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  1. ...And Thunderbirds and Cougars, too.
  2. Yeah, if you go to some of the really upscale areas, you'll see quite a few nice surprises hidden amongst the Mercedes' and Bimmers. I haven't seen the Initial-D Hachi that you saw, but there's a strong drift/import tuner culture around here, so I don't doubt it (hell, there's probably several just like it). And I'm sure there are still a lot of old Bugs roaming around, and I'll spot one every so often, but I'm just not seeing them with the frequency that I used to, say ten - fifteen years ago. Plenty of new Beetles and even more New Beetles though.
  3. used to be a zillion of these running around when i was a kid. Even had their own cult appeal for the longest time. Now, not so much... To tell you the truth, I actually kind of miss them.
  4. I'm partial to the newest Focus myself. I know a few people who've recently gotten one, and it's a really sharp car. Especially in 5-door form. Haven't gotten to drive one myself yet, but the auto mags (yeah, I know, I know) have given it good reviews. As a bonus, the manual transmission is the better choice as the automatic is a DCT with very un-DCT-like behavior (slow, clunky, daft) Also, what about the Mazda3?
  5. also, DF did you realize your forum title says slove, instead of solve? or is that on purpose, and I'm the last one on the bus to notice?
  6. I have it on good word that the site had some technical difficulties, and some data/recent posts were lost. So, no we're not going crazy(er)
  7. Also, what the actual hell is that...that thing?!
  8. Okay, so the last time I was on, I didn't do much, but I know I responded to a PM. Then I noticed a post I had made had a broken Image link, so I hid it (as it was long since too late to edit it), and reposted with an image hosted on a trusted source that i know isn't going to break. Then, I responded to a post in the Member's Design Showcase. The kicker is, I came back today and there's no evidence any of this happened. The conversation I thought I responded to in PMs was still there, and I had left the person I was talking to hanging with his last question. The broken image link was still t
  9. used to be a zillion of these running around when i was a kid. Now, not so much... To tell you the truth, I actually kind of miss them.
  10. I never liked the post-facelift Ford Contour. SVT or not, I always thought it looked like they were scowling.
  11. well, I supposed that's what it's supposed to do.
  12. dear God. although I did have a pipe dream about doing some fabbing to a Cobalt SS to accept an Equinox transaxle/transfer case and a Solstice rear end (thus making it AWD) and rallycrossing that sucker.
  13. isn't that the yummy stuff in a Snickers bar? And groovy ride, ocn. love the color, but I'm partial to black cars. the 51mpg ain't too shabby either.
  14. agreed wholeheartedly. There's no such thing as a 4-door coupe, just a sedan with $h!ty rear headroom. but hey, we all gotta suffer for style I guess.

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