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    Women, Cars, Booze....is there anything more to life?

    What if you were going after a vegan?
  2. So tempted

    I will kick your ass if you take the motor.
  3. Strange things people say...

    My bad... My-ate-in is a small convertable sports car for woman manufactured by Mazda. Cly-made-us is a plant I will not try to spell. Damnboo is what Camino says in reference to bamboo. Dizzy b*tch refers to an incompitent female, usually while driving.
  4. Strange things people say...

    All acceptable. Btw plow droppings refer to the little chunks of snow that fall to either side of a plow.
  5. Strange things people say...

    I am picking on Camino cuz I know him the best. Damnboo Crapple My-ate-Uh Flow Snurries Plow Droppings Any nick name he calls his dogs. Cly-made-us Dizzy b*tch
  6. Hey Camino (or anyone else for that matter)

    Kill it. Totally not worth it... And yes Camino does refer to them as Crapple trees. In fact there are enough funny things he says, I could probably start my own thread.

    I think Satty might need some time on that one....

    Ocn. Happy Birthday. Maybe If you have time we can meet up when I come home in May.
  9. I think it's time

    Magnum It is what you will buy.
  10. If you had a theme song, what would it be

    The Imperial March - Star Wars
  11. who hear works out and how much

    I go to the rock climbing gym 3 times a week for a minimum of 3 hours each. Very very addicting sport/workout. I go outdoor climbing/hiking once a week. I think I am going to start running/cardio or something of the sort.
  12. >>> Chuck Norris

  13. Happy B-Day B&B Landscaper

    thanks guys. i know i have been really ghosty around here for a while, but i am trying to get a lot going in my life and i have a new hobby that i am obsessed with... thanks again to everyone. oh yeah, space....i wouldnt recommend it....not for a while atleast....
  14. V8 Barstool

    ...and redneck

    Anyone ever see one of these? I did today. Btw the license frame reads, " ZR1 for lunch, Ferrari for dinner."

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