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  1. Suaviloquent

    Ford News: Ford Expands Production of the GT (Again)

    People were already trampling over its prestige by reselling after sale. So Ford is saying fuck you to those folks that violated that clause by watering down its prestige and limitedness by selling more. They are essentially doing a favour to those willing to bet up to and more a million that they should buy flipped GT’s What do they say? Buy low, sell high. You know why the car mags actually don’t fault the GT for not being capable of beating the 720s or Performant on a track? It’s got a factory warranty with a factory roll cage built into the structure, which you can’t say any of the new competitors do. That probably added complexity and weight, and cost to integrate so it’s completely hidden. Could you even do a mod like that to the 720 without ruining its aesthetic!? HELL NO
  2. Suaviloquent

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    DFelt how is this a relevant question for gods sakes you can’t fit yourself either headroom or legroom wise behind the driver seat adjusted for yourself in any midsize sedan currently available for sale.
  3. Suaviloquent

    2019 BMW 3-Series Arrives in Paris

    I am actually really starting to like this car. Granted we are looking at 330i’s and up and MSports... I like everything about it, I don’t even think it looks all that boring to me anymore. BMW did a great job in terms of details. I wonder now... the Alfa and Genesis as new comer really have a lot of work to do against this to actually make in roads.
  4. Suaviloquent

    Ford News: How to Get An 800 Horsepower Mustang For Under $40,000

    The bullet is the best version of this generation Mustang and while some may say the Shelbys are where they’re at, the Bullit really does come full circle, even though all it took was a decent paint job, simple 5 spoke wheels and then a rebadged grille. Ford thinks of these things really well.
  5. Suaviloquent

    BMW News: Leaked: 2019 BMW 3-Series

    The interior is a definite step up and now BMW’s look like they are the logical in between of Audi and Mercedes. Which means this car is blah at best. But I think the exterior overall is still more attractive than the Mercedes but the Volvo S60 is still the ‘all-new for 2019’ styling champion of this class.
  6. Suaviloquent

    Happy Birthday William And CCap41

    Happy birthday for 14 more mins dudes
  7. Japan’s having a population implosion and their car market is in the process of cratering. none of their automakers can even survive on the JDM, and what is also true is that Japanese cars haven’t changed in decades. They’re all really tiny boxs that are fancy golfcarts. Part of why so many Indian cars in the modern Indian car market also use a tin pot style formula for cars.
  8. With American brands cars going extinct left and right and the majority of US assembled import cars being for import consumption. Literally the best they can probably do is probably nothing. You see Japan having the capability to build their own carrier commercial aircraft or fighter jets, and Japan doesn’t complain that American makes like Boeing and Lockheed do so well there... There’s an example specialization that works handily.
  9. Suaviloquent

    Lincoln News: Lincoln MKT To Live On As A Livery Special

    Really odd how a car will die out as a hearse. like the person who died is in a car that’s about to die
  10. f@#ken A I haven’t snickered on this forum for a while. really jives with how @regfootball describes them as soul sucking/testosterone elimination devices
  11. Suaviloquent

    Cadillac News: Cadillac Making Some Changes To The V-Series

    I have a feeling that they’re pivoting V towards their crossovers and part of that is dumbing down V performance, and calling their VSports their full on V Series. which actually may be the smartest thing done to V brand in a long time. They need it to sell, not be some exclusivity factor that is non-existent outside the U.S.
  12. Suaviloquent

    Genesis News: 2019 Genesis G70 To Start From $35,895

    I like this car a lot. The rear end is very tasteful the front looks okay...
  13. Suaviloquent

    2019 Cadillac XT4 Review: Is Cadillac's Most Affordable New Car Any Good?

    The CX9 is a better luxury vehicle than any tiny ass made for Asians crossovers, especially the XT4, that’s still smaller than its competition that is the NX, X3, Q5 and GLC.
  14. So in other words, you’re wrong and Asian makes do make cars for big people. The same argument applies to them. they make half-asses full-sizes and instead choose to focus where they can make dominant products. it’s a moot point, if you’re a tall person you can buy a Honda CRV or Pilot. Don’t tell me you’ll compare a Expenditon ESV third row as the entire reason why Asian makes make cars for short folk only cos even a Sienna could hand the Escalade it’s ass in the space and space efficiency department.
  15. Suaviloquent

    BMW News: BMW Vision iNext Puts A Very Bold Face Forward

    Hey BMW! Record that!

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