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  1. Suaviloquent

    Nissan News: Nissan's U.S. Push Caused A Lot of Tension Back At Home

    They also can't reciprocate and take over the JDM..
  2. Suaviloquent

    Cadillac News: Spying: 2020 Cadillac Escalade Makes An Appearance

    I think GM realized that their Dohc V8 was a legacy design for the times when competing against Germans tit for tat made sense. I think they'll offer only one engine. If they are finally making a VSeries then that would explain it.
  3. Suaviloquent

    Jaguar News: Rumorpile: Jaguar Land Rover May Slash 5,000 Jobs

    Jaguar can have 2 sporty models in the F Type and XE, but all the rest gotta be high tech and luxo first. And reliable. Jaguar has a loss in one quarter...worst auto company ever.... basically Tesla has a loss...oh they're still winning and continuing to make themselves great again, OMG model Y, Model Truck, Model Roadster, such billions in losses to develop those, such greatness.
  4. Suaviloquent

    Random Thoughts Thread

    What do you think of this? The arguments seem quite rational.
  5. Suaviloquent

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Asks Camaro Owners About A Hybrid Camaro

    Still waiting for those micro mini cars personal pods of doom. Yeah, even millenials want real cars.
  6. I wonder why American makes can't look at Hyundai/Kia as examples of persistence... in the car market. GM used to have an above average warranty too, wonder if that change netted in lost buyers. Only makes sense if warranty work cost more than extra sales, LOL GM...
  7. You don't need design to imply intended function. By that token, why would someone look at a competing heavy duties and decide that they're not up to their intended function based on their looks? Any HD can totally handle the max capability of the full size trucks...
  8. Certain automakers do some things better. The domestic makes nowadays are expected to make massive profits in a growth and peak economic cycle. But even truck sales are tied to housing starts and other things. In a bad economy, I’m pretty sure that GM Ford and FCA are not making cars anymore because even now they're not viable And now they all have some form of cheaper pickup or base model utility that is better equipped tech wise (not luxo power everything) than the high trim cars sold 10 yrs ago
  9. i always thought that the Avenirs should have top grade leather and should just be a luxo max trim for GM. Cadillac would then get the high - end new age materials, some luxury brands are going back to cloth but like the stuff used for designer coats and bags... anyways yes. But I’m still puzzled. I guess the agile GM thing started already. But isn’t it hard to make investments and then having to trickle elsewhere super rapidly because the initial version didn’t pan out? This V8 has yet to come to market. It’s obvious thery’re going to find uses for it. Why it’s such a rumour, I mean it’s practically guaranteed. Do we really salivate over GM that much?
  10. Suaviloquent

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Returns After A 13-Year Absence: Comments

    I think Lincoln can make good on SUVs. Especially with their naming scheme. you can get a Q7...GLE....or the Aviator or Velawhrrrrr.... Cheers to the not as big selling in terms of numbers brands that have prestigious names! i think the best thing about this Aviator, is that a lot of it screams traditional American luxury, but it’s done the right way. RWD. 400 hp base engine. Strong tranny. This is the 2020 model year Lincoln Continental. It has the fixed door handles. Yeah just a mild refresh, typical Lincoln bean counter release
  11. Contrary to your believe Casa, I truly believe GM is doing the right thing. They are blazing their own path, making cars that sell on their own merits, and are going to stop reinventing a segment. Where there’s too many entrenched choices. Instead they will will bring forth entirely new segments into themselves. Unfortunately the CT6, such a lovely car that it is will be lost. The LaX...too bad. The Cruze I think had problems because it was late to market twice. Brining to market issues all are related to standard equipment, promotion, timing of release of late available options and overall dealer experience. Cadillac is yes, they will now not make sport sedans past the end of the CT6-V. They will instead make super electric wagon/sport back/sedan hybrid thingsmajiggers that have no real competition as everyone is being really slow to ditch the sedans.
  12. GM should just exit the U.S. market.
  13. But there’s a simple truth. GM simply can’t build a decent car for the life of them. Their new trucks for example. No real revolution other than bed tech that even an FCA on life support and the incumbent F150 are seen as fresher options. Their crossovers for the large part are still too damn small. Why the hell is this Blazer smaller inside than an Equinox! Yet $$$$ to start? Like it or not, there is not a single compelling model car from GM, not they they’re bad cars, but they were marketed just plain wrong. Cadillac is toast as far as I’m concerned with ever being considered a sport sedan player. Which is too bad. 20 new EVs? Half of them are from China folks. You’ll see a face lifted Buick Velite and such. That’s their plan.
  14. Suaviloquent

    2019 Mazda3 Pulls Out All of the Stops: Comments

    Why buy any compact FWD Audi or Mercedes when you can get this? as well yeah maybe not turbo engine but at least it’ll still be a good $10,000 cheaper when fully loaded against the A3 or CLA models that are non AMG or non S
  15. trump should pay his taxes....

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