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  1. I honestly don't like Chevy's dual port grille thingy. That said it at least looks better-integrated and not quite as ugly here than it does awkwardly grafted on the front of a Cruze or an Equinox. I'm hoping it'll show better in person. The slightly disappointing nose aside, this seems like a promising step forward. The rest of the car looks quite good. I do hope Chevy's given more attention to making it at least somewhat fun to drive than they did the current model, but that's not a requirement to be a popular model in this segment. For that matter, neither is an attractive front-end...
  2. It doesn't look awful and it doesn't have a tacked-on gaping grill that Toyota's been so fond of lately. That's progress. It's... fine. It's not beautiful. It looks like a Toyota. Which makes me wonder why it's a Scion. Or why there's a Scion at all at this point. It's not young or funky or ripe for customization with blingy wheels and a massive stereo or a fart can. Were this a new Toyota Matrix it'd be more appropriate. Making this a Scion is the automotive equivalent of a middle-aged man wearing a baseball cap backwards to try to look young. -RBB
  3. I like everything about it, including the powertrain. Nobody scoffs at Porsche for having 6-cyl engines. I love a big ol' 'mercun V8 as much as anyone on here, but frankly I could care less how my engine makes 600+ horsepower as long as it pushes me back in the seat reliably. Love the fusion (no pun intended) of heritage and forward-looking technology advances here. -RBB
  4. More design is not better design you guys. I fully expect at some point to see a Lexus front end that is 100% spindle grill up to the hood, with headlights and fog lights poking through the mesh. Lexus' design ethos rings less 'L-finesse' and more 'the hell is this?'. Humbly stated, of course. -RBB
  5. Unknown is better than damaged. In a way, the lack of presence over the last two decades is a good thing. Damage: -RBB
  6. The SSSonic? I like the name. Wish they would have done something similar with the Cruze. -RBB
  7. Saw this beauty a couple of days ago: -RBB
  8. Yeah, as usual GM photography sucks. It looks much better in real life photos from the unveiling, and the people taking those photos are saying even they don't do the car justice. It's a tad too conservative, but overall I like it. -RBB
  9. Do we not have a December car spotting thread? Anyway, I saw my first Honda Crosstour yesterday. On the side of the road with the hazards blinking. And no, they do not look better in person. They've got more front overhang than Artie Lang... -RBB
  10. FTFY. Seriously, times change. Honda has sold 237,403 Civics through November of this year in a horrible economy - they sold 321,987 Civics from Jan-Nov of '08. This is what people want. Today's family is more likely to want a smaller vehicle with more stuff in it than a larger stripper. I understand it's not your cup of tea, but GM is smart to give the masses something most of them will aspire to own. -RBB
  11. Now that's not environmentally friendly at all... -RBB

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