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  1. dimitri0917

    2009 Focus to get "significant" exterior updates

    Already? I've seen quite a few of the current rental-queens zipping around lately. What are it's sales numbers? Funny how they almost treated it like a full redesign in the marketing but are so quick to push out the current model. That Mullaly really means business. Good man.
  2. dimitri0917


    Its a shame all bus companies do is try to fit as many seats as they can into a big box. Buses should be more like this, aerodynamic and such. Don't people ride buses to conserve gasoline? So why are buses giant bloody blocks that get like no miles to the gallon and don't even appear as a desirable alternative? It's good to know at least somebody thinks about that. As for my favorite, the bottom far left is the best, and most feasible.
  3. dimitri0917

    Word Association

  4. dimitri0917

    Word Association

    springtime from spanish. and for the record, smallchevy's avatar wins. i love it!
  5. dimitri0917

    2010 Oldsmobile 88 concept

    Front looks like a Renault. Rear looks like a Charger. The middle seems a little lost. Find a stylistic look and commit to it. This sketch is a mash-up of too many ideas. Good ideas, but too many different ones.
  6. dimitri0917

    GM @ NAIAS '08: Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept

    Except for the height of the decklid, this is so good. I'll complain a lil. The profile dies with the overlythickness of that C (B?) pillar. There's way too much they couldve done to make the profile stonger. I understand they were trying to emulate that low roof 'badass' look of the Benz whose name I can't remember, but this ends up looking like a low rent hatch from the side. I do prefer this car's rear to the sedan however. they are bringing respect back to the old 'fin! How long til it's on a Toyota?
  7. dimitri0917

    2009 Acura TL

    I don't think this is too tall. In fact, its overall proportions remind me of an Accord coupe, which is a pretty hot car. And since they are on the same platform, that adds realism to this sketch. All the other suggestions are right, though.
  8. dimitri0917

    GM @ NAIAS '08: Cadillac Provoq Concept

    That profile looks like a taller Pontiac Vibe. I'll go throw up now. They cannot mess up post-CTS like they did the first time around. This is not making any steps toward amazing. It's passable, but absolutely nothing to write home about.
  9. dimitri0917

    4-Door Camaro (2010 Caprice)

    Don't chop in .gif. it makes the photo extremely grainy, which makes you look very lazy. points for effort!
  10. dimitri0917

    More Camaro Spy Pics

    That picture on the frontpage looks so much like a Pontiac, it's scary. Where is the poor Firebird? I guess there's no room, as the Camaro is gunning to be ALL about performance, killing the Firebirds purpose. Is it just me or does this car look a gabzillion times better in production-ish form? The concept wasn't all that cool for me after awhile. But the hips on that picture from the GM blog are just amazing. I love how sculpted the Camaro looks. not many cars can pull of white like that. Only thing I hate about the Camaro is it's timing. Shoulda put the bizzatch on Sigma back in '04, but i guess gm taking thier time to get it right aint all that bad.
  11. dimitri0917

    Last of 2007

    I like what you're doing with VW's design. Could you try to adapt this to more Jetta and Passat-like vehicles? The results would be very interesting. Only thing I don't like about that design is the Volt-ish window thing going on. It's very borrowed, and almost appears a bit forced. you might want to try to integrate them more smoothly.
  12. dimitri0917

    WRX Pro Stock

    that is absolutely... stunning
  13. dimitri0917


    Overall, I'm hoping this car will fail! 05 Civic --> 06 Civic == Game changing Cavalier --> Cobalt== Revolutionary 07 Impreza --> 08 Impreza == Totally different 07 Focus --> 08 Focus == Huge for a refresh 08 Corolla=09 Corolla SAME FRICKIN CAR... ugly as sin too! I smell a stinker.
  14. dimitri0917


    Can I be a slutty slutty post whore.....? ohh yeah the unecessity of this post... mmmmmmmm hothothot! lol
  15. dimitri0917

    Word Association


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