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  1. This truck is so ugly it will make a Train take a Dirt Road. I am not impressed, but since I am a chevy truck guy I will probably be driving one in a year or so.
  2. .5" I want a 5th Gen 1LE-R for race. A Z/28 version of the Mustang Cobra R. My Dream 1LE-R would be Base Car with; High Rev 5.3 or 5.7 Minimum 350HP at the Wheels Race Ready T56 6 speed Alum Driveshaft No AC 22 gal ATL fuel cell Autometer Guages Penske adj shocks 17"x 9.5" light weight wheels 6 piston front brakes Back seat delete Radio Delete Factory 8 pnt 1 3/4" DOM Roll cage Emissions Delete (option) Factory headers Heavy Duty Coil overs front splitter Functional rear spoiler No sound deadening Light weight everything and last but not least sell this Camaro f
  3. Dude, You stole my Thunder. I was gonna say what most Camaro enthusiest's should already know. The Z/28 was for us Road Racer dudes and the SS was for big Horse power Boulevard Brauling. The Z/28 should have a high winding low weight small block and be built to stop and Turn really well. The SS should have all the Heritage type stuff and the power to go with.
  4. Has anyone noticed that if these HD's are 4x4's they are missing the usual fender flares that have been on 2500's and 3500's since they went to IFS. Raybob,
  5. Freakin Gorgeous car. Will the Impala be this Car?
  6. I can't wait to get my new Camaro on the Road Course and beat up on the Mustangs. Come on Mr. Settlemire I need a Z28R No AC no back seat no power acc. just the go fast and brake late stuff. RayBob #43 NASA AI 96 Camaro
  7. Raybob9289


    That truck is hideous. If the HD has that ugly bulge in the Bed and still has an IFS. I will buy an 06 HD Duramax and wait for the next refresh. They should have stayed with the same sheet metal as the Burb and Tahoe, they are beautiful....
  8. My dads 72 Lesabre in 72 steering on his lap. It woulda been about 75 or so. That woulda made me about 9 years old. That old LeSabre was a cool car
  9. I heard John Heinrency will drive it, so if thats true it will win at the Run-offs (SCCA National Championships) in September. Raybob ex SCCA Asedan Camaro Racer.
  10. IFS is for light duty trucks. If IFS is so incredibly durable why does the 4500HD 4X4's have the SFA???? And if IFS is so dang tuff why does FoMoCo and Dodge HD's still have the SFA??? I don't think you could fill a small house with people who bought a GM HD because of the IFS!
  11. GM needs to build a Camaro version of this. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Ford-Mustan...1QQcmdZViewItem
  12. All I care about is that the 3500HD's have a real front end. "Down with the IFS on HD's" Raybob
  13. Build us racer Dudes a Z28 factory Race option with bare minimums "NOT LEGAL FOR STREET USE" RayBob 96 SS #43 NASA AI
  14. I think that if the France family/Nascar add to the Grand Am Cup a GT series that put the American Pony Cars on road courses it would be Popular, but never as popular as NASCAR. Lets face it NASCAR is all marketing and thats why us real car guy types don't usually watch alot of it. Me and my friends and family still get together to watch the rednecks at the 2 road courses. That is good racing..... I think the reason the old Trans Am did well with the fans was the realness of the cars that were racing. The fans could relate to a Camaro racing a mustang because that was happening on Main St. US

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