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  1. blue-bowtie

    Spied - 2010 Cadillac BRX Resembles Provoq Concept

    I agree, I am not seeing the "uncanny" resemblance that they are referring to.
  2. blue-bowtie

    GM gets starring role in Transformers

    How is the language in this movie? Can I take my family and feel comfortable? Thanks for the reply!
  3. A full-scale production clay model of the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro starts to take shape at GM's Warren, Michigan, Design Center, Rear Wheel Drive Performance Studio, behind GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner (center), and GM Vice-Chairmen Bob Lutz (left) and Fritz Henderson (right). Well Guys, here is a little teaser, GM is really wanting to wet our appetites for this beauty!
  4. blue-bowtie


    I completely agree, finally he is gone. All of that Vote For The Worst garbage is completely immature, the funny thing is that they never succeed! I, like so many others do watch the show to see the good singers, this is the dreams and careers of so many in the competition and to try to sabotoge it by "voting for the worst" is just a waste of time, I hope they are all happy, they had their fun at the expense of this 17 year old kid and the other contestants who want to make a career out of this.
  5. blue-bowtie


    Well, Howard Stern's fans didn't get their way, now did they? So who is the joke now? Ya'll failed and for that, I am happy, as opposed to Sanjaya:
  6. blue-bowtie


    Colts did exactly what I knew they would, they exposed the Bears for the mediocre team that they really are! Go Colts
  7. blue-bowtie


    Go Colts! Kick some serious BEAR @$$!!!!!!
  8. blue-bowtie

    Great NG CTS Spy pics

    I can't wait for the real thing to be unveiled soon, less than a week away folks! It is gonna be hot and move Cadillac up to the next level I think :smilies-38096:
  9. blue-bowtie

    Motor Trend Truck of the Year

    Yep, beautiful truck!
  10. blue-bowtie

    Caption Contest

    Joe finally found a way to improve the appearance of his Toyota
  11. blue-bowtie

    Caption Contest

    The Brand New 2008 Cadillac CTS-V still under wraps!
  12. blue-bowtie

    First GMT-900s roll off the line at Fort Wayne

    Wow, sweet! Anybody have pics of a regular cab short bed with 20's? I would like to see that
  13. blue-bowtie

    Spied: 2008 Hummer H3 SUT

    A GMT900 HUMMER Pickup truck would be great! It would be nice to have a full size crew cab with a bigger more usable bed in the HUMMER lineup, especially after the death of the H1 Wagon and Open Top I would have never bought one, but now HUMMER will have an H2 and H3, but no H1???

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