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  1. Suaviloquent

    Tesla Model 3 "Recommended" Rating Rescinded by Consumer Reports

    Jeff Bezos also helped out Blue Origin. SpacEx is astronomical units ahead there. Rivian has a concept. Remember when Faraway Future was making noise? Then some Chinese LeEco guy invested like a billion dollars. What about Lucid? There were rumours Ford was taking a look? And then there was some controversy with that? Rivian is basically a boxy styling Faraway at this point.
  2. Suaviloquent

    DRIVEN: 2019 Chevrolet Blazer LT AWD 3.6

    I think people considering the Blazer probably will come to terms with the offering. The Balzer offers uniqueness. I feel Chevy has always been a stylish or classy, or solid alternative when done right. Impala has been classy. The Cruze...best NVH in class, the Sonic, well built and grown up for a compact. And now this thing. Anybody buying in this class doesn't want stylish and good looking sedans anyways, they want the inbetween. Blazer avoids looking like an appliance, even though that's still the intended function. GM just took a Acadia crossover and set it ABLAZE. That's why it at least looks dynamic, hot and smaller.
  3. Suaviloquent

    Buick News: Buick Cascada Dead After 2019

    Demographic changes will make the point moot. Other than the rough adventure types... Or posh sentimentals no in my circles care about domestic brands, especially the non-main line ones. I would consider Cadillac here main-line because it has more pedigree. Buick does not get lumped into that. Chevy is seen as all manners of bad acronyms associated with 'GM'. GMC and Denali seem immune. No one can kill that one. Professional grade. Thought every time I see a Terrain, its in SLT trim. I have yet to see anything Denali that isn't a pickup truck or Yukon
  4. Suaviloquent

    DRIVEN: 2019 Chevrolet Blazer LT AWD 3.6

    I think the real tragedy is that the Explorer will drive how the Blazer looks.... Get what I mean? It's like Ford took Alpha and turned it into a crossover. With 3 rows. GM...where are you? Oh in Europe, selling bikes. Did you know that Kia started out as a bicycle company?!
  5. Suaviloquent

    Land Rover News: Land Rover Debuts New Inline-6 Engine

    Hmmm, yes first the electric will only control the spark... And then over time the engine lost control of propelling the car altogether. The electric developed further, overtime taking over more and more functions of the engine. And then the electric motor achieved cost and technological parity. After that the engine died out. Eons later no one knows to this day why combustion was favoured over electric.
  6. Suaviloquent

    GM News: GM To Launch Electric Bike Brand in Europe

    There you go. Your overpriced Blazer funds overpriced bikes. Europeans are on the whole much healthier and therefore lighter than Americans. They don't need the assist. I see this going two ways. It either makes money but still is a waste of time. Or it doesn't make money and it's a collosal waste of time. Wait I get. They want to make autonomous bikes. No pedaling... No handlebar. Just sit hunched over and look at your phone the whole damn time with wind in your face. It's the new convertible! So good!
  7. Suaviloquent

    Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price Again

    It's like artificial intelligence. Dumb now, smart later. Never bet against it though. And our old ways will be left to turn to dust, and then become extinct.
  8. This CTS is what put Alpha in the map. I'm not sure if GM can surpass this to be honest. The LT4 has an analog vibe in what is the digital divide. It has an umami, a secret flavour that isn't easy to replicate, even for Cadillac. Never before have style, performance, and luxury come together in the most American way possible. For someone looking at the CT6-V... I must say. The CT6-V has a big boy badass. The CTS has a ace, the boss, the maximum killer...the hitman level of badass..to me that is. But the CT6-V might just offer more opulence and a more refined drive...
  9. Okay major points for BMW for at least putting classy green paint on that thing. I thought that grille would look awful, but it works here.
  10. Remember when Daimler and Toyota put money into Tesla? YUP. I think GM will just get disgruntled. Maybe they're looking to do a stock swap,but then Rivian would be getting a FAR better deal than what GM would get in return.
  11. Suaviloquent

    Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price Again

    Jeepiat? What is that? Sounds tasty. Something exotic. On second thoughts exotics are never reliable... Is that what those bozo teens called the Tide Pods that they ate like fruit? Anyways dammit @oldshurst442. why. Why do I hate even the idea of my parents helping me with anything....yet you calmly let your mom do your laundry like it’s no issue. I can't bring myself to have my mom cook for me even... And I'm not even 25 yet...btw I also live on my own. However I am a basement dweller basket of deplorables, my name is Suaviloquent and I approve this message. Paid for by OmniOrbus SuperModPac.
  12. Suaviloquent

    Cadillac Introduces Limited-Edition XT5 Sport Package

    This is GM making money. What’s wrong with that? Also check the price of this and then the Blazer sporty package top trim price. Pick your poison. Go GMC Denali, I choose you!
  13. Suaviloquent

    Tesla Cuts Model 3 Price Again

    Tesla has an ecosystem approach. That’s something all the others lagged behind. Honestly, if Tesla can just get to their damn $40,000 car...not even $35,000 they’ll have made it. I think they can reasonably get to 500k cars by 2021. Holy smokes.... were I to say this, maybe 2 years ago....pls I would have loved to be lynched by a mob, even I would have believed I deserved it by saying that!
  14. Suaviloquent

    Rumorpile: GM May Sell Distribution Rights of Holden

    An "all-new" Acadia is big problem. Debuting years old product from another market into Australia???? Of all places? Get the HELL outta there if that's the best you can do! Maybe someone else is doing that too, but the race to the bottom will have unintended consequences. 1 in every 10/100/1000 CLA-minded people will consider test driving a Genesis G70 for the same price. Once they do they'll probably never go back to Mercedes... for example. You can do the reverse, like bring a Ford Ranger and slap some extra steel and safety equipment. You can bring the Caprice and SS...and give Holden much needed production volume. But you cannot take a Regal and call it a commodore. However you could badge engineer a commodore and get away with calling it a GNX. It'd have the performance chops with the correct drivetrain and hardware.
  15. This truck looks soooo good. And how tf is Ford able to recycle their design cues and not mess it up? This looks like a 2019 refresh of a 2010 truck...and yet it works! I don't feel it's stake! WTF. Cognitive dissonance.... . 2C919752-4D82-470E-AC5D-DD55668EA973.jp2

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