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  1. jbartley

    Leaked Image: Opel Astra

    Buick Skylark? Buick Century?
  2. But it has decent sales, and it attacts customers that wouldn't dare set food in a chevrolet dealership. and it's free money!
  3. jbartley

    2010 Chevy Camaro standard and optional equipment list revealed

    what exactly is "body colored roof ditch"?
  4. jbartley

    How I would structure GM

    where is the VOLT and it's siblings?
  5. jbartley

    Official production Volt photo's

    shifter? is it that white thing that looks movable?
  6. jbartley

    Chevy Volt Revealed!

    looks good to me! aerodynamics rule the day here. now make me a cadillac version and they'll have a buyer! it still looks very distinctive. especially from the back. where people in stop-go traffic will really notice it. now could they use the orginal volt design and make that into a little convertible? aerodynamics be damned?
  7. jbartley

    Pebble Beach: 2010 Cadillac SRX debuts

    the outgoing SRX failed to catch on b/c of it's price and shape. it looked too wagony if they had jacked it up more, it'd have looked like an SUV and sold. this SRX fits the target market GM is going for. I do think having the cts wagon in the same showroom will help, if they buyer can't decide, they'll have both options handy. Unlike the current SRX.
  8. jbartley

    2010 Chevrolet Camaro revealed!

    love the blue LED pipe lighting, just like the CTS. bonus points GM.
  9. jbartley

    C&G Cadillac Census

    1. 1 2. yes.
  10. jbartley

    C&G Buick Census

    1. 0 2. 0
  11. jbartley

    McNabb nabbed

    this give some background... McNabb leaves Nissan
  12. jbartley

    Armada sinking?

    ohhhh they're dead. if nissan gets anything...it's be shared with chrysler.
  13. jbartley

    New Mercury Capri?

    it should be SO simple for ford. Ford = regular cars Mercury = sporty cars Lincoln = luxury cars DONE...SOOO SIMPLE!
  14. jbartley

    2009 Cadillac Official Changes

    FINALLY a blue color i want. now i know what getting in the fall.
  15. jbartley

    2009 Saturn Official Changes

    i LIKE blue aquamarine!

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