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  1. Happy Birthday Chevy Ryan!

  2. I was planning to get this DVD as soon the stores open on the 16th, now this will make it even more worthwhile!
  3. These are Canadian dollars...sticker was $22,840 (2006 model) GM rebate total $2412 GM Card earnings $1327 Dealer discount $2636 (I used to work there) equals end price of $16,465. I think I did pretty good. First tank of highway miles gave me 42 mpg, on winter tires and below freezing temps. I'm a happy camper!
  4. Well I did my part. Picked up a Cobalt LT coupe on Nov. 27. And I love it!
  5. Don't forget the 1991 MT car of the year, the Caprice. I love GM, but come on. That thing was hideous until the 94 Impala arrived. Motor Trend has become so anti-domestic, they should rename it Import Trend. What do you expect from an auto rag based in La La Land? Angus Mackenzie should go back to Australia. The import rhetoric has gone way up since he arrived. Car & Driver isn't much better, but I think being based in Michigan gives them a little less bias. At least they rip Toyota for being the king of bland.
  6. How could it be an MCE when 2008 is the last year for the LaCrosse and Grand Prix? That was announced as part of GM's restructuring in November, that they were closing Oshawa #2 in 2008, when the current product finished its lifecycle.
  7. I'm surprised the Ford Fusion didn't make the list, since AAA sponsors Mark Martin's Fusion in NASCAR.
  8. Oh, the Ranger's got the Cavalier beat. 1993-2006 and counting. Now it's trying to pass the 1972-1993 Dodge Ram!
  9. The LaCrosse is only around for two more years, anyway.
  10. I've done the research, and I'm pretty sure that the 2006 Monte Carlo is the only car you can buy with two doors, a V-8 AND five seat belts. Truly in a class of its own. And the press bashes GM for offering nothing unique. Hmph.
  11. This process of holding a gun to the companies' head just because the first company signed a deal is so short-sighted. If DCX made $10 billion last year, they could be happy to have wage increases of 5%, 5% and 5% over three years. Then the union goes to Ford, who let's say lost $5 billion last year. The union expects Ford to agree to the same 5, 5 and 5, even though there's $15 billion difference in profit margins? That is so ridiculous. Every company has unique circumstances, to treat them all the same is communism. A strike at GM Canada would affect the following: Impala, Monte Carlo, LaCrosse/Allure, Grand Prix, Silverado/Sierra 1500 crew cabs and extended cabs, and small block V-8s. The CAMI plant (Equinox/Torrent) is CAW, but I think they have a separate agreement, similar to NUMMI in California.

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