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  1. chevelle454

    2013 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ Black Diamond & Toyota Highlander V6 4WD

    Avalanche is cool. Toyota is ugly garbage
  2. chevelle454

    Noisy GM 3.6?

    My LFX is very quiet. It is a 2012 Impala LTZ. I also drove a 2012 CTS and it was quiet also.
  3. Another nail in Lincolns coffin
  4. That "pickup" is hideous. Looks like something from a 3rd world country
  5. Ugly as sin. Looks like a cheap chinese car. Why is the rear door handle way lower than the front.
  6. chevelle454

    1987 Mercury Lynx promo video

    Horrible cars.
  7. chevelle454

    1994 Chevrolet S-10 Commercials

    Bought one new in 94. Mine had the L35 4.3. It was a good truck. Kept it for 11 years
  8. chevelle454

    2001 Buick Bengal Concept

    Lutz killed Quiet Servant. He talks about in his book
  9. chevelle454

    LFX Engine -- Unrefined

    I don't have any clatter with my 2012 Impala or the 2012 CTS Coupe that I drove for a while.
  10. chevelle454

    Sleepers you have owned

    I think the 396 was only available in the SS396, but they did make things like Biscaynes and wagons with 427s back then.
  11. chevelle454

    Sleepers you have owned

    My 2012 Impala(300 hp) I also had a 94 S-10 with the High Output L35 4.3
  12. chevelle454

    Reputation takes hit, but signs of life emerge

    it is amazing that after all the sludged engines, broken frames, runaway cars and just general crapiness.the sheep continue to buy this crap.
  13. chevelle454

    Buick News: Why The 2013 Buick Regal Is More Expensive

    God no... all of that weight in the nose would screw up the balance of one of the best balanced FWD vehicles available. If you want over 300hp, the 2.0 Ecotec turbo can already offer that, GM certified. But then the Regal has the same engine as a $50k Cadillac XTS. What GM has created by making Cadillac a V6 brand, is that Buick becomes a 4-cylinder brand. Wouldn't surprise me if even the Lacrosse loses the V6 in favor of a turbo four on the next redesign. I have a feeling GM is going to put eAssist on everything and just make people buy it. Cruze will get it, Equinox, Enclave, CTS, etc. GM's 2011 CAFE number was 32 mpg for cars and 23 mpg for light trucks. By 2025 they need to get to 54 mpg, get ready for a lot of eAssist fours, and no V8s. You're kind of close. eAssist will be available in every Buick eventually. I would much rather have a V6 than a Turbo 4 anyday.
  14. chevelle454

    Buick News: Why The 2013 Buick Regal Is More Expensive

    What the Regal really needs is the 3.6 LFX. Maybe add E assist to that engine in the future. It already gets 300+ HP and upto 30 MPG depending on application
  15. chevelle454

    Two-Mode Hybrid system is $10,000+

    Drove a Tahoe Hybrid once. Got around 30 MPGS. 60 some miles and used 2.2 gallons of gas.

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