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  1. I saw the new gladiator going down the freeway. I haven't been paying attention to availability. So at first I thought it was a press loner. But then I checked and apparently they're available now.
  2. My quick math off the top of my head says that's about one out of three. Now without actually reading the link you posted I'm wondering how desirable the one of three trucks with a V8 are to the average yuppie. Now take that average yuppie / soccer mom / Joe blow that wanys a good family truckster and put him in front of a salesman. Then consider Ford isn't offering a V8 in much that's not "special order" or high-end trim.
  3. I believe ocnblue and Drew are confirming my first post. You can't buy what you can't find. Then there is my second Post in this thread which (sort of ) explains that marketing has bamboozled so many people. I know I did not specify exactly how marketing has bamboozled so many. But I'm going to assume that in these forms people understand. But then again there seem to be a lot of people who buy trucks based on "real people" advertising. I suppose the sad thing is that there are so many people going to buy a truck and getting duped by a *"'!/" Salesman.
  4. I suppose I did not specify when I said Eco and boost but not both. But I was also talking about under heavy load and didn't think I needed to. I was assuming most people reading these forms kind of already knew and I was rehashing something. I guess I should not assume. I also mentioned different technologies and how they work. And knowing your needs versus those technologies. which is why you do not see class 8 tractor trailers going down the roads moving 80,000 pounds using Small engines buzzing their little hearts out.
  5. The bottom line is the only reason small displacement turbo engines have become so popular is because manufacturers are trying to meet EPA regulations. Now of course they can market it a 3.5 l turbo engine as more powerful than a V8. But that's only marketing. They can also market a 3.5 as more fuel efficient than a V8. But when the engines are under a load, towing for example, many people in the know realize that eeficiency marketing is a ploy for small turbo engines. Are there benefits to forced induction. Yes. Are they much more complicated and more prone to failure in somem cases, yes. Are they more expensive to develop and build yes. If it weren't for trying to meet regulations than any maker could develop a 20 liter turbo V8. All the benefits of large displacement, and all the benefits of turbo. Automakers are playing a balancing act between economy and power. Throw in emissions regulations on top of that. Back to the title of this thread. Ford cuts V8 production. They're doing it to meet regulations, not because that's what the market is clamoring for. They boast about how many EcoBoost engines are sold in trucks vs. V8 engines. But like I said before you can't buy what isn't offered. And there are enough people that don't realize you can have Eco or boost but not both. So ford can slap a sticker on the window of an EcoBoost pickup with great MPG ratings. And the first time someone toes a good load with that EcoBoost they realize a V8 is more efficient. You have to understand what you're going to be using the vehicle for, and how they different technologies work. Many people do realize how these technologies work, many people do not. So I'll say again, it's meeting regulations and marketing. Okay I'll stop ranting.
  6. The Workhorse needs a full crew cab option to become viable to the masses. If they did that they could become a player outside of fleet buyers. And weren't these supposed to be able to the public a long time ago. I see it like VIA, lot of empty promises. For good or bad at least Tesla has things you can actually go and buy.
  7. I wonder what the take rate for V8 trucks would be if they weren't practically a spacial order option these days. The last time I was at my local ford dealer finding a new V8 truck was like where's Waldo. When people go shopping they cant buy what isn't available. The take rate for V8s may be higher if Ford actually made them more available IMO. I just did a quick search, of the sea of new trucks at a dealer by me there is 4 with the 5.0. You cant buy what you cant find.
  8. I forget who said it, I believe I read it here, but I'm going to quote it without a name. "There is absolutely nothing redeemable about that car." It's sad when the only press I see for it is from a local *celebrity mechanic. Every now and then I see one on the road and I ask myself who would buy this thing and what were they thinking. I like to get a look of the person driving to understand what demographic is paying money for such a thing.
  9. I get the concept but I think people using such a system would anoy me. As 442 stated, if the lights are on some kind of timer it may work. However if they are on sensors I could see myself cussing at some driver slowing down for a red light that will not turn green until cars are tripping the sensor. I don't know how much this feature will cost, but whatever the cost is I could do without it. I could also do without people trying to use a feature like that making traffic worse because they don't understand how things work.
  10. Yeah, I know. But I've driven the proposed route 3 times in the last 5 months. It's about 300 miles of straight flat nothing. I regularly see people doing 100+ in that stretch of highway. I don't simply because I don't want the ticket that could come with going that fast. But it sure would be nice to take a significant chunk of time off of that Journey. And with dedicated high-speed Lanes it would certainly be safer than what's happening there now. At any rate, I don't think it will ever happen. Especially being California. It will likely never be more than just a proposal.
  11. Our A4 will happily Cruze along at 85 without any significant efficiency los.
  12. This would be nice but I don't think it will ever happen. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/no-speed-limits-california-considering-faster-lanes-on-two-highways/ar-BBTOU0y
  13. I'm sure it does. I believe it is a federal mandate thing. All new vehicles sold after a certain time must have a back up camera. With that said, I would not be surprised to see other options for trailering borrowed from the Ram.
  14. I'm so freaking tired of that argument / stereotype. I'm not going to go on another rant about it right at the moment but maybe when I have more time,,,,

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