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  1. Hello all... Been lurking for a while for many reasons, some really stupid and others really scary. I also face an existential crisis here. Car is benched. Have lost interest in driving. Moving cities, changing career, moving away from all family and friends in a couple months. Reflecting on my interest in autos... I just like the pictures. There’s nothing about sporty or good looking or well made cars that make me want to open my wallet for ‘em. Have lost any loyalty to any brand completely. Anyways I might post in other threads but for now feel kinda lame. Be back whenever...
  2. When buying a Chevy, the only trim worth buying is the one that trims is the WT trim The Wallet Trim.
  3. A purchase of a Model 3 is almost like a tribute to Elon Musk. Just getting a Model T was a nod to Henry Ford. Also I think this version availability has nothing to do with being able to actually manufacture the standard model. It has everything to do with the Polestar 2. That thing is going to be the first real competitor to Model 3. And it also sells online only.
  4. They built a concept rocket. The idea that sending a car in space is the only way to make it the fastest car ever....
  5. I don't think that's an entry price for the vehicle RS trim? I would not get the Blazer because it really only looks decent with the big wheel and tire packages. At that point I might as well consider paying a $1000/yr road tax as I'm sure I'll lose my shirt, pants and the pocket change inside when it comes time to replace tires and replace damaged wheels.
  6. I actually like the Blazers style now. It has totally grown on me - in RS trim. I think the base four cylinder isn't that much of an issue even considering Toyota and Hyundai offer similar setups in lower trims of their midsize 2/3 rows. I think the next full redesign XT5 will try to be lower, slightly more wagon look with Escala cues. Here's a case where Chevy certainly looks the part, just as an ugly RX might. Now the interior trappings are to your taste but there are more conservative offerings that deliver more space, value or other criteria being met. GM wants Chevy to be the stylish option with a premium for it. Our next quarters sales might give a clue how it's doing.
  7. Well I mean the Blazer is basically a Camaro body on an Acadia. I am sure that GM had plenty of Camaro bodies sitting around that needed a chassis. Voila! I would bring back rebadging. And then I would bring back something a helluva lot worse than rebadging.
  8. I wish that this thing will become a future candidate for an LS swap. Can't imagine a motor with a snail and a blower will be any good 10,15 years down the line! Let's chase efficiency while at the same time turning vehicles more and more disposable...rant over...
  9. The great thing about GJC, whatever anyone believes about FCA reliability... They have built and sold so many and you can find parts everywhere for it, and Mopar is unparalleled in the variety of they product catalog. You can basically swap fascias, drive lines, half shafts, besrings, mostly anything except maybe transmission from the '11 redesign up till now. This is the edicated, wise person choice in this segment. Or get the new Explorer or Durango if you truly want something flashy
  10. But.... but.... What if they gonna makes a V16??? Make Mercedes Great Again?!
  11. ^^^^^ My brother likes that car right up there because, and I quote, their "phat ass". I like the new Camry. Say what you will. But you can still get a V6. You can still get a real automatic. Now of course you can always say that we'l, for the same money and some change just get a damn Impala you noob... And to that I say, but does it have a true Quad Exhaust? And then some fake ass bumper vents. I don't know why Toyoto did that to be quite honest. Like who thought it made sense to tack on Walmart style fake vents on that damn thing?
  12. Jeff Bezos also helped out Blue Origin. SpacEx is astronomical units ahead there. Rivian has a concept. Remember when Faraway Future was making noise? Then some Chinese LeEco guy invested like a billion dollars. What about Lucid? There were rumours Ford was taking a look? And then there was some controversy with that? Rivian is basically a boxy styling Faraway at this point.
  13. I think people considering the Blazer probably will come to terms with the offering. The Balzer offers uniqueness. I feel Chevy has always been a stylish or classy, or solid alternative when done right. Impala has been classy. The Cruze...best NVH in class, the Sonic, well built and grown up for a compact. And now this thing. Anybody buying in this class doesn't want stylish and good looking sedans anyways, they want the inbetween. Blazer avoids looking like an appliance, even though that's still the intended function. GM just took a Acadia crossover and set it ABLAZE. That's why it at least looks dynamic, hot and smaller.

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