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  1. Batteries get hot when charging. How did they work around throwing more juice at the battery without overheating/boiling issues?
  2. Scout

    Tested: How Cold Weather Affects EV Range

    I have lost over half my range in ICE vehicles. You two are doing it wrong
  3. Scout

    Tested: How Cold Weather Affects EV Range

    Running the heater and defogger drastically reduces my range. More so than the weather. Around 30 miles of range can drop to around 20 miles simply because of turning on those accessories. The heater in my car is a serious energy hog. I can't speak for other cars like Leaf, Bolt, an do on. Just my personal observation. The AC doesn't have as dramatic effect. It's about to get hot where I live. Do I will soon have a better idea just how much the heat and AC will affect things. I personally still would not buy a battery powered only.
  4. Scout

    Tested: How Cold Weather Affects EV Range

    I've noticed about a 1/3 drop in range during could weather. Keep in mind it doesn't get that cold where I live.
  5. It seems this engine was designed from the ground up for truck use. Reviewers have said it has more of a diesel torque curve. I guess I jumped the gun when I said coming to a Camaro near you. Unless they are able to retune it somehow.
  6. Turbo 4, coming to a Camaro near you.
  7. Dealerships loose money on those if that's all you have done. I believe it's actually called loss leaders. The hope is that they will find other work to do while inspecting the rest of the vehicle. Worn belts, brakes, ext ext. Any other work that can be done that will be profitable. I actually look for those coupons because I really can't do it myself any cheaper once I buy the materials.
  8. Scout

    General Motorcycle Chat

    For the longest time I thought that was done by the Beach Boys. Wasn't until I heard some DJ discussion I found out otherwise.
  9. I don't know why when I tried to reply that posted what I posted earlier but it did so now it's there twice I guess. Anyway what I was going to say is you can't condemn fossil-fuel because it was the best option for a hundred years. Now other Technologies are getting better equipped to replace fossil fuel. We are not there yet but one day we will be. Remember hydrogen fuel cells was a big thing? Don't see much about that anymore do we. Then there was the CNG That was supposed to be much better. Don't see much about that now either do we. It does appear electric will be do way things go however we are not ready for all electric yet. And it may be another 50 years before all electric is ready to replace fossil fuel. Our best thing going now for weaning yourself off of fossil fuel is the hybrids which helped use less fuel. One day I am sure we'll get there, however technology and infrastructure also have to be ready. That being said you shouldn't condemn people for loving their big gas-guzzling vehicles and supporting terrorists because as of today that's just how things work. With all that said I still believe government intervention is not the best answer. I have rarely seen government involved in anything that it did not follow up. So that means as far as I am concerned the government can take the EPA and stick it up its bleep.
  10. I believe a tax would would have a similar effect as well. However the government would just squander any additional revenue from the tax. Knowing government, they would probably use the tax to start a new/additional agency devoted to how to force more fuel efficiency.
  11. Scout

    Joke Thread

    If you are thin skinned or take things personally I guess there could be a problem. However these are is jest and I'll tell anyone offended to go bleep themselves. I'm not then skinned, easily offended, or politically correct. It would be very difficult to offend me. There are jokes that I have heard that I will not share here because it is not the appropriate venue. However there are jokes that are just plain racist and don't have a place anywhere. I think we all know the difference between in jest and unappropriate. It's no different than a joke you would tell in your circle of friends versus a joke you would tell at the company office party.
  12. Scout

    Joke Thread

    Dumb polish inventions, Inflatable dart board Screen door s on submarine Ejector seats in helicopter
  13. Are you serious? If so good guess. I figured I had already given it away here
  14. Here it is. I'll write up a review if anyone is interested.

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