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  1. ChevyNovs99

    Ready for the Gas Tax to go up another dime a gallon?

    Israel didn't bomb a nuclear power plant, they don't know what they bombed. There was no radiation detected at the bomb site so its unlikely it was a nuclear plant, probably a farm or something that they just wanted to bomb to show that they could do anything they want without repercussions. Since Iran is part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty they have every right to build a nuclear plant and the US doesn't have a single right to try and stop it since they are also a signer. There's four countries that are not part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: India, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel. We should be looking at bombing Israel's nuclear factory at Dimona more than any place since are not a signer and do produce they nukes there. They are also an occupying force in the region just as we are. In regards to the gas tax increase, the government as always wants us to make due with less while keeping their income constant. We are getting punished because we are cutting back on our miles driven due to the high cost of gas. Increasing the price with a 10 cent per gallon hike will make people drive even less which would again lead to less money going to the government from the gas tax. Maybe they should take the money they collect from the federal income tax and instead of giving it all to the Federal Reserve to pay off the interest we owe them they could take half and put it toward something like our infrastructure.
  2. ChevyNovs99

    What does your Desktop look like?

  3. ChevyNovs99

    Something I learned today ...

    Yeah I've never actually tasted Revolution Mt Dew but it sounds the best tasting out of the three flavors that are being voted on to be the new flavor, the other two being Voltage and Supernova.
  4. ChevyNovs99

    Something I learned today ...

    Give me some Surge, Vanilla Coke, Pitch Black Mt Dew, Game Fuel Mt Dew, or Revolution Mt Dew and I'll be set.
  5. ChevyNovs99

    LCD TV Brands

    I have a 37" Olevia that I bought 2 Black Fridays ago for 700$ and it blows away my mom's 32" Aquos that she got for $1000 a year ago.
  6. ChevyNovs99

    Doctors are awesome!

    I've been there, tore my labrum, bicep, rotator cuff, and took half the head of my humerus off in my left shoulder after three dislocations and got surgery to fix that when I was 16. Unfortunately on the third dislocation, the hospital felt it was necessary to relocate my right shoulder, even though my left shoulder was dislocated. Long story short, my right shoulder had a torn labrum and an stretched rotator cuff and I got surgery on that when I was 20. Yeah no drugs or cortisone shots worked to bring the pain down to a reasonable level so the surgeries were the only option. Only thing that sucks since then is when the weather gets damp and cool the shoulders get bothersome and the bursitis/arthritis is a pain every so often.
  7. ChevyNovs99


    Voting for Obama since Israel hates the idea of him as President.
  8. ChevyNovs99

    Chevy Camaro to be a 2010 model, not 2009

    I don't think there can be any legitimate pre-orders yet. Also if anybody expected it to be a Summer 08 release would have to have extremely high expectation. The Challenger and Camaro came out at the same 06 NAIAS and it took Chrysler until Summer 08 to come out with the it when they already had most of the parts already in production. Ever since it was approved in August of 06, the Camaro has been a first quarter of 09 release. To me, a two and a half year gap between approval and release using a yet created platform is pretty darn good.
  9. ChevyNovs99

    Stupid quote of the week, maybe even of the month...

    Well if Hillary gets elected then we'll have something close to a monarchy. If all goes to plan then after she gets elected for another term Jeb Bush will follow with two terms at which time Chelsea will be old enough to run for the 2024 elections. And by that time we'll all be .
  10. ChevyNovs99


    Thank you for recognizing the true home of the Super Bowl champions .
  11. ChevyNovs99

    Extra Tax Money!

    I wonder where they are going to get that money from.
  12. ChevyNovs99


    Solar Cycle 25 FTW!
  13. ChevyNovs99

    Great LCD TV 1080P buy, for those looking

    You could also check out this 1080p 47" Olevia at Circuit City for $1099.
  14. ChevyNovs99

    More Real Life G8 Photos

    True, come to think of it I don't think I've ever seen the back of an XLR before now.
  15. ChevyNovs99

    More Real Life G8 Photos

    Is that a CTS coupe next to the blue one?

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