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  1. I have a TCF online savings and its 5%, so i'd take the HSBC.
  2. Where still on the stock brake pads, are problem is the the disks. We know a set of drilled and slotted rotors will fix the problem but it will void the warenty.We tryed getting the dealer to go halfs on a set of rotors but they won't we told them they can just put new rotors on it every 7,000 miles :AH-HA_wink: We do live in Michigan so our roads are salted and he does drive it 80 miles to and from works every day. So what kind of gas mileage are you getting from your HHR? We are getting 25 mpg on an automatic.
  3. I started with IE then moved to Firefox for tabed browsing, now I use Opera LONG LIVE THE WAND!
  4. I can't see why it would be a bad idea. My dad has 28,000 miles on his HHR and he loves it, only problem is he's on his second set of front breaks. He doesn't ride them and the dealer can't figure out whats wrong and his warranty will cover them to 100,000 miles so is not a big deal. Any other HHR owners having this problem?
  5. Detroit-diesel


    Looks much better (not that I didn't like it before) i'm sure after market parts producers will be all over the new CTS.I on the other hand would keep it stock, no use droping it if it's going to ruin the ride quality.
  6. They added 2 doors to an xA and that makes it better? No that just makes it easier for the middle class white kids to get in and out in their ghetto gear.
  7. I gave her about 2 and a half car lenghts.You cant stop 5,500 pounds of Chevy steel like 3,000 pounds of Honda plastic.
  8. Ummm, wow. I bet some people out there feel bad after ripping on her about how she handled her son dying
  9. I fall in love every time I see the Sixteen. I can't belive they let him smoke in too, but the car was at the last Woodward Dream Cruise and was looking in pretty sad shape. There was quite a few paint chips, a small dent on the rear bumper and a large crack in the glass roof. It's still a nice car, I sat in it and messed around with the interior and what not, the seats are very worn from having so many people sit in it.
  10. I'v never been in a accident but a few months back I almost taged me a Honda Element (the older plastic covered kind). I was diving down Van Dyke in Utica, Michigan anyone who lives here knows Van Dyke at about 4:00 is a death trap. Van Dyke is a divided highway full of the ever popular "Michigan lefts" i'm in the left lane going 45mph, in front of me is a Honda Element going same speed we are coming up on a Michigan left when the Honda slams on her brakes. I slam on mine, knowing im going to hit her I jump the curb into the median and the Honda moves over into the lane for the turn around right in front of me. I finally stop in the lane for the turn around, the woman in the Honda OBLIVIOUS to me calmly drives through the turn around ON HER PHONE! Now I have to try to get back into traffic at rush hour, it took me a good 5 min to get back into traffic the whole time im blocking the turn around lane looking like an @$$hole.
  11. I love it in white, you don't see to many vettes in white but I have to say I like it alot.Would have been nice to see a red stinger style hood though.
  12. Very nice. So what are you going to do with it, repaint, motor swap, build a book shelf with the wood paneling? I would love to watch you build it into a street sleeper, keep the paneling and stuff a HO350 in it. Edit: Sorry after closer inspection I see its not paneling, my bad.
  13. I think finding a dealership to sponsor us with a GMT-900 Diesel and contacting product sponsors from there is the way to go. BF Goodrich has tires on almost every truck in the race and Air Hog air filters offers race quality air intake setups to all races, a lift kit from Fabtech or Skyjacker can be gotten on the cheap if they want to sponsor. Shocks are life if you want to ever walk after the race again Billstine, Monroe or Pro Comp (they do wheels, tires and lift kits too maybe a package deal ) Power can easily be added with electronics from Bully Dog or Banks (Banks has a huge diesel racing background) Don't know any Baja style bumpers that can sponsor but off-road lights from KC Highlights or PIAA are easy to come by, they both sponsor Score trucks in different classes oh and a winch kit from Warn. Hope the ideas helped i'v wanted to do something like this for a while so i'll be gald to help in any way I can including co-piloting the truck or helping to build it.
  14. I was at a superbowl party with some friends and all of ur being big Chevy guys we wrote a Silverado ad they should have run. Hows this for taking a big shot at the Tundra: *show Silverado sitting in a field, enter some GM spokes person like Howie Long* *person walks up to the truck* "This is the all new 2007 Chevy Silverado." *leans aginst the truck* "This is Motor Trend's Truck of the Year award." *sets award on the hood* "This is The North American Truck of the Year award." *sets award on the hood* "This is Truckin' Magazines Truck of the Year award." *sets award on the hood* "This is Car and Drivers Best Truck award." *sets award on the hood* "If it wasn't better why would it have the awards?" *walks off camera* *announcer* "The all new 2007 Chevy Silverado, consider the bar raised."

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