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  1. Scout

    General Motorcycle Chat

    For the longest time I thought that was done by the Beach Boys. Wasn't until I heard some DJ discussion I found out otherwise.
  2. I don't know why when I tried to reply that posted what I posted earlier but it did so now it's there twice I guess. Anyway what I was going to say is you can't condemn fossil-fuel because it was the best option for a hundred years. Now other Technologies are getting better equipped to replace fossil fuel. We are not there yet but one day we will be. Remember hydrogen fuel cells was a big thing? Don't see much about that anymore do we. Then there was the CNG That was supposed to be much better. Don't see much about that now either do we. It does appear electric will be do way things go however we are not ready for all electric yet. And it may be another 50 years before all electric is ready to replace fossil fuel. Our best thing going now for weaning yourself off of fossil fuel is the hybrids which helped use less fuel. One day I am sure we'll get there, however technology and infrastructure also have to be ready. That being said you shouldn't condemn people for loving their big gas-guzzling vehicles and supporting terrorists because as of today that's just how things work. With all that said I still believe government intervention is not the best answer. I have rarely seen government involved in anything that it did not follow up. So that means as far as I am concerned the government can take the EPA and stick it up its bleep.
  3. I believe a tax would would have a similar effect as well. However the government would just squander any additional revenue from the tax. Knowing government, they would probably use the tax to start a new/additional agency devoted to how to force more fuel efficiency.
  4. Scout

    Joke Thread

    If you are thin skinned or take things personally I guess there could be a problem. However these are is jest and I'll tell anyone offended to go bleep themselves. I'm not then skinned, easily offended, or politically correct. It would be very difficult to offend me. There are jokes that I have heard that I will not share here because it is not the appropriate venue. However there are jokes that are just plain racist and don't have a place anywhere. I think we all know the difference between in jest and unappropriate. It's no different than a joke you would tell in your circle of friends versus a joke you would tell at the company office party.
  5. Scout

    Joke Thread

    Dumb polish inventions, Inflatable dart board Screen door s on submarine Ejector seats in helicopter
  6. Are you serious? If so good guess. I figured I had already given it away here
  7. Here it is. I'll write up a review if anyone is interested.
  8. That's pretty much what made my decision. I've been casually shopping for a truck for the past couple years. Unfortunately trucks that aren't old and very high mileage are 30K and up for used. My truck needs some work and smog is due on it. As it sits now it won't pass. I bought the volt because it was cheap, and the gas I'm not buying is about the car payment. When I have the time I'll work on my truck and get it back on the road. I just couldn't get rid of it. It comes in handy too often.
  9. I've been driving it for about two months now and it's serving it's intended purpose. About two thousand miles and roughly 10 gallons of gas used. Truth be told I prefer my truck still. But my situation at the time made the choice for me.
  10. 2014. Read the salesman story didn't you.
  11. Scout

    Loaner Time ! - 2018 Chevrolet Cruze LT

    My kids hate to sit behind me when I'm driving for that reason. Though there appears to be more leg room in the above pics than I leave.
  12. A new to me ride in the driveway. What is it? The first person to guess correctly gets, Well, they get to be the first person to guess correctly.
  13. A new to me ride in the driveway. What is it? The first person to guess correctly gets, Well, they get to be the first person to guess correctly.
  14. I believe a tax would would have a similar effect as well. However the government would just squander any additional revenue from the tax. Knowing government, they would probably use the tax to start a new/additional agency devoted to how to force more fuel efficiency.
  15. Was unable to edit the previous so did some copy paste, and added on. I was recently at a dealership talking to a salesman about PHEV cars. Told him I was researching them for a possible future purchases to replace my wife's car. I was very clear and polite that I was not buying anything now and I just wanted to look around. He continued to follow me around and did the "I can get you into something today" routine. Again I told him I'm not buying anything today. He then proceeded to the what kind of monthly payment would you like. I told him again the car would be for my wife and she would determine the payment she is comfortable with when the time comes. He then wanted to know what she drove. I told him I just wanted to look around. I'm not interested in buying anything now, and when that time comes I'll let him know. His interest shifted to what I drove, most likely because I was the one there. I told him a truck as I strolled through the car area. Naturally his next question was,what kind of truck do you drive, and what would you be looking for in a truck. And that's when he became a salesman that I will never buy anything from. Not because of the questions, but because of his know it all reaction when I answered him. Keep in mind I'm at a Ford dealer this whole time. I told him I'd be interested to know where PHEV pickup options are going. His response, in a shocked condescending tone, "phev pickup, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard of!". At this point I'm mearly tolerating the presence of this salesman, but I was curious to his reaction. So for some reason I asked him why. In that same condescending know it all tone as earlier, "trucks are for work. You cant work a PHEV. And you don't buy a truck for gas mileage." By now this salesman has more than confirmed that he is clueless. So I decided to play his game. I told him that I disagree and there are company's that are working on PHEV trucks that show a lot of promise. Again with the arrogance he says O, how much can they haul. I informed him that they could haul 2000 pounds. He says, how much can they tow. I told him about 5000 pounds. Naturally (any one want to guess where he went from there before continuing to read this) His response was, 5000 pounds, we have four cylinders that can do better, and only a 2000 payload. He was in full on salesman mode at this point, touting the superiority of his product. And as some of you may have guessed, I was done with him so there was no more being nice about the product around me out of politeness. I decided to let him have it in a very matter of fact way. Knowing Ford had nothing in the way of hybred trucks I asked him why do you put four cylinders in full size trucks. Well for efficiency he said proudly. But I thought you said people don't buy trucks for efficiency. Do you realize (I knew he didn't) That I can soon get a truck that can go 80 miles using no gas, then go as far as I want with the on board generator. On top of that I has a higher payload than my current truck that has hauled anything and everything I have ever asked it to. This guy didn't give up for some reason. He then starts to tout the ecoboost ability's and towing. I explained to him you could have eco, or, boost, but not both, and that I thought that naming that engine ecoboost was one of the dumbest things I ever heard of. And furthermore the biggest completion being GM and Ram have V8'S that often get better fuel economy under load. I could almost see his ears steaming at this point. I went on to say that I origanly came on the lot to look at phev (the Fusion in my case) cars and SUV's. And as I originally mentioned I was doing some research. I went on, since I have been here I found out that you don't offer any kind of plug in hybred SUV, and the Fusion I wanted to check out has an almost unusable truck because of the battery. I wasn't done, I then pointed out that the used volt sitting on the lot has more cargo space, and can go much further on electric alone than the Fusion. And that there was no foreseeable future when the F-150 was going to offer the tech I was interested in. So in doing my do diligence and researching what you have to offer it would seem that you are behind the curve when compared to the competition. The sales man turned around and started to walk away in an obviously pissed way. There was more to the conversation with him boasting about the ability of trucks, and me countering everything with logic, but this has already gone too long. As mentioned countless times in the past, many of us know ten times more about the vehicle we are looking at than the person trying to sell it to us. So It comes off as very off putting when some idiot on a car lot talks down to us. Now for the record, this particular dealer is great, and I will buy from them again. But If this particular salesman approaches me I will find the owners, whom I have dealt with many times and let them know that I would not piss on him if he was on fire. Take what you want from that experience, but remember, this is how some dealers get a bad name. Not all dealers are bad, but sometimes the staff can sour what could have been a good experience. The unfortunate part of that whole thing above is that if that was my first experience at that dealer I would have never gone back. But it wasn't my first experience with them, and I know how far they have gone out of the way, and out of their pocket to help me in the past. My concern is that idiot I dealt with that day will piss of other customers. And on that note, that brings up a whole new topic for debate.

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