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  1. the ones I have now are rubber but they're definitely in need of replacement. All faded and it looks like some cracking/peeling of the rubber on them
  2. Hi guys, I drive a Volkswagen Golf 2001 (bought it refurbished in 2007). When I got it it didn't come with car mats, I got such a good deal on the car that I decided to splurge and bought some legit car mats from the dealership. Several years down the road they're getting a bit raggedy and I want to replace them with some good quality all-weather ones. Where have you guys gotten your car mats from/what are some brands I should stay away from? I'm willing to spend the money on quality ones as long they last and come with attachments so I can install them securely.
  3. I drive a Volkswagen and was shocked when this story broke. Never expected this from a company like Volkswagen but I suppose they were getting desperate considering how poorly their sales were doing in the US. Over the long term I think they'll bounce back as most large companies do from scandals such as this. Volkswagen drivers buy their vehicles for their design and quality, not just because they're "clean". They definitely will have taken a huge hit financially though, not just from fines but from the delay in releasing their 2016 vehicles. I bet the old CEO is laughing his way to a luxurious retirement.
  4. Hi everyone, just joined up for some socializing with car people. I'm from Pennsylvania and I drive a Volkswagen Golf (2001) and my wife has a Honda CRV 2005. Anything else, just ask
  5. I've always been a fan of VW. While this scandal will hurt their image and that of Diesels I have no doubt they'll make a come back. Their cars are good quality and great designs, their having clean diesel was just a plus. Still not the worst cars on the road.

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