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  1. pontiaccrest

    New M2

    They do a nice job on the detail of the 50's cars.Now I wish they would do the 60's.I like to see some of the GM BOATS like the Electra,98,Bonneville,Cadillac DeVille and also the GM cars like the Pontiac Grand Prix.,Olds Toranado,Buick Riviera Cadillac Eldorado.Wow now were talking!!!!!!
  2. pontiaccrest

    Hummer Hx Concept toys

    I saw the real thing at the Chicago auto show and it is really sharp.
  3. pontiaccrest

    A name for the G8 Ute?

    Pontiac G8 GTU
  4. pontiaccrest

    Lutz comments on the Camaro and Pontiac version

    Sounds to me that the new GTO could be a 4 dr.
  5. pontiaccrest

    Pontiac - More Ideas

    I like your concept pictures,now if Pontiac could come up with some cool retro concepts.
  6. pontiaccrest


    Sounds like it will be smaller than the G6.
  7. pontiaccrest

    Johnny Lightning 69 Impala

    Still looking for mine.
  8. pontiaccrest

    Josh Receives His Solstice....

    Hip!Hip! Harrah!!!!
  9. pontiaccrest

    2006 Detroit Auto Show

    Will there be any Pontiac's?
  10. pontiaccrest

    Should Pontiac make a 4-cylinder G6 Coupe?

    NO and NO NO!!!!
  11. pontiaccrest

    Motor Trend 2006 Car of the Year

    Come on MT :puke:
  12. pontiaccrest

    Pontiac Pursuit Coupe real world pics

    I believe it would help sales for PMD if they sold it here in the good ole USA
  13. pontiaccrest

    Should the SE trim make a return?

    How about the LE?
  14. pontiaccrest

    My Sol Is On Its Way......

    You're getting the 06 MT Car of The Year. Enjoy!!!! :)

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