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    Which car led to the death of Oldsmobile

    Not a car, a person. Ron Zarella. John Rock would have saved, had to leave due to family needs, then Zarella wrecked it through his selling cars like toothpaste failed scheme. Note too, at Olds' demise, they had some of the better cars out there, Intrigue, Aurora.... Just didn't get the message out and had time to suceed. Kind of the same dela Saturn is in now with the Euro cars they are getting. Too little too late.
  2. ketch

    GM and Chrysler are in Merger talks!

    As was said about Packard merging with Studebaker back in '54, "its like two drunks helping each other across the street" . One didn't make it, Packard, then the other went out of course. Sorry, see no point in GM taking this on. Drop divisions back to Caddy, Chevy and one other, and call it done. Run away from DCX
  3. ketch

    Motor Trend is at it again

    stupid joke, too obvious LOL
  4. ketch

    GM Officially Cancels Zeta Buick

    and remember, the Hyundai rear drive V8 is here now. DoD V8's (like the Impala SS has), e85, even a hybrid like the coming 2010 Commodore, why Bob (Lutz)? You know better. Shame shame.
  5. ketch

    Chrysler 300 EDIT :revised post

    Really like this!
  6. ketch

    Saturn Hybrid

    I Do!
  7. ketch

    Magnum Sedan

    No. The Charger looks "like an angry kitchen appliance" [bob lutz]
  8. ketch

    Magnum Sedan

    I hate the charger, ugly, but actually like this!
  9. ketch

    More Moronism

    So how come I like the AMX? I do!
  10. ketch

    New Camaro picks (Black)

    Just read this at Inside Line... "Availability Circle Monday, February 16, 2009 on your calendar as the date the new 2010 Camaros will start heading down the production line at the Oshawa plant in Ontario. In actuality, this means it will more than likely be mid-March before you'll be able to put your hands on one at a dealership. That puts Camaro availability about a year behind that of its nearest rival, the Dodge Challenger. "
  11. ketch

    New Camaro picks (Black)

    Well she wants the Mini 'because its cute'... WTF? Although an S is a great car, I say the Camaro has the passion, looks, value and performance we need. We aren't even at the cross shopping level yet, as we have fun considering the aforementioned Mini and Camaro, as well as the new coming Soltice targa. It would be a second car for us, as my low mileage Intrigue goes to one of the kids. Our Vue would handle the typical family hauling chores. So this become a car we get for us, as opposed to family considerations. Thus the myriad of possibilities. So, when is the camaro now out (heard its a 2010 model now and was delayed?)? In your opinion, would they do a GM plan discount on it?
  12. ketch

    New Camaro picks (Black)

    So the new Camaro just a got bit more serious for me. The wife is suddenly pushing for a new car early next year, and she wants a Mini Cooper badly . She loves Camaros (we had a 1990 Maui Blue RS 305 V8 at 'life before kids' LOL. Anyways, I have now begun to 'educate' her about this coming Camaro, as she never even saw pictures. I might be able to get her to go for it, and so now the timing issue comes up. I had once heard it was out in early 2009. Is that still the case? Ours would be a blue v6 auto. We get the GM plan A discount, but not so sure they would allow that?
  13. ketch

    C&G @ NYIAS: Saab

    yet Zarella killed off Olds with twice the sales. The truth hurts I know.
  14. ketch

    Chevy Lets 2010 'Nox out of the bag

    ya , just saw a Nox sport at disneyland, liked it alot!
  15. ketch

    2008 Holden Coupe 60 Concept

    So that begs a question- would it pass US crash regimens w/o adding lots of reinforcment weight? The Camaro and Challenger added the B pillar likley for cost resons, and perhaps to prevent added weight. How this car fits with the C02 issues and regs that Lutz is freaked about, I just don't know. I say being it here (B pillered if they have to even) as a lower production G8C!

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