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  1. Not quite... You don't get a VW Umbrella (there is one to buy...heh), though you do get an umbrella slot in the door.... Something I do use actually. I think I've used the umbrella once...we had to carry in some papers... Other than that...it's Washington...rain? Are you kidding me? :AH-HA_wink:
  2. Ah, the dial... That's only for manual seat controls... My passenger side has it. The driver's side? Industry standard seat shaped power controls... The only problem is that they placed them a little too high and my rear end sometimes nudges it sitting down...
  3. Howdy everyone... I did look at the CC, evil temptress she is... In so many ways she's better than the standard Passat... The biggest two problems? She's 10k more or so...and getting in is a bitch... I had to press my head pretty hard against the doorjam getting in. Though the seating position is nicer, the support is better, the accessories are nicer, and the updated display is great. I just wish the roofline was a little more forgiving. But as is I can't say I'm unhappy with what I got, there are so many standard features in this thing that it's ridiculous. I swear I was still finding features a week after, and those of you who know me...know I do my research... Though as a note whiteknight, the "carefree" thing...nada... That's '09's and newer...but instead I get a 4 year Bumper-to-Bumper instead of the current 3 year. Probably better for me in the end. Other than that... -1 Problem so far...a piece of trim, the fob cover (no key, just a fob in the dash) on the dash fell off...had that fixed for free...and a free carwash to go with it...lol. -JD Power Initial Quality and Owner Study filled out. -The sport mode...wow... She feels like a different beast... I know all it is is changing the shift points to higher RPM's, but it makes a world of difference when I'm on twisty, windy, double yellow, 50 MPH highways... The way back from Ocean Shores was a pure delight! Down there, I averaged 29 MPG, on the way back with Sport Mode active for about half of it? 24 MPG... Not too bad either way. -The handling, pretty suprised... It's the least expensive car I've been in with that good of handling. Comparative to the other German brands...
  4. Only a few of you might remember me, but those who do are likely to remember my Regal. Last February she suffered massive electrical failure and a replacement had to be had immediately. The list of cars we were considering... Dodge Charger Chevy Malibu Nissan Altima I could fit in all three (something of a concern if you remember me...lol), though barely for the Malibu... All new, considering my vehicle history, a warranty was definitely needed. The Altima was ok, but I was not a real fan of it... The answer was coming down to economics... The Charger looked good at the time, 36 month 0% with 1.9% after that, and at the time for the V6 we were looking at about 26k... After nearly buying it, I decided to stop by the local Hyandai dealership to give them a chance at least... (When economics are an issue...you consider them...) While at our local VW-Hyandai dealership...the salesman asked me to try a Jetta...I kinda fit... But who in their right mind puts a piece of hard sharp plastic right where your knee might rest? After that I got the usual: try the beetle...you'll love it. I'm sorry, but cheap reflective plastic door panels and no backseat were not what I was looking for (not to mention...it's a beetle, lol). Next the Tiguan, Routan... And reluctantly I agreed to sit in a Passat... I do have to say, my eyebrow went up as I just watched the driver's seat keep going back...and back... I fit, surprise... The economics of the situation? 31k, 6k rebate, 25k to finance....and 72 month 0%... Heh...I didn't see that coming... 2008 Volkswagen Passat Komfort ('08 hence the rebate) 2.0T Only options: Ipod Adapter, Rear Side Airbags. Cobalt Blue with a Black Interior. The Passat at the tail end of her first real roadtrip, a weekend down at Ocean Shores - click for full size. The Passat parked in the stall at the Condo I was staying at in Ocean Shores... Parked next to the only other vehicle in the entire lot (it was a weekday trip). Well, I have to run right now... I know it's not another GM as I wanted the Malibu to be, but the Impala has never seemed to fit and the Malibu is just too tight on my knee. Other than that they were too small or too expensive this time round. It's nice to stop by here again and I'll catch you guys later as I actually do have to be somewhere...
  5. Alpha


  6. I do have to say, nothing is quite as bad as when someone else moves the seat forward, you don't notice...and then try to sit while smacking your head on the doorway because for some reason......your rear end had no where to go...lol...
  7. Let me see.... My best friend is getting married on the fourth...so I might have one or two things to do with that. Pretty much the whole day there...
  8. http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/audio.pl?enclav01.wav=enclave
  9. Alpha

    Colts lose!

    Here comes Seattle and we don't care who we face...they're dead....it's our time baby! We had the Seahawks who never made the Super Bowl, but have made the Championships several times...we have the Mariners who can go almost all the way, but no entry into the World Series...we have the Super Sonics....who don't quite get their themselves... But hey...we've had the Storm...and they won their national championship...lol. It's time for Seattle to start winning.
  10. LMAO... I didn't actually think you'd bring up Enumclaw! The worst part is that I know someone from Enumclaw and he is so very embarassed about the whole incident, in fact he knows where the farm is (one of those things that everyone nearby knows about and tries to ignore).
  11. Hey, hey, hey...don't lump me in with them. California has their own language unto themselves... Unfortunately, PACNorWest is more known for having a lack of an accent. We're different in that we don't have one...lol.
  12. Alpha


    And Satty manages to come up with another use of the term AI... Personally I was thinking more like....you know...Artificial Intelligence...the actual concept. Sorry, I read too much Slashdot....
  13. Alpha


    And here I was thinking, "Wow, a discussion on artificial intelligence on Cheers and Gears...."
  14. Alpha

    Roll Call

    Yet again... When I started playing online computer games 11 years ago..I needed a handle... Well, I'm not to horribly creative and figured I'd just start using "Alpha" and figure out something else later... Now even my real life friends know the name, and a few that I play games with call me by it occasionally (horribly scary...lol). Much less, back then...you didn't encounter too many other "Alpha's"... But in case you guys ever end up at another board or game and notice: Alpha352... That would be me as well. Alpha + 352 the name of a gaming clan I was a member of and led for 5 years: 352nd Infantrie Division.
  15. For me it's been bottled for three reasons: taste, container ease of use, and easy temperature control. I used to put tap water in the fridge (I don't know why, but warm water makes me sick to my stomach...makes doing things away from civilization hard..lol)...but the problem is the plastic in most of the containers taints the taste of the water...

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