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  1. Car nicknames

    H2= Bummer. I've never cared for the Bimmer.
  2. I'd be more interested to see the Bronco fill that spot.
  3. I saw another report saying the automakers knew what was going on and how the money was being spent. Not good. Have to wait and see if the news is going to spread. If it does this will be a bigger black eye than cheat software IMO.
  4. This could do more financial damage than cheat software. Not because of fines, but because of public image. I saw the story on the news this morning. All they said was VW was testing diesel emissions on monkeys, then moved on. If the population only hears that and not the part about VW didn't promote or condone those tests, and took action against it, opinion could plummet doing real damage. I could talk to a room full of people and be surprised if anyone knew about the cheat software. However, in today's society, everyone is more than happy to jump on the latest cause. And animal cruelty is the kind of thing that spreads like wild fire on social media. If this goes viral it would be hard to find someone that didn't hear about it. That could be a bigger problem than government fines.
  5. 2019 Toyota Avalon Becomes Slightly Angry: Wouldn't you be slightly angry if you looked like that.
  6. Perhaps I misspoke, wasn't clear, misused punctuation, or in some way failed to get the point across here,, Although I did think this covered the point, I'll debate what is in bold if you would like. And the above quoted sums up what a "small truck" job is.
  7. I think saying no V6 is a deal killer is a bit extreme. Isn't the point of small trucks for people that don't want/need a full size, and economy. The "mini" truck market killed itself when they all got so darn porky the line between full size and small became blurred. It became a comparison between near economy and size of the big brother for about the same price. I'd say at best the small trucks are midsize to large compared to what the popular small trucks used to be. So isn't the real question, is the Ranger going to offer economy in both efficiency and value for those that don't want/need a full size? On that note, I'd also love to see speachal edition performance options like days gone by. But that's not the bread and butter of this particular market.
  8. 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

    That dash is still giving birth to stuff.
  9. I'll say it again,. Ford needs to price this (at least a couple decently equipped models) in the Frontier range. The Frontier has been mostly unchanged since forever. But people still buy because of the price of entry. If they offer a couple decently equipped models at a low entry people will line up. They can do a King Ranch Ranger (or whatever a top of the line Ranger is) for the others that want a 50K small truck.
  10. Ford News: Ford Releases Details on 2018 F-150 Diesel

    The inline 6 has historically been great for torque and decent FE. I wonder what GM will do with this. Also, are they going to only offer it on LTZ, SLT and higher trims. Because we know diesel means leather. Want diesel, get Denali.
  11. I wonder if a wind tunnel had a lot of say in the new design. I personally think the 94 to 2002 were the best looking trucks they made. I didn't like the softer design that started in 03. However it wasn't a complete departure from the big rig look, and though I didn't like it as much I did get used to it. Dodge was put back on the map in 94 because so many people loved the style. Unfortunately the new style is pretty much a complete departure from what so many loved.
  12. It's not the Eco sport I have a problem with. It's the greenie we're speachal and good to the earth image the companies want the general population to associate with it. It's stupid! To be fair I have the same problem with Mazdas sky BS, the eco Leaf BS from Nissan, and or any greenie we are saving the world BS from all manufacture's. It became popular several years ago, and hasn't gone away. Though some makes have lightened up. Unfortunately in Ford's case, the eco boost is so prevalent that they seem to be stuck. Also, in Ford's case, as so many others have already pointed out, you can have eco or boost but not both. Making it that much more stupid.

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