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  1. After reading that, my takeaway is that Hyundai spent money on reserch to find out people don't want a bad dealer experience.
  2. One has much less plumbing.
  3. Ram News: 2017 Ram 1500 EcoDiesels Are Hitting Dealers

    2017s now arriving. Just in time to be discounted and make room for the 2018s.
  4. It's hard to believe the smart for two resale percentage. But that's because it's hard for me to believe anyone would buy a new one to begin with.
  5. I've been saying that for years. I've been in cars that require scrolling through menus hitting buttons scrolling through more menus hitting more buttons and then selecting an option. The same functions I could do with a simple dial or Knob in older vehicles without taking my eyes off the road. The more buttons dials and knobs lost to a touchscreen, the more dangerous the car becomes in my opinion.
  6. It will make for a nice sleeper.
  7. IMO the frontier sells so well because of its price. Try and buy a midsize truck from competitors for under $35,000. If Nissan can update the truck to be competitive and still keep a decent price I think it will do very well.
  8. All other comments aside, the headline of this thread is kind of a, well duh.
  9. Ultimate Dream Garage: 10 Cylinder Edition

    As far as I am aware, there has not been that many V10 optoins. Looking at what has already been posted I'm guessing over 90 % have been covered.
  10. Ultimate Dream Garage: 4 Cylinder Edition

    I'm kinda surprised the SRT4 and Evo didn't make someone's list.
  11. Again and again. Any one else remember when GM ran the commercial for the Suburban touting how the Ford Expedition was in a class of it's own? Almost instantly Ford ran commercials saying "We couldn't have said it better ourselves" quoting GMs commercials. GM has a way of putting feet in mouth. As far as aluminum goes, I wouldn't be surprised if they just aren't production ready for it and that's the holdup. Maybe not wanting to retool the plant at the moment. Perhaps even some kind of copy right holding them back. But we all know it's coming.
  12. GMs Real people advertising for both cars and trucks is just one of the stupidest campaigns I've ever seen. But it does seem to work on some people "Well, some folks would rather still have a work truck that can handle the tough stuff over mileage....."
  13. I've had a lot of different things including rocks loaded into my truck from tractors. And every time the operator got as close as he could to the floor of the bed, and dumped the materials as gently as they could. I can also tell you if someone loaded my truck like they do in the commercials I would drag them out of the tractor and beat the ever loving sh!t out of them. Then charge the company for any damages done. And "Real" people who use trucks for work on a regular basis would have some kind of bed liner to protect the truck. GMs Real people advertising for both cars and trucks is just one of the stupidest campaigns I've ever seen.
  14. Kia News: Kia Unveils Stonic Subcompact Crossover

    I've always felt that way about the Juke.
  15. Jeep News: Spying: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Now In Two-Door Form

    Or one could buy a medical kit and Swiss Army knife, and save thousands by not getting a speachal addition sticker package that comes with a first aid kit and a knife.