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  1. I make the above post because we're having more rolling blackouts due to our electric infrastructure being inadequate every time it gets warm outside, and fire causing more shut-off to electricity. How the hell are people supposed to get around if they drive electric cars that they cannot charge?? Sorry, ranting. If I go any further it will only go into politics. But that's really what it comes down to is it not??? In order for that to be truly accurate the carriage would have to be in front of the horse
  2. So here we are California has an inadequate power grid in part because of global warming policies. I would have to look at the statistics but I believe California as a state has more drivers on the road than any place else in the nation. Can someone please explain to me how the solution is for billions of people to plug in something that needs at least 240 volts to charge halfway timely into a grid that can't handle turning on a 60w light??? Sincerely, Confused
  3. It's been a while since I've been around. I was browsing through some active threads when I came across this one. After yesterday's announcement by California's idio, er I mean governor, it's more proof the guy is clueless. And seems to have an irrational hate for Ca and it's residents.
  4. The saying about those that don't learn from the past is going through my mind.
  5. Yeah. Because GM has always done the honorable thing. I'm not even going to begin to go into GM and honorable thing. Then there's Toyota Honda Dodge or pick your make. They all cut bulspit corners, and their lawyers are bigger than yours. Don't get me wrong. I'm not picking on any brand. I'm saying it's cheaper to build spit and sell it with a good lawyer behind you. Then there's government regulation. That regulation forces everyone to build spit and sell it with the cheapest part they can find at the maximum profit they can get. I'm an auto en
  6. The rite thing to do would be offer a buyback on all of them. Ford has been d!cking around the owners long enough. They know there is a problem and that they don't have a fix for it. But they also know how much doing the right thing would cost them. And that's why owners are getting bent by them.
  7. The XD was/is a solution to a problem nobody had. Both the Titan and Frontier need a complete overhaul to make them competitive with today's offerings. Withth so many people getting *luxury trucks Nissan could at least dig into the Infiniti parts bin to make the interior more pleasant. It would at least be something.
  8. I'm sure someone took one. It's not an uncommon complaint. If you are curious you can use something called Google. Or don't. I don't really care either way. Well, at least I didn't get the model.
  9. You must not have gotten the tinfoil version with your 192,xxx. My Silverado bed buckled like a tin can under the stress of strapping down my dirt bike.
  10. Without reading through four pages of comments what I have to say is it's another Chevy put together with the cheapest plastic bits and bobs they can find and marketed as something great. I post this as I'm having another unnecessary issue with my Chevy product. To be fair every car maker is building them with the cheapest bits and bobs they can find. However there is absolutely no excuse for the issues that I've had with 80,000 miles on the Chevy product. Oh back on topic. Is the new Corvette cool? I'm sure it is. I'm also fairly sure it's built like a $5 Mattel toy.
  11. No it can't.
  12. I would say that in some cases the 2.7 can tow better than the 5.3 but I wouldn't say it can out tow it. And under the same load the 2.7 isn't as efficient as the bigger engines either.
  13. In other words you are not going to answer my original question. But, after reading your reply, I bet you make one hell of a salesman. I'm sorry, I forgot to give you permission to carry on. You may now carry on.
  14. It's awesome that you decided to reply to me. I don't post much either because I have a life. But you still have not answered any of the questions. there has been a few things that have come up and they research is done for you. And now you're throwing in something else to the mix. You still have my permission to keep digging. Or you could just start answering questions starting with the first one. And discussing your point of view. You also have permission to have a life lik
  15. Your back. Care to answer my question or would you like to keep digging the hole? As long as we're at it @Potluck , when did we start talking about midsize trucks in this thread? You have permission to reply now.

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