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  1. Now another thing. Let’s say like next year u start seeing some decent incentives or 2018 MY clear outs for this new Navi. Will Cadillac then offer even more cash on the hood? The Escalade is their most profitable product on a per unit basis. Hmmm....
  2. Look man, part of the GT's price is it's history and heritage. And you can bet that the person who bought a GT can and most likely will get some kind of modern Corvette too. Plus it's MADE IN CANADA quality, which you can't get in the United States.... Well....duhhh...stupid point aside, The cars compete on performance but much less elsewhere. The GT also can't really perform much better than it can because of homologation issues, and how strictly they had to match the production and race car to optimize the GTE race car. Which of course was BP'd to hell in it's second year of Ford's leg in the LE MANS because no one would want to watch 4 straight years of Ford using a dedicated car to win it's class. The same class which is filled with cars that aren't devoted to solely exist to win there and sell very low volumes as an uncompromising and rather uncomfortable supercar. The GT has intangible value, hard to assess, different person to person. This Corvette may have some bench stats to read off a list somewhere, but that's again value for dollar, which is immaterial once you start getting higher and higher into six figures.
  3. Somehow I feel like this version of the Corvette ZR1 is kinda like the iPhone 8 Plus. Super powerful guts, expected pack leading performance on most general benchmarks used against peer and above competition, but tried and true styling from the past several years. The real Corvette we're all supposedly waiting for is the 2020(?) mid-engine one? Is that going to be the Corvette version of the iPhone 10? Okay, stupid analogy aside... it's probably going to tear apart anything it competes against on power and performance.
  4. If u can’t beat them, join’em!
  5. Buick News: Buick LaCrosse Goes Upscale With Avenir

    The Avenir models just don’t do anything for me. Now, will the Regal get Avenir trim????
  6. I’m totally with Casa on this one great topic. I think greatly that while the great Navigator has finally been made great again... I’m not sure if it really is a great again game changer. The great ball is in Lincoln’s great court, and while the great Raptor engine is great...again. I am a great V8 person when it comes to big fat stupid great SUVs, and Lincoln not having a great V8 could only be made great again if they friggin’ made a great EV 250 mile plus great luxury great fist of great pain, like great DFelt said about how great Cadillac can make the Escalade even greater again. Just because it’s great again doesn’t make it great again. YES.
  7. I doubt that EVs will ever be priced nominally exactly like a comparable gas power car. Tesla still does that ‘gas savings’ hack on their purchase offers for to lower the payments for finance/lease... So some of that mitigated expense of potentially lower operating costs will still get wrapped into MSRP as most automakers will do to reduce the horrendous losses of having to compete against their own bread and butters with some electric gluten free toast and non-hydrogenated margarine.
  8. What if they had credits that had an inverse relationship to the MSRP of the EV? Cheaper EV’s like Leaf getting the biggest credit ($7500 like right now), then a second tier for Bolt (up to like $5000), then Model 3 ($3750) and then cars like Model S and upcoming Mission E from Porsche getting ZERO EV purchase tax credit. Interesting bit of social engineering thought no? Would it all auto mfg’s to prioritize more affordable EV’s for the masses?
  9. NAFTA Renegotiation Thread

    NAFTA The latest rounds of the renegotiation talks have started, and they have an emphasis on U.S. demanding new content rules. Just to summarize, the U.S. wants more domestic content, which means NAFTA region countries, and 50% mandatory U.S. content, just to name a few of the changes. This hopefully isn't too political of an issue, it's more to do with how you feel about the rules should be for automakers and their suppliers doing business in America, Canada and Mexico. I think the U.S. demands - on paper, atleast are fair. U.S. is the largest market for autos in NAFTA region. I want to hear more of just how you feel about this issue. Feel free to source links where more of your opinions can be expanded and read more about.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    All these fake exhaust tips integrated into bumpers on all the cars these days are really starting to annoy me. They look cheap, they get dirty much faster because they're in the exhaust stream in the case of models that have the real tips behind them, an they're usually made of plastic chrome. I used to ask myself "why do this???" , and of course the answer was that it cuts costs. Like the Volkswagen ATLAS and Tiguan, they have these chrome rectangles pieces with a moudling plastic inner, made to look like an exhaust!!! WTF?!! The real tips are actually behind the bumper.... Even the new Lexus LS. Same goddamn deal, you actually even see the real tips that look cheap because they're not plated, and then you see the fake tips that are part of the bumper....I see it in new Mercedes sedans....everywhere....it triggers like an OCD like rageeeee attack in my mind. FUCK OFF YOU FAKE EXHAUST TIPS!!!!
  11. Interesting. I imagine a lot of this is platform sharing to spread the tech among the brands. So will Cadillac get the high performance EV motors (preferably in-wheel for torque-vectoring) and big, fat battery packs to power them?
  12. Quick Drive: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

    The Pacifica oddly enough is the one of few FCA vehicles I would have no issue getting CPO. Especially 2018 MY+ as they have finally gotten the 9 speed right with the newest model out as of late. One thing I hope Chrysler does do, is make the future Pacifica Hybrid an AWD model with electric rear axle. That would be a great win, the only AWD minivan is the Sienna. The Hybrid Pacifica is a better value than the Odyssey Elite. Sure you don't get LED lights and some other features, but you get 50% better mileage, and with tax incentives that if you can qualify for, will cost less.
  13. Made in Canada.
  14. Random Thoughts Thread

    Back after so long. My interest has cars has basically vanished. Might come back. Might not.
  15. Ford News: Ford Moving Focus Production to China

    Hmmm, I think this move has everything to do with Ford giving up on the Focus as a car they can ever use to ever win the compact sedan class. I thought Hermosillo was going get the Focus anyways still.... Ford has this problem which is apparent. Almost their entire lineup is old now and not up to par in anyway that doesn't include a standout trimline like Platinum or Sport. I mean I find it very hard to resolve my like of the Fusion, but the point of manufacture stings me, and for that reason alone I consider the Chevy Malibu more. We vote with our wallets, but jere we don't win. Ford doesn't want to tough it out and still pursue American manufacturing, and that's because they aren't willing see if they can command a price premium for being a domestic. But deft move on their part, but I think they were thinking of axing the Mexico plant long ago, pre-Trump.

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