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  1. What if you were going after a vegan?
  2. I will kick your ass if you take the motor.
  3. My bad... My-ate-in is a small convertable sports car for woman manufactured by Mazda. Cly-made-us is a plant I will not try to spell. Damnboo is what Camino says in reference to bamboo. Dizzy b*tch refers to an incompitent female, usually while driving.
  4. All acceptable. Btw plow droppings refer to the little chunks of snow that fall to either side of a plow.
  5. I am picking on Camino cuz I know him the best. Damnboo Crapple My-ate-Uh Flow Snurries Plow Droppings Any nick name he calls his dogs. Cly-made-us Dizzy b*tch
  6. Kill it. Totally not worth it... And yes Camino does refer to them as Crapple trees. In fact there are enough funny things he says, I could probably start my own thread.
  7. I think Satty might need some time on that one....
  8. Ocn. Happy Birthday. Maybe If you have time we can meet up when I come home in May.
  9. I go to the rock climbing gym 3 times a week for a minimum of 3 hours each. Very very addicting sport/workout. I go outdoor climbing/hiking once a week. I think I am going to start running/cardio or something of the sort.
  10. thanks guys. i know i have been really ghosty around here for a while, but i am trying to get a lot going in my life and i have a new hobby that i am obsessed with... thanks again to everyone. oh yeah, space....i wouldnt recommend it....not for a while atleast....
  11. Anyone ever see one of these? I did today. Btw the license frame reads, " ZR1 for lunch, Ferrari for dinner."

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