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  1. SuperSport623

    2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD

    i love my Silvy but goddamn would i love a new HD with a duramax
  2. SuperSport623

    Save This GP

    the cars withing 15 miles of me.... emailed the guy twice, no answer.... boooooo
  3. SuperSport623

    Report: Next Chevy Camaro to use Cadillac ATS platform?

    imagine the backlash alot of the "traditional" camaro buyers with the SS model being a V6.... even with that kinda power, those 2 extra cylinders are needed.
  4. SuperSport623

    Morons Clunkerize Rare GMC Syclone Super Truck

    ughhhhh so sad... i want a SyTy baddddd
  5. SuperSport623

    Wagon Love

  6. goofy looking wonder, but still a piece of history! doubt it'll meet the buy it now! Clicky
  7. SuperSport623

    Save This GP

    god i imagine adding this to my fleet..... not even the cash right now as trying not to be up to four vehicles again
  8. SuperSport623

    Save This GP

    not too far from me! that thing is gorgeous
  9. SuperSport623

    How Many Models Can Chevrolet Handle? Here's My Chevy Lineup

    if the corvette ever gets anything smaller then a v8, ill lead the charge to detroit with a pitchfork and torch
  10. SuperSport623

    Something I've Been Working On

    thanks camino..... between the fire dept, full time college classes and working 30-40 hours a week at the speed shop, squeezing in time with my girlfriend and trying to work on the nova its been hectic!
  11. SuperSport623

    On The Fence ...

    wow.... i was planning on getting some aluminum racing wheels for the nova, but i am contemplating those 17's (still shed in a sticky drag radial for tractions sake)
  12. SuperSport623

    2011 Buick Regal CXL: $26,995

    why is the 2.0L only rated at 220 hp? wasnt is 260 in the kappa/deltas? boost turned way down?
  13. i guess im in the minority finding those two sedans HAWT!
  14. SuperSport623

    Something I've Been Working On

    lit up in the car!
  15. SuperSport623

    Something I've Been Working On

    thanks guys! one more step in getting this car back ready to have some fun.... i recently rewired the car completley (gutting every single bit of the old harness) and i couldnt bring myself to put those crap factory guages back in the company who makes those guages, Autometer, doesnt deal with anything like that... im more then positive i could have had them custom made, but by sticking with something off the shelf, i get them even cheaper at the speed shop i work at

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