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  1. Made in Canada.
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    Back after so long. My interest has cars has basically vanished. Might come back. Might not.
  3. Ford News: Ford Moving Focus Production to China

    Hmmm, I think this move has everything to do with Ford giving up on the Focus as a car they can ever use to ever win the compact sedan class. I thought Hermosillo was going get the Focus anyways still.... Ford has this problem which is apparent. Almost their entire lineup is old now and not up to par in anyway that doesn't include a standout trimline like Platinum or Sport. I mean I find it very hard to resolve my like of the Fusion, but the point of manufacture stings me, and for that reason alone I consider the Chevy Malibu more. We vote with our wallets, but jere we don't win. Ford doesn't want to tough it out and still pursue American manufacturing, and that's because they aren't willing see if they can command a price premium for being a domestic. But deft move on their part, but I think they were thinking of axing the Mexico plant long ago, pre-Trump.
  4. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    I think this XTS refresh will keep it going for a many years still. I like the look a lot, just not the profile though.
  5. Apparently one of the reason why the weight loss isn't something to write home about is actually the frame. Ford did a lot of the aluminum work on the body to reinvest weight back into the vehicle. I predict that the 200 lbs is an honest answer, as in, yeah, new F150 platform, but we properly luxed this truck out, and made the frame super beefy. The Expedition loses up to 300 lbs with the body material swtich. Now competitively, it seems like the Slade has to only do two things, refresh it's interior, and get the new tranny, plus improve it's ride. I don't see a horrible mass of buttons, hell, this may be the best iteration of car audio and HVAC controls I have seen on an American luxury utility yet. I like the adherence to the concept, that is in a way, a move that keeps Lincoln credible. Now the dash top tablet, it's a tacky look, but it is the same screen they used on the concept, so we knew it was going to be like that for well over a year, and with people mounting their phones on to the dash like that on older's just a sign of the times that people love to have a tv they can watch football on while driving.... I think this is a good product, it has the right amount of power as the stand alone powertrain for now, and it is the first Lincoln that I would think is convincing as a complete Lincoln.
  6. It is going to tke quite a few years. And there are not many domestic luxury options out there. But the imports all in some way huddle along the same lines, or have similar turf wars. Having options is one reason alone why sales are harder for Cadillac. I have no clue what Cadillac should do, it seems like they can get away with both feet in the water, but does anyone even expect a true S-Class rival to all of a sudden create a dent in S-Class sales? I don't think so. The new LS is considered one of the few non-German compeition, and that takes a reputation to build up that car, but Lexus let it rot for too long. I think Cadillac is better off building more high-end SUVs and crossovers. Stick to what you know you can always be good at. I think the S-Class rival needs to in itself not be targeted at the S-Class. More like make a low volume Escala production vehicle, and make it truly aspirational. Make it more of an S600 Maybach competitor. But GM has to be willing to put money into its interiors, and there is not one GM vehicle which I think has the best interior in its class, regardless of price.
  7. Ford News: Shelby GT350 Owners Sue Ford Over Overheating Issues

    I don't really have a side here, because all the articles have a snippet of a lawyer leading the lawsuit talking, and Ford is always quiet about things because they are always like that. Being quiet doesn't mean they're hiding anything. But if someone could produce the full warranty that applies to many makes and models of "track-ready" or "track capable" cars, it's industry pratice that any wear or tear or damages caused by operating a vehicle on the track is the responsbibility of the owner. Unless it's a defect that the manufacturer recognized. But where is the defect here? Obviously a car without the track pack will have less track capability. Now, why did the owners not get the track pack? 2016 MY GT350's overall had sizable dealer markup's. No way that those owners were looking to score an incredible deal, not when this is a very limited production of the Mustang. I think the issue gets so much visbility, because this really is a car well known to enthusisats. Same thing with the Corvette thing, which even I don't understand well about, cause some cases were where vehicles without having their engines broken-in were taken to a track. What does track-ready even mean?
  8. There's a big problem with this Equinox, and it's the Top-end pricing. Anybody looking at this as a legititmate contender to the CR-V and it is, will find that even with having a turbo engine standard, top-end models lose value compeletly to the Honda, and it's a juggernaut in this segment. When Honda can deliver a larger vehicle, with a more potent engine and more features, and more fuel economy and a lower price to boot, plus better resale....I find it conceivable that a major redesign was done. But honestly, I recognized this trend recently. Almost all of GM's new sedans or coupes are truly excellent. But their crossovers are just merely competitive in their segments. Yeah, go ahead combine the incoming Terrain, but that's supposed to be a near-luxury crossover, and it gets the 1.5T standard too. With the diesel and 2.0T not even out yet, crossing the $40k barrier with a resized, no longer mid-sized crossover is a little tough. Plus, what the hell is that kind of value when a nice Traverse can be had for a little more change?
  9. Well, I hope it does well. But I hope there is some actual utility with the wagon too. For example, the Volvo V60 is an appalling example of a excellent looking wagon, but almost no gain in utility besides having a hatch, and no parcel shelf from a sedan.
  10. I'm baccccck!!! (Okay not really but, yes lurking all the same time and again). So, I've been going at a slower pace, job, other things, but. I made it to my first finish line. I am at or below 15% body fat now. I am now 157 lbs, and I am as strong as I have ever been. My most recent mission now is to work towards the beloved ONE ARM push-up. One arm chin. Pistol squat! Okay, I am nowhere near where I need to be, but I am slowly but surely building to those. Also, again, cars are of almost no interest to me right now. Don't worry, I still wanna lick some Cadillac CT6's, Lincoln Conti's, mmmmmmm so tasty the Chevy Impala with the LTZ wheels and that blue paint. Yummy. Yup, so back to work!
  11. Sergio Marchionne is playing the automotive equivalent of Liar's Poker. But how many dollar bills has he already dealt? And it seems like no one is running cold cash down the drain like Volkswagen, so why chase that rabbit hole?
  12. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: February 2017

    Feb 2017 right? Title of article.
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    It was 12 C or like 54 F here today. All the snow has melted. All the dreams of snowboarding have melted along with it.
  14. Jaguar News: Rumorpile: Jaguar XE SVR Could Boast 500 Horsepower

    OHHHHHHH.... Looks like the Giulia Quad has some epic competition coming from Jaguar. If you want the Giulia, just get a Jag XE SVR and the 5 year Jaguar complete care thing. Well, if they extend that service package to the hi-po variants. With the Giulia Quad you get the Giulia, the car, the sexy tomato but nothing else. With this you get a nice comfort warranty for your British cat-tomato.
  15. Alfa Romeo Scraps Plans For Giulia Wagon :Comments

    I expect the Quad's to have epic resales, since they just don't sell that many of them. I think Alfa could do a much better job being a brand like Porsche, which sells it's mystique and pedigree (even in trucklets like Cayenne and Stelvio) than a brand with volume sales ambitions like BMW, Mercedes. And then I would not scoff at the idea of escalation of commitment by Fiat. Though like a solid majority of Porche's sales are Cayenne + Macan + Panamera, but Stelvio is supposed to annihilate Giulia sales too.