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  1. Here’s Why the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is Worth $100,000

    A Black Label dealer has to spend like atleast $250,000 in renovations and other staff training, kitting out the dealership for special service bays and having a Black Label concierge for all customers in that dealership's territory. So basically no small-time Lincoln but big-ass Ford dealer will do that, they'd rather nudge the customer towards the new Expedition EVERY TIME.
  2. Cadillac's Average Transaction Prices at new Heights

    That's good, BMW especially has flooded itself with cheap 320i leases and i3's and i8's it can't sell. Mercedes looks to be the big bogey that Cadillac has to take on, Audi being the new German underdog in chief....again. Lexus is the LC and LS and nothing else right now. The RX is the prescription to luxury like Toyota SUVyndrome.
  3. See now here's the thing, that rear end would work - even Cadillac showed the same trunk with a super high lift-over height, but DAT ASS MAN.
  4. Ford News: Ford Releases Details on 2018 F-150 Diesel

    The upgrades they made to the engine sound like they should be mandatory for the Land Rover too. It's the more expensive vehicle..... I mean da fuq, no wonder those oil sheikhs/barons in the middle east ditch their Land Rovers for Land Cruisers when their enter the deserts - the damn thing can't cool itself!
  5. Ford News: Ford Cans Plans for Fusion Redesign

    Not even the new autonomous vehicle will be a Fusion badged vehicle. What's worst is that when Mullaly presented the new Fusion in 2012 as the rejuvenation of Ford's ability to make competitive cars - the Focus had just been redone the previous year, and the Escape soon followed. They gloated how they would refresh cars every 3 years, and have a 6 year product cycle. Ford couldn't manage any of their PAG brands that had sedans, couldn't capitalize on Land Rover- which BTW is what now pays for the existence of TATA Motors.... I hate to say this, but I have become convinced through the lacklustre ability of Ford to actually sell competitive cars.. over the long haul... there's an old fellow somewhere outwest in Alberta, and I will say he has been vindicated entirely when it pertains to Ford's passenger sedans....
  6. Audi News: Spying: Audi Q8 Is Almost Undisguised

    I am completely underwhelmed, but only because the styling, it feels sooooo old. Only Audi can pull off having their flagship crossover be like a stuffed up Q2 with nicer proportions portions here and there. And yeah the XT5 is not pretty either. Ditto for the Escape. The Bentayga can drive off a cliff all I care. I'm starting to see a pattern here.....
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    The true gold member!
  8. Random Thoughts Thread

    Also - Olds, I'll have you know... I have never seen a single Star Wars films, I know really NOTHING material about the LucasFilms franchise, And I don't think I'll ever watch a single film in the forseeable future. Many people have said I am crazy, either not human or flat-out bluffing, but nope I have not seen a single film, even any understanding of all the plot-lines through trailers or small snippets is vague or laughably shallow at best, and if worst like I think for sure - I am completely a 'tard when it comes to STAWRS WAWRZ. "BUT HOW CAN U LIV WITHOUT TEH INTERNETS" "BUT HOW CAN U LIV WITHOUT STARS WOWS"
  9. Comfort Cruiser SUV?

    Plenty of auto reviewers/publications have started to turn on the Volvo actually - only because with how well the styling and build quality of the interior is, any shortcoming is glaring. Their infotainment system is laggy and filled with bugs, and I think just as big of a weak link as the Armada's. The ride and handling are below par for the luxury segment, but the XC90 isn't priced at the top-end either. Powertrains are the problem for the luxury segment, but a solution to world increasingly chopping off some or all cylinders at a time. You'd also probably want only the T6, and not the inscription model - because those get the large wheels - which means you want to get the Air Suspension too. Touareg and GC are tops in this list. Isn't FCA finally getting a settlement in the works over the EcoDiesel? Or did that only affect RAM truck models that got the same engine? And isn't the Touareg TDI the only one that didn't require a substantial hardware fix to correct the substantial NoX emissions? The VW is greater than the sum of its parts to me, and has the credentials to compete for your honest CPO luxury cushy ride dollars. You get that bit of exclusivity too! But I know that matters very little to you, you care only for the performance of intended function. The Jeep is part Wrangler in ethos, part Durango in family heritage, part collaboration with EVIL EMPIRE (Daimler) for the platform that underpins it. TL:DR, you get a lot of the best parts that FCA has ever put together for any vehicle ever since the partnership post BK. Especially that UConnect. I would go for the VW, because it's more cushier than the GC if you compared it to German brand levels of refinement and build (if that matters to you), but the GC is a more versatile vehicle though be not as tailored in its multi-role capabilities, vis-a-vis the VW's more defined on-road prowess.
  10. Random Thoughts Thread

    Kinda late but - Happy Festivus, Happy Chanukah/Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all of the above and those I did not mention from lack of off-hand knowledge - those too!
  11. Used SRX or New XT5

    I think the styling of the SRX is more edgy though, and honestly, some might argue if it had fancy LED lights in front too, laypersons when it comes to cars might think the late model SRXs is the same age as the XT5. I tend to think of the SRX as being an unheard of American alternative to all the bizarre crossover coupes shenanigans from the import brands with its headroom limited second row... It actually has the requisite declining roof line and shallow angle rear glass, though Cadillac probably would never ever tout that styling feature.
  12. Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Unveils the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

    Well, it does finally look like a new Silverado for a new incoming decade. At first I thought that Chevy was going away from the current planted to the road look of the current Silvy, but then I remembered that this is the Z71 Trailboss. Good luck with carbon fibre beds, because if that's true, and they're using high modulus stuff, they must have figured out a way to make it compliant at the same time. Probably that bed option will be only for LTZ and High Country trims, but I think the weight savings of going that route will be inconsequential. A better place for CF is the roof or hood, out of harms and reality as well as disappointment's way if Chevy made another stupid concrete block commercial without bed liners. Plus using it on roof and hood would actually lower the center of gravity, help handling.... Glad to see the rounded fender arches, honestly, seeing the frame and other under-body innards on the current gen - especially if you didn't opt for the wheel arch covers factory or aftermarket - looked so cheap or like as if something had taken a bite off out of the fenders.
  13. Random Thoughts Thread

    It’s like 5 or 6 other cars and utes interbred and then here’s a premature infant from that coupling. And it’s a colour of green, a sign of health and vitality.
  14. Mazda News: Mazda Plans a New Crossover For the U.S.

    I bet is a rework of the JDM CX-8. In fact that's the only thing that makes any sense if the car is expected to be exclusively a Mazda. But that is an implicit LIE. I strongly believe that it's not a Mazda platformed at all, and it's based on a Toyota platform. Which makes me think it will be a Toyota skinned as a Mazda.
  15. Kia News: 2018 Kia Stinger to Begin At $32,800, GT At $39,200

    Hey to those of you actually interested in this car - test drive it, but buy it in Canada, have it delivered there and then import it back into the U.S. For some inexplicable reason, the car fully loaded in Canada is priced $5000 less nominally. That's before you factor in exchange rates. We Canadians get a massive discount on this car. Also, missing features like a 360 degree camera are included in the Canadian market car. Seriously - it's the SS car Chevy stopped making, Ford cannot possibly build without sinking billions, and Chrysler won't make for atleast another 4 years, if they even try to remake the Charger or 300 on the Giulia platform. Kia is by introducing this car the last holdout in the affordable RWD performance 4 door grand tourer.

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