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  1. I still think the Taurus is beautiful tho agree about regaining to the interior room of the previous generation I expect the 2.3EB in a Fusion-ST (300+hp)& the 2.7EB (Nano v6) in the Taurus SHO (375hp?) dunno about regular Taurii & imho the top MKS should keep the 3.5EB but gen2 could easily have upto 420hp or more
  2. at first I just thought it was OK but after seeing this video I'm more than surprised...ASTONISHED how Beautiful the remade Navigator is! Max(imum)Wolff is a GENIUS!!
  3. • what if an Awd version used front-electrics instead of an origami driveshaft arrangement? • what if it was only available as a considerable upcharge? • what if it wasn't called a 'Mustang'? • what if it WAS a Lincoln?
  4. I'm trying my best to believe that the "large" sedan Mr. Mulally recently mentioned is the MKS's bigbrother (E386) to replace the MKT!!... ...imho eventually the MKS will be replaced with a new RWD Continental
  5. Lincoln News: Lincoln Heads East To China

    just imho we won't find out for at least a year
  6. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    ^ I really disliked the new Z until I saw an early video - either on a turntable or the camera orbiting around the car THEN it made sense tho I'm still withholding judgement until I see it in person & Kudos on keeping an open mind, ocnblu
  7. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    ^ oops, sorry, I didn't double check on the Z as for Smoked Quartz, I think it's one of those new paints that change greatly with its surrounds but basically a rich gray here's a recent video favorite frame:
  8. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    for some reason can't edit ^ so I'm ashamed I forgot there IS a unique color for each the MKZ & Fusion MKZ gets the lovely Smoked Quartz while the Fusion gets Ice Storm (tho only on the Hybrid)-(which may or may not be the same as their old Ice Blue Metallic)
  9. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    "...maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon..." still hoping to hear about a "Bespoke Program"
  10. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    afaik: graphics Without looking, I'm going to guess the Lexus ES is the highest volume luxury model. tsk finally found and (slightly) updated/added to my Top Lux Mfg Sales List _2011____2010___models 94,371 - 100,910 - 3 series 82,595 -- 95,790 - L. RX 69,314 -- 58,785 - C class 62,736 -- 60,922 - E class 57,511 -- 45,644 - Mini Brand 51,491 -- 39,488 - 5 series 40,873 -- 48,652 - L. ES 40,547 -- 35,776 - X5 35,835 -- 29,698 - M class 35,234 -- 34,672 - A4 29,669 -- 34,129 - L. IS 27,793 --- 6,075 - X3 25,139 -- 19,943 - GL class 24,908 -- 23,518 - Q5 24,310 -- 20,946 - GLK class 15,385 -- 16,379 - A5 14,381 -------- 0 - L. CT 12,258 -- 13,608 - S class 11,609 -- 16,450 - L. GX 11,299 -- 12,253 - 7 series 11,124 --- 8,675 - A6 -9,568 -- 12,275 - L. LS -8,998 --- 7,976 - Q7 -8,832 -- 13,132 - 1 series -6,561 --- 6,558 - A3 -6,270 -------- 0 - A7 -6,192 --- 6,257 - X6 -5,700 --- 1,521 - A8 -3,903 --- 2,418 - 6 series -3,746 --- 7,059 - L. GS -3,479 --- 3,804 - Z4 -3,167 --- 3.983 - L. LX -2,864 -- 10,663 - L. HS -2,236 --- 1,531 - TT -1,145 ----- 799 - R8 if anyone could redo the list by segments, that'd be great! I don't know all the models listed well enough to do it without research I don't have time/energy for THO imho the 5-series is Not the same segment as a Lexus ES ...etc... even if they are cross-shopped
  11. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    Anyone know what the highest volume luxury model is? or the highest "volume segments in the luxury segment"?
  12. Lincoln Ponders A Performance Division

    as I've gone from forum to forum on this subject I'm becoming actually AGAINST marketing Lincoln performance. (possibly except for a subtly different badge: based on the original Continental MkII) Fomoco needs to develop a comprehensive program/philosophy for it, but imho it'd be better to not make a big a deal about one trim and adopt more of a Rolls Royce attitude of, "We have more than adequate performance for you - at whatever level you prefer"... ...whether that's Light/efficient/green or enthusiast driving 'con brio' and everything in between. for enthusiasts: a nextgen MKS (AWD) with a 400hp 3.5EB or a nextgen MKS (AWD) with a 400hp 5.0v8 (LINK) OR a nextgen MKZ (AWD) with the 400hp 3.5EB or a nextgen MKZ (AWD) with a (upto) 350hp 2.7EB OR an AWD Focus/GCMax-based "MKE" with the (upto) 350hp 2.7EB OR a RWD Lincoln "Zodiac" (LincStang) with one of the above engines or a RWD Lincoln "Zodiac" with a 600hp 5.0EB OR a RWD Lincoln Continental (GRwdP) with any of the above engines
  13. Ford Police Interceptor Will Get 2013 Taurus Upgrades

    the Taurus-PI won't begin being built until very late 2011 at the earliest - it can't even be ordered yet
  14. isn't that a case of the cure being worse than the disease?

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