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  1. Suaviloquent

    More content for the price...

    Let’s remind the premise of this thread. OP has valid concern over his loyalty to a brand that is not being catered to through said brands bundling of option packages on a sedan model. Relates to lack of competitive pricing of models, trims or packages. Of course other GM loyalists can say ‘hell yes I got X amount off and a wicked deal’. All I’m claiming is that other brands are more than competitive, and yes a Mazda generally has a flinty ride or noisier cabin but it’s actually fun to drive, has real steering feel, try to get that in most Buick’s that aren’t sedans. And now said competitors undercut the the Buick value proposition by offering other features standard or on their top-line trims for mainstream’s get the same features that’d be expected on a premium marque. And who said those said competitions don’t have good offers? You can also say people get X amount off their competitor brand to Buick. That happens too. Especially when said OP is considering rivals to desired class/segment of sedan the OP likes.
  2. Suaviloquent

    More content for the price...

    The picture I posted is of CX-9. never mentioned CX-5 in this thread. And still the Cx-5 for the price is better looking at least than the Envision. and of course the Avenir Lacrosse gets wood trim. I mentioned that already. Avenir models get real permium stuff that can be had in plebes like Avalon and Grand Touring Mazda’s for cheaper.
  3. Suaviloquent

    More content for the price...

    At that price the Envision makes decent sense. But laquer coated lol, the only Buick’s that even get wood trim are Avenir models, everybody knows Buick’s don’t get real wood trim. Even the Lacrosse doesn’t get real wood. And Mazda’s got great interiors dude, I just hate the white ivory leathers. We can agree to disagree, but what I can say is that if the Buick has better interiors by your opinion than even the German makes in it’s competitive set and the Mazda has a worse interior yet it offers real premium materials and not plastic wood, then I suppose Mazda is on par with Audi, Lexus, Acura and Lincoln in terms of interiors in top end models
  4. Suaviloquent

    More content for the price...

    Because you can get a far better and much larger crossover such as a Mazda CX-9, loaded Kia Sorento, Explorer Platinum... for that kind of change, and I dunno how, I’ve been in all of those and that god awful plastic wood trim in the Envision is pure trash, and the Cadillac XT5 is not that far off the Envision loaded up. What I meant was that Ford started to really PR spin the stupid EcoBoosts even though they were really just a replacement for the aging Duratecs, not a premium engine option. I remember configuring a base SE with the 1.6L back then and like $25,000 for just that? It was ridiculous, and now the competition is offering more features, more value and better turbo or N/A engines and the Fusion overplayed it’s hand, Ford has to increase value and the buyers that did get a Fusion, might feel burned by Ford’s PR spinning of what was just the next family of engine lines, not an industry exclusive tech that they played EB as. I would never pay more for the less powerful, less in real world efficient engine, and I laughed my ass off when they announced the Taurus and Explorer would get the 2.0L as an extra $1000 option. Who the hell actually bought into that, and I wonder how unimpressed or flat out rage they must have felt, eh?
  5. Suaviloquent

    Need Car Advice.. Corvette Z06 kinda advice

    I’d go used, but I’m actually more of a fan of the Grand Sport...not the same car, right. Ohhh, when you mentioned brakes and how they are different on the two cars I remembered that time you saved loads of dough by changing the rear axle bearings on your Impala. Some odd tie-in to DIY. Dunno about GM’s carbon ceramic brakes but some other names like BMW have issues with noise that their rotors make in situations where it would not look good for the vehicle to be making that brake noise. Also GM has a great reputation for their high performance steel rotors.
  6. Hey some sugar daddy or momma probably can’t even bother to look poor by lifting their arms to press the auto lift gate so Mercedes engineered the solution to be a trunk for an SUV. Thinking outside the trunk - if every car with a lift gate can get the auto down feature, even some cheap Chevy or Toyota, innovate by getting rid of the lift gate! The luxury of not looking like or using yours as any other utility on the market!
  7. Suaviloquent

    More content for the price...

    Well I would have said that maybe GM incentives might make up for it, but then I thought that @Paolino probably already has the current competitive offers for lease/finance at hand and still the Lacrosse is bundled too much relative to like competitors. i think GM will adjust. I remember how Ford first did EcoBoost and then now everyone that has turbos is making the turbo engine if not standard, than very easily attainable, and not the $1000 standalone upcharge on Fusion SE and like Focus to go from the 2.0L to the atrociously underpowered 1.0. American makes been kinda lacklustre on features and value for a while now on their passenger mainstream cars, and the only car that I really feel is a GEM is the Pacifica. And the Envision is a turd, it’s just a crap vehicle, doesn’t even matter where it’s imported from. Okay I know that vehicle is not involved at all, but still. Buick.
  8. Suaviloquent

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I experienced gigabit Internet the other day. Best orgasm ever. UHD uploads and downloads faster than fapping Turbo.
  9. I want to see lighter interior tones and better lighting. There was probably very little breathing room for this debut. I think the XT5 has a light brown interior option on some trims right? Where the dash, pillars, seats and doors are light brown. That is a good interior, I want to see the XT4 version of that.
  10. well they do need something to use up all that capacity at Chattanooga...
  11. i like this, better interior than the NSX as well!
  12. yeah this interior isn't really moving me much. I like the package, just the front cladding and big vent opening seem a bit odd. Otherwise I think the front 3/4 is sharp, and the lighting is great.
  13. I like the green house, I like the interior as well. For some reason it looks much smaller than it probably is. Are my eyes fooling me?
  14. Suaviloquent

    Lincoln News: Lincoln Planning to Add Suicide Doors To Continental

    if they got rid of the rental stripper model and kept it to just reserve and higher I wouldn't complain. But that's why the car isn't amazing outright. i knew that, and I still love the styling. But there's too much lost from the concept to get a $50,000 car, where if Lincoln was actually after prestige, they'd realize that hypocrisy doesn't run in their favor. Mercedes can whore out S-Classes in Germany in livery fleets all they want, because America doesn't care about that. That's why brining back a model from the dead requires an actual decent plan to capture buyers. The closest thing to that is perhaps how the Zeta Camaro was so popular because it tied into the Transformer Films. Whoever got that deal is a legend in GM right now.
  15. Suaviloquent

    SUV & EV Co-Development of Ford & Mahindra

    If that’s the future of cars in North America god help us all. Either we get desirable cars or we don’t get cars at all.

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