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    We've sold about 30 so far, that's pretty damn good for a smallish/medium sized L/M store. If I could afford one I'd buy one. Very comfy for my lanky frame.
  2. grandmarquis


    Damn things are like cockroaches around n.e. Ohio. Just can't get used to the, er, styling. Blech.
  3. grandmarquis

    Mercury will compliment Lincoln

    I think I love you. Anyhow, Ford seems to have been very successful based on what I see in our service dept. I would guess 70% of our Milan sales have been to women, Mariners even higher. I hope that Mulally's plan works... my job depends on it.
  4. grandmarquis


    I'm 6'3" and I have more than enough headroom in the 500/Montego/Freestyle/Taurus/X/Sable family. I don't imagine there'd be any difference in the Flex. Except for the dumbass name, I like it a lot. Shoulda stuck with Fairlane.
  5. grandmarquis

    Toyota denies Tacoma is defective

    There was a letter in "Click and Clack" ( I know, those two are about useless) by a woman that had her electronic power steering fail in her first-gen Prius. Scared the hell out of her. Hmm.
  6. grandmarquis

    Matrix & Vibe

    Had an 86 Nova many years ago... an obnoxious litte turd of a car.
  7. grandmarquis

    Is This Going on in Your Area?

    Yes, I DO know the difference! What I am giving you is personal experiences of what Ohio's salt use can do to a car. If you wnat BOF experience then here some more. My father was a lawyer and back in the '70s one of his clients had a welding shop on Cleveland's near West Side. He always had a good supply of frame repairs to keep him busy, and he even had to reinforce the frame on his '70 Coupe De Ville. I also have personal experience with 2 '69 LTD's, a '72 LTD, a '65 Impala, a '67 Impala, and a car I ran in the Cuyahoga County Fair demo derby in '81,a SEVEN YEAR OLD COUPE DE VILLE! That Caddy was very rotted, and had even been patched up a couple of years before I aquired it. And believe me, the frame on that car didn't do so well. Your mentioning the solidness of your Roadmaster's frame is meaningless when compared to late '60s and '70s cars, due to FAR better rust preventative coatings and better steel alloys. Oh,I forgot another experience, I had a '77 Bonneville that the frame broke at the cowl, this was back in '92 or '93 IIRC. Due to frame rot, of course.
  8. grandmarquis

    Is This Going on in Your Area?

    Trust me, Ohio uses FAR more salt than you have ever seen in PA or NJ. When I was a kid I marvelled that there were far more older less-rusty cars on western PA roads, given that (at least to me) that western PA weather was no different than northern Ohio's. I have always believed that Ohio uses road salt not for clearing the roads of snow and ice, but to line the politician's pockets. Cleveland lies above vast salt deposits, and I'm sure that Cargill, Sterling, etc. make sure to "reward" all of the local gov't officials for their salt use.
  9. grandmarquis

    Is This Going on in Your Area?

    Maybe I should have clarified that this phenom was a Midwest thing. Here in N.E. Ohio they use gawdawful amounts of road salt, far more that is needed. Back in the '70s is was very common to see badly rusted 5-6 year old cars, some even newer. '70s Corollas, Datsun B210's, and Vegas were probably the worst. My dad had a 74 Vega GT that didn't make it to its 6th birthday before it became so rusty that it was unsafe to drive. There was an instructor at the vo-ed school I went to that had a 4 year old (1976) Corolla that the strut towers were collapsing due to rust. We in the auto body class rigged up a strut tower brace from a door crash beam taken from a '73 Monte Carlo door. I bought a '73 Pinto in the spring of '81 that was so rusty I could pull on the driver's door handle and reach my long arm UNDER the door and lift up the lock button. The latch post had rotted loose of the lower sill. That car drove like a Slinky. My older brother bought a 70 Nova in IIRC '82 that was so rusty that when he got rear-ended the car that hit him ended up alost in the rear seat. The car just collapsed at impact.
  10. grandmarquis

    Is This Going on in Your Area?

    Metalurgy, plain and simple. I can't tell you what is or isn't in the steel Toy used that is causing this issue, but it's definately not the frame design cauing this. BTW, both Ford and GM has frame rust issues back in the day, '69 and '70 full size Fords, Mercurys, and Lincolns were notorious for frame rot. 65-68 GM full-size cars were as well.
  11. I have very fond memories of my 1970 El Camino and my 1974 Ranchero.... me want one!!!
  12. grandmarquis

    R.I.P. Isuzu of America

    VehiCross? Gawd that thing is ghastly ugly. Maybe the only vehicle that can compete with the Aztek for Ugliest Vehicle Ever award. The only Isuzu I would ever consider is a late 80's/early90's Trooper diesel. Slow as a glacier, but about indestructible.
  13. grandmarquis

    Early Reactions Sour on Design of New Honda Pilot

    Well, I guess it's not THAT bad.... compared to the new Sequoia anyway. Kinda bores me to tears. Looks like the old Pilot had a lovechild with a Jeep Commander.
  14. grandmarquis

    Toyota recalls 15,600 Tundras

    I think I have figured that out... I would bet that the vast majority of Toyroda buyers are the "3 and out" leasers. They dump their 3 yr old Cramry off at the stealer and drive off in a new one. They really couldn't care less about what happens further down the food chain when these peices of crap are out of warranty.
  15. grandmarquis

    Toyota recalls 15,600 Tundras

    Finding a 10yr old Cramry on teh streets of Cleveland is about as difficult as finding an honest politician. 10-plug GM and Ford products? Hell, I drive a 13 yr old Merc every day. And 10 yr old Toyota pickups are even rarer than Cramrys.

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