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  1. Suaviloquent

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    Hmmmmm. They could merge the GS and IS and get a tweener sedan, and I'd like them to actually do that, because they don't need 2 sedans whether FWD or RWD that are almost the same length.
  2. It seems like a really mild evolutionary redesign, and they've managed to reduce overhangs and the visual 'bulk' of the Explorer. While I liked the styling of the current Explorer, I always felt it looked really fat, and even the gen before the outgoing one now had an athletic look to it.
  3. I don't see the visibility advantage of higher seating really holding up much longer, as more people move into crossovers and utes, effectively more vehicles are larger and taller blocking the damn view! In a sedan: "I hate all these damn SUVs and bricks goddamn blocking ma viehuh" Trades to a RAM Powerwagon or token MallFinder " Ah, I can see SOOOOO much better" - at the cost of someone else's visibility... jackass"
  4. Suaviloquent

    June Car Spotter

    Saw a bunch of CT6s and like man are they so much more viseble at night compared to really any other luxury car. Cadillac’s vertical fin lighting is a signature that I hope the continue to evolve but keep forever.
  5. Suaviloquent

    BMW News: 2019 BMW X5 Gains A Bigger Grille, Slightly Larger

    I like the side profile quite a bit, it looks a lot more upright, stronger and more commanding.
  6. I absolutely love the greenhouse glass area, and the paint... green, blue, purple, and like hints of grey, whoa...
  7. So when is the magical level 5 autonomous car predicted again? like late 2020s rite? Hmm since this stuff conceivably is software limited at the moment not hardware (Tesla says they can go back and add full autonomy once they get it done if you pay $5000 for sensors that can’t actually do it right now!), could they upgrade super cruise over the air and add more autonomy? I mean could we live in a future where you could mod a car like this a decade down the line so you could add the level 5 like some aftermarket head units, HUD’s. like unplug the old car computer and put in a new one. Car suddenly is smarts.
  8. I still can’t believe they thought the 500 would do well. i wonder if the other kind of automotive heresy is possible. We all saw Jaguar and then even Rolls and Bentley start producing ‘high bodied’ cars. what if they just do the reverse for Jeep? Like for the sake of argument, make a sleek Volvo cross country like thing , add more body cladding where appropriate (Trailhawk), make it a lift back, make the 7 slot grille sexy and sleek and then slap a Jeep badge on!
  9. Suaviloquent

    Toyota News: 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback To Begin $20,910*

    That was a bit cheeky and trolling by me. Yes. Of course Dearborn has made great cars before! and all automakers do have bad periods, we all know unintended acceleration and the massive recalls that Toyota has. Panther cars made for badass cop cars and the Mustang is good, but yeah I just had to find some kind of new dig against them, same with General Moronics. my biggest mistake is that in my view I hold domestic makes to higher standards, because I believe they can be much better if they weren’t so short sighted.
  10. Suaviloquent

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Ford Mach 1 EV Crossover To Use Focus Platform

    And I thought the Eclispse Cross was bad. okay this is a rumour. but forever only retarded decisions, what do...
  11. Suaviloquent

    Toyota News: 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback To Begin $20,910*

    I like this car. It’s got a decent little motor, NO EcoTurbo bull shyte; and finally Toyota has stylistically a vehicle with effort on design even though it’s still more ‘meh’ than the new Focus, incumbent Cruze, Civic hatch and the Elantra GT. And I hope it sells like crazy just to prove that Dearborn when it comes to cars has made forever only retarded decisions.
  12. I want to see an electric Viper because that car has always been a mad cat to handle and imagine if they found a way to let a 1000+ hp and tq electric motor and batteries in the back of the next SOB in this line let loose. worth watching the rubber melt as it rips the goddamn earth off the ground, madness. Oh well
  13. Suaviloquent

    Industry News: U.S. Announces A New Probe Into Car Imports

    Well there was a great piece I read somewhere that the Chicken Tax is what keeps domestic truck lines safe from competition. but then look at Japan and Korea. American makes can never succeed there. And that’s because they are not even willing to try to understand. Look at China. How the hell will anyone believe that their automakers need any protections any more with the kinds of cars they make today. I don’t like Trump, don’t like Wilbur Ross, and a lot of what the domestic makes even make is partially or wholly imported. but really the question is that autos are a big reasons hoomaans are doomed with global warming, and so tariffs might just do nothing to change that, and that’s what LeTrump wants.
  14. I thought I’d make an annual update. last weigh in 145 lbs. I am like at 10% body fat. i also got inked. And then I killed a chair in the air. got on keto. Did snake diet fasts. Had a lot of fun. Became the snake out of all my friends, had an eagle grafted on me chest. yeah things aren’t too bad now,l. sw: 188 ew: 145.
  15. Suaviloquent

    Lincoln News: Lincoln: We're Still Committed to Cars

    Ford is just too tied to its FSeries. And if they actually are able to hybridize their entire lineup, then there will be efficient utility options. I can see the dispeleasure, but in the end if they choose to kill of their sedans, well it might just be the best time to get a Fusion for a song. I’d get the Fusion Hybrid, because that’s actually the best Fusion available in terms of overall purpose, no EcoBoost false promise, and while the battery isn’t under the seats, the trunk still has a pass through. And the discounts plus decent FE make its cost of ownership competitive with newer midsize hybrids that get 3-5 mpg better.

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