accord Sport with it's 2.0 turbo. Still enough to make the future list thouh.
  2. My guess is that it is an evolution of the hybrid system in the Pacifica. I am really interested in that hybrid turbo 4, instant torque. C&D had numbers on the updated ecodiesel as well and it jumps to 262 HP and around 444 pd ft of torque I believe.
  3. They sell good here. I see tons of new RC short beds, if not I am sure GM, Ford, and Ram would have discontinued it, but they haven't for a reason.
  4. I am not a big fan of the Titan's design and the lack of a regular cab/short bed model is annoying. The Tundra is so far behind, particularly in powertrain tech it is insane. Not to mention the last gen F-150 dash. Now, just because it is old doesn't mean it can't be modern. The Ram has been constantly updated which has kept it competitive.
  5. SHould be good. With the updated 18 F-150 and this and a new ram coming for 19, should be really awesome. I think there are a couple japanese Fullsize trucks too, but they don't count.
  6. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    Most of the incentives i am seeing are on 17s. The vast majority of 18s are just hitting lots. The problem with the ram has been demand outstrips production capacity, an issue that will be fixed with the all new 19 model which will gain an additional factory (imho, real reason the 200/dart were killed was to make more capacity for building trucks, much like GM did in the 90s with the B-bodies). Also, the money issues are not as bad as people let on, in fact they made 2.1B profit last quarter and stock prices are on the rise.
  7. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    IF the Renegade had just came out for example, you would have a point, but their sales have been happening since 14 so the YTD and monthly sales includes the Renegade ADN the patriot. 5 years ago doesn't count comparing last years sales and that is what we are talking about here. But bones a lot of companies trust. Got me curious and also neat to see they are still unning the Triton 6.8 V10!
  8. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    Not saying it is, only saying WHY THEIR sales are down, nothing to do with anyone else. PERIOD. They also posted record profits last quarter, just an FYI.
  9. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    They are still building the chassis cab, you can price them out as 18 models on the Ford website, looks like they killed the E-Series van off though.
  10. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    Not as many. I don't think. I know they had a fullsize, but they went a while wihout one after the split with Daimler, a few years i believe. For a while they had no vans, and then just the Caravan based Cargo Van. Ram does need to branch out though. They really need a midsize truck.
  11. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    Not on a Buick
  12. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    You realize both the Caravan and Patriot generally sold around 10k a year EACH, right? You are trying to distort the facts. GM has not actually lost models, FCA has, big difference.
  13. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    It was simply speculation and sales were similar to the aging Journey. I think they look decent. Big spoilers and sporty cues are not the main things people are looking for in mommy-mobiles.
  14. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: October 2017

    And they haven't lost vehicles without some kind of replacement. Buick lost the Verano, but has gained the Envision for example which is an SUV and should sell better than the verano, though the sales numbers weren't that great for it last month. I wonder if it people's opinion of chinese made products causing that? I am just now seeing some local places switching over to the Transit. E Series has a long and proven record here in the states.

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