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  1. I thought this was an interesting article discussing my namesake: http://usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/cars-trucks/Buick_Regal/
  2. Good for the blue oval, Great for the Detroit employees and our American Economy!
  3. Toyota not giving up on its quirky Scion 01:00 AM EST on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 By Mark Phelan Detroit Free Press DETROIT — What’s wrong at Scion? In a year when small cars should flourish, Toyota’s small-car brand is in the tank. Through October, Scion’s U.S. sales have fallen a resounding 50.6 percent versus 2008 — far more than Toyota’s corporate decline of 23.2 percent, worse even than the Chrysler Group’s 38-percent freefall. Outsiders suggest the brand created to revitalize Toyota’s stodgy image may have lost its way, but Scion plans to expand its lineup and replace its main
  4. This looks good. I love how the Buick designers reached into the heritage bin and are incorperating the 'sweep spear' into these modern day Buicks. I can't wait to test drive one of those turbo-charged units!
  5. Long time no check-in from me. I too have been consumed with work and FBook but I am coming back to my 1st love in the blogosphere and that is C & G! I am currently trying to talk my wife into trading her S40 for a new Lacrosse. I have not been successful, lol. In other news, the Regal is still going strong with over 185k miles on it!! Anyways good to be back. I will have to re-acquaint myself with the site as I see a lot of cool new diggs happening. Later Gators!
  6. GM, in my opinion, is an iconic anomaly. That is to say they have managed to survive the best and worst financial climates over the last century. However truth be told, and this from a devout GM fan, GM has been making ill-fated decisions for decades. GM decided in the 80's to become a financial institution--not a car company-- cutting costs wherever it could to increase the profit margin and in turn committing some of the worst automotive atrocities our generation has seen!(see shameful cadillac cimmaron with equally terrible quad 4 engine) This trend continued in the 90's when GM decided
  7. I found the article to be utterly unflattering, belittling and demeaning to Cadillac and General Motors. That is to say, the article was profoundly reflective of the car it was written about. I like the General more than any other manufacturer out there and the times of recent have been down right brutal to GM. But anyone who had the displeasure of even living next to someone who owned this car(I did as a child) will agree this was an abomination to the very roads this car was built to drive/ride on.
  8. 1. 01' Buick Regal, Dad has purchased 98 rivera(still only has 50lk on it) bought a 2000 lesabre which he traded in on a brand new Lucerne in 06' 2. I wanted to purchase the new body Lacrosse(assuming I will like it) or a used Enclave(only cuz I can't afford a new one) Also, I am not yet 30 so buick has many years/models to count on my support!
  9. http://blogs.motortrend.com/6226463/new-ca...uick/index.html 2009 Toyota Venza: It's a Buick! Posted January 14 2008 09:08 AM by Todd Lassa Filed under: New Cars, Motor City Blogman, Toyota, Crossovers, Detroit Auto Show DETROIT - Toyota describes its 2009 Venza as a vehicle for sedan owners who want to move up and SUV owners who want to downsize. It has the comfort of a Camry, the function of a 4Runner and the luxury of an Avalon. And, Toyota neglected to say, the look of a Buick. Why not? Until the American brand's emerging renaissance, pundits called the Avalon "the world's best B
  10. Are you saying the blandy sold 40k units in its launch month? Supported, factual documentation please............
  11. According to this article by Reuters, if you want a malibu by Christmas, you better go to the dealer and order one today. The General cant make em fast enough and the dealer can't get em' on the lots fast enough as they are being snapped up with reckless abandon. Article goes on to say Enclave is selling like hotcakes as well!

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