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  1. nextgen Focus with No Camo!

    Exclusive! Without camouflaging the brand new Ford Focus! Our reader in Portugal clicked on his treasured photographs, then sank because the present did not like to find them. vezess.hu/google-translate • 2018.02.13. Tuesday better even than I expected esp like the wheels + notice the twin-panel glassroof unfamiliar with this forum's software
  2. Here’s Why the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is Worth $100,000

    word is that NYC will show the Aviator concept (which will be on sale in less than a year from then)
  3. death of a thou$and cut$ - inner city restrictions with growing fines/fees - city owned e-pods = more income that marijuana sales
  4. I still think the Taurus is beautiful tho agree about regaining to the interior room of the previous generation I expect the 2.3EB in a Fusion-ST (300+hp)& the 2.7EB (Nano v6) in the Taurus SHO (375hp?) dunno about regular Taurii & imho the top MKS should keep the 3.5EB but gen2 could easily have upto 420hp or more
  5. at first I just thought it was OK but after seeing this video I'm more than surprised...ASTONISHED how Beautiful the remade Navigator is! Max(imum)Wolff is a GENIUS!!
  6. • what if an Awd version used front-electrics instead of an origami driveshaft arrangement? • what if it was only available as a considerable upcharge? • what if it wasn't called a 'Mustang'? • what if it WAS a Lincoln?
  7. I'm trying my best to believe that the "large" sedan Mr. Mulally recently mentioned is the MKS's bigbrother (E386) to replace the MKT!!... ...imho eventually the MKS will be replaced with a new RWD Continental
  8. Lincoln News: Lincoln Heads East To China

    just imho we won't find out for at least a year
  9. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    ^ I really disliked the new Z until I saw an early video - either on a turntable or the camera orbiting around the car THEN it made sense tho I'm still withholding judgement until I see it in person & Kudos on keeping an open mind, ocnblu
  10. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    ^ oops, sorry, I didn't double check on the Z as for Smoked Quartz, I think it's one of those new paints that change greatly with its surrounds but basically a rich gray here's a recent video favorite frame:
  11. Lincoln News: Lincoln To Focus On High Volume Segments

    for some reason can't edit ^ so I'm ashamed I forgot there IS a unique color for each the MKZ & Fusion MKZ gets the lovely Smoked Quartz while the Fusion gets Ice Storm (tho only on the Hybrid)-(which may or may not be the same as their old Ice Blue Metallic)

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