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  1. I guess I can't expect everyone to be good at debating (or you know, rational thought...) but the number of times I've gotten nothing more than the "you're a shill!" response in the past few days is getting absurd.
  2. Well that about sums it up, doesn't it? Not terrible but underwhelming all the same. Always nice to imagine they'll step up their game, I guess.
  3. Hey now, play nice. No need to lump of all of us together....some of us do have better taste .
  4. Yup. the overwhelmingness of it all sometimes I'll just do nothing about it.. Then realize..F! and then do work.. I do pretty good work under pressure. Yes, I think that's precisely it. Who knows? Maybe I'm just messing with myself and that is my motivation, too. I tend to work pretty well under pressure or time constraints, too. Despite being anxious the whole time lol
  5. Ever have so much to get done that you sort of shut down and do nothing for a bit? Had one of those weekends and it's frustrating me to no end.
  6. Chevelle and Foo Fighters tonight
  7. Wow, that's crazy! So sad and wasteful too there's so much that could be restored from there. It'd be great to have a look around there.
  8. Looks impressive, you know that'd be a great ride . I'm all for the roof changes, too.

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